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Curling, Day 2: Featuring Swedish Blondes

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We'll alternate the sexes each day. The women had two draws on Wednesday, so now it's their turn for a recap:

Sweden: 3-0 — Yes, three of the four Swedish curlers are blonde. And yes, the youngest one on the team is 36. (Alternate Kajsa Bergström is 29, so, since she's not doing anything, now's your chance.) And if the rich, delicious powerhouse known as Canada didn't exist, Sweden would probably be able to waltz through this competition.

Canada: 2-0 — Well, of course. Unfazed after coughing up a three-ender to Japan, the veterans from Calgary pulled it out, but right now they're just a little off. But look who else is unbeaten so far:

Germany: 2-0 — Okay, it's early, and after the cakewalk over Russia, the long shots pulled out a 6-5 surprise against USA. Now Andrea Schöpp, whose prominence in the '80s overlapped that of The Scorpions, is playing like she's 24 instead of 44. Something something like a hurricane.

Great Britain: 1-1 — I'm sorry, young lass. Are you looking for the junior championship? …Oh, you're the skip for the actual grown-up ladies team, you say? Right this way, Ms. Muirhead:

Eve Muirhead is supposed to bring the youth into the game, which you'd think would have already happened, since Scotland is kind of the sport's native country. But at 19 she's skipping women more than double her age, and with an unlikely win over China followed by a predictable loss to the Swedes, the Brits could make a run up the standings.

China: 1-1 — Shake it off, Chinese skip Wang Bingyu. A 19-year-old just swept the Oriental rug from under your feet, but you're the freaking reigning world champions. Bounce back with a win over Japan and you'll be just fine. Unless…

Japan: 1-1 — …this Japanese team is for real. They set the tone by beating the United States, and they were so close to dominating North America (like so many Risk board-game players have failed to do in the past) with an upset of Canada. Unfortunately, Moe Meguro is missing more shots than a skip oughta, and that's why I hesitate to see much from them.

Russia: 1-1 — There have been so many close games this week. I can't count the number of times I've written "6-5" in these recaps. But you'll get that with middle-of-the-pack teams like Ludmila Privivkova's Russians. The Germans routed them 9-5 and then turned around by besting Denmark 7-3. A fun one could be in store against Great Britain tomorrow.

USA: 0-2 — For those keeping score, that's a total of 0-5 for the American curlers. This saddens me, because our friends from Minnesota and Wisconsin (known quickly as "Minnesconsin") are being far too hospitable on their home continent by giving away games. Of the games I've gleaned from Debbie McCormick and her team, they seemed to be playing rather aggressively instead of safely capitalizing on their opponents' missed shots, and it's totally backfired. But someone is going to win their first game tomorrow, because USA faces…

Denmark: 0-2 — …these Danes. They're a long way from third place at the 2009 Worlds. The big loss to Russia has to especially hurt, but the Dupont sisters will try to revive some of that Toy-Box magic and climb out of the cellar, which is currently ruled by…

Switzerland: 0-3 —  … the Swiss Misses. Their record makes them look bad, but that's partially because they had the toughest start of anyone (Canada, Sweden, China). Skip Mirjam Ott, who silvered in the last two Olympics, will probably pull back with an even record by the round robin's end.

The men have two draws tomorrow. Expect things to be said about Canada being good at this.

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