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Dante’s Muse Announces Their First Show

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Last week there was a personnel shakeup at Edge-1 Records in New York when two long time associates; Dominique Sorribes the self described Existentialist and Winter Cantagallo the self described Pagan, broke away to form their own company. The two have been working in the music industry for the past 7 years and say they are hoping to surpass their own substantial previous accomplishments with this new venture. I guess you could call their enterprise an experiment in Existential Pagan Capitalism.

The name of the company is “Dante’s Muse” which comes, of course, from Dante Alighieri’s work; Inferno, in which Dante went through 9 rings of hell for his Muse. Dominique told me that she and Winter are just as determined as Dante was to make this endeavor into something unique which will, in her words; “grab the music industry by the balls and run with them”.

The two said that they have spent the past week in overdrive, setting up their business and at the same time putting together and preparing for their first show. They wanted the show to be something memorable which would hopefully establish the bar to be reached by others today and by themselves in the future. They christend the show, “Vendetta” (perhaps in reference to their former employer?). For the show they recruited what they consider to be some of the best, most high profile bands from among the ranks of the indie scene in NYC to perform at this, their inaugural event.

The show is being held Tuesday, May 9th at R&R, on W. 14th Street in Manhattan and begins at 8:30pm. The bands include Seer, Fixer, The Kin and Athena’s Fury. All of these bands seem to share relatively the same level of popularity on Myspace. Judging by those numbers, all are moderately successful bands by any standard and are part of that great pool of Artists from which the major labels are most likely to draw the next big thing in music.

One highlight of the evening from the perspective of the fan is that, after the show, there is a free admission after party being held at The Guesthouse on W. 27th Street. This is nothing to sneeze at as Guesthouse is one of those upscale private clubs where most of us have trouble getting past the beefy security dudes which control the velvet ropes at the entrance. Last time I was there Jerry Springer was also in the building. The time before that, when I left, there were two Lamborghini’s parked out front waiting for their owners. So if you feel like hearing some good music and then afterward “partying with the stars” this may be a show for you.

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  • A Real Critic

    Nothing like a load of self-congratulatory back-slapping to try to be something you’re not, eh, “Dante’s Muse”? I’d actually find this funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

    The job of a “critic” is to REPORT the FACTS and CRITIQUE them appropriately… instead, this guy sees a press release and pictures of two somewhat-attractive women and assumes that all that they state is gospel truth.

    With the aide of Google, and pointed facts from established industry professionals, here is the REAL deal about this latest fly-by-night, wannabe “company” of the hour.

    First and foremost, “Edge 1 Records” is a sham label set up by known industry scam artists. There was no “shakeup” to be had because there was no organization to begin with. And even if we assume that Edge 1 was “organized,” how bad do you have to be, as a professional, to be ousted from a fake label?!

    Second, the so-called “existentialist” is really a second-rate, Z-list model (one of many currently trying to make her mark in Los Angeles… a dime a dozen), whose previous work includes amateur porn (Google “Hamptons Glamour,” or check out their Model Mayhem page, they are number 1261 — better yet, here is the photo).

    Third, the so-called “pagan” is nothing but another “psychic” shyster, one of those “send me money and I’ll show you the way” scam artists whose only “gift” involves lining her pockets with your hard-earned cash (check out Winter Life Coaching)…to say nothing of the fact that EVERYONE who deals with her — musicians, professionals, and “standard” people alike — reports her as being insufferably rude, unjustifiably pretentious, dumber than a box of rocks, and socially and professionally inept and maladroit. She makes Tiffany “New York” Pollard seem lovable and demure in comparison.

    Are THESE really the kind of people you would trust your music business to? More to the point… are THESE really the kind of people worthy of a blog mention (or any other mention, for that matter)? Why? Because they got a few bands who have a lot of “friends” on MySpace (reasonably talented bands, don’t get me wrong, but we all know that MySpace popularity does not a “rock star” make) to play a show for FREE for them (although, if statements are to be believed — and where there’s smoke, there’s fire — the “payment” for these bands involved pu$$y in great supply — and we all know what women who pay in pu$$y are called)? THAT is all it takes these days to be considered a “revolutionary music industry professional”? No wonder the music business is in such disarray.

    And as for “partying with the stars” — it goes without saying that these “girls” and their “friends” aren’t used to living/partying in New York City (and, surprise surprise, none of them are New York City natives, and certainly not acclimated enough to life in Manhattan), because they’re too awed and bowled over — not to mention naive — to realize that one does not “party with the stars” at Guesthouse. The REAL stars — A-list celebrities, who wouldn’t even give these two sorry excuses of women their autographs, let alone the time of day — party at the likes of Butter, Plumm (formerly Nell’s), Aces and Kings, Stereo, and Bungalow 8. Guesthouse and Home are for pretentious Lawn Guy Land stockbrokers and their vacuous pieces of arm candy, with their overwatered and overpriced drinks and their insufferable decor.

    The fact that Jerry Springer — king of sleaze — is the most notable guest at the club these two picked is telling… both of the club’s quality, and of theirs.

    So what else have these girls done that is so notable and newsworthy? Anything for charity? Anything relating to movies, tv, video games? How about these bands…SURELY they must be on the fast track to rock stardom now, given their “association” with these notable “beauties”…no? What about Dante’s Muse…SURELY they must rival Sharon Osbourne in their power and influence now…no?

    Didn’t think so.

    Next time, do your research. Don’t get swayed just because you see pictures of two girls, and your “little head” thinks for you. This whole article is CLEARLY pandering to them, feeding their little egos to make them feel important when they’re clearly incapable of making waves on their own.

  • If you’re a real critic, why are you indulging in this rather sad display of knocking the work of others whilst hiding behind anonymity?

    I find it rather tragic and not a little pathetic myself. What do they say, those who can, do, whilst those who can’t, bitch?

  • Yeah Christopher I agree.

    For one thing I don’t know much about Edge 1 Records (although I did attend one of their showcases of bands for record company execs). But that company was just a footnote to the story.

    Personally, I found Winter and Dominique to be determined people who were chasing their dreams in life instead of fantasizing about them. The fact that they accomplished as much as they did in the fiercely competitive world of the NYC rock biz says a great deal about them.

    Ok so Dominique has some art nudes floating around… Big deal as far as I’m concerned. Many, many young, aspiring models and/or actresses do nude sets. Art nudes are like Playboy pics in a way while porn is more like Hustler and those pics are definitely Playboy style in that sense.

    As far as Winter’s efforts as a life coach, I really know nothing about it but any endeavor which utilizes the spiritual aspects of life is what it is whether a Christian minister a Hindu priest or a Pagan is doing the counseling. Picking on someone’s spiritual beliefs is just wrong and very childish to me.

    All in all I wrote a story that did fit the facts and I gathered my data via personal experience not press release. I personally like The Guesthouse and whether that is an exclusive enough club to meet anyone’s specific level of snobbery is really not any concern of mine…lol

    To me it sounds like someone might have known Dominique and Winter at some point and somehow gotten “left behind in the dust”. If that is the case I am sorry. Try harder next time. 🙂

  • Erin

    No, the music industry moved on WITHOUT Dante’s Muse. It’s THEY who got “left behind in the dust.”

    What I see above is a self-congratulating story, following a thought-out retort complete with corroborative evidence, and then two childish responses that basically sum up to “you’re jealous!” The mantra repeated by countless grade schoolers since the beginning of time, when logic and common sense fail to come up with anything else.

    Put simply, what did they “accomplish”?
    They put on a show in New York City?
    In your words, big deal.
    Promoters are a dime a dozen.
    And since then, what? Nothing.

    Had they continued on their course, you may have had a valid story. Instead, you’re patting them on the back for putting on a show, calling them “accomplished” when they did what every amateur promoter should be doing anyway if he or she wants to make a name for him or herself. Doing what you’re supposed to do to make a name for yourself isn’t newsworthy.

    As you mentioned in your follow-up comment, you gathered your data from personal experience. That’s not how real music critics operate, and “A Real Critic” seemed to be a jab at your claim that you’re a critic, not at Dante’s Muse. Without you saying so in your response, it was ridiculously obvious that you were writing this story from a personal perspective, not a professional one. You don’t need to be a critic to see that. You just need to know how to read.

    If you want to write a personal story about friends/friends with benefits, go ahead. But if you were a real critic, you’d know how to write it without making it sound like a love letter, or you wouldn’t write about it at all if it proved too difficult. Don’t put it on a forum such as this, where you’re reviewing the reissue of “Blade Runner,” thereby leading people to believe that your work is objective and has journalistic integrity. You’re more than entitled to your opinion, but not to the point where you’re insulting your reader. Generation Y has Google at their fingertips, it doesn’t take much to disprove you, assuming of course they care enough about the subject matter to do so, and obviously the vast majority of people don’t.

    When you read the above response from “A Real Critic,” it comes down to this: YOUR article was critiqued, not “Dante’s Muse” itself, because if it were a personal attack as you and “Christopher” seem to think it is, it wouldn’t be on the blog per your Comment Policy.

    Instead, it was a response to your obviously fawning, and needlessly so, “story” on two less than worthy subjects. There are plenty of women who accomplish more than they do, every day, in the music business, but that doesn’t make THAT newsworthy, either.

    What separates the women from the girls in the music business is that the women don’t want fawning articles written on them, they want the fawning articles written on their artists. The women want respect, the girls want popularity.

    This whole article is about the wrong thing – it should have been about the artists – done for the wrong reasons – to make them feel better about themselves because they have no other track record in the industry to prove that they’re important. “Seven years experience” is the biggest fallacy in the entire article, because if they really were working in the music business for seven years and no one’s heard of them (as is blatantly obvious the case), they’re either doing something really wrong, or they’re flat-out lying (both, in this case; Dominique is a model, Winter has correspondence school).

    We’d all love to believe that people we have crushes on, and we’d like to sleep with, and maybe are sleeping with, are telling us the cross-your-heart truth. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that’s not Reality. What you do in your personal life is your business, but as a journalist, writing a story such as this is irresponsible and misleading, and doesn’t help your credibility.

    Let’s use this example: say, instead of these subjects, you were told to write a story about President Bush. You do no research, you talk to no one else in politics, and you don’t consult any foreign newspapers to see what the rest of the world thinks about the Commander in Chief. Instead, you base it on nothing but your personal experiences with him, and you write a fawning story about what a great job he is doing in Iraq, how great the economy is, what a good American he is, and if anyone disagrees with him, well, they’re terrorists and they should all be sent to Guantanamo Bay to be disemboweled with a rusty spoon. And that would be exactly the story you would write, because that’s exactly the way he thinks.

    You wouldn’t consider that (^^^^) responsible journalism, would you? No, this isn’t that serious, but it doesn’t hold you as a journalist to less of a standard.

    To answer your other points: not every up-and-coming model does nude photo sets, and plenty have had success without doing so. You never hear of a model regretting NOT posing naked, but you do hear of models who DO regret posing naked when the photos come back to haunt them and impede them in their later careers. God help the model who poses naked and then decides to go to law school, or medical school, or joins a Fortune 500 company; all notoriously conservative fields.

    Naked photos don’t help up and coming music industry professionals, especially female ones, because unfortunately women in the business are still looked at as “groupies who got lucky” until they prove otherwise. Unfortunate, and wrong, and terrible, and outdated, not to mention counterintuitive, but still Reality.

    Besides, what’s artistic about posing naked on a dock? And that photo, regardless of the subject, has zero artistic merit.

    Finally, nowhere in the initial retort does it criticize Winter for being a Pagan. It DOES criticize her for calling herself a Pagan and a Psychic when she is nothing of the sort, hiding behind the Pagan cloth to make money and claiming to have a gift that she neither has nor deserves to have. As it is, Pagans have a rough go of it in the world because of misconceptions caused, in no small part, by the JudeoChristian propaganda machine. Winter’s page is filled with nothing but self-congratulatory remarks, a forum filled with spam, a link to her MySpace on tips for swallowing c-m, and just a whole lot of nothing. That is by no definition “pagan.” It’s irresponsible (Pagans accept personal responsibility, yet another reason why Winter calling herself Pagan is like the KKK Grand Wizard calling himself Tolerant), it’s immature, it’s flat-out stupid, and it has no relevance to Dante’s Muse, the music industry, or anything of newsworthy value whatsoever.

    Which brings it back to the initial retort: how is any of this newsworthy? How is any of this worth writing about?

  • Erin

    One other thing: that naked photo would never see the inside of Playboy magazine.

    Take a look at the beauty, the tastefulness, and the eroticism in the average Playboy shoot. The photos in Playboy are sexy because the photographer, model, makeup artist, lighting director, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, and countless other people spend hours making it so.

    That photo, which is nothing but a naked woman splayed out on a dock looking uncomfortable, probably taken with a cheap little camera, doesn’t even come close to being Playboy quality. It can’t even be considered fine art. It’s just a photo of a naked chick.

    Porn is offensive, by definition, and that photo is offensive on several levels, having nothing to do with the subject.

    We know you have a personal agenda with these two women, and the minute you said that lousy photo – and the photo is lousy, not because of the nudity – was ‘a work of art, worthy of Playboy,’ you showed just how personal you allowed it to get.

    Ultimately, this is a fluff article written about two worthless subjects. It’s not even worth a second glance.

  • Erin, there’s one pertinent fact you left out of your comments. You share the exact same IP address as “A Real Critic”, so either you ARE the same person or a close ally.

    Either way it rather proves the point that you’re the one that is being less than honest about motivation here and everything else pales into insignificance.


  • Erin

    Like has been said: you’re the one with the personal agenda to make the proverbial chicken salad out of chicken sh!t. My agenda doesn’t matter, because I’m not the one posting self-congratulating bullsh!t on two wannabes and passing it off as legitimate journalism.

    Besides, have you noticed that my response, and the beginning response, were all based in logic and proof, while yours and Mike’s were based on “you’re jealous!” That leads the average intelligent (key word) reader to believe that what I, and the beginning responder, said was true. And it’s been proven: they’re nobody wannabe’s who can’t be has beens because they never were.

    And by the way: you have heard of spoof IP’s, have you not? That means that people can access the IP’s of others without ever leaving the comfort of their desks. It’s the beauty of the Internet. Go look it up. Although I know research is an anathema to you.

    With each post, you prove how unintelligent, self-congratulating, and plain idiotic these girls, and anyone associated with them, really are. So, by all means, keep talking. You’re saving me, and everyone else, a lot of trouble. 🙂

  • Erin, you really are a silly muppet.

    For a start, I’m willing to wager that you have no idea how to spoof an IP address. If you did, you’d hardly be stupid enough to admit to committing a crime, which would be what you would have done.

    Secondly, people resisting your bile dressed as “logic” in no way proves anything about the personal qualities of the girls, who so far have been entirely too gracious too respond to your hateful remarks. I think it’s you that needs an urgent logic lesson.

    All you are doing is providing an extended demonstration of bitchiness, which you are desperately – and unsuccessfully – trying to pretend is something nobler.

  • Hmmm, this is kind of interesting. I was reading over the comments and thought that perhaps this is a saleable idea; the next step in the evolution of the gossip columnist… Maybe the National Enquirer would be interested…

    At any rate, I responded the way I did because your silly ramblings had nothing to do with me or the story I wrote. You are making a lot of assumptions and accusations which simply aren’t based in fact (at least as to what my intent or my motivation was in writing the story).

    Whatever Dom and Winter may or may not have done to piss you off is of no real interest to me. Second, the story is not intended to be a critique’ in any way. It was done as a news bit and because of that it is completely different in both style and content from a critique’. Blogcritics does publish more than just the work of critics you know.

    Let me tell you the whole story of how it came to be, just fyi so you understand it as it happened. As I mentioned, I went to at least one showcase put on by Edge-1 records. I got an email invite from them and had nothing better to do that night. I had never heard of them before. I took Julia with me, who sings lead in the band Me talk Pretty. There were some major label people there at the invite of Edge-1 and I thought it would be a good opportunity for Julia to do some networking.

    The showcase consisted of, I think, 5 bands. I kind of actually wanted to see one of them but that was the band that was put up last in the roster and we didn’t even stay long enough to see them play because Julia got what she wanted and I was bored so we left and spent the balance of the evening elsewhere.

    While I was there I met Dominique. She talked to me for a while and told me that she and Winter were going off on their own. It sounded kinda newsy so I did a quick interview and then wrote the story based on that interview.

    I didn’t say anything positive or negative about Edge-1 really, I just said that was where the two girls worked. Truthfully I never wrote about that night simply because none of the bands I saw did much for me.

    And I’m sorry you don’t agree but I happen to like the Guesthouse. What’s wrong with hangin out with Jerry Springer, etc now and then? White trash TV sells honey and at the end of the day that is what it is all about, isn’t it? Not everyone who reads these stories has ever even been to New York City you know, but they do dream about it and when I write a story I try to keep that in mind. I would rather do a story like this one than one on Axl Rose blowin lunch outside Snitch any day. I leave those stories to someone else.

    It is kinda weird to me that a simple news bit like this one would work you into such a lather. But read it over again from the perspective I just described to you. I simply turned the data she gave me into a news story. If it had a positive tone to it well why shouldn’t it? I would do the same kind of story for you if you came to me full of hope and ambition and wanted me to give you some exposure. I would have no way of knowing the outcome of your venture but why not start out on an upbeat note? I did go to the shows that Dom and Winter put on but that was after I wrote this story. I got to know Dom a lot better then but so what?

    As far as her pics not being worthy of Playboy, well maybe not, but that is really the fault of the photographer not the subject isn’t it? I mean I’m not really into redheads for the most part but Dom has a great body and a very pretty face. And, if you want to know, I think she still looks damn good at 4 am all disheveled with no makeup on. She would do just fine in Playboy with the right photographer.

    So what though? That is just what god (or more likely her DNA) gave her and has nothing to do with talent or anything else. I just threw that bit in there because of your snide little “friends with benefits” insinuation.

    The really funny thing out of it all for me though is that, every time you comment, you bring the story back out of mothballs. Then to top it off you hotlinked to both Dom and Winter in your first comment which will drive readers to them. If you are in this business then you know that publicity, whether good or bad, is still publicity and you are giving them a lot. Are you sure you aren’t managing one of them? lol

    At any rate, I haven’t talked to Winter since way back then but since you were nice enough to give readers a way to keep up with her and her career I thought I might as well do the same for Dom.

    Dominique is out in L.A. these days pursuing a career in acting and modeling. As far as I know she is doing ok. At least she hasn’t been reduced to doing any has been, wanna be famous reality shows. It is kinda embarrassing to see Flava Flav and Brett Michaels doing their “dating game” shows. Going from Public Enemy and Poison (respectively) to that is one hell of a step down, don’t you think? For readers who want to follow Dominique’s career you can check out her myspace.