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Dallas Stars Workin’ Overtime, Takin’ Little Care Of Business

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In a classic example of "boy did I tune in at the right time," I caught the final three minutes of the Vancouver Canucks playoff win over the Dallas Stars. It was in the fourth overtime. It was 3:30 in the morning. Between the opening of the fourth OT and Henrik Sedin's game-winning goal, I got sidetracked and watched an entire episode of Three's Company.

Sedin's point-blank goal on Marty Turco — let's just leave that dude alone today, all right? — came with 1:54 left in the fourth overtime. The puck punched the net's gullet seconds after another Canucks shot-on-goal doinked off the post in one of those "Jesus Christ in a mason jar, nobody's ever going to score" moments. I'm fairly certain had Sedin missed that shot, the players would have all gone to the locker room to chug spoonfuls of coffee grounds like in that one mattress commercial.

This has to be completely demoralizing for the Stars. This was just the first game of the series. Exactly how does Dallas regroup and play a second game? If Game 2 is tied in the third overtime, how many hurried shots will the Stars attempt?

NHL Canucks StarsPlus, they have to be sick of these marathon playoff losses. Four years ago the Stars lost to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks 4-3 in five overtimes. That was the second game of the Western Conference second round, and the Ducks went onto win that series.

Way-too-many-overtime games are not uncommon to hockey — they gotta end sometime, and the longer it goes, the sleepier everyone gets — but last night's Canucks-Stars game was the sixth longest playoff game in NHL history. The longest one — a six-overtime match between the Red Wings and Canadiens back in 1936 — happened so long ago that it was not on television. Some things never change, except for the beating heart of Mr. Furley.

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  • Also, the Stars won the Stanley Cup a few years ago in triple-overtime, in a game that ran so long even the refs were bleary-eyed.

    Shut up, Buffalo fans. The Stars won, and you didn’t.

  • That bloody toe in the crease….

    What are you doing up at that time? I thought I was the only one.

    One word for you Matt: Melatonin.

  • Exactly, AN. The Stars didn’t win the Stanley Cup; it was awarded to them. Any true fan of the sport would be embarrassed to claim that game a victory, but then I wouldn’t except people in Dallas to know squat about hockey. They’ve only had it 14 years now.

  • El – Bah! I followed the Gulls in San Diego (minor league) and then the Northstars in Minnesota before they moved to Dallas, and I followed (coincidentally) a year later. I know hockey.

    Alessandro – True story, and only slightly off topic: The date was June 19, and I was watching the game like a faithful fan. I’d watched them all that year, and things had been building for a couple of years, so it seemed like the Stars were *finally* going to pull it off. I stayed up and up and up, and my wife finally gave up and went to bed. I couldn’t blame her; she was nine months pregnant at the time.

    So at 3:30am or whatever, I finally went to bed, having hear that the Buffalo folks were whining but knowing that their whining wouldn’t matter. By that time, it was June 20, Sunday morning. I only got a couple of hours sleep when my wife woke me up. Remember the bit about her being pregnant? Yeah, turns out she was in labor, and went to bed to avoid disturbing my game-watching. Can you believe that?

    So we expected a longer labor, and didn’t call the midwife early enough. She was still en route when I delivered the baby, cell phone on the shoulder.

    Did I mention that June 20 was Father’s Day that year?

    Probably the best day of my life: Father’s Day, I delivered the baby (#two of three, but midwives delivered the other two), and my Stars *finally* won the Stanley Cup. How could the day get any better than that?

    P.S. The next time Dallas played Buffalo, Buffalo fell completely apart, and Dallas kicked their butts. It had been trumpeted as a rematch, though Buffalo papers were pretty quiet after the fact.

  • Sorry, but you can’t know hockey and think Hull’s goal was good. You find yourself in agreement with Gary Bettmen, and if there is anyone who doesn’t know hockey, it’s him. Look at what the league has become under his tenure.

    “having hear that the Buffalo folks were whining”

    Of course, because Dallas fans are so magnanimous they would have been fine with losing the Stanley Cup because a rule that had been called one way all season was interpreted differently.

    I am not saying Buffalo would have one game seven in Dallas nor am I saying that they even would have gone on to win game six, but that game was not decided by the players. The celebration started and combined with the lateness of the hour, it was seemingly too hard to get the toothpaste back in the tub. I feel bad for Stars and their fans. They were cheated out of a victory as well.

    “The next time Dallas played Buffalo,”

    The following season with different personnel. That was supposed to prove what to who?

    Did you name your daughter Brett?

  • Now that’s a story – what a gem of a wife!

    Dallas seems to have taken to the game. Yes, the North Stars – should never have left Minnesota; such a huge hockey hotbed. But the NHL discovered a pretty good market in Dallas.

    FYI: I’ve NEVER missed an OT game – well, except the 1936 one. The Van/Dal was my first ever. I’ll never forget that famous Islanders/Capitals one. When Lafontaine scored you can see the Caps sag to the point of nothingness. It was priceless stuff.

    Well, El Bicho while the call sucked (they had been calling it so consistently ALL YEAR so it was weird they missed that one) Dallas deserved it. What can you do? Sports is filled wit this sort of stuff. I think the most recent one is Seahawks fan. Soccer rarely goes off without any controversy. It is what it is.

    But this year the Sabres should do it. Unless they get cursed again.