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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 106

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So it’s Day 106, and I am, at last weigh-in, 35.2 pounds lighter than when I began. Actually, let’s lay it out in table form for you, since I haven’t done that lately:

Starting weight: 299
Last weigh-in (Friday): 263.8
Total pounds lost: 35.2
Pounds until 240: 23.8

So it seems that the Fortress is working, and I am not wasting your time. Certainly we could have seen more dramatic results. With 100 perfect days, I probably could be down to 240 already and finally be out of your lives.

While I am sorry for rehashing the basic plot of this drawn-out drama, I just wanted to see how it looked on paper. 35 pounds is definitely a nice chunk of weight, so I am feeling good about myself.

I wonder, though, how many of you I have lost along the way. Maybe the lagging of the posts from daily to three times a week has turned you off. Maybe my constant empty promises of weigh-ins and blog entries that never happened have helped you decide I am not worth your time. That’s ok. I don’t mind. Really. But for whatever reason, comments have dwindled on Blogcritics. At this point, the most regular poster is Guy, who doesn’t really count because he is my best friend and often just uses the BC forum to tell me what is going on his life. The other most frequent poster is Kevin, who also doesn’t count because he is a very close friend as well.

So indulge me, if you will. Please let me give in to my insecurities for a moment. I am asking whoever reads this post to leave a comment, just so I know you are there. If you want to say "hi", say "hi". If you want to say "Fuck you", say "Fuck you." You won’t hurt my feelings. If you want to offer your opinions on this series or my progress as a whole, that would be great. If you want to share your own story of fat-fighting, then that would be even better.

I am not pandering just for the ego boost. Instead, I would like to start answering your comments again. I want to know what you want me to write about, and I want to answer any questions you might have.

Also, I want to keep up the idea of the Fortress, and this blog is the foundation of that. It’s a personal support group, of sorts. Something that keeps me in check when I think about running afoul. It’s about having people that I don’t want to let down. Thank God for the internet, because otherwise I would be in this alone, and I would have no one to answer to besides myself.

So let me hear from you.

As for the diet, the first three days of the Perfect April have gone according to plan. I am sticking to 1,500 calories per day, with a few new twists from time to time. Tuesday, I made my first eggbeater omelet, with onions and fat-free cheese. It was delicious. Monday, my roommate brought home a low-fat chicken sandwich from Starbucks (his place of employment). 330 calories, 3.5 grams of fat. Though I wouldn’t ever pay the $6 price tag, it is definitely worth it if you get one for free.

As for the gym, I’ve gone the last two days. Monday, all the elliptical machines were taken, so I got on the stair climber for an excruciating, painful and sweaty 28 minutes. I wanted to stop, but I persevered. Now I have to make it back to the gym the next three days, and probably rest on Saturday.

I am confident that I’ll make it through the complete 25 days without screwing up, Though there are some possible pitfalls along the way (a spring potluck at work on Thursday, for instance). But it will be interesting to see what happens in Week 2 or Week 3. I am guessing I’ll try to convince myself to take a day off, but in the end, I’ll realize why I am doing this, and what the eventual rewards will be.

That’s it for today. Hope to hear from you guys (If you are out there, at least).

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  • Alexandria Jackson

    Hi, I’m here. I’m thrilled for you!
    I stopped commenting so much because:

    1. I was starting to feel like a stalker
    2. I was having my own medical issues.
    3. I didn’t think you cared much….

    However, know that I still watch for your articles and am wishing you well.

  • Guy

    Let’s see, what’s going on in my life…well the last show before the Biggest Loser season finale was on last night. Martha and I were definitely tuned in to see the drama unfold. Some dude this season lost 146 pounds over the course of the 15 week taping. I mean, holy fucking shit. You know that I both hate and love reality TV while dismissing most of it as garbage for idiots but I have to credit this show with spurring on Martha and my push towards healthy living. I would also be overlooking a hige factor if I didn’t credit you and this blog for pushing us also. It’s like when Martha does the Biggest Loser workout DVDs and sees all those fat fatties doing the workouts there along with the trainer- she says, “how am I going to quit when these people are doing it?”. See – same thing.

    That said – I enjoy this blog a lot. I think you’ve done a ton of good work and the numbers prove that. If you and I were contestants on that show I would be forced to vote you off because you pose the biggest threat. Don’t think I’m not monitoring your progress intently and trying to keep up. If I could get passed the going out on the weekend thing we would probable be a lot closer. But I’ll keep trying even after this coming Friday’s undoing with what I assume will be a night of drinks at the Hard Lessons show.

    Keep up the good work in April. I think you can make it through.

    Go to http://www.thehardlessons.com to see if Detroit’s rockingest rock band is coming to a town near you soon!

  • Kevin

    I’m here.

    Although I’m not trying to lose as much weight as you are, I am using you as a massive push to keep myself eating healthy and trying (not very hard most of the time) to keep up the exercise. Now that MI is seeing some warmer weather (although snow is expected for Sat) I’ve been getting out on my bike every few days.

    The next 25 days will be big for you. But I suspect the week after that will be tougher. Don’t give in to too much of a reward for completing the task. Consider your reward the fact that you could do it, and do it well.

    We’re going to be a couple of good-looking gentlemen giving our speeches up there in August. See you soon man.


  • i’m reading… and rooting for you.

  • literalist

    Hi. Fuck you… How are you doing? 🙂 (Hey, you said “say hi if you feel like saying hi and fuck you if you feel like saying fuck you”, so…)

    anyhow, hope you make progress with your weight… don’t overdo it…. just a suggestion

  • Gigi

    Been reading you since first 100 days! Please keep writing, and the every three days postings keep it real. I am curious about how you are planning on maintaining your weight when you finish the “diet”