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Crying While Eating

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Crying While Eating – weird or just plain ultra weird?

I must say, the site is oddly entertaining (does that mean I have some sort of fetish?) and I whole heartedly cracked up on the reasoning behind why Aaron was crying (twas the irony of it all).

Now if I were to participate, I’d be eating Frosted Mini Wheats and crying because Anakin turned to the dark side while married to Natalie Portman. The fool!

What about you?

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  • mallory

    I thought it was stupid that he turned to the dark side. seriously! your making her cry! bad annie bad! also, why did he stay on the darkside after he found out she died? the whole point to his going to the darkside was to save her so what was the point to staying that way? ya he killed tons of people and things but at least go into hiding and be the good little annie we grew to love.

    Natalie portman’s an incredible actress but i think they made her hold back way too much in this movie. also, the love scenes suck! get a professional or something liek nicholas sparks to write some love scenes.

  • eattingwhilecrying is nice but i am a slapstare fan! it has somewhat of common issue with cwe but is more explainable

    1 its funny
    2 its educational
    3 easy to participate

    and it made me spend almost 1 hour in shooting!

  • i forgot to mention the name!!
    i ment slapstare!