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Crusader Christians Celebrate Battle Win on Internet!!

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Normal Bob Smith got his “dress up Jesus” site shut down through a fax campaign organized by Laptoplobbyist.com. Laptop lobbyists found the site offensive because it depicted a an image of a crucified Jesus Christ that could dressed up like a paper doll with various outfits. Laptop Lobbyist was able to have this site removed by making Normal Bob’s web host provider aware that he was hosting material that was considered offensive by some people. You may have heard of Normal Bob before. Urban Outfitters got in trouble by selling magnets based on the popular site.

I’ve known about Normal Bob Smith for several years. A few friends of mine are on his “Super Chicks From Outer Space” page. I’ve seen the “Dress Up Jesus” before and I thought it was funny. It was never intended for children and Normal Bob has always had a disclaimer on his site. I think he sums it up best in this quote from his site after all of the hoopla:

Parental guidance is clearly not sufficient.

Apparently not.

I find the whole thing rather appalling to be honest. Just the other day, I had to listen to some “Jesus Christ” music in Dominick’s as I was shopping. I honestly have nothing against normal Christian’s- the thing that I was wondering about is why is it okay to play that kind of music yet if someone wanted to play a song about how Satan is cool, that would be so abhorrent . If it were “Satan is watching us” as oppsed to “God is watching us”, I’m sure all hell would break lose (pardon the pun).

It just doesn’t seem fair.

There is enough room in this world for everyone and their “niche” without stepping on toes. If the “Crusader Christians” don’t like “Dress Up Jesus”, then don’t visit the site, don’t buy the magnets, and finally something I have been trying to bludgeon into the heads of parents everywhere for years, “MONITOR YOUR OWN DAMN CHILDREN“.

These “Crusader Christians” are what give Christians in general a bad name. They are always on some mission to force their beliefs on people who really are not interested. If you swapped Jesus for Allah, made Sunday mass happen five times a day, and exchanged a mosque for a fundamentalist or evangelical church… well, you figure it out. Its no wonder so many people become atheist today. (I’m not but hey, what I believe is a personal thing and I don’t try to beat people into submission who don’t chose to walk as I do).

I just don’t get it. I really don’t. I asked a few of my “normal” Christian friends about it. They said that were they would find something like that offensive and that he is going to hell, but if he wants to put something like that up on the internet, so be it. One even said “God will judge”.

Normal Bob, I’m behind you. You have just as much of a right to say what you want as the plethora of “If you don’t repent and do what my book tells you to do, you are going to die, suffer, and burn in hell. ” You aren’t hurting anyone by voicing your opinion. Dress Up Jesus never hurt anyone or turned them to Satan, sex, drugs or alcohol as far as I know. I sincerely hope that hope you find a new ISP soon.

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