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“Cup of Tears” Trailer to Become Feature Film

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Here's some news about a project that's both awesome and a little bit out there. Gary Shore, a commercial director, created a trailer last year called "Cup of Tears." That trailer is now getting a movie.

Deadline's Heat Vision blog got the scoop that Universal and Working Title have acquired the rights to the trailer with the aim of turning it into a feature film. Shore apparently made the trailer as a way to break into the industry with an idea of his own and now he's getting his wish. Sometimes things just work out; now for my idea to get picked up…

Anyway the trailer, which is mighty impressive and highly polished, mixes Japanese castles, ninjas, and samurais with gunships, machine guns, and rockets. The story isn't quite clear in the trailer, although it looks to be something similar to a "chosen one" scenario. It's got a real Samurai Jack and Samurai 7 feel due to its mixing of elements of Japanese culture (samurais and ninjas) with futuristic elements, and the hero even looks a little like Samurai Jack, which just makes the trailer even more awesome. It's not hard to see why Working Title's Amelia Granger, after seeing the trailer, tried to track down Shore and sign him. It presents a fascinating fantasy world, enough of a story to get you interested, and some extremely impressive visuals which put a few feature films (cough*Dragonball Evolution*cough) to shame.

Shore will sit down with an as yet unnamed writer to flesh out the original treatment he has written to go along with the trailer. Let's hope work begins on this sooner rather than later and it doesn't get bogged down in development hell. I want to see this now.

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