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David Archuleta Performs At Tree Lighting Ceremony to Help Kids Affected By AIDS

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In 2007, 330,000 children died from the AIDS pandemic. Children affected by AIDS get ridiculed, even if they contract AIDS via birth or breast feeding. Some kids have even gotten kicked out of church on Easter Sunday. Camp Heartland — located in Malibu, California and Minnesota — is a place for kids affected by AIDS to be themselves and not hide what has happened. Seventy campers have died from AIDS, including three just last year. On December 6, 2008, David Archuleta, along with other celebrities, came to perform a free tree lighting ceremony event at the Hollywood and Highland Center in Hollywood, California to raise awareness and money for the charity, One Heartland.

The event started with opening acts Bettina singing “American Christmas” and Josh Pope performing “O Holy Night” and “Ava Maria.” Bettina has a beautiful voice and was wearing a very beautiful white dress. Josh Pope’s voice was very graceful. The crowd was captivated by them both, and enjoyed drinking free Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate. There were about 20 Santas in the crowd, enjoying the show as well.

Two campers talked, breaking the audience’s hearts. Their names were Kalayah and Oriana. Kalayah said, “Don’t Let AIDS stop you from having fun.” She was such a cute girl, so happy. There was also a video of the campers.

Jonathan Bennett (National Lampoon’s Van Wilder Freshman Year, Mean Girls) has actually gone to Camp Heartland in Malibu and Minnesota. He said, “It’s the most amazing place in the world. So much hope, so much love. It’s one place a year that these kids get to go and be with other kids like themselves.”

David Archuleta is so sweet and was genuinely appreciative of his fans. Very nice. People gave him flowers. While giving interviews (pictured at left, being interviewed by me), he made sure to wave to his fans. The American Idol star said going from being a regular teen to one of the most recognized teens was “pretty interesting. At the beginning of the year, I could just go out and eat, hang out at the mall, whatever with my friends. Now, it’s not exactly the same case.” He laughed, “It’s more running. You get quite a workout. Usually it’s okay.” Last week, one fan came up to him and starting kissing him. He laughed again. “Usually fans are pretty great. They’re really good and supportive. They enjoy what you do.”

David performed (pictured at right) “A Little Too Not Over You,” “Imagine", “Silent Night,” “Crush,” and “A Thousand Miles” (by Vanessa Carleton). When I got home, I promptly bought David’s album off of Amazon. He was very passionate about what he does and had very good stage presence.

Alexis Martucci, 15, said the concert was “good for the people to get into the Christmas spirit,” and “it was very good to raise money for people that can’t.”

Her brother, Noah, 10, said, “Everyone had fun with their one favorite American Idol.”

Other stars in attendance included Christopher and Kyle Massey (Zoey 101 and That’s So Raven/Cory in the House). Neither of the boys knew anyone with AIDS. Christopher said, “It’s a really cool cause. They have a camp where kids are just free to be themselves. And not feel pressure and be contained.”

Robbie Amell (True Jackson, VP, Picture This, Scooby Doo, pictured right) said, “The camp is the most amazing place. It’s so much fun. They just get to be kids. It’s something they just don’t get to experience in everyday life.” He’s going back to the camp this summer, “hopefully Minnesota and Malibu.”

Jennette McCurdy (iCarly), Austin Anderson (Hannah Montana), Sammi Hanratty (Suite Life of Zack and Cody, American Girl), Joey Luthman (Weeds, American Carol), and Olesya Rulin (High School Musical) also attended the event.

The Christmas tree (35 feet with 30,000 lights) sparkled during the performance and there was a special performance for those who donated 100 dollars or more. December is World AIDS month and it’s also a month of giving. Consider donating to One Heartland. It will really make some kid’s day.

To donate to this camp and learn more, visit One Heartland's official website.

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  • joseph

    David Archuleta is not just a singer with a good voice. He has a heart of gold. Trust me. He will do many good deeds for the American society. He is such a humble role model for young people as well as adults.

  • archangel48

    David is affecting many with his endearing personality and gorgeous VOICE! He has helped me be a better person. (so, yeah, I have kids way older than him)!

  • Sarah

    David Archuleta is absolutely amazing, anyone who has not bought his album yet must go buy it as it is absolutely wonderful!

  • jackryan4DA

    This is indeed a good cause and David is passionate about anything that would add good or posistivity to the world.

    Great to know that you bought David’s album. But the Amazon version does not have the bonus tracks — there are 5 of them all in all and most of them were written/co-written by David himself. Four of them are with iTunes (Let Me Go, Waiting For Yesterday, Falling & Somebody Out There) while 1 – Works For Me (also co-written by David) is a WalMart exclusive.

    Thanks for the article.

  • central 81

    What a great cause. David Archuleta is a class act – something rare in the music business these days. A fine young man, a fantastic singer. I too have purchased his debut CD – and it is great. Wishing him much success in his career, and many opportunities to let his light shine in this way.

  • virginia banker

    I thing about David Archuleta is what you see is what you get. All his music is awesome, just like him. What is an Idol (David) he is humble, genuine, talented and fanatic. The best of the best and he dosen’t even know it.

  • Ed D

    David is a rare gem. He is just new to the music business, but he has already performed in charities more than other artists who have been in the business for decades. David is the Chosen One. You can say enough good adjectives about him, he simply is THE BEST…golden character with golden voice.

  • edna

    what makes David Archuleta atrract older fans(50 above)? Besides his wonderful voice, It is his personna. He is so different from most kids his age. He doesn’t talk bad about others, he is very appreciatative, very polite, sincere, you can see thru his eyes his honesty and just awesome awesome kid!!!!!!!!!! He is a dream come true for mothers.

  • kathykat

    David Archuleta is a breath of fresh air. His voice and personality has captivated people of all ages, gender, culture and religion. He is in the wild, crazy world showbiz not for the money but because he simply loves to sing and he wants to share this with other people. He is the real deal. I wish him a happy birthday, happiness, good health and success in everything he does. Thank you for this article and for buying his album.

  • China

    David Archuleta is nothing but THE BEST. Awesome voice, awesome persona and a BEAUTIFUL human being. Everyone that gets the opportunity of a life time to meet this wonderful young man are for ever changed and become an instant fan!! I am so happy that you were able to see what his adoring fans see.

    David Archuleta is passionate about his music and cherishes the opportunity to move and touch people’s lives through his music! He loves his fans and never stops thanking them for putting him where he is now.

    David Archuleta will is SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • celia

    David Archuleta is one in a million, isn’t he? We’ve really only seen the tip of the iceburg (er, make that tip of the molten hot lavabomb! lol) I love that after seeing him and hearing him (and meeting him!) you immediately bought his album. I hope this Jingle Ball tour will expand his fan base exponentially, because he is positively fantastic on every level!

  • Patti

    I am from the “older” generation yet have become totally addicted to this incredible young man and his singing. I was one of the first to buy his CD at WalMart in the wee hours of the morning. I listen to it all day long and love it so much. I needed 2 white elephant gifts for a Christmas party last night and wrapped up 2 David CD’s. When they were opened, everyone went crazy and wanted them. I was so happy. I want everyone to have a CD and have the chance to hear him sing. What a gift he is to this world!

  • Violet

    Thanks for the lovely review and for including information about the charity. David’s doing a lot of charity events this holiday season. David is a wonderful person and he really cares about others. I may have read too fast but I didn’t see you mention the songs that David sang in the pre-performance for people who gave $100 or more to the charity. This person captured great videos of both performances (pre and free) including David’s beautiful O Holy Night in the pre-performance. The videos are all on this person’s YouTube page (I hope links work!)

  • Val

    I cannot beleive I bought David’s CD at age 67 and cannot stop listening it. This boy is a gift from Heaven for people all of ages.

  • Debbie

    I have never been a fangirl, I am now because of David Archuleta, he has this magnetic thing goin on that draws you in and renders your helplessly dovoted. He is the whole package, person, looks, and the one in a billion voice. I am blessed to have found him, and proud to be a fan who will support him unconditionally for the rest of my life. Some lucky girl it will be that he falls for, as a mother, I wish it would be my daughter. I wish David all the happiness that he gives to others, if he could only feel what we feel for him.

  • no.1arch_angel

    omg david IS THE MOLTEN LAVA thingy! lol, he’s so cuteeeeee

  • Thanks for your comments about our David. I am also a platinum archie (67 y/o) and David has had such an impact on my life I can’t describe it. I bought his CD the day it came out and it is the first CD, other than country music, that I have bought in probably 30 years. I never ever tire of listening to his voice. The only way to describe it is the voice of an angel. And the remarkable thing is he is as good a person as his voice is amazing. His family has to be very very proud of him as a caring human being and it just happens that he can sing like no other! Enjoy his music and thank you for the article.

  • this is such an amazing cause and david and all the others totally did it justice. i think events and other charity tidbits like this just give such hope to everyone. they lift everyone’s spirits up and sort of show everyone just how much you can do (“when you belieeeve…” haha) when you have the means and the motivation. anywho, woo!

    i love david archuleta like, FULLY. haha.

  • “speak your mind and you’ll be heeeard!”
    sowwys, i had to. 😀

  • Thank you for your blog. David said in the KISS FM interview he likes helping out children, like those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, what an angel. Have you seen his “A Thousand Miles” Youtube video posted by jwipe…it is AMAZING! I linked it. If you hit my name that video should appear…AMAZING.

  • Kathy

    From the first time I heard David sing I knew he was something special. He truly is an inspiration to all of us through his character and beautiful voice. He has been taught by his parents to love everyone and so it is very easy for him to share his talent for the good of all. I will always listen to his singing and look so foward to watching him continue his dreams and success.

  • Kait

    David has such a good spirit about him. I love the videos of the Jingle concerts, with the girls in the audience singing along to him and him smiling away. He may not connect with everyone, but those who do connect with him are thrilled to be his fan.

  • Kae

    I’d stopped buying music until I heard David Archuleta sing. His was the first ALBUM (as opposed to individual song) that I’d bought in a long time. There’s just something about his voice. There’s just something that pulls me in and makes me FEEL. I’m so happy to be here to see the beginning of what must be a once in a generation singer. I keep hearing people say that, and it seems so true. Most of the singers/performers try to be original and it just comes off weird. David is just who he is, and it seems original.

    Thanks for writing this. It’s nice to know that someone else is supporting him.

  • Veronica

    I too am 67 years old and have never been a fan of anyone until David came into my life. At last I can actually hear the words of a song. David is so unique that you just know when you see and hear him, he is special. I am so proud to be part of his fan base and I will support this amazing, talented young man until I am no more. I bought 11 cd’s and gifted nieces and nephews and I listen to David’s music every day.