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Dad Finds Cure For Gaming Addiction

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Anyone out there who doesn’t think parents are capable of censoring their kids’ video game play and taking control when addictions get too bad might be interested in this story out of Dunedin, Florida.

It seems a dad in this city near Tampa was fed up with his son’s incessant playing and threatened to shoot his computer. Then, according to a report, he tried.

Joseph Langenderfer is accused of firing a gun in his home, shooting the wall just feet away from where his 22-year-old son was sitting. The son says Dad fired the shot following an argument over video games and the son’s failure to do the laundry. Dad says the gun went off accidentally. The police believed the son. Dad’s been charged with attempted murder.

There’s no word on whether the son did the laundry or not.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the anti-game faction spins this one.

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  • I remember my dad just used to pull the plug on my Nintendo 64. That usually did it.