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Singapore’s cyber-terror battle plan

Virus in e-mail allegedly from the FBI

Supreme Court rejects appeal to sex toy ban

Anti-Spam tools from Microsoft may have HIV research applications

U.S. losing its competitive edge

Hungry field mice and the phone lines

Nokia denies rumors

Russian MP3 site in hot water

Alice in Chains reunites for tsunami benefit

The stage is set for the next battle in the Cola war

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  • Wow, that sex toy ban is really stupid. Maybe they should pass a law stating that the tongue may only be used for eating, drinking, speaking and tasting. They’ll have to be careful to define what it is that can be eaten and tasted, though.

    Oh, and where you can eat things. I mean, I assume it would remain legal to eat chocolate syrup, but they would want to define exactly in what ways you can eat it and where.

    Or, you know, perhaps the government could not freaking obsess over people’s sex lives. God forbid somebody masturbate.

  • Eric Olsen

    love the intro! thanks