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DAMAGEPLAN, the new band featuring former PANTERA members Dimebag Darrell (guitar) and Vinnie Paul (drums) have posted the following on their official website www.damageplan.com: “The band’s uncompromising commitment to their fans has been revealed with an ingenious ‘plan’ to include their fans in the most intimate way possible, giving them the chance to jam with them via the internet. For the first time anywhere, fans can download four different versions of four different songs from New Found Power. Each version will leave off a full track (vocal, guitar, bass or drum) from each song, allowing the fan at home to fill-in for their missing hero. The songs will be made available in a staggered manner via four digitial music providers (DSP), with each song exclusive to that DSP. The songs being included in this promotion are: ‘Pride’ which goes up on Apple Feb 24, ‘Save Me’ which goes up on Napster March 1, ‘Breathing New Life’ which goes up on Real Music March 8, and ‘Reborn’ which goes up on Music Match March 8. Each band member bestowed a special name upon the song versions that omit their track: Vinnie Paul’s Skinless mix for all drum-less versions. Dimebag Darrell’s Off Axes mix for all guitar-less versions. Bob Zilla’s Kill Zilla mix for all bass-less versions. Pat Lachman’s Cut-Throat mix for all vocal-less versions.” In additional news: “Damageplan had a huge first week at retail with its debut album, New Found Power, landing in the Top 40 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart. Selling an impressive 45,000 records. The New Found Power album has been embraced in a massive way at Metal radio where it was #1 most added last week and simultaneously came in at the #1 slot on the chart. The single ‘Save Me’ logged in at #1 at Metal radio, and is #18 (and climbing) at Active Rock. The band just completed an amazing promotional tour… 24 days on the road, 38 markets visited, 46 stations torched over, 6000 miles traveled and over 40 cases of Jagermeister consumed and the results speak for themselves.”

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  • Xiola

    r.i.p dimebag darrell

  • Eric Olsen

    see here for information on the shooting

  • Gemmie

    I am totally lost after hearing about the shooting in Ohio!!!
    I am a long time fan of Pantera and was looking forward to seeing Damageplan some time in the near future.
    The Metal World lost a great person last night!!!! I send my condolances to Dimebags family, friends and fans!!!!
    Now the cemetary gates are open for a one of our own…RIP Dime Baby..you will be missed!!!
    Rock on in Metal Heaven…….

  • george dimaris

    What a shock and a tremendous loss to Heavy Metal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sincere condolences to Darrell’s family , friends and fellow fans . I much enjoyed Darrell’s guitar lessons in Guitar World and i find it difficult to comprehend such a violent and senseless act!

  • Jamie

    I am still in Shock.. I feel like this is a bad dream.. Dimebag is truly going to be missed.. But his music will live on forever! He / Pantera and couple other bands is what made me fall in love with Music….. My sincere condolences to Darrell’s family and we are praying for you Vinnie..

    Metal will never be the same! A hardCore Pantera / Damageplan fan..

  • Rick

    there’s no comments about what happened! i’m musician and for me an all in general “metal comunity family” it is not anymore. the world has changed a lot. it’s hard to be misunderstood Dime!(musicians and fans),we’ll push very hard to keep the faith mate!

  • Well I think this sort of thing might help us bring us together again. Its a tragedy for all of us and will hurt the entire community. Will parents and fans be more reluctant to go to small venue shows for instance? Will increased security mean even more disconnect between fans and the band?

    At the gig I was at on Wednesday night, all three bands were hanging around in the audience for each others shows. During the breaks all of them were approachable and friendly. That is one of the wonderful things about “intimate” venues and I would hate to see that lost.

  • A

    holy shit…the biggest in heavy metal dead…its bull shit…

  • Joey Garcia

    I just met Dimebag last month on the current tour they were on. I still cant beleive, he’s gone forever. No one can ever play the way he played. He will forever be in my missed and be in all our hearts.

  • Nick Garcia

    that day was a tragedy in music dimebag.was more than a lead guitar player. he was an influence to me,this will never be the same with out him i dreamed of one day to see dime on stage and leave home with a ringing in my ear but that will never happen.now to anyone
    who had anything to do with this see you in hell assholes im coming with a bottle of crown to bust over your melon fucking head.