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Dave Weckl’s father

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I just got a call from Blues Alley about the Mike Stern show coming up this weekend. Dave Weckl will not be performing. It seems that his father has died, so (for obvious reasons) he will not be playing. It’s too bad on many levels; I wanted to see him play and I’m very sorry for his loss. Dennis Chambers will be sitting in instead.

My sympathies go out to Dave and his family. (Not that we’re buddy buddy or anything, but for what it’s worth….)

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  • Man, that’s too bad about his father. I don’t know him, by any means. But he is one of the greats, and it’s unfortunate that he won’t be playing. Oh well, guess you’ll have to settle for Dennis…haha.

  • Yes, I suppose we’ll have to make to with Dennis. If you had to have a sub, might as well get one of the best.

  • M.A

    It was Weckl’s father-in-law who died, not his real father.

  • Thanks for the update, M.A. It would appear that Blues Alley misinformed me.