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David Weinberger at the World Economic Forum on music and the web

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Blogcritic David has some interesting observations from his experience with media mavens at the World Economic Forum.

…[T]he Entertainment and Media group met in downtown NY. Thirty-five us sat around tables formed into a large square. No PowerPoints, just discussion among senior people in the recording, movie and media industries.

The conversation doesn’t lend itself to detailed retelling. But it sure was fascinating for me. I came away with four overall impressions:

First, these people are thrashing. They’re floundering. They’re desperate to find a way in which their organizations still add value. …

Second, they don’t understand what the hell we’re talking about. I can’t say that I made any inroads. To them, the Internet is a transport for distributing bits they own. Its lack of DRM is a hole that they will plug. They have no doubt that strong DRM is on its way and that it’s a good thing. …

Third, they believe they’re responding to the market. They do not recognize that their market has abandoned them. They think that file-sharing is an aberration. …

Fourth, they’re going to win. They own Congress and neither Congress nor the entertainment cartel sees any reason to compromise. Their Lakoffian frame tells them that they’re stopping theft, end of story. So they are going to kill the Internet and they don’t even know it.

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