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Cruise Control, by Terry Trueman, is listed on the front cover as “A companion to the Printz honor book Stuck in Motion.” However, the material itself is worth reading if only because it is written from a new perspective.

Reading from the back cover, the reader’s attention is instantly grabbed by “My only brother is a veg, Yep, a full-fledged, drooling, fourteen-year-old idiot,”. Reading further, one quickly determines that conflict is going to be a good part of this book. After all, when someone has a family member is seriously disabled, coping from day to day can take anyone quickly to the breaking point.

Paul, the older brother and narrator, has enough problems to deal with when he tells his own story. A high school senior, the best way for him to get into college is by means of a basketball scholarship. Luckily for him, he is captain and pretty much the star of the team. Paul and Shawn’s dad, Sydney left when the pressure of taking care of a disabled son became overwhelming.

Paul might not be inclined to agree, but he is not the only one having problems. At least one other basketball team member is in a bad family situation. Only that one is a lot worse.

Trueman makes adolescent angst meaningful in this book.

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  • erin

    the printz honor book is ot called Stuck In Motion. It is correctly named Stuck in Nuetral. i just thought i would correct you

  • Josh

    Hi…i am a 8th grade students at Oakfield Middle School and i love this book…I read it on every Friday because we have to read in class. The first time that i read it, i wanted to read more and more. It has just enough action to keep the reader intrested. Very nice job!!

    Josh 🙂

  • Thank you.

  • Aeri

    Hello,my name is Aeri im in sixth grade doing a report on terry Trueman thanks for posting. it its not like all the other stuff on the internet.
    Thank you once again.

    Aeri 😀

  • June

    have more?

  • dunny

    terrrrrry trueeemannnnn