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Customer Service Review: Audible.com

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I recently bought a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player to use with subscription music download services (Rhapsody and Yahoo Music Unlimited). The device came with a free trial for Audible.com, a website where you can download audiobook content ala carte or with a subscription.

I also have a Sonos system, which recently added Audible support, so I went ahead and signed up for the platinum Audible subscription. For $22.95 a month you can download two audio books a month and get a subscription to the audio editions of The Wall Street Journal or New York Times. A pretty decent deal I thought, since I commute over an hour to work and back each day and can listen in the car with the Sansa or at home through the Sonos.

I have no issue with Audible’s website and although the audio format quality is poor, I decided to keep the service because high quality audio is not important to me for book narration.

When I enrolled in the service I was given two free credits and 14 days.
I immediately downloaded The March by E.L. Doctorow and have been enjoying listening to the novel for about an hour each day in the car.

I saved my other free credit, because I really wanted to make sure I selected the right book. I’ve been reading book reviews like a madman looking for my next pick. I figured with only 2 books a month, I had better make informed choices to get the most of my $23 a month.

I finally decided to download “The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century” by Thomas L. Friedman. I had been wanting to read the much-hyped book for quite some time and finally made the decision to spend my remaining free Audible credit on it based on numerous stellar reviews.

I logged into my Audible account and saw that I had 2 credits. My two week trial period had passed and my credit card was charged $23 for my first paid month. Two credits were added to my account, but where was my leftover free credit? I should have 3 credits in my account. A deal is a deal.

Nope. I discovered that if you don’t use your free credits in the first two weeks, they expire, even when you have paid for a permanent membership.

This kind of trickery is a scummy business practice to begin with, but it was the way “Mike Z.” handled an irate customer that really left me scratching my head.
I have not checked, but I am sure somewhere in the fine print it was written that non-used credits expire after the trial period ends. I will concede that Audible’s tactics here are legal, but are they ethical? The fact that credits would expire was not “easily visible” when I signed up. I received no email to warn me they would expire either. It is obviously the hope of Audible that they would not have to pay out what they promised to schmucks like me.

Is this a way to gain new customers? I was pissed.

The following is an email thread I had with Audible

My first letter to Audible:
I signed up for the Platinum service and received 2 free credits.
I used one credit for “The March”
My first month was just paid (2 credits)

I should have 3 credits, 2 from my first paid month and one left from
my 2 free credits.

Why do I only have 2 credits??
I want my other credit or please cancel my account.

The first response from MikeZ at Audible:
Dear Robert,

Thanks for contacting Audible, the world’s largest online
destination for downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment.

The 2 free credits where part of the 14 day free trial, so after
the 14 days your credit expired.

If you need further assistance, please try our online Help Center,
where you’ll find quick answers to many common questions and issues.
You may also contact us directly during our regular business hours:
Mon – Fri we are open 24 hours
Sat & Sun 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

We appreciate your interest in Audible, and wish you many hours of
great listening.


Mike Z.
Audible Customer Support

My reply:
That’s Ridiculous! No notice, no email, nothing!

Well, if the idea of the free trial is to gain new customers, it’s not
working. I will be canceling my membership and telling everyone I know
about my experience…

Reply from Audible:
Dear Robert,

Thanks for contacting Audible, the world’s largest online destination
for downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment.

Restoring lost credits to an account is at the discretion of the
customer service representative handling the ticket. Perhaps if you were not
so blatantly rude and not demanded your credit back with the threat of
canceling you would have received it. Have a nice day.

If you need further assistance, please try our online Help Center,
where you’ll find quick answers to many common questions and issues. You
may also contact us directly during our regular business hours:
Mon – Fri we are open 24 hours
Sat & Sun 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

We appreciate your interest in Audible, and wish you many hours of
great listening.


Mike Z.
Audible Customer Support

I have many issues with Z’s snide respone.

1. Is this Audible company policy? Or did Mike Z go out of bounds by belittling a customer who was obviously upset.

2. If I was “nice” Audible may have given me my credit back? What a load of crap that is. Audible wants to try an punish customers with valid complaints by dangling a non-existent carrot? Is this tactic somewhere in the Customer Service For Dummies book?

3. Does Audible understand the business 101 concept of “the customer is always right”? Customers get angry. As I did. They will scream and yell when they feel they are being ripped off or taken advantage of. Is it customer service’s job to escalate an argument or to defuse it and try to save a customer?

4. Since “Restoring lost credits to an account is at the discretion of the
customer service representative handling the ticket”, does that mean if my ticket was opened by a different customer service rep than Mike Z, they would have saved Audible a customer?

5. Is it a good idea for Audible to respond as they did when they work on a recurring revenue model? If I had simply paid for a book ala carte Audible may have lost my future sales, but in this case they lose a guaranteed monthly revenue stream. A customer with a credit card on file.

I enjoyed Audible for the couple of weeks I used it, but I will not stay a customer of a company that does not treat me like a customer. I don’t care how angry I get, it’s your job to make me happy.

Remember YOU are the one paying for a service. Expect no less than to be waited on hand and foot. When a company does not treat you with the utmost level of respect, find a company that will. They’ll be happy to have your business.

Anyway, I would love your thoughts on customer service, especially your own experiences with pathetic customer service.

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  • Jelena

    What the hell have I just read here? Poor audio quality (when you can choose the quality you want to & you can listen to a sample online before purchasing the book), no warning about subscriptions or credits that don’t add to the new subscription period (I am neither a native English speaker not have I ever lived in an English-speaking country but I saw and understood these conditions right from the start), scam (you may want to open a dictionary and search for the meaning of this word)… I’ve been an audible customer for two years now and I just love their services. The subscription is unbelievably cheap considering usual prices of audiobooks, the variety of genres is awesome, quality of narration exceeds my expectations (I had been worried whether I’d be able to understand to all those books as I had almost no experiences with spoken English before but I understand almost everything – and I can always check the sample before purchasing the book & now I can even return books I am not satisfied with!). I am actually considering changing my subscription plan from 12 to 24 credits a year as one book monthly is not enough for me (even though I am mostly reading paper books and using audiobooks only as goodnight stories when my eyes are tired of gazing into my pc screen).
    I felt I really need to share my opinion here, Audible is an awesome company and they don’t deserve so many negative voices when most of the problems were cause by users themselves.

  • Paul

    Seriously, you all sound like the worst customers ever. EVERYTHING regarding audible.com is made available to you before you click the ‘accept’ button. If you’re too lazy to read the terms & conditions, you have no right to get your money right.

    Anyone claiming this company is a ‘scam’ needs to get their head out of their ass.

    Bravo Audible for sticking to your guns. I’m not an idiot, and therefore have enjoyed two years of issue-free listening.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this post. Audible is an Amazon company, and Amazon are a bunch of bullies that operate like the mafia. I’m not surprised that Audible acted this way towards you. Both companies have awful customer service, and I encourage everyone to do their research before continuing to patronize either one of those companies.

  • Leslie Howard-Redweik

    Wow. I’ve had a great time with them. I listened to one book that I assumed was in the nice ‘cozy mystery’ genre. I was SO wrong, filthy to say the least (not my cup of tea!). Anyway, no problem getting my credit back… Then we had 2 household accounts accidentally… that was a waste, I’m the only one with a subscription who uses it so they merged them. I lost the ONE book I had on the other one, but they credited me for a book on the merged acct. I’ve subscribed for 3+ years I think. Then I had a problem last night and they gave me 2 credits for my troubles. Granted I am a Platinum subscriber so they probably don’t want to lose me. I actually expect decent treatment, so I’m not afraid to tell a business what I think. Xbox for instance… Will never buy an Xbox. Hate that company.

  • Isabel

    I have been an Audible member since 2005 and I’ve never had any problems with them. All I have to say about the free trials is “read the fine print”
    Also, I can’t understand how some of you sign up for a free trial and don’t find out they are billing you until it’s been a good 4-5 months, don’t you balance your check book every month??? I’ve had two Audible accounts at one time, I cancelled one of the accounts online and never had a problem. I also helped my husband cancel his account and we merged another account with mine, again never a problem. The trick to this is to read the instructions well, make sure you understand the fine print. If you sign up for a 14 or 30 day trial, you must call to cancel or cancel online before the 14 or 30 days are up!!! if not you will be billed! One of the comments I read said that a lady was being help by Audible and the customer service Rep was going to give the lady to a Manager… The woman said on her post that she would call later, that she was too upset to talk to a manager. People, if you have a problem you take care of it while you have them on the phone!!! You already told the story to one Rep. She’s going to transfer you to a manager, don’t be lazy!!! Just finish the call and take care of the problem. Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today… putting off doing things is how these problems get started most of the time… if you would have taken the time to read the fine print, if you would have taken the time to balance your bank account every month,etc. So, come on!!!! It’s so easy to blame a company for billing us, just because we were too lazy to read the fine print or too lazy to cancel before the 30 days were up. If Audible were so horrible in all the years I have been with them, I would’ve had problems and one of my many friends and family members would also had issues. We all love Audible!!! Trust me you will like them too if only you read the fine print and learn to cancel things prior to the due date for cancellation. Have a good one.

  • Blackhawk

    hmmmm… I thought this service was pretty good… however i did not use a credit card that can be consecutively billed… i had a prepaid card that had $3.00 left on it…I got my credit..downloaded a book… didnt like the quality and was able to do a return..for a digital copy i downloaded..unheard of… so i returned it..got my credit without customer service and downloaded another book..crap quality so i fixed my quality selection to enhanced… bingo..so i then returned the second book and was still refunded my credit.. I downloaded my third book mind you using the same credit and it was what i wanted..but i did want to test the service so attempted a return.. it allowed me to return but i guess three returns is the limit.. sooooo..i complained and said i didnt have the book i wanted… no reply but when i went to my acct..there was my credit again… the key i think to not being ripped off if your only doing this for the free book is buying a $25 gift card…using that to sign up and make sure you spent about 20 dollars off the card..then they cant charge you for Jack.. this company is not dishonest…..if anything they are too trusting… I would give this company a five star rating because my treatment by this company has been great…on that fact alone i would only buy my audio books from this company from this point on.. four free audio books with one credit? cant beat that

  • RJ Haskins

    Thanks to all for discouraging me from ever using Audible. The “auto renewal” is a deal breaker by itself, but the multitude of other customer service problems seals it.

  • Bonpierce

    DO NOT DO IT!!! Rip off. I cancelled my free trial with in 10 days of signing up. I just discovered they have been charging my card for 16 months!!!! They offered a 6 month refund!!! I cancelled it on line and have proof of that. Outrageous! I wonder how many others they are scamming.

  • VS

    I was surprised to see that a company UNDER THE AMAZON.COM LOGO would engage in such fraudulent business practices. I am currently disputing FOUR MONTHS of a subscription that I do not remember signing up for. Not only that, the customer “support” at audible.com could not even find my credit card information on their computers! I am hoping that my bank will be able to successfully dispute their credit card charges over the next few months. Until then, I will spread this message to friends and family: DO NOT EVER USE AUDIBLE.COM, I AND SEVERAL HUNDRED OTHERS ONLINE HAVE LOST A LOT OF MONEY TO THIS GREEDY COMPANY!

  • AlexK

    What a useless company!
    I made the mistake of signing up for the free trial as I saw them advertise on Amazon.com when doing a purchase. What I found out after joining is you cannot even play the audibooks on a car radio, which is what I joined for. I have a 2010 Sonata with a stock MP3 / Satellite / USB / CD radio. Turns out they do not support USB radios which have been standard for years in most cars.
    So I contacted them to close my account and it took several email attempts. But it only got much, much worse since then!
    When I went to check on an Amazon order, turns out since Audible.com is a sister company, Audible they took it on their own to close ALL of my accounts – not just the Audible which I requested. So now I am screwing around trying to get accounts re-opened and credit cards re-opened and have found out the people at Amazon are clueless how to do their job too!
    What a useless company Audible.com is!!

  • Bobby

    I am a voracious bookworm, but the high cost of audiobooks in general, and the questionable practices of Audible (and two other audio book sellers I have had contact with) made me give up. Now I try to buy paperbacks, and when that fails, you can always find the same books for free if you know where to look on the internet. I wish I could afford paying outrageous prices and being scammed…but I simply can’t anymore.

  • Ewy00

    It’s 2012. Audible is still up to their back alley ways. I signed up for a 30 day free trial. I downloaded one book. After 30 days they started charging my credit card. No way to terminate an account via their website. When I went into my user profile they had all my credit card info from my Amazon account! I called to cancel my membership. Would NEVER do business with a company that can’t be trusted. When I asked customer service to refund my money since I didn’t know they were charging me and I only used the site once I was told different things by different reps. One said they would refund 4 months of fees, another said 6 months, and yet another said he could refund 2-3. Huh? This is not a trust worthy company. I was also told by customer service to take up the issue with my bank. Sounds like they must deal with this same issue a lot.

  • Katherine

    Audible.com …argh..I just hung up on their customer service agent. Couldn’t even understand the agent, and she wasn’t helpful at all. I also tryed the chat live, what a joke, it was just a sales pitch trying to get me to sign up.

  • J

    I had a similar frustrating experience (you = me in the chat):
    Thank you for choosing Audible. A representative will be with you shortly.

    You are now chatting with Jessica.

    Jessica: Thank you for contacting Audible. My name is Jessica, how can I help you today?

    You: I recieved one and only one warning about my account being cancelled

    You: despite the email saying that audible has tried to contact me several times…this is not true

    You: I recieve daily advertisements from audible and still do even today

    You: but last night I recieved an email saying final notice account cancelled etc

    You: I looked at my credit card info and that seems in order

    You: Amazon.com is still processing as normal, so I don’t understand, was that a phishing email? I might think so if I didn’t see all my credits are gone from audible.com

    Jessica: I will be more than happy to assist you.

    Jessica: What is the username or email address?

    You: [personal contact info deleted by comments editor]

    You: there were no emails from audible in my junk mail either by the way

    You: all go directly to my inbox

    Jessica: After reviewing your account I do see your membership was terminated due to the credit card coming back declined. I do apologize if you did not receive our previous emails about this matter.

    You: why was it declined?

    You: and where are my credits that I paid for?

    You: bad business to let people pay for and accumulate credits, then have a snafu and miss opportunity to get more money then rip already paid for credits away from customers hands.

    Jessica: It does not show me as to why the card came back declined.

    You: this is terrible

    Jessica: Now when a plan is cancelled out for any reason all membershp benefits are cancelled out.

    Jessica: This does include the credits, as they are part of your memberhsip benefits,

    You: thats horrible

    You: I guess I need to call in for this? You can’t right the wrong?

    You: is that what you are telling me?

    Jessica: I do apologize for this inconvenience, Now we can reinstate the credits you lost but you will need to be enrolled in a plan, since this is the only way credits are issued.

    You: How many credits were stolen from me?

    You: I can look back in my bank statements to see how many times I was charged for each monthly credit…one min

    Jessica: You lost 2 credits,

    You: that I paid for

    You: and to make matters worse, my credit card info is identical to what is set up with Amazon.com (your parent company) yet it works fine there & everywhere else.

    You: and you can’t explain what is going on

    You: awesome

    Jessica: I do apologize for that inconvenience. If you wish to speak to a supervisor about this matter you can contact our customer support at 1-888-283-5051 they will be able to look into your account in more depth then I can.

    You: I’ll do that, thanks

    Jessica: You are very welcome

    I did not call the number yet as I was too upset…will post back if when I do decide to call…

  • chris

    these people are imnpossible


    Please take the same time you are using to read this page and read the terms and details of offers when you sign up for them. So many people bash a company thinking they got ripped off when it is stated on the site. I got ripped off once with a poster company that sends you and bills you posters each month. I never read the terms. It never happened since. Just follow the * to the bottom of the page and a lot of these comments would have never happened.

  • Cindy C.

    For all of you who don’t believe Audible pulls the kind of garbage others have experienced… just you wait. It’s a matter of time. These folks simply stole my money. I allowed my credits to build up, deductions automatically taken from my credit card, approved by me. I didn’t use them in time. I got busy, had some life issues that had to be dealt with… and my money vanished. Their communications were vile, petty, unyielding. They take your money every month, convert it into “credits” and steal it from you if they get the chance. … advice, use EVERY credit you’ve got, Cancel your subscription and dump this rip-off scheme. Otherwise, I hope you don’t land in bed for a year on chemo. These vultures will be right around to pick your bones.

  • Sam


  • Hestia West

    Glad the guy got the issue resolved, but this ‘Mike Z’ “maybe if you had treated me nicer (for something you were supposed to get anyway!? and certainly no skin off Mike Z’s easily bent out of shape nose) you would have gotten your credit, thank you for your interest, yadda yadda have a nice day”. Yeah that was handled with all the aplomb and professionalism as a snotty and disgruntled waiter. I generally dislike subscription services that as another poster stated, come auto-bundled, have early expiration dates and/or chintzy amounts of product per month, but I dislike being treated like dirt by customer service people even more. I’m glad I read this blog post and I hope it encourages providers of whatever service to treat their customers with at least a modicum of respect instead of like a hairdresser who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Sure, maybe the customer isn’t always technically right,(as in this case of the ridiculous early expiration that was not clearly stated but in the agreement) but that does not give the provider/customer service license to act like a jerk about it.

    In this economy, can companies really afford to alienate huge swaths of potential or actual customers? Even if they are of the mind that “eff that guy John Doe, he’s just one guy, who cares?” this blog post and various other comments it has spawned is an example of a kind of consumer ‘butterfly effect’. It doesn’t cost a company extra to just be pleasant and treat people decently/fairly. But it CAN cost them not to.

  • Jordan

    I’m having a horrible time with Audible. I was a happy customer who had to cancel my membership for about six months. But what I discovered was that even though I had canceled my membership they we still billing me! I called and complained the fist time and the refunded my money. But the next time they told me they had no idea what I was talking about and to go a way. They wont even give me the credits I’m paying for!

  • Peter Waite

    I found I had been paying Audible.com £15 a month for more than a year for a service I never even used once(?) I contacted them – they said despite the fact I could give them my bank details, address, etc, etc, they could not trace me (even though they acknowledged they may still be charging me).

    My bank did at least refund me the last 4 months.

    But, now I find they are still charging me and I have no way of stopping them – pure banditry!

    I will continue to fight this – if I can find out how!

  • We need “little people” to bolster the revolution.

    Keep on pluggin’.

  • Perhaps it is time to ask yourself, why you have a job working with people if you don’t like them?

  • K.Cole

    As a customer service rep for 5 years i am sick of whining customers. When you purchase something, and you don’t understand how it works, and the information is given to you and you still mess it up, guess whose fault it is…. YOURS! The customer isnt all right, they are always irresponsible and intitled. It’s time to start saying No to these crybabies

  • Rod

    It is sad that Audible.com, which belongs to Amazon, uses coward practices in order to increase their revenue pretending that those issues are just isolated cases.
    For weeks I’ve been considering setting up an account, but after reading some of the reviews I’m scared that I’ll be buy a headache. I don’t feel like spending even 5 min of my life struggling with a rep about unstoppable charges in my credit card.

  • Norman

    I signed up a month ago for a month long free trial. I downloaded 1 book and realized that I enjoy reading them myself rather than listening to them.

    I went to my account online and cancelled my account prior to the end of my months trial.

    I checked it the next day and it seemed to be still active. I just figured that it would stay active until the month was out, but to be sure, I used the cancel link again but this time I saved the complete web page that showed I had cancelled it.

    About 1 week later I was checking my bank statement and saw that they had charged for a months fee even after I had cancelled.

    I called customer service and got a rep that had a thick accent. I had to ask over and over for him to repeat himself. He cancelled my account and promised I would receive a refund in 2 – 3 business days.

    What I learned is to always talk to an individual when cancelling an account. Don’t trust the online links.

    Audible does seem like a good company if you enjoy listening to books. It just wasn’t my forte. I do wish that you could understand their customer service agents. I’m not sure where the center is, but from the accent it sounded like India.

    I didn’t need to use the saved web page except to look at and verify the days I had cancelled the account. To Audibles credit, they never asked me for proof. They just took my word for it.

  • travis

    I have been a customer of audible for 3 years. I have spent in excess of $1500 during that time. My experience has always been good until recently when my debit card was charged $229 for an annual renewal. I called Audible and told them I could not afford it as I no longer have a job. The agent was somewhat caustic and told me that I would have to pay $9.95 to use the credits that I already purchased. I was angry and placed three more calls to various people with no satisfaction. Finally, I called corporate and left a voicemail. The next day a very polite young man named Javier called me and apologized for everything, saying a full refund would be given. Then he gave me his personal phone number and said to call if further problems developed. Audible is a great company with just a few less than caring people. Persist, be calm, be professional and Audible will respond in kind.

  • Tom

    Ditto 20 – Linda
    Mar 03, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    I inadvertently signed up for this Gold monthly subscription when I bought 1 book from them on my iPhone in 10/2010. When I noticed 10 months of recurring charges, I contacted Audible. They credited me for 6 months, but told me I’d have to deal with the bank on the other 4 months of $14.95 and wiped their hands clean. Unfortunately, a bank cannot go back that far on a dispute, knowledge I’m sure Audible researched as part of their slimy policy. Since they are an Amazon company (who I love), I’ve taken the complaint up with them. They (Audible) are clearly not interested in a happy customer and would rather keep my $60 and never get another order from me in the future. They really need to change their policies — they are slimy!

  • Deb

    I have been paying since March 2011.A year before I signed up only to discover that my SONY walkman was not supported. So I discontinied and waited to get an iPod. I have not been able to download anything onto my iPod Touch, so have not used any credits yet. Now I am checking into it all and notice that there are NO credits on my account, yet I have been paying since March. The website e-mails me offers all the time, but when I click on the link, it leads me to my account where the notice tells me I have “no membership plan”. That non-existent membership plan is costing me 14.95 a month for absolutely nothing!

  • randee

    Hey everyone, glad this is out there I have only downloaded one book from them via amazon. I needed it for a class in college. I thought audible would be neat because I am legally blind and I love audiobooks. I get tierd of waiting for them thru my local library or thru a special library for the blind in my state. But, I mean $229.50 for like 24 aka 24 books this is per year good greif!!! I’d go thru that it a couple of months! Depending on how busy I am. Too bad audible is a rip off… I’d have liked to try em if they had better to offer like unlomited downloads at $229.50 a year. Or even a $100 books.

  • Melissa

    Sounds like you actually had a better time with them than I did. They promised a free trial of the membership for 30 days as well as 2 free credits. But they charged my account when I picked my book. I had to e-mail them numerous times to get my free trial, never got the free credits, and they promised to refund me for the one book and never did.

    I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Seems like they cheat you often to me. And when I tried to delete the account they said I wouldn’t be able to keep the book I paid for.

    Glad to hear though that you got things worked out. I just wish I had found your blog before I made this mistake. I would have thought twice about joining.

  • Kay

    I remember seeing an offer on Amazon for a free eBook… and I vaguely remember that I had to create an account with this other company to get the eBook (which I then couldn’t get because it wasn’t one of the free ones available unless you were a full member).

    So I didn’t do anything more. I didn’t download anything, I didn’t activate anything, etc.

    Now four months later, I notice this recurring monthly charged from Audible. WHAT THE??!!! FRAUD!!! I am soooo angry. As I’m in another country I have a feeling that I could spend more money in phone calls than the charges.

    My bank says I would have to cancel my credit card and get a new one (two weeks without credit) – all because these shysters have a fraudulent practice?? I’m angry at myself for not noticing sooner – but angrier that they are part of Amazon. Audible is scamming people via credit card scamming / skimming. ANGRY!!

  • Jake

    I just saw a commercial for this company and service. I read books all the time and figured I would visit the company site. Things looked great until I hit the credit section on the second page. So I felt before I issue my card to this company I wanted to hit the blogs to see how the companies service was and boy am I glad I read the numerous issues and how they were handled.
    I’m sure that these are not all just isolated cases, for they were quite a few of them. I am in the service industry and know that there are people who give bad service at times. But to see the issues repeated on the various blogs by numerous people tells me that in the company’s existence little has been done to improve these issues with bad personalities.
    I have just closed the page that had the sign up section. I will not be joining this service and would rather buy my audio books and have a hard copy to show for my efforts! Regardless of the money you supposedly save. My time is worth more!

  • Angry Man

    Are you screwed in your mind or what. Audible.com is so freaking awesome. You should go bitch somewhere else everyone agrees they are a good company

  • Disgusted

    I live in a non-english speaking country (as a english speaking foreigner) and find it hard to get access to great english books in bookshops.

    I received money from my mother and grandma for a birthday present, and decided that signing up for a premium “all paid up” membership that would give me 24 credits I could use at any time, was a great way to spend my birthday present money. I was so happy when I told my grandma how i was putting her gift to use.

    I downloaded about 5 of the credits, and was pretty happy with both the quality and ease of use. Using iTunes to store the books, and iPhone to listen to them.

    However, as life does, work got really really busy, and I didn’t have the time to search the store for new books or time to listen, so I didn’t download anymore.

    I didn’t know/realise (or forgot that i might have read small print somewhere) that my credits would expire, or that I had to renew the membership again!

    I never received any email telling me how many credits I had left, or that I should use them before a certain time or they might expire.. you know, a courtesy email. I did of course, receive many marketing emails!

    Then i received a warning about my credit card expiry date. I thought, that’s strange.. what could they want to charge my credit card for, considering i am all paid up for my 24 credits, up front!

    Then, I received another email, to say that my account had been closed/ membership cancelled, as they couldn’t charge me for another year of membership!

    I still had 19 credits remaining (or so I thought) so I thought, well, I’ll log in to Audibile, and find 19 books, and download them all now, only to find my account had been disabled, and I can’t login.

    I read the email again, and it tells me because they couldn’t charge my card, all my credits are gone, but as it might be a mistake on my part, if i give them a new credit card number so they can charge me for ANOTHER premium membership, they MIGHT re-instate a few of those credits from the old membership….

    I was/am LIVID…

    Do they really believe i would EVER EVER EVERY again give them my credit card details so they can suck up my money like it is MY privilege to pay them to have an account?

    @ “Dont Understand” who tried to compare Audible with a phone company.

    I don’t complain to my phone company, I understand i pay a very small fee each month, for the service of being able to receive calls from other people. I then pay pro-rata, and agreed amount for what I use.

    I think the public have spoken and spoken loudly, the business model at Audible disgusts people. It’s a disgusting practice to take people’s money for nothing in return, and people are just not expecting that kind of behaviour from a Amazon subsidary.

    People are expecting to pay for books, and the impression is that if you buy in bulk, (eg purchase of credits), you will get a cheaper price.

    Maybe I should have read the fine print closer, or read these reviews first, but people don’t like being scammed.. personally, it makes me sick to my stomach that I have wasted my grandmothers gift money on a filthy company like Audible.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    I won’t be coming back for any “renewing” memberships, and will be warning everyone who will listen.


  • Not as bad as you say

    I tried the free trial and unlike most people commenting, I actually read the paragraph under the trial stating they would charge me after the 30 days. So I canceled before the 30 days, got 2 free books and I can still access them even though i’m not a member.

  • Dont Understand

    If people actually took their time to read or understand how any service works maybe they would not be many complaints. I am reading about people being billed after “free trials”. Well what is so difficult to understand that after 14 days you will be charged? Why did it take so long to figure that you were being charged an amount for several months ? Expired credits, really? Do you call your cell phone company and ask them to roll over your unused minutes? I mean seriously? I would like to see the percentage of posters here that are complaining about every other service they use as well.

  • Happy Audible customer

    I’ve been a member of Audible for the past 7 years. Every time I’ve contacted their customer service – by email, as I live in Australia – they’ve sorted out the problem. The quality of the recordings is fine. The only issue I have is with the ‘geographic location’ of some of their books – the books I want to buy are often not available due to country copyright constraints.

  • Well, it’s quite obvious that “tim” works for audible. Do not EVER say that someone’s experience is untrue. THAT IS THEIR EXPERIENCE. How dare you call someone a liar for sharing their actual account of the incident or say that you, without a doubt, know the entire history of Audible’s customer service?
    This place is truly a scam. I will be adding to the public blast of these thieves.

  • Christy


    I was scammed just like Linda -20. I signed up because they were giving a free trial and so I got an NCLEX vango review to study for my boards and with the offer of extra free credits as a first timer, I paid about $3.00. Come to find out when I read my statement summary of 4 months those scum bags were charging me $22.95 due to membership fees?! I was like WTF???! I called my bank up and they were as pissed as I was of the deception pulled by audible. We did a 3 way call to Aubdible customer survice and they told me that they could only pay up to 3 months worth and the other month I have to make a dispute chart with the bank. So I bluntly told them how I felt and they would return part of the charge and cancel my account. The point is these scum bags secretly put me as a monthly member with the use of microscopic tiny letter under the click button of “accepting their terms.”

    Also after reading comments about I noticed a pattern with audible. When a person has been scammed for 5 months they only give back 3 months worth. When a person is scammed for 3 months they can only give up to 1 months charge?! Can you see the patter?! I think they are just making up the number of months to give back with the deceptive monthly charges.

    END OF STORY…AUDIBLE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam R

    I have been an audible member for quite some time now. I use my credits every month so I have not had to deal with losing any, but I did purchase the wrong book on accident the other day. I contacted customer service via email and recieved an email back later that day. I figured since it was an electronic transfer they would not refund my mistake, but to my surprise they fixed the mistake AND refunded my account so I recieved a free credit. The lady was extremely polite. I love the selection and have had no complaints about audio quality. I will continue to use audible 🙂

  • zagitsgirl

    I was going to purchase audible but after reading the reviews I decided it was a bad idea…

  • sacbrit

    Thanks everyone ! I was going to fall for the free TV offer but after reading these comments I will pass, thanks again.

  • Goulygliu

    So I thought I would give an update as to my review (see one above), in the end I emailed myaudible@audible.co.uk to cancel my membership, which was easy, I realise now that it is a free phone number on landlines so I really cant complain

  • Gary Grunau

    My son Gave my wife a gift of $35.00 For audible .com

    We decided to use the gift, and found out that unless we gave this outfit our Credit Card info, We were just out the $35.00. I figured that we would get a prepaid card So that they could not Rip us off. I Accessed our account and the credit for the $35.00 is gone and nobody will respond to us this out fit need to be be given 39 lashes to each and every employee and officer as well as crucified. How dare these people rip off the public like they are doing.


  • Goulygliu

    I signed up for a free credit via Classicfm because I trust that company, and downloaded it, I realise as a company there goal is to make money on the hope I wouldn’t cancel, but they must factor in that many will after their free credit, anyway I went to cancel online, & it offered £5 to stay (never have the words “if it seems to good…” been more appropriate), after I chose this option the ability to cancel online disappeared!
    I don’t believe a company can be or wants to be vindictive by making me to endure an awkward phone conversation for the sake of it, no, it just wants my money, and that’s when I realised the 0800 number!
    I rang on my mobile to see how much 4mins cost b4 I hung up-at – least £1, so now I have to phone them up & I bet the cost of the phone call will be more than the £5 and probably the 1st download, its not often I get conned these days, not since, online banners telling me i had won things, or T.V. phone in competitions, I was stupid, this is capitalism after all 🙂

  • Gene

    I have to agree, audible.com is a very shady business with horrible customer service practices. I canceled my membership through the website and I somehow missed something (I swear it wasn’t there but customer service says it was) indicating I would lose all my credits if I canceled my “membership”. This makes absolutely NO sense. I paid for those credits, I just did not want to keep getting billed for more when I had not used the ones I had. What a horrible, horrible company.

  • DoraJH

    That was for audible.com

  • DoraJH

    I’m am LIVID that I signed up for your service but cannot use it on either my Sony Walkman or my Sony Smartphone. I am requesting a refund and cancellation of service. I DO NOT WANT MY CREDIT CARD TO BE CHARGE FOR ANOTHER MONTH. You are NOT delivering service to me, so I do NOT owe you a penny. What a bunch of cheaters! I’m posting this on every message board I can! You people are cheats and thieves!

  • Jane

    I used the TV offer to sign up to audible. Three months at $7.49 with a credit each month. The first month I was billed $14.95. When I told them I used the TV offer they said they would have to speak to a manager to approve the TV offer. After several emails explaining that I SIGNED UP in the beginning with the TV offer they continued to tell me it would be $14.95 a month. They were ridiculously rude. When I went to cancel by online it said I would have to call to cancel. I emailed and told them to cancel or else. Now I can’t get my credit card number off their site. The customer reps are ridiculously rude, and I can’t believe a company would hire people like these. I will pay a little more and go to itunes.

  • Maegan

    As are many audio and music files these days, their files are proprietary and once you are no longer a subscriber, you cannot even access the files saved to your computer. Their customer service is poor) and they are not even amenable to returning credits one may have accrued… unless you want to pay $10 annually for the “priviledge” of getting what you DO have, downloaded). I found this site to be a huge disapointment and an even bigger waste of money. Wouldn’t touch them again with a ten foot pole.

  • Audible is a fraud

    Audible.com first invite you to have a free trial but in actual fact, billed you for the so called free credit. Then, they proceeded to deduct money from my credit card every month. I was overseas for a few months and found out about the deductions only after 3 credit card charges.
    Where can I report this? This is as good as stealing.

  • Saoirse H

    I too unfortunatley singned up for a fourteen day trial thinking I might download some in the future.They sent no email saying my account would be consecutivley charged nor did thry,as they promise to in their legal policy under the heading “Your Customer Rights” tell me myfree trial had ended or provide me with a link to cancel it as promised.This clearly is a breach of their contract and seeing as I have never purchased anything of them demanded a full refend,which was refused.Ineffiecent and fustrating Customer Service.Extremley poor,misleading,and immoral buisness ethic,STAY WELL CLEAR.

  • where is common sense?

    I’ve used Audible on-and-off for ~10 years.
    I also dislike their ‘credit’ system, but it does give you access to much lower prices than if you pay the sticker price.
    There is a 1x year fee option ( less than $10) that let’s you purchase the titles at full price (no credits.) They don’t advertise it, but it exists if you call and ask.
    DRM (content protection) is always a pain in the neck, but their system works the best of anything I’ve used online. I’ve listened to their books with windows, Mac, Palm, Nokia, and iPod, which is more than I can say for any other DRM system, including DVDs (I hate region codes!)
    But I think they’re as upfront as any other ‘credit per month’ company.
    It’s shocking that people either can’t be bothered reading the terms and conditions, or don’t understand them and then sign up anyway.
    And as for not noticing a monthly charge for 5 years, well, all I can say is a wish I had that persons budget. Where has common sense and personal responsibility gone?

  • where is common sense?

    I’ve used Audible on-and-off for ~10 years.
    I also dislike their ‘credit’ system, but it does give you access to much lower prices than if you pay the sticker price.
    There is a 1x year fee option (

  • randee

    SO I think audible is ok but… one thing that’s keeps me from joining is that at $250 a person gets all 12 at once at that level I would want to be unlimited like netflix or something… If I want more books I would have to pay even more money

  • Scott Seely

    I recieved a three month Audible subscription as a gift. I had to enter a credit card number to claim it. Now, five years later, I find out that I have been charged every month for the last five years for a monthly subscription fee without even knowing it. What rubs salt in the wound is that I told them to stop billing me, and I cannot even claim this month book.

    Stay far,far away from Audible and Amazon, their parent company.

  • Oh boy, I have tons to say about this. But I’ll keep it short. First, I had a bad experience with Audible. Second, when I finally called to cancel, I was told I would have my credit card credited the extra credit that was charged to my card. I checked back one month later and I had TWO credits in my account. My card had never been credited. My account had never been canceled. I do think there are some bad customer service practices going on. I sent a lengthy email to audible (prior to this last incident) about my other complaints. I received a personal email back from an actual manager at Audible! I checked on his background, and he and his boss (who was cc’d on the email) are part of a management team at Audible. Unfortunately, even getting the management’s attention, I was still billed twice for months after I had canceled. I do think there are some fishy things going on at Audible!

  • JRW

    I’m glad I read this. I was going to try the free trial, but became suspicious when it wouldn’t accept my pre-paid credit card with a low balance. I use that card specifically to protect my bank account from scam charges. I’m disappointed. I would love a wider choice of books than I can find through my library.

  • Eli B.

    I just found out that a lot of my credits expired. I did not know that they can expire my fully paid for credits. I called customer support and closed my account. Does anyone on the earth hear about this kind of things before? I would not recommend that anyone sign up to even purchase a single book from audible. I should have read the custom review first before I tried Audible.com.

  • Audible_hater

    Audible is truly horrible. Once they have your money you find out that you have to first download a variety of software packages to use the file they have supplied you with. Then you find out you can’t put it on your MP3 player and Windows Media Player doesn’t want to burn it onto CD for you.
    What a waste of time and money – I shouldn’t have bothered!

  • Happy so far

    In general Audible.co.uk is very good. They even cancelled my account properly when I asked them to. Which I then signed up again after realising I could burn CD’s but that was my fault for being thick!

    You can roll over 12 credits but personally I don’t see why credits should expire at all, you’ve paid for it, you should be able to use it.

    Having said that I usually always download a new book the day my credit arrives!

  • a very unhappy user

    This is company is no difference from the fraud companies that put their terms and conditions on fine prints and the charges suppringly appear on your credit card.

    the whole thing is a scam. terrible. I learned this with waste of $45.95. i talked to the manager on phone, the manager said – to tell me the truth, she personally stay away from online business.

    so, you can imagine.

  • XPlosiveDiarhea

    I have been an audible customer for years. They used to not roll-over credits, now they rollover up to 12. I am extremely pleased with the service now that I don’t “lose” my credits if I didn’t use them.

    I have downloaded many many books and was generally pleased with the quality. Occasionally I would have some garbles or missing spots, but that is very rare. Usually, in those cases, I would download a different quality and the problem was solved.

    I would recommend audible to anyone who enjoys reading but doesn’t have the time to flip pages. It makes those long commutes bearable.

  • Karla

    I love this company; I have been a member for three months, and have never had a single problem. I am using an iPod Classic to listen to audiobooks. The only problem I ever have with audible.com is trying to decide which book to download next. (I have the basic membership, $14.95 per month for one credit, but I have also purchased additional credits via some of their special offers.)

    No, I do NOT work for audible.com, nor am I affiliated with it in any way other than being a very satisfied customer.

  • TJ

    Shortly after complaining to the better business bureau, My issue was resolved. I recieved a full refund.

  • TJ

    I also Reported this New Jersey based company to the New Jersey Attorney General consumer affairs. For anyone interested in doing the same, follow this link. If the link doesn’t work. 1.Google NJ Attorney General and click on the link to the site. 2. click on division of consumer affairs (on the left side). 3. click on file a complaint (in the middle) 4. click on OCP complaint form (in the middle). I Hope this helps someone who’s wronged by this company’s shady business practices.

  • TJ

    the company does rip you off for crdits. I paid for credits over a five month period that I didn’t use. after those five months, my bank cancelled my card and issued me a new one for security reasons. needles to say, audible couldn’t charge my card anymore. three months after my last payment, I still had all five unused credits. on the fourth month after my last charge, I went to download a book and had no more credits. I called customer service and got nowhere with the first rep. he wanted me to sign up for a new membership (pay more money) to get back some (not all) of the credits I already paid for. I declined this offer. I called back and got nowhere with a different rep. I was offered 2 of the 5 credits I paid for. I explained to the guy that i’m not looking for a freebee. I just want the product/service that I already paid for. when I gave audible 75 dollars over a five month period, it wasn’t a gift. I expect something in return. I want the credits back, or a refund. either would be acceptable to me. I wasn’t granted my request. I told him that I would report the company to the better business bureau. I did. for anyone interested in doing the same…go to http://www.bbb.com. (excuse any typos. i’m typing with my PDA)

  • Joe

    I have been an Audible member for 8 years – since 11/2000 and have 336 items in my library.

    I have not had to use tech support a lot – a couple of times to reset activations and such. And have not had many issues with devices. I have used an iPod the whole time and that may be why. It seems that support for other devices is pretty thin.

    For anyone interested in audio books I believe that the content and the subscriptions are a good deal. I usually listen to my two books and month and get some good ones and some not so good ones.

    I have looked into iTunes for audio books but it would cost me a lot more. The library option is also not great for me as I do not have the time to rip and import and what not.

    I do find their site to be slow and some of their web configuration is not good. My primary goal of getting books on to my iPod is well served however and I have not found any alternatives that are better.

    Hope this helps some people looking at the service.

  • Sandy

    Canceling the membership is a pain.

    They say sending an email doesn’t work … fine.

    Online … they have steps to follow .. like go here … then go here .. stuff and they show a link cancel the membership link ( when they explain) … when I log inb … all steps are very clear however the Cancel your membership Link is missing !!!!!

    Alright .. now you need to call them …. I have done it 4 times in their working hours they .. only to herte a voice recording which says the working hrs aGAIN !!! … asks us to leave a message … No UIs4e.

    I’m shoicked to hear that audible is Amazon’s venture/unit. One word Horrible… At least for me.


  • Jianfeng Xu

    I recently bought a GPS. The device came with a 2 week free trial for Audible.com. I tried but never used any credits excep for the free download. Two month late I found my credit card was charged twice for 2 x $22.95. I called them to cancel my account because I am not interested in their audible products at all. A man told me that they could only give me a refund of $22.95. I said it is OK even I have already wasted $22.95. Then the guy went ahead to threaten me that this would damage my credit reputation. Oh my God! Does anyone on the earth hear about this kind of things before? I would not recommend that anyone sign up to even purchase a single book from audible. I should have read the custom review first before I tried Audible.com.

  • Tim

    Pam B: You couldn’t be any more incorrect. I was an Audible customer back in 2001 – 2005. I have over 100 titles purchased in my library. I do not have an active membership anylonger and STILL (atleast 8 times in the past 3 years) receive FREE technical support for the Audible software, MY DEVICE, and burned CD’s.

    I am not sure where your information is from, but Audible’s technical support has been, in my opinion, simply amazing. They are the only company I have found that go ABOVE and BEYOND every time. They even helped me fix my ipod because Apple CHARGES for technical support.

    Sorry Pam B, your experience seems to be isolated to only you…


  • Pam B

    Try this – if you do cancel your memebership and need tech support, you won’t get it. I had to restore my hard drive and reload some books. I was SOL according to Audible because I wasn’t a paid subscriber. Of course, they would help me out if I signed up again… what a crock.

  • ashpenaz buthelezi

    I was tempted to sign up for a subscription. But I have to say I was deterred by the comments here. It is disappointing but I very much appreciate the fact that people took the time to express their opinions. I was already concerned that they were not very explicit about what books cost more than a credit nor were they clear about what books could not be purchased by a credit. All in all the concerns weigh heavily enough that I’ll pass.

  • elaine

    Have you noticed that audible is now charging 2 credits for many books. It use to just charge 2 credits for a few books, but now I feel as if my subscription has doubled because all of my old favorites now cost twice as much when a new book comes out. I guess they figure they can get away with it because they offer $10 specials – which don’t really help you if you are a monthly subscriber. Lately, I have been buying and renting entertainment on itunes to sooth travel boredom. I have been a devout audible fan for years but I’m considering not renewing. Movie rentals are 2.99 to 3.99 and whole seasons of TV shows are about the same as 2 audible credits (one book) – looking less like a deal to me.

  • Linda

    I signed up for a FREE 15 day trial in June of 2007. I downloaded the free book I was entitle to. I set up an account thinking in the future I may order additional books. Recently I checked my bank statement and discovered I have been charged $14.95 a month for the last 9 months. I had never used my account since the initial free download. I contacted audible to request them to cancel my account and issue a credit for 9 months. They said they could only issue a 6 month credit and I would have to dispute the rest with my bank. They removed all the credits from my account while I was on the telephone with them. The customer service representatives have no interest in having a customer satisfied and possibly having them return to order books. They are not listening to their customers. I would not recommend that anyone sign up to even purchase a single book from audible. Their business practices are deceptive. I never agreed to a monthly membership with audible and they changed me anyway and would not issue a full credit. Linda H. A.V, CA

  • Kyle

    I signed up with audible via Amazon. The figures promised in their advertising did not add up with the figures in my shopping cart. There was the additional cost of the $7 membership on top of the $20 purchase which was supposed to be free because of their credit system, and it all cost way more than it would have had I just stuck with Amazon. I decided I wanted to cancel. But they have made it impossible to cancel. The help file shows an image of the accounts page with a link to cancel the membership. On my page this link does not exist. Want to cancel by e-mail? The site says “the email option is no longer available.” Want to cancel by web? “Note: If you have cancelled your account online, you will not have the ability to cancel your account online.” That sentence does not make sense. Its a Sunday, so I can’t see if their call centre even works, and I do not live in America. That call is going to cost me a lot. And judging by all I have read above, this there is something very scary going on here.

  • Kia

    I got the little card to try this scamming company from my RCA player. I trust RCA so I thought it would be ok.

    I signed up for it, but the audiobook locks up both my player and my computer and will not play.

    Suddenly my login information isnt recognized.

    The link they proved to “change” my password is not valid and has timed out seconds after I got the email.

    The “cancel membership” option in the email is “not valid”.

    These people have my CC information and I have no way to cancel this membership. NO I cant call my CC company because its a prepaid CC not a regular bank one.

    A little research would have saved me a lot of grief. I have notified RCA that they are backing and endorsing a potential scam here.

    Let your friends/relatives know that this is a major SCAM of the worst kind: the inconsistent type where some people have no problems and others have monumental ones. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Michael Nagle

    I’m in the middle of a pretty exasperating customer service problem with Audible myself.

    I have trouble reading, and a friend of mine bought me a year-long platinum subscription to Audible.com last January. It’s been great! I’ve only used 12 books though, and the subscription comes with 24 total.

    I recently got an email from audible.com saying they would renew my membership and bill for another 24 credits, and I thought “Oh, I don’t want that! I’ve got more than enough credits” and promptly went online to cancel it.

    Mistakenly, I cancelled my account, and my credits vanished. I thought “oh, that was stupid!” and wen t to their customer service department.

    Here’s where things get weird. So far, I’ve been told that audible.com can’t undo my mistake and reinstate my account as it was. A manager offered to give me back 10 credits if I signed up for a paid account again.

    I think this is pretty awful — instead of just reinstating my account as it was before my mistake, they’re asking me to pay and giving me less credits than I had originally. I’m also frustrated by the fact that I probably made this mistake because I missed some fine print somewhere. As I have trouble reading, I skim everything, and tend to trust that web sites will be clear when something important is happening, or that the action will be easily reversible. Unfortunately, neither is true in this case.

    I hope that I’ll get this sorted out in the coming days, but I’m really quite stunned that Audible couldn’t just reverse my mistake in the first place.



  • Kevin

    I have had good luck so far. This site was highly recommended by a few people. Again, only a short time, but so far so good…kevin

  • TonyK

    I was about to do the 14 days but then I read about the evergreen policy and then the cnx problems with the Mike Z. Sorry Robert I do not give these guys a 2nd chance and will not be AOL’d with the “where’s the cnx button.” No way Audible…keep your evergreen policy and AOL hiding the cnx…no membership for me.

  • Lorraine

    OOoo-fah! I’m so glad I read this blog. I did the 1-year gold membership and now I’m trying to figure out a way to keep them from renewing without asking first. It appears that they’ll just do it automatically.

    I agree that the sound quality is not good on some of these books I downloaded.

  • Joey

    I used to think that Audible was a good company. That ended yesterday when I called about what should have been a simple solution to my problem but instead was compounded by “Ed”, of “customer service”.
    I had been a member for about a year at the “Platinum” level which cost $23 a month and offers 2 book credits. I am usually cafeful about which books I buy and check rewiews. I felt that I should be able to download tbe books of my choice on MY timetable, not Audible’s
    I should have had 13 unused credits but while checking my online I saw that I only had 12.
    I then noticed that they only “allowed” 12 rolled over credits to accumulate. Reluctanly I had to accept the fact that I paid for a credit that I could not use.
    This was the day before the recurring monthly charge is paid from my credit card. As I did not want to have to scramble and download just anything to stay under the “allowed” limit, and I certainly did not want to pay another $23 for credits that I could not access, I called Audible and asked “Ed” to suspend my service for three months to give me time to download some of my already paid for credits. I was offered this exact remedy last year, so I knew that it was possible.
    “Ed” informed me that “unfortunately Audible does not offer suspended service and that I only had two options available.” I could either cancel my membership (unbelievably this was his first recommendation) upon which I would LOSE ALL MY PAID FOR CREDITS, or I could downgrade to their basic $9.95 annual membership that offers no credits at all. The basic membership would “allow” me to keep the credits that I already paid for. In other words, I had to pay a fee to have access to credits that I already paid in full for. Of course I could also just leave the membership the way it was, get charged the next day $23.95, and get absolutely nothing in return.
    I found this logic to be incredulous. What was the purpose of membership other than to be able to download books? “Ed’s” reponse to this was that “Oh no…….you are not paying for book credits. You are paying for the privalege of membership. The book credits are only a benefit, but not sold.”
    HUH???? Is this a bad dream? Can this guy really be this stupid, or does Audible actually think that people pay them monthly charges just to be able to say that they are members?
    He also went on to say that membership also allows me to purchase other audio books for 30% off list price. Big deal! So does Borders, Amazon, Apple Itunes, and most other retailers. Who in their right mind pays list prices? And you don’t have to pay a membership fee to do so.

    So, the bottom line is that I got ripped off for one credit and had to pay an extortion fee of $9.95 just to be able to hold onto my aready paid for credits.

    I plan on downloading my 12 books, and cancelling my membership in this rediculously incompetant organization.


  • Diane Jenkins

    I too have had a really bad experience with audible customer service. I wanted to cancel my audible subscription two years ago, but they forced you to do it over the phone. Of course, signing up for the service takes only a few minutes online, but cancelling involves calling customer service and sitting on hold for 20 minutes. I tried to call a couple of times, but they were either closed, or the wait time was excessive.

    Then they sent me an e-mail saying my credit card expiration date had been exceeded, and they would not be able to continue to charge my card if I did not contact them with updated information.

    I did not update the information, and foolishly assumed that they really would not be able to charge me anymore. Since my husband took over our family accounts at that time, I never saw that the monthly audible charges continued. Clearly, audible found a way to continue charging me even though they had said they could not charge me unless I got in touch with them and updated my credit card.

    24 (yes, 24!) months later, I found out that they have been charging me all along. Since they don’t roll over credits, for reasons only known to themselves, I have nothing to show for nearly $400 in charges but 1 book and 1 magazine credit. 3 calls to audible customer service (including several disconnects before I even got to customer service, and long wait times) I got run arounds, evasions, prevarication and double talk. I never got any satisfaction. They offered me 6 months of credits or refund, but they charged me for 24 months, so that was unacceptable to me.

    Am I crazy, or are these people theives?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Speaking as a former Burger King manager, I’ll tell you all up-front that “the customer is not always right”. There are times when the customer must be told this, politely and firmly, and in some instances, even escorted from the premises under armed guard and told never to return.

    That is the “other” side of the “customer service” argument.

    Having said that, that does not excuse a company for what is evidently a slippery relationship with many customers due to slippery practices which seems to be the case here.

    Robert, if you are still tracking this article you submitted 10 months ago, you achieved your goal of making audible.com pay for their less than professional behavior.

  • Neil

    I think you were stupid to give them a 2nd chance. No way would I let them talk to me like that. I don’t care what the manager said.

    My experience with Audible has been awful. Poor quality audio, APPALLING service, useful support files and so on.

    Why would you bother to persist with such a company?

  • Cinnamon

    I had many complaints about audible (not returning emails, getting transferred and disconnected, not receiving credits), but after being extremely persistent, I finally found two people that were both knowledgeable and helpful. I learned that not only did I not receive credits promised to me after lengthy telephone calls, but I was being billed under two different accounts. I finally feel like the situation was resolved and only feel cheated out of two downloads. My advice… Stay on top of your account. If you need to contact customer service for any reason, document it and call until you get someone who can actually help.

  • Julie

    I’ve been an Audible member since 2000 and lately have been having an over load of problems that they can’t seem to solve. Also, they’re not being very helpful about it and I recently released my frustration and the response I received was less than satisfactory. Here’s what I wrote last night. It’s kind of long, but I had a few issues…


    I really hope you can help me. I’m getting extremely frustrated and am ready to cancel my subscription.

    I purchased a book a few months back and was never able to download it. I went online for help and was on the chat help for well over an hour while an Audible tech person tried to help me. Finally, he said that my last alternative was to remove
    Audible Manager and reinstall it. I’ve done that, now it won’t allow me to download any files at all to my Otis! It won’t even read what I’ve got on there and says that my extra storage card is the wrong format, and I’ve been using it for almost a year! I’ve re-registered my Otis and it still won’t work.

    Also, I’ve been trying for months to add my Rio 600 and can’t get Audible Manager to recognize that either, even after following all of the
    instructions over and over again. I’ve used the Configuration Wizard, tried to download new components, all of that – nothing.

    I’ve been a member since 2000 and I would like to continue my subscription but my level of frustration has gotten so high I’m ready to give up and cancel all together. No one has been able to help me on any of these issues.

    I don’t know what else to do. If I can’t get my issues resolved soon, I’m done. As it stands, I can’t even listen to my books so why should I stay?

    And here’s the reply I got today…


    Thank you for contacting Audible.com.

    To help with the Otis issue, try changing back to the previous version of AudibleManager. To do that, proceed to http://www.audible.com/software and click on the AudibleManager link that reads Windows 98 and ME. Select the Otis from the initial device list and click install. If you continue to have an issue, provide a contact number along with a time to be reached and someone from support can contact you to assist you.

    Also, please be aware that the Otis is no longer supported by Audible.

    If you need further assistance, please respond to this email. For additional questions, feel free to use “Find An Answer” at our online Helpcenter ( http://audible.custhelp.com ), or contact us directly by phone during our regular business hours.


    I’ve done all of this and it didn’t work. There was no attempt to address any of my other issues, so does that mean that I have to fill out a seperate ticket for each issue???

    I love the product – I’ve used it faithfully for six years now and would love to continue. My experience with their customer service, however, has been way less than satisfactory.

    Just my input 🙂

  • In reference to Marc’s post about being based in the UK, I write to inform him that http://www.audible.co.uk launched in June 2005 with 25+ UK publishers providing thousands of audiobooks with UK rights.

  • This really seems to have been an isolated incident. I just happened to get a customer service rep who was inexperienced. He did not reflect company policy. And the service is great, I have a much improved impression of Audible.

  • Marc

    I’m from the UK. The most frustrating thing about audible is the fact that lots of books aren’t available people outside of America.

    Quote: “We are sorry but your geographic location prevents us from selling you this product.”

    After not being able to get the books that I wanted I emailed audible and asked them to cancel my account. They informed me that I had to do this by phone. This would mean an international call to a different time zone. After informing them that this was not acceptable they did cancel my account via email.

    I think they are, all-in-all, a good company and do provide a good service. I would’ve continued my subscription for access to all their content.

  • I’ve been a subscriber for a number of years and have listened to many audio books. Puzzled over your comment on the audio quality – all the books I’ve listened to have been at level 2 quality and all have been fine – what sort of problems are you having with audio quality? Maybe it’s your player/earbuds? I use a Palm Tungsten T3 to listen to books – they sound fine. I’ve also used an Otis, a small device that Audible marketed at one time – no problem with it either. I have noticed considerable differences between earbuds, however, so you might look at that as a source of your problem, although even taking those differences into account, I’ve never had a problem with listening to a book.

    Glad you got your issues resolved – I think Audible is one of the best things that have come along in a long time.


  • Alex

    I have used Audible for several years. While they aren’t always the most technical, they usually bend over backwards to keep the customer happy. I have even gotten credits after I have purchased a book and didn’t like it. I guess it depends on how rude you were to the customer rep.
    As for the poor quality, the books are available in four formats 1 is like a telephone conversation and 4 is similar to an MP3.

  • UPDATE: I received a call from an Audible Customer Support Manager. He apologized and offered me two more credits. He was very professional and let me know that this was not company policy and that he had a talk with Mike Z.

    I am keeping my subscription.