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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 166

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Laying in bed on Friday night (well, 5 a.m. Saturday morning, really), I spent a bit of time thinking about the best way to attack these last five weeks before I return to Michigan for my friend’s wedding.

It seems that the last few weeks have been largely ineffective in diet terms. I’ve spent them spinning my wheels more than anything else, getting in a few good days here, some bad days there, and a handful of ellipticizing when I feel like it.

I fear that the momentum of the diet has finally worn off. So I have no real choice but to figure out a way to recapture that momentum.

Call it a gut check, call it a critical point in my success. Call it whatever you want really, and you’ll probably be right. But it’s got to be reversed, otherwise I run the danger of undoing all the good I’ve accomplished in the last six months.

I have a one-track mind, especially when it comes to repeating successful methods. So on Friday night/Saturday morning, it just occurred to me that I probably need to approach the next five weeks like it is an entirely new diet. I’ve said before that this is all about mental approach, and if I can just get my mind back to the place it was when I began, then I’ll have a very good shot of reaching my goal of 250 by July 16.

So I took Saturday off, and treated it sort of like a “last day,” going through the basic ceremonies I usually do, and revving myself up about getting down to 250.

Sunday, I am waking up and hitting the gym for a brisk workout. I’ve even planned a hike for Monday, and figured out that I need to go to the gym every morning as soon as I wake up. Not after work (which leaves a lot of time to talk myself out of it), not during lunch (maybe even easier to talk myself out of), and not at 3 a.m. (an option with 24 Hour Fitness, but one I haven’t considered yet). I need to do it when I wake up, so that it becomes habit.

Also, I need to start going to bed earlier. No more 5 a.m. lights out as the sun starts coming up. No more getting up at 1 or 2 p.m., when I have to be at work no later than 3. No more sleeping half the day away, no matter what my screwed up 3-11 p.m. work schedule allows for.

For the next five weeks, I’m becoming a creature of habit. Hopefully, it will last long after that. But I do understand now that a habitual routine is imperative to my success. More importantly, I am realizing that things don’t just become habits. I must turn them into habits.

And, as an added bonus to this weekend edition of The Fortress, I’ve included a little before and after action below. The first shot was taken right before the 100 Days in winter 2005, the second one was taken last Thursday.

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  • Alexandria Jackson


    I’m literally speechless. You’re gorgeous.

  • Guy

    I have been shocked and awed by the picture- the after one where you don’t look like a large marine mammal that wound up on land. I’m concerned that you may be so attractive as a thin man that you may turn me gay. That would really screw up the wedding – and Martha would undoubtably have you killed. Keep up the good work at your own risk.

  • Jacob

    You don’t look too shabby (besides that arm hair and that real creepy look on your face).

  • Look at how great you’re doing! Thanks for sharing the pics. It’s so hard to stay motivated. I’ve been trying since last Sept. to lose for a reunion that now is next month and I haven’t gotten very far. For a little inspiration take a look at DonateMyWeight.com Nothing to buy, etc. Just this guy named Ben who has lost 100lbs., but making a difference at the same time. Pretty cool.
    Good luck to you on your next five weeks.