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Dancing with the Stars – Week 3

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Another week. Another couple goes home when the scores of the judges are combined with the public vote. The couples danced either the tango or the jive, and in my opinion this week’s show was the best of the three.

The show began with a Jive performed by Evander Holyfield and his partner, Edyta Sliwinska. Evander looks to be having a tremendous amount of fun on stage, but he just doesn’t have it. That fancy footwork he has in the boxing ring just doesn’t cut it on the dance floor. The judges aren’t very thrilled with his performance either.

Next up was Rachel Hunter and her partner, Jonathan Roberts. Last week shocked both her and I cause her couple was up for elimination. Rachel is by far one of the better of the dancing celebrities. Each week, she is a delight to watch, and this week was no exception to that. She did a tango with her partner that lit up the dance floor.

Third up, we had Kelly and her partner, Alec Mazo. Kelly has been struggling the past few weeks, and the judges have been hard on her because of it. This week, she performed a Jive with her partner, and there was some improvement, which the judges did comment on. However, she still needs work, and I’m surprised she has made it this far.

Next, we had John and his partner, Charlotte Jorgensen. Last week, one of the judges commented they were the couple the beat, and once again they did splendid on stage. This week’s performance was not as outstanding as last week’s, but it was still a winner.

Last, we had Joe Mcintyre and his partner, Ashly DelGrosso. One of the judges last week commented that Joe was not performing to his full potential. This week, Joe took charge and helped his partner create a performance of the Jive that was amazing. It was fun and I know it had me cheering them on the whole time. what it lacked in technical appeal, it had in showmanship.

Following, the dances, we learned which of the couples went home this week. After a few tense moments where it looked like Joe was being sent packing, it turned out that the lowest scoring couple so far was Evander and his partner. They are sent home, and the four couples left move on to next week. I happen to agree with this decision, and I’m surprised Evander wasn’t the first to be sent home last week.

The competition is getting fierce, and the stars are stepping it up. What did you think of this week’s show? Who will be sent home next week? To vote, go to ABC’s website here.

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  • I think that Kelly & Alec have only made it this far because of her fanbase. Her character is a popular one on General Hospital and soap fans will come out in full force to support an actor/actress they like. However, I don’t see them lasting more than another week or two.

  • I agree with you totally. I just asked my brother why she was still there, and he said because she’s eyecandy. If she doesn’t go next week, we have a problem.

  • Saw this for the first time. It wasn’t as hideous as I had expected it would be. And John O’Hurley was a total delight (but I wuv him anyway)! Don’t know if I would watch again, but I’m rooting for him and Charlotte. Oh — and Rachel Hunter was very good, wasn’t she? Good for her!

  • Emily

    I thought Evander should have been the first to go, but am glad he finally got the ‘boot’. Although he did better last night than the first two weeks, he still looked uncomfortable and *heavy*. I thought Joey was better last week, as was Kelly and John, but Rachel was *stellar* and I think it will be between her and John for the final vote!

  • The thing about Evander is that he looked as though he was having fun. He had no business being there but he was enjoying himself and I’m not sure you can say that about some of the others. Kelly improved, which in my mind isn’t saying a lot. As for Joey, let’s just say that he’s lucky he had to dothe Jive instead of the Tango. John and Charlotte are still the team to beat though.