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Daily Show Slams Cosby’s Soft Interview With DeLay

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When Rita Cosby became the latest in a series of “journalists” to move from Fox News Channel to MSNBC (aka “Fox News Lite”), JABBS was among those to protest.

How many conservative hosts does MSNBC need, JABBS and others asked. And when will MSNBC’s programming chief, Rick Kaplan, realize that adding the conservative scraps from other channels is no way to hike MSNBC out of last place in the cable television chat wars?

Conservative bloggers protested. Cosby was no conservative, they said. She’s apolitical, they said. It’s wrong to assume that every Fox “journalist” is conservative, they said.

Blah, blah, blah.

If Cosby’s Oct. 21 interview with former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) is any indicator, then Cosby’s interview style is far from “fair and balanced.”

In the wake of DeLay’s indictment on conspiracy and money laundering charges — and his now famous smile for his mug shot — Cosby was “soft and mushy.”

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show — a show that isn’t afraid to astutely comment on the daily failures of the “mainstream media” — highlighted this awful interview on Oct. 25. Here’s a partial transcript:

STEWART: Why the big grin? Why the smile? Why is he smiling in his mug shot? DeLay explained to MSNBC’s “Throaty McHuskington.”

COSBY: The mug shot, the famous mug shot now. You‘re smiling in it.



DELAY: Well, that‘s how I feel. I mean, this — this is not getting me down. I have a certain sense of peace and — and joy about this.

STEWART: Peace and joy! Now, that’s a hardass. As long as someone’s going to jail, DeLay’s happy. Even if it’s him, he doesn’t care. Peace and joy, baby. But like the true journalist that she is, Cosby wouldn’t take “peace and joy” for an answer.

COSBY: But you seem to feel you are target number one.

DELAY: Well, I don‘t know about that. …

COSBY: … How painful has this been for you personally and for your family?

DELAY: Oh, it hasn‘t been painful for us. …

COSBY: … But is this one of the worst periods for you?

DELAY: Well, you know, the worst — I don‘t know. …

STEWART (imitating Cosby): How about this interview? Bad? Painful? Is anything painful? What if I were to grab your scrotum?

You know, uh, obviously I’m not Rita Cosby, but if I could give her any piece of advice for this interview: continue this line of questioning. It’s bearing fruit.

COSBY: You were forced to resign as Majority leader. Personally, how…

DELAY: Step aside.

COSBY: Step aside.

COSBY: How heartbreaking was that for you?

DELAY: Oh, it didn‘t really bother me.

STEWART: He has no emotion! Leave him be! Nothing can harm this man!


This item first appeared at Journalists Against Bush’s B.S.

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  • What question would you ask DeLay if given the chance?

  • “Can you validate my parking pass?”

  • Good job. I’ve officially had my fun in this thread.


  • Dr. Kurt

    “So, how ’bout that ethics panel reconfiguration – that working out pretty well for you, at least?”

  • Doc

    Not that I’m a big Delay fan but COME ON… you can’t really think that Ronnie Earl is on the up and up!?!?! Just look at him! What an air-head! And what’s with a guy his age still going by “Ronnie”… Let it go, RON, you’re old.