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Dash denies he is a rapist

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Rocafella man Damon Dash has denied allegations made by a former model that he raped her in a drink-and-drugs fuelled haze on New Year’s Eve 2002/3.

The allegations have been made by Kirstie Thompson who is suing the producer
for $8.2million for the “mental damages” caused by an alleged incident at a New Years party thrown by New York millionaire Mario Ganero in Brazil.
Thompson claims that Dash repeatedly asked her to have sex with him during
the party. When she turned him down he told her “everybody has sex with me”.
Having drunk eight glasses of champagne and taken half a tablet of ecstasy
she retired to her hotel room to sleep. Later that night she was woken abruptly and discovered Dash was raping her. She claims that she then passed out.

The lawsuit claims that Dash’s actions were “outrageous and intentional and
done with malice” because Dash “was aware she would not consent to sexual

Although Thompson apparently reported the attack to police at the time, no
action seems to be have taken. On this basis a spokeswoman for Dash yesterday called the lawsuit baseless. “These are ludicrous allegations. Damon hasn’t been charged with anything.”

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  • Sandra Smallson

    This reminds me of a joke I heard yesterday on television. A woman saying they are out for all the rich and powerful black people and then she says, “y’all better pray for OPRAH”. HA HA..LOL. I thought it was hilarious. Now, being a woman, I find it strange that the first thing I would think of after being raped, is suing the alleged rapist for cash. Surely, I would think first of his just punishment, which would be jail time. If he is rich, ONLY THEN would I think of some monetary compensation other than the norm of hospital bills etc.

    I find that most of these alleged rape victims of people like Dash, give the true rape victims a bad name. I dont know the facts of this case so maybe I should not be so quick to judge. However, if any inference can be made from the preliminary facts, this Kirsten better have watertight medical reports and other concrete evidence to support her allegation. I just have a problem with rape victims reporting the case several months later and suing for cash without any thought to getting this alleged rapist locked up so that other women will not suffer the same fate.

  • cjones

    Good point.

  • john

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  • Jerrald

    Thats kind of stupid… ecstasy is known for making people horny, and drinking lower your sexual standards, so it’s kinda odd that she would say “No” if that was the case, and would it seriously take that long for her to realized that she had been raped.Unrealistic. And even though she was under the influence, why would she not scream while being raped, why scream after the damage had been done, and she was too stoned out her mind to remember how long it took Dash to sexually abuse her. Doesnt quite add up, unless I read it wrong.But she did said that it took 15 seconds. (insault)….