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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 61

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So it is 11 p.m. Monday night, and I am dead tired. Had a long night down in San Francisco on Sunday, hanging out and doing various drunken things. It was a pretty glorious off-day, except for the fact that it shouldn’t have been an off-day at all.

I will keep this fairly short, because I am really, really trying to get to bed early tonight in hopes that I can recalibrate my body clock so I wake up between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. every morning, instead of the current 11-noon. That would be a big step in having productive work days that include regular trips to the gym. So we’ll see how that goes.

My weight as of Thursday is an even 274 pounds, a big deal because the lowest weight on the 100 Days was 275. So I guess we can say that I am now one pound less than I have been since college. So that’s nice.

However, that number may have led to a mental block, and I just didn’t have a lot of heart going into the weekend. Sunday was supposed to be a reasonable day, well-within the desired calorie range. Instead it was an orgy of pizza, beer and even a Philly cheese steak.

Even with the fear of being called a failure and a crazy man, I promise that on Wednesday I will go into this “block” in much further detail, and I will further outline my plan for the coming weeks (they involve at least one lofty goal).

But I regret to inform you that I am tired and still a little bit hungover, which means you get only this very brief summary today. However, with a good night’s sleep, I will be energized and ready to go tomorrow, so look forward to that, if you want.

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  • Guy

    You know what’s good? If you put the cheese steak on the pizza and then roll it up into a burrito. I think that’s what Martha and I are having for dinner tonight.

  • zingzing

    i think he’s mocking you, dan. i say you leave what’s left of the cheese steak, pizza and burrito flaming on his front porch. or, as my brother would do it, in his bed. or in the top portion of his toilet. “upper decker” they call that in some circles. lovely stuff.

  • No, actually Guy is totally serious. I know he would pay quite a bit right now for a Philly Cheese Steak Pizza which, I believe, happens to be on the menu of Domino’s right now.

    However, if I wasn’t thousands of miles away from him, an old-fashioned “upper decker” would certainly be in order, if for no other reason than sheer amusement.

  • Guy

    I’m undecided on novelty pizzas- i.e. those with nontraditional toppings that often use a non- tomato based sauce. There’s just something about a pizza with bar-b-que sauce that makes me want to say, “that’s not pizza!” I have enjoyed Papa John’s chicken alfredo and philly cheese steak pizza in the past. But only as a change-up. If the pizza gods got together and decided that kinda stuff was the future of ‘za my friends and family would all need to be on suicide watch.

    And for the record we are having some kind of chicken, vegetable, rice dish made in the crockpot for dinner tonight.