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Danzig – Circle Of Snakes (Evilive Records)

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Evilive Records

There’s been a lot of rumors going around out there that CIRCLE OF SNAKES will be the final release from the once menacing, now defeated Glenn Danzig. After listening to CIRCLE OF SNAKES, let’s hope so. Danzig, who seemingly peaked while jumping the proverbial shark on his THRALL: DEMONSWEATLIVE EP (which featured “Mother”), has been in a bad downward spiral of bad releases for years. His recent beatdown by the singer of the Northside Kings only points out how the respect level for Danzig has dropped over the years. CIRCLE OF SNAKES puts a solid period on a decade long sentence of bad music from Glenn and company.

It’s not so much that this release is bad, as it is just boring. Danzig has shed the industrial attempts and gotten back to playing straight forward metal, but these songs are so unfresh that you’d think it was a decade old record you were listening to. That’s not a slap at the style either, as I can appreciate a new effort of music done old school (see Megadeth, for instance). There’s just so little here of note that you can’t help but think this one was simply thrown out there so there’d be something to do a farewell tour behind.

For his part, Danzig sounds about as bored presenting these songs as I was listening to them. Gone is the raging inner demons of songs like “Dirty Black Summer” or “Mother”; replaced by a plodding, almost spoken word from a deep sleep attempt on tracks like “Skull Forest” or “Circle Of Snakes”. Danzig sleepwalks through the majority of this album, which is sad when you consider his past efforts were so powerful.

Equally unimpressive is the band he’s assembled. Now, I love the music that Tommy Victor makes with Prong, but in Danzig, he sounds like a washed out performer looking for a quick check. His uninspired playing throughout drags along with Danzig’s monotonous wailing, with only “Hellmask” jumping it up with a meaty, crunchy guitar riff. It’s too bad that Danzig ruins that one with some wailing in desperation of sounding like his past glory. Bassist Jerry Montano and drummer Bevan Davies do nothing wrong on this record. They just don’t have a lot to work with.

PITRIFF RATING – 2/10 – Glenn is retiring. Thank Satan for that! Danzig tired to fill this album up with spooky imagery and scary titles to make you think he’s returning to his evil past. It’s too bad Satan has already reclaimed the talent they loaned him years ago. Horribly stale release.

Chris Akin / Pitriff.com

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  • mo*par

    im listening to this album now and it sounds weak. glenn has lost all singing ability. old riffs and harmonic squeals in every song. I thought zak wild was playing for a few songs. imo, danzig started his downward spiral after samhain ended. he a fucking sellout.

  • Jack

    This album is not bad. It´s better than the previous. Some songs have the classic Danzig/Misfits -vibe. I´m not saying it´s anything close to the first four albums, but it´s worth buying.

  • jose manuel gomez


    Las declarcaiones de Danzig son pesimistas en cuanto a girar y este album confirma ciertamente una decadencia que comenzó con el cambio de la formación original y la grabación del disco Danzig V. Muy a nuestro pesar he de decir que esperaba este disco con ganas pero es una cotinuación de los anteriores y no mejor que le satan´s child o luciferi. Confiemos que la gira llegue a España y pueda ver a este grandioso artista (junto a Doyle), que nos ha dejado autenticas obras maestras a lo largo de su trayectoria.

  • Exactly.

  • SkullForrest

    My favorite release by him, I was blown away when I heard this album.

    Never thought anything he put out after the first 4 was good, but this is amazing.

  • Bummer if Danzig lost those pipes of his. Well, hopefully, he’s still way hot.

    Maybe he should go back to his punk roots, the Misfits were great.

    Mmmm…Danzig. (sigh)

  • no editing?

  • Simon

    I Just saw Glenn Danzig do his stuff in Melbourne Aus, I thought he was great, it was great to finally see a great man in action. As usual most people have bad things to say about a great performer and musician, tall poppy syndrome i say. How can dudes put down someone who probably made them feel on top of the world at some point in their lives.


    ok Chris Akin doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor.] Glenn would tie him in like 3 knots and light him on fire. Glenn may be old but in no way is he washed up. you guys act like mother is his best and only song. you cant even say ur a fan of glenn slammin him like that. i say [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor.] you should keep your reviews to yourself, cuz you have no sence of music really is. you think its just all “devils” and “crunchy guitar riffs” get out of here pozer. [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor.]