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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 79

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First off, I’ve got to apologize for being a little MIA this week.

Turns out this is the busiest week of the year for me, and I have been absolutely consumed with work.

By the time Saturday night rolls around, I will have written 13 stories in one week on one high school basketball team. However, for what it’s worth, I’d like to congratulate the Vallejo St. Patrick-St. Vincent High girls basketball team, who play for the California State title Friday afternoon in Sacramento.

Now that that little plug is out of the way, I should offer at least a bit of an update about the Fortress. I mean, that is why you clicked on this, right?

So anyway, the week has been going quite well as far as eating, though I can’t say the same for working out. Again, a hectic workweek has both kept me from the gym, taken away any chance of regular blog entries and isolated me from family and friends. That’s how it goes sometime.

I can’t say I am fully happy with the week so far, especially because the 100 pounds celebration actually pushed be back to about 99 pounds. So much of this week has been met with regular weigh-ins, just trying to make sure I actually get back under that 100 pounds mark.

The Assault on 260 has stalled a slight bit, mainly because it’s hard to assault 260 when you let yourself get back over 270. However, as of Thursday, I was back to 269. So the assault is totally on.

One thing that I find interesting is the balance I have between eating right, but still making bad choices. For instance, I spent $100 on groceries on Monday, but I have still gone outside of the house for meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

However, when I go outside the house for food, I am never tempted to just haul ass to a McDonalds and get five double cheeseburgers (still the best fast food deal on the planet).

Instead, I head to Subway or, as was the case Thursday, to a grocery store to pick up some weight watchers microwave meals. Two of those have roughly the same amount of calories (about 600 usually) and fat as a footlong Subway club. And they are about the same price. But I view those two options in particular as a way of satisfying a craving within the limits of the diet.

I guess I would say I am reluctant to call that a bad dieting choice. But certainly it doesn’t help financially when I am low on funds and spending seven bucks a day on food. So I guess I should save that for my money saving blog instead.

Still, it just seems kind of odd to me.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Next week I promise to come back into your lives regularly and even make you think once or twice.

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