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CSI: New York’s Danny Messer & Tanglewood Theory

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I’m smitten. For some reason I suddenly realized that Danny Messer (played by Carmine Giovinazzo – that’s one difficult surname to spell) is cute. I know, lame.

It began when I hung around the message board, Talk CSI when I was fantastically bored one day. (Apparently many would like to see Danny a)in the shower b) without his shirt.) Then it was a rewatch of the episode Tanglewood.

Darn it, but I’m always am intrigued by men with mysterious pasts! (Spoilers for those who have not watched Tanglewood.)

As some of you know, we found out that Danny may be involved with the Tanglewood Boys. The heated debate at Talk CSI about whether he’s part of the gang has gotten me intrigued, especially since they’ll be a “Tanglewood Part II” November this year.

Me? I think he was a gang member. Why then would he be so worried that Mac (Gary Sinise), who is like his mentor, found out? Methinks that although nobody leaves the gang, but somehow he managed to slip out and “lie low” (as low as anyone in law enforcement can!), but now that the Boys know that he’s involved in placing one of the boys in prison, he or his family could be in big trouble.

I honestly think that in Tanglewood Part II, he’ll be in big trouble. Again! (He recently lost his chances at promotion.) How else would his Tanglewood connections come to the surface (according to Anthony Zuiker, his past will be revealed. hehe).

IMHO, Tanglewood saved the show from CSI monotony. Seems like the following episodes revealed more of Danny’s rather volatile and temperamental character, and more tension between Mac and Danny. A reaction, perhaps, to his worries about Mac knowing about his shady past? Right now, the two are “dancing” around each other. I suspect that Mac didn’t know that he was in the interrogation room (behind the mirror), and thus knows that he knows.

Ooh, I love all this character angst! 8-D

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  • i love danny messer/carmine giovanazzo! yeah, first time i saw him, he’s a cutie!

    well, ive got my eye on someonelse besides Greg Sanders 😀

    i love NY and the Original 😀


  • ayanda

    would like his email or postal address

  • W/O giving away plot, be sure to watch first two episodes of CSI NY this season starting Sept 28th. Danny a gang member? Well maybe. He could have been undercover.

  • Cassandra

    You just realized Danny is cute?!? I have been having the most “un-CSI” thoughts about him ever since Episode 1 Season 1!!!! This boy is seriously cute in the nerd gone bad boy way. And yes, his angst is so hot! Is “happily” married or dating? He’s downright edible!!!!!