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Custom Team Fortress 2 Action Figure Up for Auction

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So I eased you into the Dose of Awesome with the Halo: Reach live action trailer. It was certainly awesome but it was missing something. That something was fan appreciation for the medium. Don't worry though because I've got you covered in the second Dose.

Enter Jin Saotome, a custom toysmith (yes, they do exist, and they are amazing). He takes existing toys, adds in his own touches and creates truly unique toys. His talents have been put to work on several video game projects like a Master Chief and Fallout 3 figure. He is an undeniably cool guy with some serious skills (just check out his archive).

Those skills have now been put towards creating a Team Fortress 2 action figure depicting the Blue Spy from Valve's highly popular online shooter.

According to Jin's deviantART page, the figure was made from a Ruthless Aggression Matt Striker figure and is 7 inches tall. Jin re-sculpted the head to include the Spy's ski mask and he comes complete with "masks" (cardboard cutouts of the faces of other players because he's sneaky like that), a pistol, and a switchblade. Sadly, he doesn't come with the Blue Spy's briefcase but he's still a ridiculously cool figure. The only noticeable difference between Jin's figure and the in-game Blue Spy is the in-game version has rather skinny legs whereas Jin's Spy has rather fat legs.

Other than that, it's a superbly crafted figure, which any Team Fortress fan should have. Unfortunately, Jin's work is often one-of-a-kind so it's currently up for bid on eBay and you'll have to fight for it.  Either that or pray that Valve sees it and thinks, "Hang on … we should start making action figures."

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