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Danzig and Frankenstein and Classical Music?

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Glenn Danzig was one of the founding members of The Misfits somewhere in the vicinity of 30 ago. After having success forging horror movie inflected punk with his bandmates, he split from the band and embarked on a new career, creating darker music and taking control of his musical destiny. Everyone figured that would signal the end of The Misfits.

The Misfits would resurface later on with a new lineup, including long time guitar player Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and founding member, and bassist, Jerry Only returned with a new singer, Michele Graves for a few albums in the 1990s. Since then they have split again.

Now we have news of a special three-date Misfits reunion of sorts. Glenn Danzig will be taking the stage with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein for a special 30-minute set of classic Misfits tracks. This, in combination with a pair of West Coast dates late last year, mark the first time in 20 years that this pair have performed together.

This is huge for Misfits fans and Danzig fans alike. I personally will not be able to attend any of these events, but would have loved to see them. I was late coming to the party. Discovering Danzig as a solo artist after the release of his fourth album, since then I have gotten each of his albums, plus discovered some of the older Misfits material. He has a unique style, equal parts Morrison and Presley, singing over punk or gothic rock, it doesn’t matter, it’s electric.

I must admit, that my first experience with The Misfits, was with the Graves era. Which I think has produced a few fine albums, but there is nothing like Danzig’s voice.

On a side note, Danzig flexed his compositional muscles creating the album “Black Aria,” which was a number 1 chart topping classical album released a dozen years ago. The hunger has come once again and he has crafted a sequel to that album, “Black Aria II,” which is due out this year.

I urge any of you who are able to partake in these shows, please go and report back to me your experience. The shows are:
February 28 at the Roxy Theatre in Boston
March 1 at the Spirit Performance Center in New York
March 2 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia

You Fiends have your mission, off with you.

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  • Chris,

    Glenn must be in his 50s by now.

    I moved this up and over to Advance.net, which includes these places.

    Potentially read by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

    Thank you for the post. – Temple Stark

  • Thanks Temple.

    According to IMDB, Glenn was born 6/23/55, so he turns a half a century old this year!

  • Ryan

    I happened to attend the Boston show at the Roxy on Feb. 28th. Doors “opened” at 6pm and my friends and I were second in line. They didn’t let us in until about 7:30pm. It was well worth it.

    We took a balcony seat when we got into the show to get a good view of Danzig. I was skeptical of the rumors of Doyle playing along.

    Danzig played his normal set starting around 11pm opening with a few of his new songs. About a half hour into the set, the band stops for a minute and Glenn calls out Doyle’s name.

    There was nothing better than to watch Doyle slowly stomp onto stage with his custom Misfits guitar all geared up in full Misfits uniform and make-up. Like a ton of bricks they opened up with “20 Eyes” causing the crowd to light up like the floor was electrically charged. They continued on to “Hatebreeders”, “Earth A.D.”, “Skulls”, “Die Die My Darling”, and “Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?”. Glenn and Doyle nailed each song as if they never spent 20 years apart. I think Glenn put more energy into the Misfits songs than he did his own. Pretty amazing for a 49 year-old.

    It was truely a historic event.

  • That’s awesome, Ryan! Wish I could have been there. I saw Danzig a couple of years ago, still sounds great after all these years.

    Thanks for the report!

  • scottwest33

    I saw the New York show and was blown away. I loved when Doyle was on stage. Damn is he built. What a hot man! The music wasnt bad either. lol

  • Ryan

    This was my first Danzig show actually. A long wait frombecoming a fan in 1997. It was like having two different Danzig shows packed into one night this time!

    Scottwest33 – Do you remember the songs from the Misfits set they played at your show?

  • Check out this epic novel adaptation of Mary Shelley’s original classic masterpiece.

  • Rudy Ramirez

    I bought “Black Aria” all those years ago when it was first released. I loved it! I had no idea that it topped classical charts!! Damn Glenn!