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Cutting Off Funding For Cancer Screenings is Pro Life?

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As everyone has surely heard about by now, earlier this week the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure, America’s foremost breast cancer charity, ceased issuing grants to Planned Parenthood. The latter organization, which is the world’s largest for the promotion and distribution of pregnancy prevention or aversion services, used said grants to fund programs screening individuals for breast cancer.

Why on earth did this happen? Officially, the story is that the Komen Foundation has a new policy which forbids it from supporting institutions under federal investigation. Of course, Planned Parenthood just so happens to be undergoing a show trial by the Republican House caucus’s anti-women’s reproductive rights crusaders. So far, it has revealed nothing substantiative nor illegal about Planned Parenthood, and, generally speaking, seems to be on the skids. However, it could not end soon enough to prevent this aberration from materializing.

Thankfully, the Komen Foundation has received an enormous amount of public backlash for its decision. This has actually led to its top officials tendering their resignations, so it is highly likely that money will be flowing back to Planned Parenthood in relatively short order. While this is not near quick enough for the untold number of women presently needing cancer checks, little else can be done other than to wait.

What galls me about this entire episode is that the very people who pressured the Komen Foundation into such barbaric behavior proudly and vocally consider themselves to be pro-life. They oppose Planned Parenthood simply because many of its branches offer privately financed abortions. I am tempted to write a rational argument for the most pro-life standpoint here, which is to give possibly cancer-stricken women the tools they need to survive. However, because this specific element of the anti-reproductive rights front abdicated reason long ago, I believe that my words would be wasted.

This political terrorism should prove beyond a doubt to the mainstream of American politics that for a dangerously large number of people, the existence of an embryo or pre-viability fetus trumps the inalienable rights held by a living human being. There is nothing inherently pro-life about them; quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. Being personally against abortions is fine, but putting scores of fellow Americans in danger simply to further partisan activism is beyond comprehension, let alone reproach.

Let us hope that the Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood soon will be working together once more. The breast cancer afflicted, female and male alike, deserve nothing less.

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  • jan

    i do not understand why anyone is so upset with their decision… prior to komen’s partnership, the money raised was used to provride free screenings for all women regardless of race and or pro life beliefs… the same as what they will do now… i do not understand why they chose to partner with any one organization as they did as it still eliminates women from receiving their services… komen needs to stand alone and do what they always did best…. raise funds to provide for free/reduced screenings as they always did and not affillate themselves with ANY organization that would or could possibly divide women into seperate categories… they need to get back to basics, and provide 100% of all monies raised to women of ALL faiths, colors, and beliefs… signed KISS (keep it simple stupid)

  • Cannonshop

    Goes to show you want to be REAL careful about the groups you contribute to, and whether or not they’re consistent in behaviour with their claims (and whether that behaviour’s something you can live with being a part of and contributing to.)