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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 70

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Starting weight: 299 pounds
Last weigh-in (March 3): 270.8
Total pounds lost: 28.2
Pounds until 240: 30.8

For four straight days, I executed my assault on 270 perfectly. My body was a calorie burning machine. My mind was a perfect balance of ferocity and discipline. My actions were desirable, my speech on point.

So Monday, I took a little break.

No, this wasn’t a full-fledged pizza, beer and burgers off-day. Instead, it was one meal at Burger King, and it was sorta delicious. I also took a break from elliptical exercise machine and kind of kicked back on my day off of work.

Oddly, the Burger King trip wasn’t worth it. It just wasn’t that great. I would have been more satisfied with a double-meat club from Subway, possibly with Baked Lays. That would have been a better, and healthier, option. Oh well, live and learn.

I am unapologetic about my trip to Burger King, though, and that’s basically because I am highly optimistic about what this week will bring.

Let’s begin with the scale reading from Monday. I awoke to find I was definitely under the 271 mark, weighing in at 270.8. So that means less than a pound to go before I hit the 100-pound milestone. However, I need to be decently under that (say, 268) around Friday so I don’t have to worry about inching back over that mark ever again.

I followed my mini-binge on Monday with a pretty damn good, if odd, Tuesday. Kind of surprising, too, considering Tuesday featured a trip to McDonalds.

I’ll explain that one in a second, but first let me tell you that I came in around 1,200 calories and 15 grams of fat on Tuesday, though my sodium levels had to be through the roof.

I woke up and had my normal bowl of cereal for breakfast. Then I went to the gym before work and did the usual elliptical workout. After a quick check of email and a shower, I had to rush into work so I would have time to gather some things before heading to Sacramento (about an hour-long drive) to cover a game. Around 4:45, I realized I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast, so while I was gassing up the car, I went and got a 300-calorie bag of beef jerky (my best road-trip friend).

Once I got to Sacramento, I wanted to eat something a little more substantial before the game, knowing I wouldn’t have a chance to eat until about 10 p.m. if I waited.

I know I should have packed something, but I didn’t, and I was kind of stuck driving around a strange and ghettoish neighborhood in Sacramento looking for a Subway that would give me my desired club.

There was no Subway, though, as I searched for about 20 minutes. I did, however, find a McDonalds and decided I could find something that would satisfy me and aid the diet.

Luckily, I did. I got the classic grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo. I ordered only one of them, and while I hate to offer any endorsement for a major company, I must say the classic grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo was pretty darn good. So way to go McDonalds.

I figured this sandwich ran about 500 calories and about 10 grams of fat, though I was prepared for 15 grams. When I got home, I checked out the McDonalds Web site and found it was 420 calories with 10 grams of fat. So I wasn’t too far off. However, I got mine plain, and there doesn’t seem to be nutritional information for the sandwich without mayo or whatever sauce they slather it with. (By the way, that’s kind of bullshit McDonalds.)

Anyway, we’ll go with 420 and 10 for the sandwich. When I got home around 11 p.m., I made one of my famous turkey on wheat with fat-free Miracle Whip and mustard sandwiches, good for another 200 calories.

Total intake was about 1,220 calories for the day, with about 15 grams of fat.

A nice comeback from Burger King, eh?

The assault on 270 has resumed, and I will not disappoint here. This is the biggest week any of my weight-loss plans has ever seen, and by Friday, I will be victorious.

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  • Youll begin to find that your taste for junk food decreasing. I did the south beach diet (to go from 190 to 160, and most importantly, a 32 inch waste again) and found that I no longer desired junk foor, fast food, and sweets. My body, mouth, and mind had become so acustomed to not having high carbs and sweets that it kind of just “turned off” its desire for them.

    People who dont diet well think that if they go without those goodies for weeks or months, that one day they will binge and go crazy. In your case, you might. Stopping by to have “just one little meal” at burger king while trying to diet will keep the ‘taste’ of high carbs and sugars on your brain and body. You will never lose a desire for them fully until you go cold turkey on them. Once you hit your goal wieght, THEN and only then can you feel free to “induldge every other week or so for a Burger King meal, for example. Jerky is a good snack, but in moderation. You are doing well to have some light snacks between breakfast and lunch. It helps big time.

    Think of it this way. You are in college, Your girlfriend of 2 years breaks up with you. Yet, every week or so she comes by your place to hold hands and make out. You will never get over her that way. Now, if she moved to Alaska (assuming you dont live there) and had no computer and cell phone and gave no address to anyone, you would likely get over her in about a month. Carbs are that girl 🙂