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Dancing With the Stars – Week 2

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Another week watching couples strut their stuff on the dance floor with the summer competition show, Dancing with the Stars. One celebrity is paired up to dance with a professional dancer. To read the couples and what happened last week read my review of week one here.

This week’s episode began with the couples dancing the rumba or the quick step. The rumba numbers were performed with those couples that had female celebrities, and the quick step was chosen for those that had male celebrities leading. This show started off with Trista Sutter and Louis van Amstel and ended with Evander Holyfield and Edyta Sliwinska.

I am not a professional dancer, and it is obvious to even my untrained eye, neither are the celebrities. They look to be having fun, but they would never make it if this was a true competition.

By far the best couple in my opinion from the last two weeks is that of Rachel Hunter and Jonathan Roberts. She moves like a dancer, and that is shown in the scores.

Joey Mcintyre also has had some dance training in his background, so it didn’t surprise me at all when one of the judges said he was under performing. Joey can do better, even as well as he is doing. also his facial expressions seemed a bit too fake, the smile a bit too painted on, but he did do well with his performance.

Kelly Monaco and her partner heated up the dance floor with a rumba to Enrique Iglesias “Hero”, but they have received the lowest scores both weeks.

John O’Hurley and his partner Charlotte Jorgensen were a delight on the dance floor, and I was definitely pleased by their performance as well.

At the end of this weeks show, one couple was sent packing. Their public votes and their scores from the judges were combined in order to decide who went home. The last two couples standing, that of Rachel Hunter and Jonathan Roberts and Trista Sutter and Louis van Amstel, absolutely shocked me. I never expected Rachel to be standing there because her performances have been outstanding the last two weeks. I thought if anyone would be there it would be Evander and his partner or Kelly with hers. In the end, Trista and Louis were sent home, and the remaining couples will return next week. I’m not sure I agree with the choice, but the majority spoke.

Who do you think will be sent home next? To cast your vote, visit ABC’s website here.

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  • Steve

    Okay – this was week 2 for me – and I am married to a professionally trained dancer. As I said last week – I wasn’t seeing what the wife (or the judges) was seeing. At any rate – I think I’m getting into this show! Heck – I may even sign up for dancing lessons! For week 2 – John O’Hurley and Charlotte were SUPERB! After their performance (because I talk to the TV) I said aloud – “Now THAT’S dancing!” With some of the others – you get “the moves.” John and Charlotte’s performance was the more classic ballroom dancing that I recall from living 8 years in England. I thought that Kelly and Alec were better than last week – but she needs to lose that attitude! Evander wasn’t much better – but what a good sport! At one point when he was dancing – I thought “dancing bear!” I think he is getting the “good sport” votes and will eventually (if he doesn’t get better) be eliminated. I thought that Rachel Hunter had improved from last week (and she was good then!) – she seemed to have more confidence and was wonderful. Like Regina, I was surprised to see her standing at the end – close to elimination. That would have been a travesty! As to Joey – my wife also commented on his facial expression. I said that perhaps he is a mouth breather! Lots of fun and I got through on the phone to vote.

  • Oddly enough I’m getting into it too, and once I persuaded my mother to watch, she loved it too. I’m honestly surprised that Kelly Monaco and her partner are still in this thing, while Trista and her partner are out. She does have attitude and isn’t a very good dancer. Trista’s Waltz last week was better than her Rumba this week but both were better than Monaco. Rachel Hunter is good but I’d tend to describe a lot of her moves as being almost ballet like which isn’t really what you want. Highlight of the night was John O’Hurley who looks like he’s really enjoying himself, while Evander Hollyfield moves like a Mack Truck, but looks like he’s having fun. I voted online for John while my mother voted for Evander.

  • jarboy

    the show should be called, dancing with the c-list celebs (excepting mr holyfield)