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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 175

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A little progress report to begin:

I weighed in at just over 263 last Thursday, not terrible considering the last couple of weeks were sure to put on a few pounds. I guess the important part is that the last few weeks haven’t totally wrecked me. I took an off-day on Sunday, but also went to the gym.

As I stand right now, I have exactly a month to get down to 250 before I head to Detroit. That’s the main goal right now. I wake up thinking “250” I go to bed thinking “250” and I try to make choices that will lead to 250.

One month to do it. I think the timing makes sense, though there will have to be a real effort to make it happen.

I’ve been thinking about taking hiking up as a hobby. I figure that I have a lot of spare time on my hands (what with working only four days per week), and I need something to fill that time. Hiking is cheap and healthy, and there are plenty of trails in Northern California to keep me going. I’ll let you know how that turns out. I will say that I have taken two short hikes (four or five miles) over the last two weeks. I like it as an alternative to spending a summer day locked on an elliptical machine. Sometimes you just have to get outside and start thinking. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, but usually it helps clear my head.

So yeah, hiking has its perks.

As you may have noticed from the last post, I have figured out how to post photos. It wasn’t that hard to figure out, I just needed to read some instructions and not be super lazy about it. I gave you a little tease over the weekend, and there are more to come. My plan is to do a pictorial history of my journey from 370 to 260. That could take some time, though I am hoping to do it sometime in the next two weeks. If you’ve stayed with the Fortress this long, you should get some hot photographic action as a reward. At least I think so.

There were a few comments about the photos I found interesting:

Comments: I have been shocked and awed by the picture — the after one where you don't look like a large marine mammal that wound up on land. I'm concerned that you may be so attractive as a thin man that you may turn me gay. That would really screw up the wedding — and Martha would undoubtedly have you killed. Keep up the good work at your own risk.

Actually Guy, I’m pretty sure Martha will probably back out of the wedding to hook up with me. I hope that doesn’t ruin our friendship.

From: Ladybeams
Comments: Look at how great you're doing! Thanks for sharing the pics. It's so hard to stay motivated. I've been trying since last Sept. to lose for a reunion that now is next month and I haven't gotten very far. For a little inspiration take a look at DonateMyWeight.com Nothing to buy, etc. Just this guy named Ben who has lost 100lbs., but making a difference at the same time. Pretty cool. Good luck to you on your next five weeks.

Thanks! I am going to direct you guys to the site that she plugs. I checked it out, and it is much more thorough than what I’ve done. Since the beginning, Ben Miller has gone from 460 pounds to 388. I come across these sites now and again, and I always find things I wish I would have done. Ben seems dedicated to both his weight loss and the site, and is doing the kind of site I wish I would have thought of at the beginning.

From: Jacob
Comments: You don't look too shabby (besides that arm hair and that real creepy look on your face).

Yep, that’s my old roommate everyone. Thanks Jake, for not letting me get too high. Sorry about that arm hair, and I’ll try to make it less creepy next time.

From: Alexandria Jackson
Comments: wow. I'm literally speechless. You're gorgeous.

Now that’s just too kind Alexandria. Although I tend to agree about my gorgeousness.

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  • Alexandria

    Enjoy the wedding. You look great in that photo so you don’t have to feel pressure about the 250. I’m glad you’re finding new ways to work out. I’m happy for you.
    (You have some funny friends, by the way).