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Dali & Disney Short

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Destino short wins at an australian film festival.

Fragments of the unfinished film “Destino” along with story boards, sketches and an original score were painstakingly put together by a team assembled by Disney’s nephew Roy Disney after they were discovered in the studio’s vaults.

I cant wait to find see this short. I love Dali and Disney, and never had any idea that they were ever connected in any way. I hope they find a way to release it widely.

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  • excitableboy

    Hot diggity! I’ve been telling people for over thirty years that Walt Disney and Salvador Dali once tried to make a movie together, and today I am finally justified. I can’t wait to see it.
    The only evidence of Destino I had ever seen before today was in a now-lost 1947 copy of Look magazine that I found in my grandparents’ attic. In addition to the article on Dali and his collaboration with Disney, there was a survey of potential Democratic candidates for 1948 which showed Dwight D. Eisenhower doing very well (that’s right, Ike was listed as a Democrat), and a full-page ad/endorsement featuring the lovely Helen Twelvetrees, who was evidently the J. Lo of her time. The whole thing seemed like a product of another dimension.
    But now one of the stories from that old rag turns out to be true. Amazing! Please follow up on this.

  • I certainly will keep all the BCs informed if I hear anything more on the subject. 🙂

  • IMDB has a listing

    expect a DVD this year.

  • no matter

    2006…..still waiting on that DVD to be released to the public. Only place I’ve seen the whole thing was on a cruise ship in the art gallery.

    Now all I want to do is see it again.

  • bulthaup

    if you take a look on destino’s IMDB page and message board, someone’s emailed disney and got a reply that told them they’re still making the accompanying documentary, and it’ll be out next year, hopefully~

  • Here is what disney said:
    There are some rather ambitious plans to release “Destino” on DVD in ’07. A feature length documentary on the making of the short is being prepared by a top documentarian and they are working on it as we speak. No firm release date yet, but it is coming.

    –Don’t be suprised if this does not see light till 2008. “ambitious” could mean that 2007 would be rushing the process along, and for something that has been around so long I can’t imagine a big push from anyone.
    Still, I am excited and usually enjoy documentaries, so I guess I would thank Disney for the extra work they put into this dvd.