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Curling, Day 1: It’s Like Canada’s Good At This

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Would this be a complete Winter Olympics without some goddamn curling analysis on Blogcritics? Absolutely not.

You could put on a blindfold and guess that Canada began strong on the first day. Now remove the mask. Surprise! You were right. And you might be surprised who's currently last:

Canada: 2-0 — Kevin Martin is raking it at the skip position, shooting 91 percent, top among skips in wins over Norway and Germany. They get a day off, which is all they need before tangling with Sweden and France on Thursday.

Switzerland: 1-0 — A 6-5 win over Denmark could be considered "hanging on," although four points in one end will always help. The Swiss tangle with the Americans, so hockey revenge could be imminent.

France: 1-0 — They're the longshots, but good on them for beating China 6-5 and finally getting a win in the Olympics. (They didn't go to Torino and went winless in Salt Lake City.) They face Great Britain tomorrow, but in the '09 World Championships, this same skip lost to them (under the pseudonym "Scotland") 9-1 and surrendered after seven ends.

Sweden: 1-0 — If there was an upset on Day 1, it was their 6-4 win over medal favorites Great Britain. Sweden's never medaled in this game, but so far they're in great position. The Germans come calling tomorrow.

Norway: 1-1 — After digesting all the curling North America had to offer, they fared well by almost beating Canada and nearly losing to the USA. Conclusion: it must be the John Daly-style pants.

Norwegian curling Pants / AP

Germany: 1-1 — Andy Kapp was hardly cartoonish in a 7-5 win over USA, but he snoozed on the couch when they took it on the chin 9-4 against Canada. Sweden awaits.

Great Britain: 0-1 — The Scots will be fine, but their loss to the young Swedes was a bit surprising. Their draw tomorrow against France should be simpler than penetrating the Maginot Line.

Denmark: 0-1 — Hey, other than that damn four-ender, they played quite well.

China: 0-1 — Meanwhile, China's first draw in the Olympics fell just short. They get Denmark on Wednesday afternoon.

USA: 0-2 — Which leaves us with the Americans. The red white and blue theme was simply missed shots. Their decision-making was solid, but they saw some big ends against Germany slip away, and an 11th-end hammer shot that needed to hit the 4-foot ring for victory sailed too far. John Shuster and his fellow Duluthans are bringing up the rear of sadness.

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  • Agreed.

    (1) After I finished with the mens roundup, I became weary.

    (2) They only played one game Tuesday, but have two today. So maybe I’ll alternate the sexes with each nightly recap.

  • Ken Edwards, sent me this way. Nice round up of the coverage, but why no love for the Women’s Curling? It’s just as exciting and well followed.

    And Damn, didn’t Norway have some loud pants? Immediately though of John Daly and his Loudmouth Golf apparel.