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Is it the sunglasses? is it the blind thing? I don’t know, but Ben Affleck was very sexy in this movie.

It was darker than I expected from a comic strip movie. Superman has always delivered his criminals into the hands of justice, and they always went to jail.

Batman sent them off to the institute for the Criminally insane.

But Daredevil just kills ’em.

He probably shouldn’t do that. That’s what I was thinking as I watched it.

And the character started thinking it too, after a while. It ended up being one of the motivating forces in the plot.

While I wouldn’t call it a work of cinematic genius, I really enjoyed it. I’d watch it again.

Especially to see Affleck in that red leather suit again.

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  • The Theory

    haha. i like your review, Murphy… especially this part made me laugh..

    “But Daredevil just kills ’em. He probably shouldn’t do that.”


  • Murphy herself

    understatement. The flip side of hyberbole.

    Thanks, Theory.

  • Bryan

    The pings are disappearing into the ether.

  • Bryan

    Oh, sure. *Now* it shows up. :)

  • Leopard

    I thought DD lacked.
    The only good parts were Elektra’s. So I guess it’s good news they’re doing an Elektra film (not necessarily DD2). Too bad DD (comics) is in my top 5.

    do you know your super hero name?