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David Cook Announces New Single Release

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David Cook's new single premiered on AOL's pop culture news site PopEater.com Tuesday, September 23. According to his official website Cook's first single from his upcoming debut album is called "Light On." The song was co-written by Soundgarden's Chris Cornell (who's arrangement of Billie Jean Cook based his American Idol performance on) and producer/songwriter Brian Howes. Cook has already released the lyrics to the song on his website.

Cook's first single, "Time Of My Life," had PopEater.com's biggest single premier of the year with over one million streams in twenty-four hours. Cook's debut album is scheduled to be released on November 18. No title has been released for the new album, but it wouldn't be a surprise if it was simply titled "David Cook." In addition to readying his album for release, Cook has launched his own social networking website – David Cook Official.com.

On the site fans can create profiles, upload photos, and interact with other fans. David Cook himself promises to be an active part of the site. He plans to have the site be a main source of news about his music and future plans, as well as a place where he can directly interact with his fans.

"Time Of My Life" is currently number two on Billboard's Hot Adult Contemporary charts after peaking at #1 last week. The single is currently at number forty-six on Billboard's Hot 100, after seventeen weeks of release and a number three debut. The single has now sold over 880,000 downloads, making it the second highest selling American Idol single ever (behind Clay Aiken's "This Is The Night").

Cook announced the release of his new single through an official email newsletter sent to fans who registered on his website.

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  • Opinionmine

    excuse me – not hubris –

  • Opinionmine

    David Cook never said his CD was equal to Joshua Tree or The White Album. When asked what kind of album he would like to make he said he’s like to make a Joshua Tree or White Album. .. . .What musician wouldn’t? He was merely saying that he wanted to make a CD that was equally loved and accepted for its quality. That’s not hubis, that’s merely dreaming big.

  • mary

    Love the song, and love him. Please everyone disreguard the bashing. Some people have nothing better to do than do this online. It will be a hit, then who will be laughing?

  • rock_chick_LA

    The single is a disappointment. All the hype from RCA and David Cook himself leading up to its release had one thinking it was gonna be something original – heck, in a recent Rolling Stone blurb, Cook even made comparisons to the material on this upcoming album to U2’s The Joshua Tree and The Beatles White album… such hubris is deserving of scorn after listening to what clearly is a Cornell laced throwaway… Truth be told, and for integrity’s sake, I would much rather have had Cornell singing it – then we’d have an authentic release from an authentic rocker.

  • midnite rider

    I really wanted to like this single, but I just can’t. David’s uniqueness does not translate in the song. There is nothing separating this release from run of the mill Daughtry or Nickelback release – who he should be trying to separate himself from with a quickness. Aside from writing the song, there is way too much of Chris Cornell’s vibe in it – the music sounds too much like Soundgarden, and if you close your eyes and listen closely, it sounds like Cornell is singing. If I wanted a Chris Cornell record, I would buy one from Chris Cornell. I didn’t expect to hear David lose so much of what makes him special…his fans from the show will buy it in droves… I’m not so sure he will have such an easy sell to the public at large… I’m lowering my previous expectations for the album, and hope there is more authentic and substantive David Cook material in it.

  • Metalliholic85

    Great to hear David is teaming up with Chris Cornell. He is obviously a fan and has great taste in music. I think it will turn out to be a cool song. I can’t wait to hear it.

  • sofia

    im going to marry david cook