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Dan Nied’s Fortress of Weight Loss: Day 28

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Starting weight: 299 pounds
Last weigh-in: 285.2
Total pounds lost: 13.8
Pounds until 240: 45.2

Is Anybody Out There?

I hope a lot of you read yesterday’s post. It’s not that I think it’s a life-changing group of words or anything, it’s just that I am hoping I didn’t spend nearly two hours forming a 3,400 word post, thinking of thoughtful answers to comments and questions, and pouring out my heart for nothing.

Actually, those might be my favorite posts to write, since it might actually offer you some insight to how I feel on a certain subject you were wondering about.

Though I have been mildly disappointed with the relative lack of comments so far (does that mean nobody’s reading?), I am hoping that they will pick up to the point where I can do a “reader mail” type of post about once a week. So please, if you have any questions or comments, just publish them.

Not the Best Day, but Certainly not the Worst

Now that my pandering is done (and I thought it was good pandering) I’d like to take a second to discuss my Tuesday.

It wasn’t the greatest day I’ve turned in, but I don’t know how much I can really complain. At this point, posting a food journal would just confuse me, but I can run down the meals quickly:

Honey Nut Cheerios (too much sugar, I know, but still decent on fat and calories), Tuna on whole wheat with fat free mayo and a pickle, a bag of beef jerky, three low-fat hot dogs, a grapefruit and fat-free yogurt, a fairly large salad.

I ate six times, which has to be a new high for this diet. Even on the old one, I think I only ate six times in one day about twice. I am comfortable with five meals, six is good though. Of course, there was the big bag of jerky, which I am also pretty ok with. It’s like a sodium rosin bag, but still low in fat and calories. I grabbed that during work, when I couldn’t get home for lunch for another two hours. I’ll deal with that.

Of course, between the jerky and the hot dogs, there was probably a lot of processed shit running through my body. I have said before that I would like to cut down on that. And I’ve been pretty good about that. So I won’t beat myself up for a day in which I had what looks to be about 2,000 calories and less than 25 grams of fat. Like I said: Could be better, could be worse.

The only thing that I should take away from that menu is that it wasn’t planned out. At this point, the food is getting sort of low in the house, which makes convenient options a little more scarce. At the same time, I am working both Wednesday and Thursday, so convenient options would be ideal. It’s a tiny problem, you see, so I should really have an idea of how the day is going to go before I hit my second meal. I think I’ll make that a goal on Thursday. Perhaps a trip to Subway is in order, since I haven’t been there in a while.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

The Real Reason I Brought You Here Today

I said yesterday that I have been rethinking my goals a little bit. Nothing drastic, mind you. The goal is still 240 pounds, or 59 total. I still don’t have a set timetable for that number, and I don’t plan on changing either of those things any time soon.

But my expectations have been way off on this diet. In the beginning, I was thinking like the 370 pound man I was two years ago. Back then, I could take off 10 pounds in a week, no problem. Life’s one gift to fat people is that they can lose weight remarkably quickly.

The Biggest Loser is proof of that. Those contestants are on a 100 day program (at least it was 100 days when I last watched), and they go absolutely nuts with diet and exercise while being pushed and prodded by a personal trainer. And the fattest always lose at least 100 pounds over that time.

And I didn’t come that far off of that back in the day. But now my body is playing with a different set of rules. I started at 299 pounds, a stark difference from 370. While I was expecting to lose at least 15 pounds in the first week, I was just setting myself up for disappointment. I never sat down to think about how long this would take, or how long I wanted it to take. I expected plateaus around 270 and 250, but not around 290. So I was ill-prepared for that first obstacle when it came.

Finally I sat down and figured it out. To lose a pound, you must burn 3,500 calories. Using an internet calorie per day calculator that I choose to trust, I burn about 3,400 calories per day as a 28-year old, 6-foot-3, 285 pound, lightly active male. (I chose lightly active instead of moderately active just to be on the safe side.) On this diet my usual caloric intake is between 1,500 and 2,000 per day.

Not counting exercise, and accounting for the occasional off day, it seems that I should have a caloric deficiency of about 1,000 per day. Easy math here: That’s 7,000 per week, which is exactly two pounds.

I like that number. A lot. It shouldn’t be that difficult for me to burn 7,000 calories per week. Since I am about 45 pounds from my goal it figures that, with a 2-pound per week average loss, I should be rolling up around 240 sometime in late June.

Personally, I feel that’s the best measure of success, rather than one big loss or one big gain during a week. One question: Am I averaging two pounds per week?

I came in ahead of schedule for the first four weeks, dropping 14 pounds, or an average of 3.5 per week. Having realized that, I now feel much better about the numbers I agonized over for the first month of this.

I weighed in at 285.2 last Sunday, meaning that the goal for this Sunday – the next weight in – is 283.2. Perhaps it will be lower, maybe even higher. I really don’t know. But I do know that I should burn at least 7,000 calories this week, even if I don’t include the three (at least) trips to the gym.

See, it’s all about a level head when you do this. I made myself crazy for a month, and now I have settled down and figured out a nice little plan for myself.

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  • Kevin

    I like you’ve realized that the rules are different this time around. That means you not only lost weight during the 100 Days, but that you learned something as well.

    Processed foods are the devil! Go to a health food store and find some specials. Take a list of core ingredients and make it a game to see how many nights in a row you can alter the dish.

    That’s all I have for now. I know-not very original. Just wanted to let you know that I read and will throw my .02 in every once and a while. Keep up the good fight brother. Can’t wait to see you soon.


  • “Is Anybody Out There?”

    Hey man, I used all my good words and stuff for yesterday’s post. I’m off to dance!

  • Dan,
    Where are ya man?