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David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband – ALL WIMPS

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Do you trust this man?Do you trust this man? The man who owns most of the media in English-speaking countries?

He’s the man whose opinion you listen to, and act on (well the politicians certainly think he carries the vote), when you read News of the World, Sun, Times, Sunday Times – that’s just in UK, he has a media empire in USA too!

He wants a TV channel in UK as well as his newspapers. It sounds a bit like Silvio Berlusconi – once President (because that’s what he is) Berlusconi had control of the media he just elected himself president, and ever since then he’s made sure he stays that way.  King’s CrownPerhaps Rupert would like to see his son James crowned King of England?  Unconstitutional?  Who cares if the public is behind you!

The leading politicians in UK are asking News International (owned by News Corp in USA) to withdraw their bid for the remaining 62 percent of BSkyB, the leading satellite broadcaster in UK.  News International already owns 38 percent.  Will he bow to pressure?  He’ll probably strike a deal that says “when this blows over, you can have it all”.

No No No!  Rupert Murdoch (and the many others implicated in the phone hacking scandals) need to be examined by the UK Competition Commission and other suitable bodies to ask “Are these fit and proper people to own/ run companies in UK?”.  And if they aren’t, then they need to be banned from owning/ running companies in UK and have their holdings removed legally.

The Murdoch empire is already the largest single block vote on BSkyB, so he pretty much owns it anyway.  He’s got a string of newspapers that became popular because they used underhand – many would say illegal and certainly unethical – ways to obtain scoop stories.  His top management team seem to be outstanding at covering their tracks, but that doesn’t make them fit to be directors in the mother of all democracies.  Their influence needs to be stopped, right now.

Then perhaps USA will follow suit, and after a thorough examination of whether phone hacking occurred in USA, decide that no they are not fit and proper, and remove their US holdings from their control too.

I await hearing the little voice at the end of my phone that says it’s been hacked into.

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