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Current TV Gives You a Voice

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Are you interested in finding a cable channel that allows the viewers to create the content? Current TV, probably best known for its connection to Al Gore, is an independent satellite and cable channel that wants to spread a message and give the viewers a chance to share stories from their point of view. I feel this might be a great way to connect to users and really see what people care about. It’s nice to see video uploads that aren’t random friends dancing and singing.

Current TV is a nationally carried US channel based out of San Francisco, California. What makes them different is that one-third of their content comes from viewer created content, which they call VC2. The idea is that they care about what the viewers think. Most of the VC2 videos are available for viewing on their website, even the ones that don’t make it on the cable channel. Other video you can check out are short web-friendly highlights from their regular schedule. The content is very interesting, featuring key figures in social and political issues.

Because they are pushing their independent status and the importance of user video on their channel, Current TV offers clear submission guidelines and good tutorials for the socially conscious but technically inept. The Current Studio is the hub for viewer created content. It offers story ideas, basic tips about filming, and technical info and instruction on uploading and compression. It is clear and useful information even if you aren’t interested in uploading to Current TV. Basically, the top viewed viewer created videos on the site are selected for airing on the cable channel. The users vote for the videos then the channel checks all the legal stuff and then it’s on TV. There are clear ownership and reimbursement policies listed on the site.

Currently they are running a viewer video contest with the topic of tolerance. The aim is to get true stories or stories from the video makers point of view about the issue of tolerance or lack of it in the world. The winner of the contest will, of course, be shown on the cable channel and receive $100,000 plus an additional $15,000 will be donated to charity of the winners choice. The contest runs until August 15. The judging panel will include some celebrities such as Edward Norton and Margaret Cho.

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  • elisha

    Current TV gives cheesy film makers a voice, and no one else.
    Current TV is horrible. The viewers are a bunch of pre-teens who think the talent are hot. The web community is a bunch of pretentious film-makers who judge what should end up on TV based on film-maker standards. The station, therefore, has NOTHING to do with news. It’s like a crappy televised film festival. It has none of the qualities that news stations should posses; ESPECIALLY not timeliness. Someone uploaded a video to the site about an event that had happened an entire SEVEN MONTHS PRIOR. I could have made a video about the same event and had it uploaded the next day. Tell me now, what exactly is so darn “Current” about news that happened over a half year ago? And all of the same “film makers” (burger flippers with film degrees) told me, a VIDEO JOURNALIST WHO WORKS IN TELEVISION that my uploaded piece was “too newsy” for air. So how is Current a news station? It’s actually anything but.

  • Wow Elisha, very judgmental over a network that lets those that only had a voice online now rock on TV. Amateur film makers have a chance to make it big with this avenue, that alone makes this station kick a**… But on top of that they have Viewer Created ad’s where when selected these people are getting paid $5,000 to $50,000.

    And as for the main stream news being better, I’ve had enough fill of the same SH*T that the normal news brings.. These directors on current bring stories main stream media won’t touch. Do to either being to controversial or who knows, but the main key here is there real people bringing raw cut news, interesting facts, and wild stories from all over the globe.

    And your story probly was “too newsy” = It sounds like you want conformity in all media. Recognize this is a new look at news, not the same cookie cutter crap that we’ve been feed for to long. And if that’s what you were trying to give them, don’t get all butt hurt that your video got rejected, take it as a complement that if that’s the kind of video’s you want to do. Cookie cutter main stream is just around the corner for you bro. So go send your video in to them, with an application and good luck. But just stop hating on the new art form because your stuck on the old.
    Don’t mind the spelling, rushed thru this and on top of that I suck at it…LOL!!!
    CIAO!!! ITALINO’S RULE, ok maybe they don’t but we still kick a** :)-