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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 85

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A few people have openly wondered about photos. I do realize that in the past 80-plus days, I have not posted any photos of myself on this blog. It isn’t because I am not ready to unveil myself or because I am ashamed of how I look. Actually, if you were around for the 100 Days blog, you’ve already seen my photos.

But then, it does occur to me that many of you may not have been around then, and for some reason you still haven’t taken the time to go back through the photos on my site. That’s ok. The link will take you through an exhilarating journey of a super fat man who shrunk down to an acceptably fat man.

Anyway, the reason I haven’t posted any photos yet is because I am not particularly computer savvy. And when I learn things, I forget them. So while it may be true that I have been told in the past how to post photos on Blogcritics (and on my own site for that matter), I have also forgotten all of that. But I do understand the value of photos in something like this. So I promise to make the effort sometime in the next week to figure it all out so you can all see how good looking I am today.

The other reason I am not so hot on sending photos right now is because I haven’t seen that much physical change with the first 30 pounds lost. Certainly I can tell a little bit. My face is a bit smaller than it was at the start. My clothes fit better, I feel like I am carrying around less weight. But so far, no one has noticed any weight loss. (Then again, none of my coworkers noticed that I had gained 30 pounds, either). That’s one thing I am looking forward to with the second half of the diet. As I embark on weights that I haven’t ever seen as an adult, I can only assume that, physically, I will change a great deal. Obviously, I can’t really tell you what I will look like at 240, but I do expect that it will be recognizably different than I look at 270.

But still, as a faithful reader you deserve visual evidence that I am telling the truth with all of these posts (as if I could make this sad story up). So you have my word. I will talk to people who know things about things, and you will see for yourself very soon.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.

After Tuesday’s post, I thought a little more about the social aspect of this. I can’t get around it at all. I can’t really have a social life while trying to lose this last bit of weight. The other part of that is the money aspect. I have said before that I am trying to save up some scratch so I don’t have to keep living paycheck to paycheck. Well, in my attempt at a social life, I have ravaged my savings account over the last month or so. So I am pretty much back at square one with that.

But it does seem obvious to me that being social and doing things that social people do has a very negative effect on this endeavor. In order to be successful, I must stay in. That’s not as bad as it sounds since I rather enjoy spending time alone. It only gets lonely on the weekend nights when other people my age are out drinking and doing stupid things. I have averted that loneliness by assuring myself that soon I will be doing stupid things. I just have to kind of hang out for a while before I emerge into the land of stupidity.

So with that decision 100 percent made Tuesday afternoon, I had one more social send off. I went and met a friend down in San Francisco, and we lived it up with food and beers and other unhealthy diversions. It was a great night, and affirmed my affinity for doing stupid things. But it won’t be hard saying goodbye to that life for the next few months. I am looking forward to building up that savings account number, and doing things I want to do on my own terms. I will be seeing movies by myself. I will be working out as much as I can stomach. I will be thinking about life and all that other good stuff.

Just so you know, I woke up around 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, and was at the gym by 11. I lifted and did 30 minutes of ellipticising, all while wondering how long it will actually take to get down to 260. My guess is that if I stick with it, it should take about two weeks. But we’ll see about that.

So Tuesday’s night of debauchery wasn’t a lapse in judgment. Instead, it was a ceremonial farewell to something I know I have to sacrifice. I felt good about the whole night, and I felt even better about Wednesday.

I know I am not in the home stretch quite yet. We’ll save those words for the final 20 pounds. But I know the mentality I must have to finish strong, and I believe I am already within that mindset.

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