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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 112

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Wow, it’s been nearly a week. I have to admit, for some reason this blog has been a little more difficult than the last one. I can’t exactly say why that is, perhaps I have just decided to trim the fat, so to speak, and eliminate of the duller posts that I did during the 100 days.

But whatever the reason, I am still truckin’ and dedicated to giving you the goods on this body shrinking I am doing.

So, with that said, I regret to inform you that the Perfect April did not materialize. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even make it through a week. Yep, that’s why they call me Captain Willpower. It happened Friday night when a coworker called to see if I wanted to go out drinking. I was bored, basically staring at the TV after a day of nothing (except a trip to the gym!), so I went and had about six beers. After that, he drove to Taco Bell, and I didn’t fight it. So that carried over to Saturday, another terribly boring and unhealthy day.

I got back on track Sunday and Monday, keeping with the salad dinners and fruit at night. By all means, I am back on the wagon. It just sucks that my planned 25 day health fest was ruined in one night.

But I am over it, and looking forward once again. Friday, I weighed in a little over 264, discouraging since it is a minimal change from the week before. I am realizing the stark reality of this leg of the diet. That reality being that my body doesn’t want to shed the weight. The smallest slip, one day off from the gym, means the weight isn’t coming off that week. At least that’s how it seems right now.

That’s tough, since it kind of eliminates the hope of gradual weight loss. I can see that these last 24 pounds will likely come in bunches. Possibly five at a time after long stretches of nothing. And they will only come when I force them to.

And I am doing my best forcing, here. My gym attendance has risen sharply in the last few weeks (five times per week for the last three, two already this week) and my grocery bill has ballooned to about $130 every two weeks as I remain committed to fresh fruits and vegetables over processed food. I still allow Subway once a week and, if I want a sensible break, Weight Watchers meals every now and again.

The stagnancy is still there. But I knew it would be. Honestly, it would be easy to stop now and just maintain 265 until summer, but that wouldn’t do me any good. I would just be back to where I was two years ago, and that’s not the point of this whole thing.

The point, of course, is to physically become something I have never been. In a way, it is kind of shallow, but it’s a goal that I can attain.

The stagnant weight loss hasn’t been that frustrating yet for some reason. But I am sure it will be soon.

I think this is where it becomes more of a mental test than a physical test. There isn’t that much left to do anymore, you know? I’ve lost 108 pounds in the last two years, and I’ve treated every milestone with the reverence and excitement it deserves. But there’s only one milestone left, and it would be easy to determine that getting there isn’t really worth the work.

Physically, all I can really do is stay the course with constant minor changes and try to avoid off days as much as possible.

But ultimately, this just comes down to believing that the end will be worth it, and appreciating the value of this goal.

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  • Alexandria Jackson

    You’ll get there. I am glad the “Perfect April” didn’t materialize. It might have gotten you something in the short run but it isn’t who you are. You’re making mostly healthy choices, you’ve stepped up the gym attendance and, while you haven’t lost weight this week, you certainly haven’t gained. A lifestyle change toward healthier choices is a great goal that you have already achieved and can maintain. Perfection is overrated.

  • Guy

    Little disappointed with the quickness in which you abandoned the 25 day plan. You’ll never know how much progress you could have made. The one constant I’m finding is that breaking the plan is never worth it.

    At this stage in the game it’s going to take near perfection to see any kind of results. You’re right- the gradual weightloss stage is probably over- from here on out it’s going to take a week or two of solid work to see the scale move in the right direction.

    Just do it- perfect days from now until May and see what happens. It will be worth the effort.

  • You might want to give hypnosis a try. I’ve published a bit about it on my site, but I will be launching a full-scale weight loss hypnosis campaign at the end of April ’08. Sign up to Eat Yourself Beautiful and you will be the first to hear about it.