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Dancing with the Stars: Semi-finals

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In the last five weeks, Dancing with the stars has won over the American public. More and more viewers tune in each week to watch the couples consisting of a celebrity and professional dancer dance on stage in front of judges and a studio audience. The crowds clap and cheer the couples on, while those at home, including myself do the same. This week saw the elimination of another couple, which now leads us to next week’s grand finale.

Before we talk about tonight’s episode, let’s talk briefly about a controversy that was brought to light between the airing of last week’s episode and this week’s. It was brought to ABC’s attention, that voters calling in for John O’hurley were not calling the number assigned to him and his partner Charlotte, but instead were calling a number belonging to a telephone answering service in Michigan owned by Kathy Klein. The service has a number quite similar to that of the number to call in and vote for John, the only difference being the number’s area code.

Klein brought the situation to the attention of ABC stating the error was due to the fact that ABC put up the wrong number on screen. Once ABC looked into it, it was stated the error was not on their part, but voters mis-dialing. The error has not seemed to held back John all that much, but it did cause some cost out of Klein’s which ABC looks to be also assisting her with.

Now onto this week’s exciting show. The three couples each performed two dances each. The Fox trot and the Pasa Double. The dances are judged each by the judges and the public through voting. The score totals received by each weighing equally to see who went home at the end of tonight’s episode. Last week, Rachel Hunter and her partner Jonathan Roberts were sent packing.

The first couple to perform tonight was that of John O’hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen. Week after week, this couple puts out their best. The judges have even stated that they were the couple to beat, and this week was no exception to that. Both of their performances were excellent, and you can definitely tell the two are there to win. Definitely looks like the small phone blunder didn’t hurt these two any. Although you have to wonder if the phone calls lost might have affected them last week because they were up for elimination with Rachel at the end of last week’s episode.

Next up, we had Kelly Monaco and her partner Alec Mazo. Week after week, we’ve seen improvements in Kelly’s performance. I’ve not a personal fan of hers, but I do have to admit this week we saw Kelly’s best performances to date. She is getting stronger as the show progressed, and when it came to choose who went home I felt it was up in the air. All three couples deserved to be there next week based on tonight’s performance.

Lastly, we had Joe McIntyre and his partner Ashly Delgrosso. Joe has definitely been a fan favorite during the last five weeks. In past shows, he has helped Ashly with their dances, but this week he knew he had to take a step back and allow Ashly to teach if the two of them had any hope of staying on til next week. Tonight, the two did extremely, and definitely made a good showing.

After the couples were done with both their performances, it came time to decide which of the two couples stayed on til next week’s grand finale. The couples had all done well, but Joe and Ashly were lagging behind in third place, Kelly and Alec were second, and John and Charlotte were in first place according to judges’s scores.

The decision was revealed quickly, and this week saw the exit of Joe and Ashly from the competition. I had been personally rooting for Joe and his partner since the beginning, but in the end I knew Kelly had done a superb performance this week, so the chance of her staying on didn’t bother me as much as it would have if she had not stepped up her performance. I was sad to see Joe go though.

Next week is anyone’s game. If Kelly again steps up her performance on next week’s show, she will give John a run for his money. Who do you think will win at the end of this competition? Do you agree with who was sent home this week?

Don’t forgot to go and vote on the website here. You can do so through Tuesday!

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  • Steve

    My dancer wife and I watched again. As Regina has noted, John and Charlotte were SUPERB!!!! That is what ballroom dancing is all about – the grace, the style – they have it all. I certainly hope they are on track to win – they deserve it!

    Kelly and Alec – this is where Regina and I part ways. What was with that “I Dream of Jeannie” costume for a foxtrot? It seemed to be a showcase for Kelly’s sexy body – but to me, inappropriate for a foxtrot. The judges seemed to be overgenerous with the scores – Kelly, while improving, was still stiff in the upper body and not graceful and flowing at all. She did slightly better in the Paso Doble – again, she is more suited for the Latin dances while John and Charlotte are the classic ballroom dancers.

    Joey/Ashly – not much to say now that they received the boot. While I figured they would depart – a part of me was secretly hoping that Kelly would go.

    As to who will win? Well, as you can see – I’m rooting for John and Charlotte. As for matching celebrity against celebrity – he is a much better dancer than Kelly. But it has been a lot of fun and I enjoyed the dancing. Every time we watch the show, my wife says, “When are we going to take ballroom dancing lessons again?” However, she knows the answer – as a trained dancer and teacher – she can’t help but try to lead!!!!!

  • dotty house

    this programme comes too late in the night,the commercials are disgusting which makes it longerpeople have 2 go to work the next day then when asked the next day who went out. you all wont directly tell who it was.