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Da Vinci’s Inquest Sums Up

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Da Vinci’s Inquest” wrapped up their season tonight with a two hour episode, and neatly tied up a convoluted, subtle, layered drama with one phrase: “what goes around, comes around”.

The show didn’t neatly wrap everything up in a bow, but there were many instances where you were wondering, “yah, but what about …” and there would be some bit of info which put it into perspective and it came down to that above phrase.

“Da Vinci’s Inquest” isn’t a traditional teevee drama, with a 3 act plot. Based on the life of Larry Campbell, a former coroner in Vancouver, now the mayor, this season of the show sees the main character, Vancouver coroner Domenic Da Vinci, moving from his job of coroner to run for … mayor. The best part of show are the small, subtle touches, such as a police detective, who while he congratulates Da Vinci about running for mayor, asks him what he can do about a stop sign on the corner near his house.

While some story threads have been wrapped, there are many left open, such as Sue, played by Emily Perkins, who is my favourite background character. This is a really great teevee show, which is only matched in the USA by “The Wire”, or in the UK with “Prime Suspect” except in this case, this is on broadcast national teevee and the main character is a civil servant. If you haven’t seen it, get the DVD, it is really worth it.

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  • Earl Allison

    Glad to hear the season resolved SOME issues, but I’m with you on loving the Sue subplot, and sorry to hear it has yet to be resolved.

    I heard that this is the LAST episode, not just of the season, but the series — is that true? Or are they planning to continue this successful series?


    Earl Allison

  • As far as I know, Da Vinci’s Inquest will be coming back this year with another season. As for Sue, it was a good thing she got away, since the current eps saw her in jail on three murder charges. Thanks to Brian’s fucking up all his nefarious schemes, and an overdose, she is out there, somewhere.

    For those who are fans of “The Wire”, Sue is a combination of Boady and Bubbs, but a girl.