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California bill banning tracking chips in Ids

Jackson’s exwife testifies at trial

Ringo’s new record

Clear Channel spin offs

AMD, trying to bring the internet to the whole world

Yahoo! News coexists with other media publishers

Glass Intrepid wins SugarHill recording deal

Weezer and Ringside tour

Fantasy game predicting the next cabinet in U.K.

eBay execs to pay $ 3 Million

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy out in theatres

Bright Eyes and The Faint tour

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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks as always Katharine! Hey, I just had an idea: this would have much more impact with Google News and the search engines if you picked the top story of the day, used that as the title, and then added “and Daily Music and Tech News.”

    In the text then list that story first and give a very brief description of that story instead of bothering to put anything in the Excerpt box.

    Does this make sense?