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Darkness are a bit light

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The Darkness
Brixton Academy
6th December 2003

Last night I attended the second of The Darkness’ gigs at Brixton Academy. I must say this band, who has reputation for being great live, were a bit limp. Their sound was terrible, with Justin’s vocals being drowned out by the rest of the band. They looked as if they were going through the motions and knackered. This might have something to do with their touring schedule, which looks rather exhausting. To add insult to injury, they played their Xmas single, ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)’, which was an appalling load of rubbish. They were backed by a score of children for the choruses. It’s so bad that it may in fact kill their career stone dead or rather makes their sophmore effort even more important than it was before now. They played all their hits including ‘A Thing called Love’; well, they played their entire CD. It does seem to this reviewer that The Darkness are not ready for the large venues like Brixton. It is a pity that the band did not play either one of the b-sides on their latest single, both of which are hard-rockers in the AC/DC mode. Most amusing thing of the night was the fact that their bassist, Frankie Poullin, had the whole Nikki Sixx thing going, right down to the same bass. Let’s hope their management allows them some time to rest. As I said in my review of their CD, Permission to Land, it’s all down to their next album. At this point, I have to say they are truly not ready for stadia just yet.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  • Albatross

    when i first saw the darkness i said, you got to be kidding me.

  • This review was written in December and how I would love to see the face of this ridiculous reviewer now with the guys having headlined Reading and Leeds, beginning a stadium tour and taking America by storm! Brixton too big for them? Sorry, I just turned incontinent with laughter.
    If this is what happens when he reviews a band, I really hope he comes to watch my band sometime in the near future and gives us a bad review.
    Keep it up and keep it real!

  • Reg

    Erm, I saw them last night (Nov 23, 2004) at Brixton, and I think this review would equally well apply. Don’t get me wrong, they were great. But, they basically played their CD; the new material was weak and sparse, and the ‘show’ was little more than a pub band with thunder flashes and unitards. ok, maybe since this was the warm-up, they’re saving the massive video screens, back drops, megatastic lighting rigs etc etc etc for the arenas – but I’m glad I saw them at Brixton; I’d be disappointed to see that show in an arena context -there’s not enough to it.