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Cumulonimbus 1, AL Central 0

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On Monday night, 25 members of the 1984 Detroit Tigers team congregated to Comerica Park to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise's last World Series. A video summation of the '84 season was shown. Endeared shortstop Alan Trammell said some words and legendary manager Sparky Anderson brought the house down.

Then everyone went home. Hurrah, rain delay! Sorry, no refunds!

Tarp on field. Sadness in fans eyes. Shot on Matt Sussman's BlackBerry.Talk about taking the momentum of a priceless event (like Sparky said, those ex-players and coaches will likely never again meet in the same place) and then drowning it in a bathtub of rainwater and flipped umbrellas. The game was postponed for Tuesday afternoon at 12:05 p.m., cementing a doubleheader in this pivotal series against the Minnesota Twins to help determine the AL Central. And because tickets are not redeemable for any other game except the make-up date, many people who actually work during the day are wet out of luck.

In short, I paid $22 for a throwback road jersey that says "CHAMPIONS 84" on the back and Frito Lay on the shoulders. (New slogan: "Betcha can't find more than one, thanks to the swag-craving mob behind you!") In all fairness, it's a pretty badass uniform, because it's no secret that I'm kind of a fan of both baseball and partially hydrogenated snack foods.

Football fans will give shit to baseball fans that the players can't handle a little rain. Well, there's nothing they can do about it. The baseball just can't be pitched in a torrential downpour, since a thrown football doesn't need as much precision as a curveball. Just ask Derek Anderson. These are the risks people take when they buy tickets. Perhaps it explains the self-deprecation of many baseball fans.

A lot of folks were angry at the box office workers (whose fault it clearly was, being the decision makers on rainout policy, when it rains, and other matters related to the cosmos) for not being able to procure refunds or exchanges. The futility of it all can be woeful. Why even bother paying for parking, tickets, food, and if they're just going to move the game to a time when everybody's looking busy at work reading this article?

I empathize with everyone, I really do. I saw no baseball game and returned home a soaked ball of hair and skin cells. But this year I've seen worse.

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  • I’d counter that it takes a good deal of touch for Derek Anderson’s passes to curve out of Braylon Edwards’ hands and into that of a defenders.