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Shorter work week in software

XBox cord recall

a little competition for TiVo

Howard Stern regular subpeonaed

Microsoft must do something about security

Paris Hilton’s life all over the internet…again

For Sale at Christie’s: Computer History

Winn-Dixie files for Bankruptcy

Mobile phone virus stopped in the U.S.

New UK Terror Law

Web Analytics Association founded

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About Katharine Donelson

  • That first article is very interesting and worthy of a blogpost in itself

    IT work stress is quite punishing, as I can attest. Unrealistic deadlines, crappy requirements, and insane scope creep are usually to blame.

    The fulfilment of completing something challenging, as I recently did with a 10000-user rollour is something awesome too.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks as always Katharine!

    Sounds like you’re the man for the post, Aaman!