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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 92

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What I’ll Eat Tomorrow
It’s a little late here, so I’ll just run down the basics:

Cheerios, turkey sandwich, chicken sandwich from Starbucks (brought home by roommate, sandwich is lowfat with 330 calories and 3.5 grams of fat), Fruit platter, apple after work.

How Thursday Went
Probably not the best day, but interesting nonetheless. Actually, I’ll detail it in the next section, which happens to be coming up right….now.

The Real Reason I Brought You Here Today
So Thursday, I blew off the gym and decided to go Saturday instead. Not the best idea, I suppose, but one I am comfortable with. As long as I get there five times per week, I’ll be happy. Of course, the key to regularly going to the gym five days per week is to go when the week actually begins. As it is, I’ve already blown off Sunday and Thursday this week, putting the pressure on to get there Friday and Saturday. But this is pressure I can handle.

As for Thursday’s menu, I didn’t exactly follow it. But, looking back at the day, I think it all worked out decently in an odd way.

Originally, I planned a tuna sandwich for Meal 3, which came around 6 p.m., and then four pieces of fruit around 9 p.m. Instead, I came home from work to eat, and decided to make a salad before all my vegetables went bad. That was a 600 calorie meal. Then I forgot to pack the fruit so I could eat it at work. So I was kind of stuck. Instead of two apples, an orange and a pear, I had to improvise. What did I do? I had two Jolly Ranchers, some dried out mango and about 10 pea pods, all scavenged from coworkers. When I came home at 11:30, I just brewed up some tea and that was that.

I didn’t feel all that great about the Jolly Ranchers at the time, but now I think it was fine, and maybe even the right choice. After all, it helped keep my metabolism going and my calories were almost certainly within the desired range. I don’t want my last meal to come at 6 p.m. when I am going to bed around 3 a.m. This is about calorie intake rather than the kind of calories I put in my body. Jolly Ranchers might not be the best choice, but in that situation I thought they were better than nothing.

I also decided to weigh myself on Thursday for the first time in at least a week. Sorry, but sometimes the curiosity gets to me. Plus, I wanted to have some frame of reference for the next weigh in on Sunday. Basically, the number was a relatively pleasing 268.4 pounds.

That means that at least one, and maybe even both, of the following statements are correct: 1) the three-day weekend binge didn’t hurt me all that much. 2) the changes I have made to the diet over the last three weeks are working splendidly. I’ll be curious to see what the number is on Sunday after three more days of healthy eating and two more days of exercising.

I guess, optimistically, I might hope for 265, which would be a major success for this week. But more realistically, any number in the 266 range would be encouraging. Of course, my current low-weight is right around 268, so anything under that would signal success.

However, if I am back over 270, I might just have to give the whole thing up and accept life as a slimmed-down fatty. But if I do what I am supposed to do, there is no way that will happen.

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