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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 147

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So the weekend was okay, nothing spectacular. In-N-Out Burger definitely called my name, and I got a sunburn. Fun, right?

So I am 259 pounds right now (give or take whatever the off-day did to me, which probably wasn’t much), and I have about a month and a half before I head to Detroit for three weeks of largely non-diet-related things. Those things will include drinking, eating and, well, that’s really the only thing that goes against the diet.

So the question I asked myself today is this: What is a reasonable weight to aim for when I get on that plane on July 16?

Obviously, the ideal answer is 240 pounds. But, I don’t think that’s really going to happen in a month and a half.

I have to think within reason here, right? So let’s see, about six weeks, I am pretty sure I can get down to 250. Certainly a reasonable goal, certainly something I can do without really altering my current habits.

That would be 25 pounds less than I weighed when I went home after the 100 days. And I am pretty sure those 25 pounds would make a difference.

Perhaps you can tell that the reaction of family and friends back home is important to me. And I can easily admit that their reactions might be the most important reactions of anyone. All of those people have seen my ups and downs over the years. They’ve seen me as a 285 pound high school senior, and a 370 pound fatty at 25. Some of them even saw me as an 8 pound, 2 ounce infant nearly 29 years ago.

So they know the saga better than anyone else in my life. Some of them helped define fat as my identity. And all of the people that really matter to me have expressed support in the weight loss effort.

They all accepted me as I was, which means a lot. And I think they’ll all be happy for me, and maybe even a little proud of me, if I come back looking the way I want to look.

Plus, I’ll be able to brag about it incessantly and annoy the shit out of them.

So back to the number. 240 is too much to strive for at this point. But 250 makes a lot of sense. It’s a round number, only nine pounds away, and falls in line with where I should be at that point in the diet.

But I won’t become fixated on 250 now. I’ve found that fixation on numbers is a bit counterproductive to success. But if I weigh myself on July 16 and weigh exactly 250 pounds, then I’ll be pleased. If not, then oh well, it’s only a few pounds.

In the coming weeks, I will surely talk more about going back home. But it seems like a good time to warn you about that. This could get very nostalgic as we go along, so be prepared.

As for the diet itself, we’re going good now. Sort of on cruise control, I suppose. Like I’ve said, this becomes a habit after a while, and I wake up in the morning knowing basically what I am going to eat. It might not be too exciting, and it might make you guys a little worried about a lack of variety, but it seems to be working right now.

So that’s what counts.

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