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Curb Your Food Addiction with Weight Loss Hypnosis

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It is rightly said that anything in excess is harmful, be it work, dance, laugh, love, or anger, and definitely food. On the one hand, we die if we are deprived of food, and on the other, we still die if we munch on too much of it. This tells us that balance is the key. Our body needs balance to survive, in deficiency of which, it is bound to be engulfed with ailments. I talk about the dangers of food imbalance because I was its victim once.

Before that, I was a girl with an ideal body weight and mass. I was pretty active in the field of sports and workouts too. However, a few years back, I developed a strange addiction to food. It started with three or four chocolates a day and soared to full plates of junk food every day. I felt helpless around food. Its smell would overwhelm me and I would let myself loose and binge my heart out.

Witnessing a steep increase in my food habits, my parents cut down my allowance which led me to eating only homemade food for some time, but after that, I started stealing money for food since my body demanded the taste of cheese, burgers, and fries. Somewhere deep inside, I knew that I was pushing myself off the cliff by indulging in such a habit but I failed at stopping myself.

I had to pay for this in some way or other. My body had started giving signs of its saturation point being exceeded. It was covered in a layer of extra fat. My clothes didn’t fit me and I couldn’t fit that fact into my life. I dreaded the verity that my running speed had lessened and that I couldn’t play as properly as I could before.

My parents took me to a health counselor who immediately upon seeing me asked me to exercise regularly and to eat healthy food. I couldn’t continue exercising everyday because all that unneeded fat had made me lazy, and also I would get tired very easily. Then I came across the weight loss hypnosis program.

This program changed my life. it didn’t demand long hours of exercise or dieting; it cut down my hunger by a natural and reliable way. Hypnosis was used to direct my mind and actions onto a path that led to weight loss. In addition to that, I never missed any session of the weight loss hypnosis program since it could treat me without forcing my body to do something tedious. The best part of this program is that it keeps you from relapsing and today, I have the ability to say no to food.

Our body and health are all that we have. Therefore their perfect balance is of the utmost importance and weight loss hypnosis provides you with a natural and easy way of maintaining it.

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  • I too had a similar experience and with cravings. Meditation completely changed my internal world so that I found what was “causing” the addictive behavior. Real permanent change! Love it. Otherwise you spend time, money and effort on managing the internal issues instead of removing them! thanks for the article, Lisa

  • Great article, and so true hypnotherapy is such a wonderful tool not only for weight loss, but for so many other things in life.
    but I did personally find the gastric band hypnotherapy useful as I have heart failure and diabetes and went from a steady 12 stone to over 15 stone which I couldnt do anything about.
    as Ihad an interest in hypnotherapy I went on a vgb course and since going through the course with Sheila granger, and been exposed to the vgb I have since lost over 1.5 stones, and still loosing.
    since then my interest in hypnotherapy has increased and I have recently studied my diploma with Sheila.
    Looking forward to your future blogs.
    Love and light Andy