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Darth Vader has an iPhone too – How the Empire Uses Apple

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What are you getting out of the image on the right? That’s correct folks, the most sinister villain of our time carries one of the most advanced gadgets of our time…the Apple iPhone.

Whether this model is an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, we can’t be sure. We can, however, be assured that Vader can facetime with Emperor Palpatine rather than using that awful holograph from the Super Star Destroyer (it clearly has signal and latency issues). No doubt he’s got some 4G speeds hitting the Star Destroyer by now. If I were a betting man, I’d say The Empire is likely upgrading all their galactic towers to LTE for better transmission when flying through an meteor shower. 

There are other ways I suppose the Empire would benefit from using Apple products. Likely, they would move their data storage into the iCloud for quick access to things like, the most recent Death Star Plans for the rebuild, planets to conquer, and where the next Empire year end will be held. Not everyone gets a chance to head back to Coruscant to read the latest job postings and company memos you know.

Yes, even in a time of darkness and despair, we can see images of our pop culture digging on the latest gadgets. Ones that will no doubt shape the future of our own Sci-Fi movies. ‘Siri, where is the location of the hidden Rebel Base?’

I’m guessing those in the Rebel Alliance are using Windows Mobile 6. That is about the same quality of app selection as the program used to analyse the Death Star Plans Leia brought back. What about the X-Wing targeting computers, those could sure use an update hey?

It seems obvious that The Empire would go with the best technology money can buy. The Rebel Alliance is left dealing with their contract to expire so they can get an upgrade. All that said, what should the Rebel Alliance upgrade to? A BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone 7 device? They won’t get a crack at Apple products simply because they can’t afford them. The Empire would never allow an Apple store to sell to Rebel Scum.

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