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Current Copyright Laws Suck

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I got this one via Maud Newton. In St. John’s Dustin Harvey and Elling Lien wanted to do “Waiting for Godot” with wind-up toys. They called it Winding Up Godot. Samuel French (Canada) Ltd. sent them a letter accusing them of copyright infringement.

Read the review of the performance that did happen here. Does it sound like infringement to you?

Posted by Zeke from Zeke’s Gallery to Zeke’s Gallery at 7/3/2004 02:53:03 PM

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  • bhw

    I’m not a copyright lawyer, but two things come to mind:

    1) Do theater groups have to ask permission to perform a copyrighted work?
    2) Does the wind-up-godot production fit under the category of parody?

  • Shark


    1) Yes. And Samuel French manages a huge majority of stage scripts worldwide — and they’re not known for being liberal, compassionate, or friendly with potential producers.

    2) One would think wind-up toys = parody.

    BTW: US artist Tom Forsythe recently won his five-year legal battle with Mattel Inc. over his photographs of Barbie dolls doing odd and often nasty things. (Gee, who hasn’t done that?!)

    This was a HUGE blow to these arrogant corporate facist pricks who think they can control cultural icons and protect them from parody.

    Fuck Mattel and fuck Samuel French.


    Big Al, are we gonna have to suffer a few months of you posting links to elsewhere that say “This is my official opinion” –?


    Post yer opinion or get off the pot.

  • Darkone

    Samuel French has been licensing Evil Dead The Musical without informing the theater producers they do not have the rights to the Book of the Dead or Kandarian Dagger replicas based on the film’s designs by Tom Sullivan.