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Crooks – Trade your Gun or Knife for a Phone

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During the past 2 months I have received approximately 10 calls from the same phone number to my cell phone. Each caller advised me that he or she was calling about my American Express Account ending in 000. Since I consider myself to be pretty savvy I knew that American Express did not make such calls and that these calls were bogus. My cell phone recorded the calls as coming from 727-541-0001. Naturally I refused to give the callers any information and in fact I tried to get information from them, to no avail. They just hung up. I also called them back on the number they called from immediately after the call ended. Each time I received a recorded message that the number was disconnected.

I went to the American Express Web Site to search for a place to report these calls. The closest I could come was a link asking cardholders to report internet phishing, but no link for reporting phishing phone calls. So I reported it on the internet phishing link and then to my amazement I received a phone call from American Express telling me that I was reporting this to the wrong department. When I asked them to transfer me or direct me to the right department, one perhaps that might be investigating these phony calls, I was told they did not have one! I then tried calling the American Express Executive Offices in New York to report the calls and ask them why they didn’t have someone tracking down these crooks. I called 3 times and could never get past the operator. Each time she kept telling me that she could not put me through unless she knew what the call was about. Whenever I mentioned the word card she transferred me to the credit card center where they handle general calls such as getting a credit card, canceling a credit card or making a payment.

Then I got a brilliant idea. I went to the FBI web site where I found a place to report a tip about a crime, or at least that’s what I thought. So I reported the phone calls and left the phone number each of the phony calls were made from. Within one minute after sending my tip I received a call back from THE FBI! They wanted me to know that the tip form I had used was to report terrorists, not credit card crooks. But they were very nice and we had a good discussion during which I learned two very interesting things. First, that they could not find the crooks from the phone number I gave them. They said it was not as simple as it looks on TV. Second, that unless I actually lost money to the crooks they, nor any other law enforcement agency, could investigate. I had to lose money first. When I asked how much, I was told a minimum of $25,000.

So, if you are an old fashioned crook still using guns or knives, or if you are just breaking into homes and businesses, stop! Do not put yourself at risk. The police and FBI may chase after you. Play it safe. Pick up the phone and call strangers and ask them to give you their credit card or other financial information. To increase your odds of success buy a list of elderly peoples phone numbers. You can get these from list brokers for less than a penny per name. But be careful; don’t take more than $25,000 from each person you call!

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  • Good post, Bob. It is amazing how you can get bounced around so much by customer service when you’re just trying to do something good-natured.

  • Bob Greenspan

    Thanks. I was just trying to protect the next guy but these companies don’t seem to care. In fact I was asked by AMEX if I wanted them to issue me a new card. They missed the point completely. Also, have you ever noticed that since the advent of the Internet and companies posting their Home Page with all their info etc. the one thing you won’t find listed is a phone number, except perhaps to Customer Service. But just try and find a Corporate Headquarters address and phone number. You can’t. Not even for Google or Yahoo!

  • “But just try and find a Corporate Headquarters address and phone number.”

    Dead on Bob. Great post btw. As recently as two months ago I could call Capitol One about my credit card and eventually get through to a real live person, granted it was a very nice person in India, but it WAS a person.

    That is no longer an option. It’s all phone menu, automated response, nobody really works here, and you’re fucked if you need to speak to a live person!

    “Please send an email and we will respond within 72 hours…..”

    Hell. Handbasket.

  • greg

    I am getting the same calls. Probably 30 to 40 from the same number so far. 727-541-0001. Total scam. jebapafu at yahoo.com

  • Ron

    Me to, same number. They accurately gave me the last 4 digits of my VISA card and wanted to send a $1000 gift certificate. I hang up and call back with the same results.

  • eric

    Just got a call on my cell phone from the same number. I called it back, it rang twice, then the message said it was disconected. Maybe the FCC can get them for transmitting an incorrect identifying number, probably a $50.00 fine or some crap.

  • Chris

    Damn it, they just called again… I just don’t answer anymore. The guy was really aggressive the last time.. Told him I wasn’t interested and he says “I’m sure you got 8 bucks in your checking account…” WTF!! Why do I need to spend a couple dollars for $1000-whatever certificate when I didn’t understand a damn thing said in the first place.. Scary! Can we sue them! —- Great post btw!

  • Is this an exchange program? Can I exchange my old phones for guns? I’ll gladly do 2 for 1.


  • chris

    Yeah.. I got the call one day last week on my cell phone, and I just received it again seconds ago..They don’t leave messages, and when you try to call back it says it’s disconnected…

  • ChrisS

    Are we all getting these calls on cell phones here?!

  • Peg

    I googled a phone number that keeps calling my cell number and never leaves a message (as a rule, I don’t answer my cell unless I know who is calling)…and lo and behold! came to this site. Guess which number keeps calling me…same one. I haven’t answered it yet. Glad I didn’t. I’m going to call the cell phone company and report the abuse. Is there a way to block callers from my cell phone? I’m in MO, by the way.

  • Bob Greenspan

    Thanks for all the comments. The real problem is that we are too soft on crime. We need to start caning people in public like they do in Singapore. Lets start with these jackasses who keep calling us about our credit cards. I will volunteer to do the caning. Is 50 lashes OK or is that too little!

  • Ron Gee

    I got two calls today on my work phone here in Los Angeles from the same number, one this morning and the other this afternoon. Luckily I have caller ID here at work; I don’t pick up the phone unless it’s a number I recognize. Someone hunt down these jerks and put them out of their misery.

  • brian

    I keep getting these BS calls too. I called verizon and apparently they cannot block a number to your phone. She did tell me to sign up on http://www.donotcall.gov and they are required, by law, to stop calling. I’d recommend that.

  • matt

    ive been on the do not call list for over 4 months now and i am still recieving calls from those assholes. can anyone tell me what i can do to get them to stop?

  • Robert Adams

    They are still calling…I am to the point that I enjoy messing with them now. They called this morning…just like clock-work. Number on caller ID [edited]. I have got a connection now. Two days ago they called me on my cellphone and claimed to be Consumer Innovations. This company admitted that they offer card holders a $125.00 in gas, so, in my mind there is a connection. The company also admitted that they use telemarketing companies to do their cold calls. Here is the information I have: [edited] Also their website: consumerinnovations.com. Their corporate telephone #’s

    I hope this information helps someone. I will continue to answer my phone and continue to collect information until I have enough to go to the appropriate authorities.

  • JohnB

    Yes it would appear they are all to cell phones. I started receiving them Thurs. night 9/8/05. I’m in Minnesota. Only thing I could find on it is that it originates in the City of Pinellas Park, FL. Like many of you I haven’t answered yet, but knowing what I do now I may next time. Maybe try to get them at their own game. “So where in Pinellas Park are you located…….”

  • Chris

    Ok, I’m a little shaky, I’ve never been such an @$$ on the phone before, but here’s what happened. They called AGAIN this morning and this is what I got from the guy!! This could all be lies as I imagine it all is… The guy I talked to said his name was Kevin Ross, I asked for some contact info and he gave me the customer service phone 800-858-4838 and a PO Box in St Petersburg, FL “PO Box 7375, St Petersburg, FL 33702”. I googled the number and I find it linked to a company called “Traveler Innovations” Interestingly, theres this link http://ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff148281.htm and its not pretty… They rip people off!! These are bad people, be careful! After the guy told me all this info, I told him to take me off his list, and he literally scolded me for having an alterior motive like I was a little kid or something. I told him not to sass me and again to take me off his list. He said he would do so. We’ll just see if this really happens or not!

  • Charles

    they keep calling me as well….

  • I’ve just started getting calls from that number, I haven’t awnsered any of the calls. and when I call the number back I get the disconected number crap.

  • mark

    they are calling me in mississippi

  • Michael

    I am in Texas. Over the past two weeks I received the same calls to my cell phone from this number. The fist time I picked up I spoke with them They had the last 4 digits of my credit card, my address, and stated they were from Visa. I told them never to call me and I was not interested. They have been calling 3-4 times per day.

    This morning I picked up an anonomous call and it was them. They wanted to send me a $150 gas card and then wanted a few dollars to process the shipping. I told them that I had talked to the bank and that my credit card was cancelled. They said my card was still active (which it was at that momement (scary or lucky guess)- which have been now). I told them they had no authorization to contact me and Steve, the representative, said they were Visa and did not need the bank’s permission.

    My bank called the number and they received the same disconnected message.

    Something really needs to be done. I am pulling my credit reports today and I have heard there is a way to secure them from a friend that had their identity stolen- so that is next.

  • Bob Greenspan

    I can’t believe that I posted this story a month ago and I am still getting comments on it.

    Not surprised they are using the Visa cards now. I don’t think we have much to worry about. If they had the info they really needed like the full Card number and our expiration dates and our Social Security Numbers and Date of Birth they wouldn’t be calling us. They would be using the cards for cash advances or merchandise purchases.

  • Lance

    Ok Google got me here, I’m in Hawaii, and these calls just started yesterday. They’re pretty persistant. Called every hour (per my missed call list) I noticed they only call cell phones, Is there a connection?

  • Robwood

    I got several calls from them. The first time, I had a bad feeling as the background noise was deafening and the people talked WAY too fast. It wasn’t until they were trying to get my information that I actually got them to repeat themselves loudly and slowly. I asked who their affiliates were (since this was supposedly how they got my info to begin with), and when I was told they had an enormous list, I grew very wise and told them I wasn’t interested (very luckily before I gave them my information!).

    The next time they called, I told them I had to blow them off since I had 10 things going on at once. Go me! Now I’ve registered with Do Not Call, as posted above somewhere, and the only thing as bad as receiving a call from a telemarketer is having to wait 31 DAYS!!! before it becomes illegal for them to call me again! That sucks! I hope they do it so I can complain.

  • Bob Greenspan

    Do you really think these crooks are going to stop calling you or anyone else because you are on the Do Not Call List? The definition of a crook or thief is a person who intentionally violates the law in order to obtain a monetary reward from his victims. They are going to continue making these calls until they get caught or until the monetary gain is not worth their time or they run out of victims. At that point they will move on to a different and more lucrative scam.

  • Robwood

    I have other avenues to work with. Aside from Rip-Off Report, I’m also going to be contacting the Office of Consumer Affairs if these people don’t stop. If they want to keep on me, I’ll keep on them! It should provide some amusement.

  • Robwood


    I figure I’ll throw this in to help with the information gathering. I’ve run some basic searches for Consumer Innovations, and have come up with a physical address and a phone number! I don’t know the specfics about what the number s for, but I’m assuming it’s the office number that we’re suppose to be seeing on our caller ID and ain’t. Here we go!

    Consumer Innovations
    7330 North 16th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85020
    (602) 271-0411

    I’ve run an all-state search to be sure there are no others, and there ain’t–this is the only one I could find. Also, I got no search results at all for Traveler Innovations. Don’t know wha tthat means, exactly. Dummy corporation, maybe?

  • AZ

    Well for the past 3 days i have gotten about 35 calls from this phone,, i never answer phone numbers that i dont recognize, but it was funny that when i called the number back it would say its disconnected, now to mess with them i pick up but dont say anything, funny thing is that the guy new my name and kept saying it but i just hung up..from now on i will play their game and give them bogus info.

  • Kristi

    I have been getting this calls for about 2 weeks. I have probably gotten around 30 or so. When the call however, they are asking for my bf. I try and ask them what the call is regarding and they say that they will only explain the reason for calling to Josh. I tell them not to call again and they hang up on more. Then they call again later. Eackh time I’ve talked to someone different and they are very aggressive and assertive. I am going to try something the next time they call. If it works I will be sure to let you all know. I am terrified and annoyed that they could possibly get more of my personal information.

  • micker

    Yeah, I’ve been getting these calls the last few days, they’ve been hanging up when they get my voice mail. When I do answer it, most of the time I just hear really loud background noise and then nothing.

    This morning though it was a female operator and she asked for me by name. When I asked who this was they just hung up.

    Anyone feel like starting a class action harrassment lawsuit?

  • Steve

    I just found this site when doing my own research on the 727-541-0001 number. The person on the phone asked for me by name, then said they were from my Visa card and that I was to recieve a $150 gas card and $200 in Walmart gift cards. Knowing I had never gave my Visa card my cell number, I knew it was a scam so I asked what card it was they were from and they said “the one that wants to send you a free gas card”. This made me fell better as they dont know what bank issued my card, so I told the guy I knew it was a scam if he dient know my card was from BankOne and hung-up. LOL My card isint from BankOne but figured if they took notes why not have some fun and send them on a goose hunt

  • dsf

    Add another to the pile. They’ve been calling me for weeks now, 4 or 5 times a day. After the first week, I decided to pick up (I, like many of you, don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize) and tell them to stop calling.

    So I picked up, heard the deafening background noise, and then they hung up on me. This continued for three(!) more weeks, each time, I’d hear the crowd and then *click*

    So today they called, again I answered, again I heard the background noise and I sat there. After about 30 seconds, a woman asked for me by name…finally! The rest of the story is like the rest of you — Visa, gascards, blah, blah. Luckily, I’d Googled the number a couple weeks ago and read this page, so I knew what to expect.

    I interrupted her, said I’m not interested, stop calling me, take me off your list, I know this is a scam, etc. She replied by asking “So you don’t even want to hear what I have to say?”


    “Your loss, stupid.” *click*

    Damn — not only are they crooks, they’re rude crooks to boot!

  • I just recently started getting those calls. They are getting on my nerves. This is the first time I got one where they person actually started talking, but its still the same phone number: 727-541-0001. When she started talking, she talked to me like I knew her. She was quick to say my name.

  • steve

    Same crap. It just started three days ago. I do not let them start talking. I tell them to place me on their do-not-call list and hang up. they call everyday and I tell them the same thing. Today, I cussed them out and then hung up on them. Tomorrow, it will get real ugly when I go up their ass sideways. I contacted the F.C.C. and also the Attorney General. That was a real JOKE. Their as bad as these assholes that keep calling. They can’t do anything because my phone has not been listed on the do-not-call list for 30 days and they need an actual address. I guess I’ll just keep cussing at these little bastards until it stops. I am also having Verison remove all charges on my bill from this number.

  • Kristi

    Ok so they called again yesterday and when I told them to stop callimg me they actually said “where the “F**K is your head at lady”. I told them I was on the governments do not call list and that if they call again I will contact the FTC. They told me to go ahead…so I did. The FTC has a report on file but they need to see a pattern in the calls before it can be further investigated. So I ask everyone please call and file a report. Hopefully that way something will be done about these a**holes. FTC number : 877-382-4357. If they keep calling I will try and take further action by going to the local news call for action station. They love stuff like this. Thanks

  • Nancy

    Your government dollars at work. Sometimes I think the bureaucratic stupidity is as criminal as the scammers. You might try getting a whistle (the kind a coach uses for gym) & blowing it hard the next time they call. I wonder why they bother to keep calling if they know the owner of that particular number is “on” to them? To keep calling the same number over & over … do they think you’re going to change your mind? I hope you can get them – or at least get the FTC/FCC/FBI whoever to finally move on this. Have you tried calling the phone company & filing a harrassment complaint or getting that number blocked? I’ve never had to do that myself, but I’ve heard others talk about it.

  • micker

    I’m still getting calls. Last friday, they called and the guy claimed he was from visa. He had the last 4 digits of my card #. I told him he wa slying and didnt work for visa. He started to get pushy. I told him I read all about them online, they said I didnt know what I was talking about. I told them never to call again. They’ve called 8 times since…

  • Mike

    I’m getting this call also, but they always just hang up… however, I answer my work cell as “Hello, this is Mike.” Once, I just said Hello, and he said something I didn’t understand. When I asked him to repeat, he just hung up.

    INFORMATION about credit cards, the last 4 digits of your card are displayed on ALL store purchase receipts along with your name, so garbage divers can then also look up your cell number and have that info. Also possible, but very unlikely, if you bank online, the last four digits of your credit cards are displayed on your account splash screen, which is NOT encrypted by the bank (BankOne), i.e. Somebody with ISP connections ‘could’ be capturing that information from the network… including your name. This would require somebody that works for comcast or whoever hour provider is to do this.. Last four digits of a credit card means NOTHING…

    P.S. I thought if you could find out who these people are, you can actually ‘bill’ them for your expenses (minutes) when they call cell phones like this?

  • Mike

    UPDATE: Just got called again. Talked to a girl this time. She was trying to see if my daughter-in-law wanted to sell her timeshare. She doesn’t own one. Anyway, the company was TimeShare Associates, and the # she gave as callback was 800 303-0583 and name was Kara Jones.. yeah right. Looks like multiple companies are using this fake callerID #. Isn’t that a federal offense to not send the correct callerid#?

  • Nick Hammer

    Hey guys, I just today got a call from the same number (727-541-0001). After searching a bit, i found this page, and i also managed to find out that the number shows up as being in St. Petersburg, FL.

  • It started 2 day ago and like all of you I don’t pick up. I live in California.

  • I GOT A CALL FROM 727 541 0001 TOO. I believed that the call was indeed from my Mastercard company and gave the caller my address.
    The caller said he was sending me gifts from Mastercard: some gift certificate from Walmart and some sort of gift card for gasoline.
    In the end, I refused the offer. I wonder if the gift certificates would have actually come through.
    I am worried that someone can get my name and telephone number, ask my address over the phone and have a 727 541 0001 number that is disconnected.

  • possibilities: I checked my credit report from Experian about 2 months ago. The report said that a marketing company in Florida had checked my credit history. I looked up the company on google and found a blog page discussing the telephone marketing company’s brute tactics in selling magazine subscriptions over the phone. I regret that I no longer have the name of this telephone marketing company that showed up on my credit report. It could be related to this 727 541 0001 number. If others who get the 727 call check their credit history and find a common record of the same marketing company checking financial history details (including names and credit card numbers)…. then… we’ve found the identity who’s been calling. its at least a remote possibility.

  • regarding my previous theory: I didn’t neccesarily find the name of the Florida Telephone marketing company on EXPERIAN. There are 3 credit report companies and each seem to have slightly different records. I got my credit report here
    I forget if I checked Experian,TransUnion, or Equifax.

  • Justin

    I found this site through Google. I have been having the same calls. Ditto on everything said. I want to see this put to an end.

  • Judy B

    I work for a business in Dayton, Ohio. I have been getting calls for my boss. They don’t get through. I did get some useful information from the comments and have filed a complaint with the FCC. I suppose that if enough of you out there also file a complaint, maybe something can be done about it. I really seems funny that the calls cannot be traced. They surely found all of us. Wonder which search engine they used?

  • Heather

    I have had this number 727-541-0001 call me twice in the last 2 days. I typed the number in the google search and found this page. I am shocked! I have had people trying to steal my ebay acct, and order 2000.00 worth of Mary Kay from me and try to pay with a stolen credit card. Why are some of us targeted and will it stop if I put a tellemarketer block on my phone?Also, how can my caller ID say they are calling from this number, but yet I cant reach them at this number? This is getting freaky. Thanks in advance for any info you have, and have a great day.


  • Heather

    Just thought I would add to my post earlier. They called again on an 866 number. My son answered, they asked for me, when I picked up the phone it was dead.

    I hung up and guess what it rang again from number (727)541-0001. After reading your posts, I decided to hear what they had to say. Her name was Joan and she called me by my first name.

    She said she was doing some promotional thing with Visa and if I would agree to look over it, I would get 150.00 gas card and 2 gift cards for Walmart, forgot how much she said those were though.

    I listened and just kept saying Mmm, Ok etc… then she asked me if I wanted to do this, I said sure. She said Ok, I am going to tape this part of our conversation, and get my supervisor on the line Ok? I agreed, then she said Ok, I am going to give you a 4 digit confirmation number, and you need to write it down b/c when we are taping you will need to confirm this number by telling me what it is Ok?

    I said Ok, then she said here it is ####. I ALMOST THREW UP!!!! The 4 digit # was the last 4 numbers of my Visa check card. Then I said hello, hello are you there, I cant hear you, hello, then I said Hmmm I wonder why she hung up on me…………. then I hung up!!!!

    Someone with a blocked phone number has called every half hour or so since, and they never answer. Also I wanted to mention I am receiving these calls to my home number not my cell. I also have a list of numbers that I believe are linked to these. You can find all of them via google.

    Here they are…….800-858-4838/ 866-655-7366/ (800-594-5868/ 800-514-8345) those last 2 have same website, but different names and numbers. And last but not least 514-958-0000, very interesting, check them out and if you figure something out please let me know. Thanks

  • Jay

    Thats some good info Heather. I got my first two calls today and Im sure Il get some more. Im going to my state’s attorney general. Let take these dirty bastards down.

  • Matt

    I am in Minnesota and am getting these calls constantly. If anyone finds out who is behind the calls lets go and form an angry mob to burn that person alive.

  • We have just reached the 50 Comment Level on my original post and I thank you all. I read every comment that is posted. I do however believe that a lot of you simply don’t understand what is going on. You keep saying things like “I’m going to report the callers to the FCC” or “I’m going to put them on my do not call list”, etc. Folks, forget about all this stuff. We are dealing with CROOKS, CRIMINALS, BAD GUYS, CON MEN. They don’t give a rat’s ass about you turning them in to the FCC, the FBI, your local Police Department or putting them on your DO NOT CALL LIST! They have figured out a way to make these calls without being detected. My guess is that they are making the calls from overseas and probably from a computer and not over regular phone lines. So, short of someone snitching them out or some super duper sleuthing by one of you computer geniuses who can figure out their location, all you can do is slam the phone down or blow a whistle into the phone to try and break their ear drums or play some other game with the caller. But they are NOT going to stop calling until some cop kicks in their door and puts them in handcuffs!

  • Brad

    A friend of mine got a call from this number yesterday and agreed to the deal that he was offered. I thought it sounded it like a scam. After seeing everything that you guys have posted, I a question. Does he have to worry about identity theft, or is this just a scam to some money out of him?

  • I started getting the call last night. It was a man claiming to be from MasterCard and was offering the gas card because I was such a good customer. He was very nice and polite. He told me he was going to be sending information to house (which he had the address for) and that I could cancel it at anytime; you guys know the story. Here is the weird thing, my cell phone is not under my name it is under my stepdads. Even if they did get my name and address through the card # or whatever they still couldn’t have gotten my cell phone number because there are 3 names on the account with 3 numbers and they wouldn’t have known which is which. So I am wondering this, could I have entered my cell phone number with some other information on a web site that they either hacked or set up? I really really wish I could find these people but for now I will stick to playing games with them.

  • Duke

    I started getting these calls on my cell early last week, about November 7th or 8th. They average about 5 per day, starting in the morning when I get to work and go on until the evening. 727-541-0001 every time, they never leave a message. I live in Louisiana. They have never called earlier than about 9:00 am and never later than about 9:00 pm.
    One thing I found interesting is that the calls stopped over the weekend so I thought they had given up, but now it’s Monday morning and I just got one. These guys seem to follow a Monday thru Friday daytime schedule, as least the ones calling me.
    I’m pretty surprised this has gone on this long without anyone being able to investigate it.

  • Sonia

    I’m up here in Seattle and keep getting these phone calls about 1 per day. Also getting them on the weekends. I’m going to block these calls using my cell phone company. Thanks for having this blog out there! Have a great day-

  • Nick Hammer

    Yea, i also noticed that i didnt get any calls from them over the weekend either. I have NEVER once even answered a call from them, since i dont answer if i dont know who is calling. So i usually just google the number. At first, I received as many as 5 calls per day, then after about 2 weeks, i kept getting less calls each day. Now, i have usually been getting only 1 call a day, if that. Im hoping that if i still do not answer, maybe they will just stop calling completly.

  • Nick Hammer

    Oh, one other thing. maybe someone that has actually talked to these people, and gave them information could check out this site: http://www.fraud.org/ file a complaint and see if that helps

  • Celeste

    866-655-7366 – This number has been calling my cell everyday for the past month or so. Everytime we answer they hang up. Once my husband actually had someone say hello and he told them to take us off their list, that we’re sick of them calling etc…They STILL call. A few months ago I was victim to identity theft and I had to switch bank accounts, flag my credit and everything and those ppl had gotten me on my home phone. I guess there’s nothing we can do, but it’s really stressful having to worry that I might have to go through all of that mess agian.

  • Bob Wighold

    My wife tried ordering some items from online, and now has started receiving these calls on her cell phone from the number as written so many times hereon (727) 541-0001. The first call sounded as if there was a crowd in the background, then sounded like someone breathing heavy (Sort of disgusting in nature). She has now recieved these calls on Saturday, so don’t think that they do not call on weekends. We have reported this to the internet fraud, our cell phone provider (Who said that they cannot do anything for us to block the number). I will be contacting the Florida Attorney General regarding this issue and who ever else I can think of to have this stopped. Surely somebody knows how to get this stopped. I am surprised by the FBI comment above. What the hell are we paying taxes for? We will post more, if we find a definate answer to this problem. Kansas City


  • I have had a similar experience with this phone number (727-541-0001). I ordered some medicine off the internet (with a perscription, so I assumed it was a valid website) and never received anything..stupid me!! Anyway the site was called frontier pharmacies. (it has since been shut down, thankfully!) I reported them to the internet fraud. Anyway, I called my bank and they gave me the phone number they had for the company called “BFL pay”: 866-220-0556. I called the number and what seemed to be a hispanic woman, answered.(I could barely understand her.) I proceeded to ask about my order, and she hung up on me. I called back, she put me on hold and hung up again. The address I have, which is probably bogus, is: 1940 3-n Commerce Pkwy, Weston, Fl. Fortunately I caught the scam in time and had my bank stop payment. Now, I am receiving these obsene phone calls and hang ups from this 727-541-0001. I can’t prove the two are related, but they have to be connected. Hope this helps in some way.

  • ATTENTION!!!GOOD INFORMATION!! I received two more calls today. One at 9:30 am and again at 1:03 pm. I answered the second call and a woman tried the gas card scam…I am such a good visa customer, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I asked if this was my “visa company” why have I received obsene phone calls from this number? I proceeded to tell her someone had called me from this 727-541-0001 number (the same number she was calling me from) and was heavy breathing into my phone, and she stammered and said it must have been their computer who called me, and it had a bad connection. BS! ( I have this obsense call and breathing on my voicemail) I know heavy breathing from a human when I hear it! I told her I knew she was calling from a fraudulant business and she obnoxiously argued with me and said “no this is a perfectly legit company”. After arguing back and forth I told her not to call me again, and she still tried to get me to buy into their scam!!!! These people are CRAZY!!! I know for a fact that the owner from the bogus website I ordered medication from is connected to this number. His name is George Jorge Gonzalez. He has been running credit card/gas card scams and bogus discount pharmacy websites. The number I have for him is 866-384-0667 and 866-220-0556. I also know through my bank that this “BFL PAY”, the “frontier pharmacy company” I was scammed from, originates in India. ( Google “BFL pay” and search to find out more ). I am trying to bring a law suit against these people, I honestly think he is involved with this 727 number, along with others, and I am continually searching for more information. Please let me know if anyone else has any info. Good luck to all, and lets catch this SOB!!! Thanks for posting your letter Bob G., that is how I have put a connection between my pharmacy scam and this harrassing 727 number, and possibly getting closer to finding out who is responsible for ripping people off. I only hope we can prevent this from happening to others!

  • Jason

    I got a call from 727-541-0001 three times since yesterday evening. When I answered the second time, the woman told me that I have been such a good visa customer that she is going to send me a $150 gas card. She went on and on until I stopped her to ask her what VISA and what bank. She told me that my VISA ended with these last four digits ####. I know for a fact that non of my cards ended with those digits. From the moment she refused to answer what VISA and the bank associated with my VISA, I knew she was bullshitting. She hung up after I confronted her. She sounded like a hispanic woman.

  • Lidia

    This is soooooooooo weird, I just started getting those phone calls since yesterday. I haven’t answered yet but I decided to google it and I found this site. I just called that number back because of what u guys said and indeed, only the machine answers and says the number I’ve just called has been disconnected. Thank you guys, next time they call I’m gonna be prepared.

  • Rick

    My calls come through without an identifiable number. I must be thought impoverished because they only offer a $20 gas card. I’ve been getting 3-5 a day on my business line for about 3 weeks. Sme pattern– a lot of noise– often I’m cut off before anyone speaks– a slight foreign acccent. I’ve been guessing the calls from overseas. Is there rally no law enforcement authority willing or able to track this down?

  • Kavita

    I got a call from 724-541-0001 6 times in 2 days. I answer them adn they cut the call, and when I call back, it says the number has been disconnected. Thankyou guys for the information. I shall not pick these calls henceforth.Such a rip off and also a waste of my phone minutes!!

  • Brad

    JUST GOT SCAMMED WITHOUT GIVING THEM ANY INFO!! These people called me just once about a month ago with the same gift card from visa thing. All I did was listen and then told them to send me terms and conditions and I would look it over and get back to them. They said that I needed to do this now and just went back on with their thing and then said they needed me to read back a four digit confirmation code (the last 4 numbers of my credit card) after I heard that I said I had to go and hung up. THEY STILL CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD AND I GAVE THEM NO INFORMATION!! I also rarely use my credit card, so I think these guys might be dumpster diving at some landfill or something. I had my card canceled and my card company gave me my money back with no complaints, thank god.
    Here is what showed up on my credit card bill:
    TRAVEL8008584838 602-271-0411 AZ $25.00
    the 2nd number goes to the 13601 N 18th St, Phoenix, AZ 85022 address. Using googles cool satellite mapping I found out that this is a residential address.

  • Ryan

    For a couple weeks I was getting these calls also from the 727 number. I got them to stop calling me by speaking in my best lawyer tone and informing them they were calling my cell phone using an automated dialer in violation of FCC regulations and in response to this, I had filed form 475 with the FCC asking that their organization be fined under the applicable regulations. You can get that form here:

    The scammers never called me after this. About 3 weeks later, I got a letter from the FCC basically saying they don’t look into individual complaints but if they receive several, they will investigate. All of you need to follow the above link and complete that form. I think this is the best way to stop these people. Violating this regulation is the only law they’ve broken for sure.

  • MJ

    I just did a search and came to this site about the 727-541-0001 number. I don’t answer my phone unless I know who it is but still, my cell number. what the hell! Is there a way we can find out who this is and sue the crap out of them?

  • NT

    I’m in Alaska and I’m getting calls from 866-655-7366 to my home phone. They call every day except Sunday and hang up on my answering machine because I screen my calls. So I decided to Google them and found this website.

    Thanks for the article, Bob. Are you any relation?

    BTW, Brad and others: You DID give them info — when you said you had to go when they read the last four digits of your credit card, they knew it was valid.

    Best thing to do is don’t even talk to them, just click on that link in message #68 and fill out the FCC complaint form like I just did. In the comments area I told them I’d found this website for that number, and that I wanted them to add my complaint to all the others they get.

    Best of luck fighting this to all.

  • joan

    I’m glad to find this blog since a friend of mine recently had the same ripoff inolving Travelers Innovations. The only difference was when she asked the caller where she had gotten her debit card information the caller said it had come from WalMart(?). Has anybody else gotten the line about the WalMart connection?

  • Nick Hammer

    Well, good news!…as i said earlier, i just kept ignoring the calls, never answered a single one….the calls slowly decreased in number, and now i have not recieved a call from them in 3 weeks! looks like im in the clear. good luck to the rest of you

  • Jason

    If enough of us claim fraud with our credit/debit cards after receiving fraudulious charges the card companies will do somthing about it. They have more resources and information than any victim. Who is the FBI, police or FCC etc. going to listen to, MBNA, American Express, VISA, Bank of America, OR Joe/Jane Smith? After all, most all card issuers offer $0 fraud liablity, or 50 bucks, and I would pay $50 to put these guys in jail. So check your credit card agreement or call for the fraud terms, and go get scammed.

  • Bill

    They called me the other night and again today when i answered she did the whole visa bit, i told her about that visa dosent issue cards banks and stuff do and she named some bank and said they were representing Travel Inovations and if i looked at some stuff id get a free gas card and a 50 dollar gift card to walmart, She had my last name and the last 4 digits of my Debit Card number and wanted me to call some other number and said if i wasnt interested i could cancel anytime. I asked her if i could give it to my HItman for supplies and she said also said i could call when i wanted to cause i told her i was in the middle of a big gang war and didnt want to commit to anything if i was to get clipped. But she wouldnt send me a file baked in cake. After That i told her my lawyer said im not supoesd to talk to anyone about it and that if they called again id see them in court. She got pissed and i hung up.

  • Somebody

    I got a call on my Verizon Wireless phone too. Fortunately I looked up the number and found this blog entry beforehand. Even before that, I knew it would not be “Visa” because my card is associated with my landline, not my cell phone. I threatened FCC action and hung up after “Kevin” correctly read my personal information (name and last four digits), not once confirming who I was.

    But after reading this discussion, I reported the card as stolen. I did not see any suspicious activity, but there’s no point in risking it. If they keep calling, I’ll have to change numbers (damn well better not) or get a cell phone that can block specific numbers (I can’t).

    I’m guessing they got the information off a receipt from a dumpster diver. Time to shred receipts instead of throwing them away no matter how much information is censored on them.

    Thank you all for your comments; you helped protect my identity, despite the ironic name assiocated with the reply.

  • Aaron

    WOW from Hawaii to Florida up to michigan and back again this is crazy. Well add one more to the list of people getting calls. I did call the FTC and they said that if x number of complaints are filed, they in conjunction with the dept of Ag. can start charges, also when that occurs we can file civil action and the BBB wil assist us in doing that but first thing is people need to file formal complaints with the FTC and make sure that you are on the Do not call list.
    Take care and thanks to Bob I think for initaly starting this post I know you are tired of the endless amount of responses but you have truely helped out your felow man.

  • Bob Greenspan

    I never get tired of seeing the comments. I just think, rather I know, that it is futile to file any complaints. You are dealing with Con Men. Con Men don’t care if you file a complaint with the local police, the FBI, the FTC or any other local, state or federal agency. They know that if they get caught they won’t be punished. (Or if they do get a few months or years in jail it was worth it. They rake in Millions. They live in Mansions, drive Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, have Yachts etc.) They will be told not to continue to do what they are doing, whether it be mail fraud or phone fraud or internet fraud. I recently saw another one of those scam shows on ABC Primetime or NBC Dateline. Can’t remember which. It does not matter. The point is they traced a guy who had bilked thousands of people out of their life savings. Millions of dollars. The FTC sued him in Civil Court (not criminal court) and got an injunction against his company, let’s call it Bob’s Sure Thing Investments (since I can’t remember the actual company name). So Bob’s Sure Thing Investments was prohibited from doing business by this Judge. A month or so later this same guy was up and operating the same scam under a new name, Tom’s Sure Thing Investments (Again I made up this name). But the beauty of this scam for these Con Men is that they can do this from ANYWHERE. Any State, Any City, Any Office or Home. All they need is a Phone and a Mailing Address, usually a Post Office Box. Sad but true.

  • Last year I received a few phishing calls from some outfit telling me I was entitled to receive a “government grant” of $8000 if I would just give my checking acount information to them.

    I demurred and suggested they mail me a check instead. On the strength of my demurral, my grant application was summarily denied by the caller who hung up.

    Darn. I could really use that $8000.

    I looked at the call information on my cellphone. The area code was in Montreal, which confused me. Which government was offering me the money? Ours or Canada’s?

    I called the local branch office of the FBI. After a quick transfer, they put me through to a very nice person and I told her about my government grant call.

    “Oh yeah,” she said. “We know about that one. Was the grant for $8,000 or $15,000?” she asked me.”

    That stung. Apparently I wasn’t worth the additional $7,000 to the people who appeared to be calling from Montreal (although they might not really have been in Montreal…there are apparently ways to fake the return number).

    “$8,000,” I said, feeling a little inadequate at this point. I thought I would have been worth at least $15,000.

    The FBI lady took my information and thanked me for calling. I hung up, still bothered by that missing $7,000.

  • Jason

    I have just noticed that I have a $14.95 charge on my debit card that is for my personal bank account. I remember getting a phone call about a month ago, but i dont remember confirming anything. Since this is my personal account, will cancelling the card work? Or do i need to go as far as changing my account number? The charge on my account looks like this :

    TRAVEL8008584838 602-271-0411 AZ

    I also usally dont answer numbers that I dont recognize but in this case my brother answered the phone for me. Numbers that have called me recently that i dont recognize and havent answered are: 305-371-7266 770-663-6378 541-479-6016 im not sure if these are connected at all since these arent as frequent, i havent seen these on any other posts, and they apparently got what they wanted from me.

  • John

    These people called my wife about mid-Oct. She tells me she didn’t give them our Visa card number, but they agreed to send her some sort of great gift cards. (I don’t know what information she did give them.) The great gift cards never showed up. In November, we had a charge from TRAVEL8008584838 show up on our Visa statement every month for 14.95. I ask my wife to take care of it, which she usually is pretty good at doing, but doesn’t make headway this time. Then in December, the charge shows up again, along with another one for $39.95:

    So at that point, I’m worried, but not too much so, figuring if its a crook, they would be taking a lot more. It must be a legit business, I think, that mistakenly is billing us, or perhaps my wife actually purchased something from them. But with the holidays, I figure I’ll take care of it afterwards, and then forgot. We now get our January statement, and both charges showed up again. So I try to call the number, get nowhere, and turn to Google and find this blog.

    So call me naive, too trusting, or a bit slow, but I do eventually learn. I’m cancelling my Visa card tomorrow, and will file a complaint with my AG. The former will be effective, the latter won’t.

  • Lee

    They called me Monday from the 727-541-1000. Said they were calling from Visa to thank me for being a cardholder in good standing… I told him that he wasn’t calling from my credit union or Visa, as I have told them not to call me. He then began to argue with me, he was very rude, and shouting at times. I’m not sure how much info he had, other than my name address, and the last 4 digits of my card. I decided that he was, to say the least, dishonest and I was probably going to get charged for something regardless of my answer. So I decided to sign up for it and see what would happen. After 4 hours, they still hadn’t attempted to make a charge to my account, but I decided to cancel the card anyway. It’s really disapointing that it’s so easy to get away with this kind of scam. For now, I’ve told everyone I know to block the 727-541-0001 number from their home phones, and store it in their cell phones as Phone Scam, or something to let them know not to answer.

  • Ari

    I just got a call on my cell from a 770 number, and since the person didnt even pronounce my name correctly I asked to take a message.. I searched this number on yahoo which led me to this page.
    Now I am scratching my head as to how to get them to not call again.. maybe I can block the number???
    as far as those of you who are seeing charges to your credit card that you have not agreed to, i would suggest call your credit card company and file a complaint. american express is one that actually cancels and tries to investigate fraude..

  • Phone Scam 727-541-0001

    I originally got a call from someone posing as MasterCard in August of 2005. They offered a free gas card for being a great cardholder and always paying on time. Then they tried to upsell me on some trial magazine subscriptions. I told them I didn’t want anything, so they told me I could decline the magazine subscription and still get the free gas card. I declined the magazine subscriptions, yet I started receiving magazines from 4 or 5 different companies about 3 weeks later. I had to call to cancel each of the 4 or 5 magazine subscriptions.

    Each magazine company told me the trial subscription was requested by me while I was purchasing something from one of their partners. The telemarketing company behind this scam was Vici Marketing Group. The product I allegedly purchased was a membership to Traveler Innovations. I have never spoken with Traveler Innovations before and I never signed up with a membership. My suspicion is that Vici Marketing Group signed me up for a Traveler Innovations membership at the time they offered me a free gas card. Then VMG immediately cancelled my Traveler Innovations membership and signed me up for the magazine subscriptions.

    In my opinion both of these companies are fraudulent and deserve to be the focus of a class action law suit. I am fully behind any action that someone would lead. I have full documentation of the entire process, and I still get about 3-5 phone calls from these bastards a day. They call me from 727-541-0001.

    Vici Marketing LLC.
    14001 63rd Way N.
    Clearwater, Florida 33760
    Phone: 727-533-8730
    Fax: 727-535-9720
    URL: http://www.vicimarketing.com

    Traveler Innovations
    P.O. Box 45439
    Phoenix, AZ 85064

  • the roommate

    I did a little more digging on Traveler Innovations. Some info was found on their website. An email address for memberweb.com was supplied on their FAQs and their main search engine on TI’s site looks like their pulling their deals from memberweb.com.

    I suggest using samspade to get more info.

    other companies involved:
    (you’ll notice the icon on the address bar for access dev and memberweb are the same- as if they are affiliated w/ ea. other)
    http://www.consumerinnovations.com out of phoenix, az
    (mentioned in TI’s terms & conditions page)

    here’s another person’s experiences

    try using samspade.org for whois and dns info and http://www.turbo10.com to expand your searching on them since they let you specify up to 10 engines to use at once.

    http://search.bbb.org/ found some interesting stats on disputes against some of the companies

    I dunno if this stuff helps

  • J

    Got a call with a man speaking spanish to me on my cell phone. They used number 305-371-7266. Does anyone else recognize this number? I looked up number and came with 999 Brickell Bay Dr Miami. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • bmw78729

    Got a call which I did answer from this number last night. Have no ided waht it is. I am in Texas.

  • CMK

    Got this call on my cell phone. When I picked up there was a Spanish speaking recording. Went on line to see if there was any information on it. Found this site and a few other logs mentioning it as a fraud of some type.

  • D

    Add one more person to your list. They called my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and he wanted to know how in the hell they got the last four digits of his card number. They couldn’t answer him. He told them not to call back. They have called six times since then. Yesterday they said his name wrong so I told them they had the wrong phone number. They called three more times and each time I answer, they hang up. I guess they just want to talk to him. Question: Has anyone contacted this Consumer Innovations to find out if it is them? I am just amazed that someone can steal your money so easily. Not to mention – this is harassment!!

  • Bleh

    Same deal with me.. I got a call from this number this evening… didn’t answer ’cause I didn’t recognize it.


  • Yeah

    Looks like it came
    from Florida
    Somewhere in ‘Hialeah’ apparently.

  • Mare

    I received a call from 305-371-7266 on Tuesday but didn’t do anything or say anything to anyone bc I assumed it was just a misdial (I just hung up when I heard spanish). My sister mentioned getting a call from a 305 area code yesterday so we checked and she got a call from the same number. She received a voice mail (but hasn’t checked it yet).

  • Mare (again)

    The weird thing is I was just in Miami for new years…anyone know if this could be related? It’s weird that my sister and I were just down there and now we’re getting calls based out of Miami.

  • Dale

    I am in Virginia and recieved a call yesterday on my cell phone from (305)371-7266. It was a recorded message in spanish. I think that what they are doing is calling long distance numbers and then submitting a bill to the phone company for them to bill the called number for a long distance call. Check your phone bills carefully

  • Gary

    Try canceling your credit card to get to talk to a person. Works every time for me.

    I also got burned on the TRAVEL8008584838 thing.

    It could really make me angry, but it’s my own fault for not paying enough attention to the charges on the statement.


  • Jeff

    I have beengetting calls from same number (305-371-7266) atleast twice a week, and when i answer it, its some spanish recording – pissing me off – I am in TX and with T-Mobile.

  • Ryan

    I already figured this out by reading it. First of all, they get your last 4 digits through some sort of reciept. Anything you have bought online or off. Anything you purchase with a credit card, has the last four digits shown, and the first 12 are x’s or *’s. Mainly for protection of you, but also for convience. Say you have multiple cards, it is hard to identify which card you used otherwise. If they only show the first 4, millions of people have that same number. You might have it to, on multiple cards. So its easy for the last 4 numbers to be found. With millions of cards, it is hard to determine the first 12 numbers. Also the Verification number on the back of your card is impossible to scam without you giving it away. (This is usually a 3 or 4 digit number printed on the back of the card, on the signiture here part)Only the credit card company has it, and they NEVER disclose it. So if someone claims to be a credit card company ask them to repeat your verification number, or the first 4/8/12/etc numbers. Secondly, you can use the internet to search for anyones phone numbers if you know how. I have used it to find numerous friends in the past. Since they have a reciept with your number on it, it also has your full name. With that, they find all numbers with this name, and from there, they can start phishing for more information from people, just going down the list. Thirdly, since you mention calling back and it ringing, they probably have the phone set up to automatically play that message. Now I’m sure your wondering how they do this? Easy. Either set your phone to ring twice then go to voice mail, or set it up play automatically. I will explain both ways. First is the ring twice, when setting up a custom voicemail, it says please record after the beep. All you have to do is call a disconnected number, then record that onto your phone or a voice recorder. Then when it says record after the beep, it will beep, time it correctly to have the message be said into your phone. The other way would be, to make a sound file, of 2 rings and then the message, simply by recording the actually sounds into your computer, i.e. use a computer microphone, call the number, and then record it. Now how to make it useful? Many companies now are having an option to put on “music” as your ringtone for your cellphone. So that when someone calls, they hear a song that you choose. All you have to do is put your recording on the web, and then list that “song” as your ringtone. So when you call, you hear that message. Even though their fone is ringing, and they are acutally just smart enough to ignore it. These would be the 2 easiest ways to duplicate that message without acutally disconnecting the phone, at least if it is a cell phone. If it is a landline, you would use the first method. Or if you only have one phone connected to your landline, just pull out the wire after your call and leave it like that when not in use. Cellphones you could use either method. All of this somewhat explains how they are doing what they are doing. Hopefully you can use it to protect yourself. I don’t know anything about the magazine scam, and I have not personally recieved these calls. A friend of mine has though. Please be careful people.

  • Nice technical skillz there, Ryan.

    If you comment again with more entertaining tricks like the phone scam, please use paragraphs cos that continuous style of yours makes my eyes bleed.

  • Bob Greenspan

    This comment is directed to #96, Ryan. First of all I agree with #97, Chris Rose – separate your sentences into paragraphsand use a Spell Checker- wow!

    Your post is like something out of an amateur detective novel and a bad one at that.

    These callers are not using one line. They are not pulling the line out of the wall after they call you so that if you call back you will hear a message that the phone has been disconnected.

    They are not using a recording that they made from recording someone elses phone being disconnected just so they could play it in case you called them back.

    These are sophisticated boiler room operations using numerous people to make the calls. I personally remember about 6 different callers calling me before they finally gave up.

    The calls are probably taking place through a computer bank of phones either over regular phone lines or cable phone lines with some type of electronic device sending out the message “you have reached a disconnected number” if it detects an incoming call.

    As for your idea about locating phone numbers over the internet if you know how, you are correct. I have experimented a dozen times putting my number and other numbers I know into Google. It has NEVER found any of the numbers I put in. If Google is going to find a number it will usually be associated with a business, such as a pizza restaurant or pharmacy etc.

    The number these crooks called in my case was my cell phone number which is the only number I have. I do not have a land line. It is also listed on the “do not call list” which as I have stated before is not going to stop a crook. If a person is a criminal and he has the criminal intent to defraud you is he going to look at the “do not call list” and skip you if your number is on it? Get real!

    So how do they get the credit card numbers and the phone numbers. This is one way. If you have followed the news over the past few years you would know that numerous computer data banks of large companies, including Experian, have been breached and the data stolen. Data was even stolen off of the Pentagon computers. In many cases the stolen data included credit card numbers, telephone numbers, medical records, credit information etc.

    The people making these calls purchase the information from the hackers or other crooks that stole the data in the first place. They may sell the same data 50 or 100 or more times. It is the same as buying legitimate names from a “list broker”. In case you are not familiar “list brokers” sell names, addresses and other data to companies that want to do mass mailings or mass phone calling solicitations. It is perfectly legitimate as long as they obtained the information legally.

    How do they get the information? Every time you fill out a form to win a “free car” or house. Every time you buy a new product and send in the “warranty” registration card. Every time you subscribe to a magazine. Every time you go on line and register at a site for a newsletter or newspaper access etc. Did you notice how they ask you about your income, your occupation etc. This is all marketing information that can be used and sold to the list brokers.

    Ok, lets discuss one other way crooks can get your data. You know there are 3 large credit reporting agencies. Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. These 3 companies know more about you and your employment history, rental history and credit history than any other companies on earth. They have followed you since you applied for your first job, your first credit card or your first apartment. (Yes, companies check your credit before they hire you or rent to you).

    So how does someone get this info? It is easy. You create a phony company such as Hamas Computing Services and then contact the credit agencies, pay an annual membership fee and bingo, you can tap into their computers. You are now a “buyer” of credit and employment information.

    If you don’t want to use Experian and the other two credit companies directly, you do it indirectly. For example, you join an association such as “The Apartment Owners Association” and then you send them the names and Social Security numbers of 50 people who you claim applied to rent one of your apartments. Within a few hours you have the complete credit and rental history on all 50 of those people.

    The key here is that you must have the Social Security numbers. Assuming you bought these from a hacker or just an ordinary crook who happens to moonlight as a bank teller or data processer in a large department store, or at any other company where they have access to credit records or MEDICAL records, you can get whatever you want.

    There are lots of people who want information on other people and are willing to pay for it. The next time you go to your doctors office and you are greeted by the cute little 18 year old receptionist file clerk how do you know she is not being forced by her drug addicted gang member boyfriend to bring him the names and adresses and phone numbers and social security numbers of the doctors patient’s?

    Your best friend is not your dog! It is knowledge and a shredder!

  • Marty

    Finally my call tracing worked!, these hang up calls kept coming from 866-655-7366 Anyone out there figured out who/where these are from?
    (866)655-7366 (They were watching Tv, heard it in the background)

  • Naim

    I keep getting the call too…occasionally i’ll pick up in order to find out what these fools want…but to no avail…i’m getting furious

  • someone else

    I just thought I’d let y’all know they’re using a new number: 877-453-3388. Started getting calls from that yesterday.

  • P-Punk

    I started getting the calls about a week ago from 866-655-7366. When I answer they ask for some woman who I had never heard of and then immediately hang up. It’s been the same routine for 8 calls now. WTF??

  • these guys have called me 2 times EVERYDAY for the past 3 weeks. No lie…they have not missed a day.

    So lets do the math: 21 X 2 = 42 times!

    I just told one of em not to call back…but if they do…i’m gonna let em have it

  • Get Results

    I just called a private investigator who gave me some advice on what to do with these phone calls. She told me that the only way to really get these guys and get some action was to do the following: Call 911, or an FBI representative and tell them that you have just received a call from someone at 727-541-0001 and that the person on the phone told you that they knew where you lived and were going to blow up your house with a bomb and kill you and your family. After telling you that, they hung up on you. Let the authorities know that this was a “terrorist” threat and you are in fear of your life. Tell them you are scared and you need to know what to do. If that doesn’t get someone on the case, I don’t know what will.

    I have simply NOT answered my phone when they call, but I thought that this was a great idea. Basically your word against theirs…and being the scammers they are who do you think is going to be believed.

  • Be Smart

    That last comment may sound great, but DON’T DO IT. Why would you want to get yourself in trouble with the law for filing a false report.

    Like they said…just DON’T ANSWER your phone when they call.

  • Marianne

    I commented before about getting the 305 number calling me. Tonight, I got a call from 786-718-9058. I didn’t pick it up and they didn’t leave me a message. Weirdly enough, a couple hours later, I was mentioning this to my family, and immediately following the conversation, my mother’s phone rang…WITH THE SAME NUMBER. They left her a message and, like before, it was all in Spanish.

    I am just floored that she got the call the same day I did. Possibly, could it be that we share our last name and her first name is really soon after mine alphabetically? Our cell phone numbers are completely different, even our area codes, so I don’t know what else it could be.

  • Jason

    I’ve been just recently recieving calls from the 727-541-0001 #. We’ve all gotta have something in common. I’ve been making some online pruchases lately a couple weeks before the calls began. anyone one else? shipped products also contain a paper copy of the last 4 digits of your cred, and the fone # that you gave them. so its also possible, that some carriers maybe be openning the boxes just for this information, then resealing. knowing that they can easily be traced for missing goods, stealing this information would be more effective.

    If my situation sounds fimiliar to yours, post the online stores that you have recently purchased from before the calls. (it might even be someone working at an arrival point where the packages check through as they are shipped.)


    I’ll post the tracking checkpoint locations that my packages have been through, if this idea sparks any similiar responses

  • Sgt G

    Calls me too!!! I reported them and warned them that I am a federal officer. Havent had anymore since then.

  • Jfrustrated

    so these calls started the other day – happened to coincide perfectly with me being a totla idiot and falling for a stupid get a $500 shopping spree thing. I just wanted to try to get a running stroller! When I call the number back it is this weird dial tone kind of thing. I am getting the calls from the 866-655-7366 number – no one answers and I don’t even hear anything on the other end. We shall see where this goes…

  • Marianne

    to #107, Jason, I have made online purchases recently but I never give my cell number, only my home number. And these calls have been coming to my cell.

  • energydan

    I’ve been getting the calls from the 727 number for the past week. They call about 5 times a day between 8am-8pm. I fight with them every time and they refuse to stop calling me, and they just hang up. Next time I’m gonna try telling them they have the wrong number, but I doubt that will help. Is there any way to get these goons to stop calling. I can’t believe we don’t have some sort of a service in effect that bans numbers.

  • frustrated too

    I received a call from 786-718-9058 on my cell phone and it said it was coming from Miami, FL and when I didn’t pick up, my husband got a call from the same number without a message, as well. I tried reverse look up and it took me here.

  • A

    Just got the 786-718-9058 call myself. This sucks.

  • Annoyed

    My boyfriend just got a call from 786-718-9058 on his cell. He didn’t answer and no message was left. He called the number back and the voicemail said John Johnson, but it wouldn’t accept any more messages. Strange.

  • Ticked

    My wife just got a call from the 786-718-9058 number, no message.

  • Me Too

    Just got a call from 786-718-9058. I did not answer the phone. Google brought me here. Someone should really stopped these types of crooks…If not FBI, perhaps FCC???

  • SeaJay

    We have a winner! I too got the 786-718-9058 number calling my cell this afternoon. I did not answer.

  • christina

    that makes 4 of us in the last 4 hours!
    i just got a call from that 786 # too

  • Annoyed as Hell

    I just got this frigging 786-718-9058 on my cell too. How the hell are they getting my number? Only 10 people have my cell number!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pissed

    Got this 786 number yesterday. Answer it as I have some out of town friends in the area, message was all in spanish, About 3 hours later I got a call from the same number, but I missed it, no message was left.

  • Chris

    I just got the call from the 786 area number about 5 minutes ago. Too bad there isn’t a way we can track them down and go pay them a visit in person.

  • mark

    I just recieved two calls from 786-718-9058.
    First one was just noise, the second I missed was a message all in spanish. W.T.F!
    I GOOGLED it and here I am. I tried calling it back and no answer. There has to be a way to track these jerks down,and maybe give them so of their own medicine.

  • Frustrated

    I’ve gotten three calls from (786) 718-9058 on my cell phone today. Like most of you I didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the number and …..like most of you I did an internet search on the number ending up here. I’m going to call my phone company and let them know that I have no intention of paying for these calls and if they can, they should block that number. Someone is bound to shut this down quickly….I hope.

  • mark

    Re: #106 Marianne
    786 is apparently an overlay area code for 305 area code. go figure, smae pace just a new number.

  • Greg

    So if they’re getting the information from online shopping of some kind, wouldn’t that mean they know our addresses then?

  • Jeremy

    Got two calls from the 718-9058 number today. Both short messages, both in Spanish.

    It’s interesting… the only ‘businesses’ who know my cell number are my cell phone provider and an online tennis league. My cell number is not even associated with my credit cards.

    I’m glad this ‘support group’ exists, at least. Helps make a bit of sense out of something truly odd.

  • Jesse

    Just received a call from 786-718-9058 and did a google search and found this page. I also received a call from a 305 area code around 4 this evening. I don’t give out my cell nimber to anyone but close friends and family. I didn’t answer them because I didn’t recognize the number…

  • Scouseronica

    I received 2 calls on my mobile, the 305 and the 786 number you have mentioned and wonder if they are randomly calling mobile numbers, or what sort of scam this is, and all that happened when we picked up the 305 area code number they said HOLA and some inscrutible spanish thingie and I just put the phone down, very odd indeed

  • HOU.TEX.

    These people are calling my house for about 3 weeks now. 5 times or more a day. They have always called during the day when my wife and I are at work. Unfortunaty this leaves my mother, A.K.A. the babysitter dealing with the pushy hispanic woman!

    Tonight, I the pleasure of personally speaking to this woman. She started asking questions and spitting numbers. So as I always do in these situations when bill collectors call, like any other MAN! I handed the phone to my wife! She handled it as if it were a bill collector and simply told them to go get @#$%$^!

  • Bliffle

    I put the numbers into my phone so the name “SCAM” jumps up if they call. Then I can contemplate what kind of abuse/neglect to heap on them when they call. These are the numbers I have so far:


    Are there others?

  • Elizabeth

    I just got a call from 786-718-9058. I didn’t answer, and they left a message, very broken up and all in Spanish. I googled it like everyone else and arrived here. So glad this message board exists, otherwise I may have called it back and paid for a worthless call.
    I’m in Atlanta, by the way. I’d like to think they’re just randomly dialling numbers. I hope I’m right.

  • Ronnie

    I’m in New Orleans, got the 786 call on my cell. Mistook the A/C for 586, which is Michigan. Almost answered but fortunately pushed the wrong button.
    Virgin Mobile is my provider – do we all have the same provider? Are we all on pre-paid plans? What do we have to do to shut these people down?

  • K

    Damn, thanks guys, just like the person before me I was about to call and pay for a worthless number. The 786 number called me this morning, I was asleep, and they left no message. Whoever this is obviously has NO life!

  • K

    Nope, I’m on Cingular and I have a plan

  • HOU.TEX.


  • WTF

    i got the call from the 7867189058, im in maryland and it was on my cell. also i have nextel service.

  • meg

    I just got one on my sprint pcs phone….

  • Furious

    Got a call from the same number. I’m in Washington, DC. Provider Cingular. I’ve shopped recently at finishline.com online. What about everyone else?

  • Tracy W

    786-718-9058 – Got a call from this number at 12:19 this morning. They have called previously, but like many, I don’t answer out of state calls, unless I recognize them. I like the idea of programming the phone with SCAM as the caller. Mine can also turn the ringer off, so I don’t have to run to the phone.

  • Annoyed

    They have changed numbers on me 3 times. The newest is: 1-800-331-8461. I seem to keep geting 800 number calls instead of long distance.

  • Kevin

    I have only had my phone for 1 week and just recieved a call from 786-718-9058

  • W

    I got a call from 786-718-9058 at 2:42pm. I didn’t pick up but a voicemail was left in Spanish. I speak Spanish and the message made no sense and was very broken up. I am in Washington, DC.

  • ticked in reston, virginia

    unfortunately for me, i have to answer all my calls because i’m job hunting. 786-718-9058 called me and i just heard a spanish recording so i hung up. as soon as i hung up, my phone beeped so i checked my voicemail and the focker left 3 vms today. i have a very spanish name and sooo ticked off with these calls from people thinking i’m spanish and start talking my head off in spanish. what the hell??? do you guys have spanish names too?????

  • J

    I have received the Spanish call from 786-718-9058 probably a total of 15 times. They have left messages several times. I had a friend who speaks Spanish listen to it, and she said that the man is a recording telling you which numbers to press and telling you the office hours of some kind of organization, as if I had called the number and received a voice mail machine. I have Nextel and am located in Maryland. If anyone has any ideas for how we could get this to end, that would be great!

  • R. Smith

    At 3:14 p.m. today I got a call on my Cingular phone from 786-718-9058. I haven’t checked the message yet. But I Googled the number to see who it belonged to and was lead here. I’ve been hearing about people getting messages in Spanish. I don’t know what lead to these phone calls. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary with my number. I’m in Atlanta, GA.

  • Cari

    I’ve gotten two different recorded messages, both in spanish, from two different 786 numbers. Both my sister and my mother have as well…we are all in the DC area, and use cingular. Is this just a Cingular thing?

  • R. Hayes

    I also received a call a few minutes ago from 786-718-9058. I’m in Atlanta and have a Cingular phone.

  • Jason

    I got a call on my Cingular phone from 786-718-9058. Today was the first day. I got two so far. I’ll keep checking back here.

  • Eric

    I got a call from 786-718-9058 on 02/22/2006 at 1:57 p.m. I am with TMobile. My wife got a call from the same number few days back

  • College Park, MD

    I got several calls from the same number yesterday. Messages in Spanish. I have Cingular and have recently had to leave my number when making online orders from Amazon.com and BathandBodyWorks.com.

  • Hollywood, CA

    I just got a call from the 786-718-9058 number.
    Verizon is my provider. I missed the call and Googled it before I called back and found this site. It will be interesting to find what is going on.

  • DC area

    also called today by 786-718-9058. the phone they called is to a prepaid motorola phone number that does not have an associated name or address. my guess is these people are just randomly dialing numbers in certain area codes.

  • marcus

    Got a call in Washington, DC from the 786 number identified above, and unfortunately answered it as only my wife ususally calls my phone. I got a recorded announcement in Spanish and hung up right away. I will be calling cingular in the morning and have not intent to pay for this scam call. I hope they can’t mess with my credit card. I did not give them any info as I just hung up. If anyone learns anything else on this please let me know.

  • Los Angeles, CA

    I got called by 786-718-9058 at 5:18 pm PST but I didn’t answer. I’m in Los Angeles and have T-Mobile.

    What do they want?!?!?

  • DM

    Got the 786-718-9058 call on my mobile at 7:20 PST. I’m in Sacramento, CA and have Cingular. Googled and this popped up. Hmm.

  • SE

    Sacramento, CA 786-718-9058 came in on cell. Didn’t answer, no message left, google brought me here.

  • Andy

    I have sprint PCS and like the rest of you, I found this site by googling the phone number.

    This is the interesting part. I have 2 phones on my account. One for me (which is a Minnesota number) and then I pay for one for my mother (which is a Maryland number) I don’t get those calls but my mom’s phone gets them all the time. It’s the same as the rest of you all. The person never leaves a message but whenever she answers it’s always some moron babbling in spanish.

  • Cassandra

    I got the same call from (786) 718-9058 two times yesterday at about 10 am. I had my phone turned off so they left me 2 messages. It was a recording and in spanish and even though i speak it I couldn’t undersatnd what they said through the static. I have a northern VA/DC area phone # but live in Florida and I have Verizon. I have no checking account or credit cards (im underage) so I have no idea how they got my number.

  • MD

    Received 786-718-9058 on my Verizon mobile phone at 9:30AM EST. I’m in the Washington DC metro area. I answered it but hung up immediately as soon as I heard the spanish speaker.

  • Dee in DC

    786-718-9058 – Just got a call from this number and didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the number and didn’t want to waste my prime minutes on someone I didn’t know. I #67 the number from a landline and I can’t get through. Google brought me here. I now realize this is a SCAM number. Thanks guys; I’m calling Cingular to complain.

  • Dee in DC

    Cingular said they are not able to do anything and recommended calling FCC to complain.

  • Jonathan

    I just got a call from this number (786-718-9058)and did not answer. The message I received was: “Usted a agotado todas las opciones. Esta semana sera desconectada. Gracias”. This is what it means: “You’ve terminated all the options. You’ll be disconnected this weekend. Thanks” I’m gonna try to block that number because I’m not paying for that call.

  • Jaime In MD

    Got one yesterday from the florida number 786 718 9058 Immediately a recording ( Spanish )was heard asking me to dial one … Just hang up!
    Just wanted to thank the people responsible for this site, It is really helpful. Keep it up.

  • V S. Jean

    I got a call this morning from 786-718-9058 and the caller left a message in Spanish.

    Last night I received one from 305-358-6913.

  • Another Guy in Maryland

    Got the 718-718-9058 number. Googled it and landed here. I have Cingular. I don’t use my phone # with CC purchases.

    Well, it is reassuring to know there are so many skeptical people out there just like me. Be careful with your personal info.

  • Zanna in Virginia

    Add me to the list of people who just got a call from the 786 number on her cell phone.
    The recording was in Spanish. I Googled the number and got this website.


    As so many people on here I rcvd a wierd phone call from some spanish recording. Googled it and wound up here. I wonder if the FCC has a website or e-mail adress We could send this page to…

  • Anna

    This is a cell phone version of email spam. In the email, their computers send email to a huge list they bought from someone – much of it is useless. But if you go to the “unsubscribe” link, they know there is a real person behind that email address & you will never get rid of them unless you change your email address.

    This phone thing is the same, that’s why the first time you get the call all you hear is a “crowd” or a “roar” and then it hangs up. It is simply the computer modem noise, and the machine makes a note of your number as being a real one. After that, a person will be calling you. Knowing the last 4 digits of your credit card is not so tough, this site explains the anatomy of card numbers: merriampark.com. And it is pretty easy for them to get geographical locations of cell phone area code numbers (which are not always the same as your city code).

    Using only cell phones is ingenious actually, isn’t there a law in the US about inter-state telephone fraud that would get the FBI actually interested? With cell phones locations is much harder to establish.

  • Mike in MD

    I received a call from 786-718-9058 this morning and 786-316-0579 last night. They both had the Spanish recording. I just reported it to the FCC.

  • Kimberly

    I got a call from 786-718-9058 at 3:08 pm yesterday, 2/22. I was in the shower when they called and they didn’t leave a message. I also googled the number and ended up here.

    FYI: My grandmother was scammed by people doing this. Except they told her she won the European lottery and instead of her getting the winnings, they got a large chunk of her money. I’m glad to see you’re all cautious and not as easily persuaded as an 80 year old woman.

  • Julia

    I got a call from 786 718 9058 this morning at 11:38am. I was at work, didn’t hear my cell phone ringing. They didin’t leave a message and when I called back, the line was busy. I googled the number and found this page. I was a fraud victim (happened recently) and am really sensitive to this kind of issues. Thanks Bob!
    I live in Fairfax, VA, suburb of washington DC. Have 703 area code.

  • Norm

    I just received a call on my cell phone from this 786-718-9058 number. I’m in the metro DC area, too. Service with Cingular, activated ~2 months ago. Glad I didn’t answer, and won’t bother calling back since I see that would be useless. I like the idea of adding the number to my phone’s directory with the name SCAM. Am curious if my wife received the same call, too, as our accounts were activated at the same time.

  • Fokeyman

    Same as rest, searched internet. What cell phone provider are you using?


    Maybe we can link something together. Should put up a poll to see the % of providers called more often. Ratsafratsa….AAAHHHH!!

  • Thomas

    Last night I got a call from 786-718-9058 to my home phone. They left a message in Spanish. Today I got it on my cellphone, and I picked up, trying to give my @#$&!, but it’s only a machine voice speaking Spanish. Around the same time, my wife’s cellphone (our numbers are consecutive) got the same call.

    I live in Northern VA, all phones have 703 area code.

  • Liz

    I am from the D.C. are and received the call in Spanish on my cell phone (like everyone else, I googled the number and landed here). I noticed a lot of you are from the D.C. area. This might be a more serious problem than just a nuissance!

  • Chiming in from Maryland reporting the same annoying calls from 786.718.9058 on our new T-mobile cells received just 8 days ago nevertheless. Unfortunately my phone was set to active flip, so automatically accepted their call when I opened the phone(now corrected!). Was inaudible so hung up.

    The only calls made were mobile to mobile between family members, no outside purchases, or orders. Keep spreading the word to family, friends and others online. The more folks are made aware of these scum, definitely helps. A yahoo search brought us here. Thanks Bob!!

  • i got the same call from 786 718 9058. i checked the area code before calling and it was in florida. i knew it was a scam so i felt it would be fun to call them and mess with them by giving them fake information. names like “moe lester” and “Jack hoff”. all i got was an answering machine with the recording of “john johnson” and then an automated message saying that the number was not able to take messages at this time. oh well.

  • damn whoever

    I got the same call, too. About 8:00 PST. No message they just called twice from 786-718-9058. I use T-Mobile.

  • damn whoever

    I got the same call, too. About 8:00 PST. No message they just called twice from 786-718-9058. I use T-Mobile.

  • I am also in the 786 area code boat. Let it ring, did not answer around 10 this morning, EST.

    I find it strange that yesterday, I ordered something off the web site meshhat.com. During the order, I left my number, and magically today I get a call from these people.

    I’m not saying that’s how they got the number, but I wanted to throw that web site out there just in case anyone else did the same thing recently.

  • tired of telemarketing calls

    I have also been getting the calls. I did some research and found this court info. It is related to the Consumer Innovations company. I am not an attorney so if there is one here, maybe they can determine if there is any info here that can be used to help stop the calls.

  • tired of telemarketing calls

    Looks like it is a spider web of companies that are associated with them – here is another one http://www.health-innovations.com/tc.php

  • if i find ’em i’ll kill ’em!

    they strike again, 10:44am… bastards!

  • RichZ

    Just a call from 786-718-9058 — and having been getting a few odd calls, also having a limited number of people with my cel, I googled first and found this discussion – in the mean time, got another call from the same number.

    Also been getting calls from 651-204-1319, for 2-3 times a day on my cel for a week now — from Mich and I don’t know anyone there. Calling back gets a ‘please hold for a dumb message’, well you get the idea.

    Net-net: I agree these are spams and from someone with an voip phone – which you can get with any area code and the actual calls can be coming from anywhere in the world.

    I believe you can program a cel phone account to block specific incoming numbers, I am about to try that — for reference I have T-mobile.

  • AU

    786 just called me. this is creepy. is this some cell phone worm attacking the NoVA cell network? talk to your friends that are listed in your phonebook to see if they received the calls.

  • CFH

    Received call from 786-718-9058. Garbled Spanish recording. Googled the number to this site. My cell number is only given to family, close friends and my child’s school. I am located in Maryland and have a national plan with Cellular One. I have read the blogs on this site dating back to August 2005. While I don’t necessarily see a pattern with the cellular service provider, there may be a pattern with the area codes targeted. I see that most of the Maryland victims have been recent. It is as if the perpetrators have just received a new batch of numbers from the same area codes to add to their calling lists. I would be interested in hearing from the early bloggers to learn if they are still receiving calls and if they encountered any problems from these calls.

  • dcseain

    I got a call from 786.718.9058 on my T Mobile line today at 12:13 PM EST. I have this line only for Blackberry service, and i’ve never given the number out. The number is in 703.

    Neither of my Sprint phones has received calls from this number as yet, and they’re also in 703/571.

  • Sgt S

    Got a call from 786-718-9058 at 12:21 Fri Feb24 on my sprint phn – in N.C. No message.



  • MD kid

    this person has called me 5 times in 2 days. I ignored it until a fax arrived in my fax machine from an unknown number of a myspace bulletin I had posted. I am friends with only people I know on myspace. I began to wonder if there was a connection. I told my friend about it. less than an hour later the number called her phone.

    We called it back. John Johnson? Pretty fake sounding name for a Spanish caller from Miami.

    It makes no sense. at all.

  • I received the same 786 # today at 2:43 pm eastern. Just some mumbled spanish…

  • same number

    i got the same 786 number, i live in northern va too, 703…this is weird i have cingular

  • MD T-Mobile Customer

    Like virtually everyone else, I googled and came here. This mexican has been calling my phone for a week. I’m sick of this. I tried calling back, but all I got was a busy signal. There has got to be some sort of a governmental organization to deal with this, it’s rediculas.

    I think they are going alphabetically. My G/F Cell number is only one digit off from mine Ex. 555-555-5555 and 555-555-5557, and she hasn’t gotten a call like this yet.

  • nova 703

    i live in NoVa area, 703 area code. i got the 786-718-9058 number..didn’t answer, no message. tried calling back and got a busy signal..if this is alphabetical, my last name begins with a…so maybe it is.

  • NOVA chick

    I just got a call from the 768 # but received several calls from the 305 #. Whats weird is its the same spanish message. When I call it back someone answers but doesn’t speak.
    Does anyone understand the message. I don’t speak spanish but would like to know what the hell they are saying. My last name begins with S and I got the call about 1:00 today. Oh I have t-mobile.
    And I googled and got here.

  • Alexandria, VA

    768 called me in Alexandria, VA today. Also called my family who are one number off. Sounds like they’re going numerically too. Probably a computer. No doubt if you called back you’re on a “live number” list.

  • Matt F

    Ijust got a call from the same number (786 718 9058) no message, no call back. what is this??

  • bb

    I have a 702 area code (las vegas) and i got a call on my cell phone from good old 786-718-9058 at around 1pm pst. I immediatly reported this to the FCC via email. I haven’t received a response yet. I really hope I only get called once from old 786 (knock on wood). Good luck to every, hopefully the FCC is already looking into it…..

  • Aloha

    I get the exact same call from: 786-716-9058. They just started leaving messages (all the time!), and its prerecorded. PROBLEM is I have no idea what they’re saying because it’s in spanish. I havn’t called back, but my familys gotten them too! I think I’m going to get a new cell number, the calls are constant!

  • B

    Just thought I’d ad my cell phone (which is a # from VA, but i live in MD – it happens) and yah, 786-718-9058 called. I don’t answer numbers i don’t know, and google them when i can. Nice meetin’ all of ya. ;p

  • jenna

    I received the (786)-718-9058 phone call at exactly 6:32pm this evening. I immediately hung up as soon as I heard Spanish. My father also received this phone call and we are both on the same Sprint cell phone plan. Additionally, we are from Maryland.

  • Been there done that!

    I just got the call.
    They left me a message in spanish.
    It says that I need to get in contact with the central office. then cuts off abrutly.

    Its a scam. Sounds like an old 1960’s narrator.


    Carefull guys

  • Juliet

    Another Googling Marylander here with a 786# call this afternoon. I didn’t pick it up – someone with an unknown number is always trying to fax me things on my cell and I figured that’s what it was. The call was to my cell with a 301 area code. Just adding my name to the list. 🙂

  • mk

    i just got the 786 # too! what the heck do they want? i mean they were speaking in spanish really fast and i couldnt understand a damn thing the machine said…. what is this all about? im in fay, nc.

  • Me too

    Got the 786 call at 6:57. I’m in DC and my provider is Sprint.

  • classclownfish

    I found this site on Google as well. I’ve gotten one automated message call, and three voicemails in the past week. It is the same (786) 718-9058 number, and I am in western Maryland. None of my relatives have recieved this call.

  • themommy

    Have received several calls in last 2 days. From 305-358-6913 and 786-718-9058. No messages left. We have cingular and are in Colorado.

  • J

    the call is coming from Miami, btw, which somewhat explains the spanish. I got it too but didn’t answer, and googled the #.

  • hawaiian_son

    I’m with VerizonWireless and got the scam call on my cell. They wanted me to sign up on a new plan which would allow me to text “X” amount of messages for “x” amount of dollars, since they saw on my billing statement that I had transmitted a lot of text messages the previous month. I know that Verizon never solicits such calls to their customers and told them I wasn’t intersted. So far, no further calls were made to my cell. But that didn’t stop them… now they’re calling my home number. Good thing for caller ID… let the voicemail do the answering.

    Thanks to modern day technology and the internet, this kind of harassment or crime will forever continue. To the smart computer techie who knows how to finaggle information from data bases and internet sources, we as consumers shall forever fall victim to the sharks of the internet waves. All we can do to protect ourselves from becoming victimized is to be on our guard, know who you are dealing with, and take measures necessary to secure your financial well being. Thanks to sites such as this, we can be informed and pick up a few tips on what the average consumer can do to protect ourselves from getting “ripped off!”

    Aloha and stay safe everyone!!!!

  • anonymous

    these a$$holes got me too an im in PA tha 727 area code i didnt answer i knew it was sum kinda scam so i google’d the number, found at it was a florida area code, and got this site im extremely relieved that i am not alone in this they jus called a few minutes ago i aint answer but they stayed on the line an i got a voicemail but no one is actually talkin, i jus hear music an voices in tha background an a woman breathing (i can tell its a woman) i tell you what i had enuff a this $hit i gotta personal vendetta against these fu**ers an im on tha hunt!! (tha thing about is i too recently bought sum things from the internet; furthermore, last week i had looked into sum colleges down in tha florida area an put my number down on applications an whatnot) im settin out to do what tha fbi cant do RAMBO/TERMINATOR/DIE HARD STYLE!!!

  • some chick from MD

    I am also getting the calls from the 786-718-9058 number. I am a Verizon customer and have had my number for 8+ years. They told me that they couldn’t block just one number and my only option was to change my number….Sucks! I just wish that I spoke spanish. I know that at the end of the recording it says something about (forgive me for any bad spelling) marce el numero 8 y 0. I think it means to push number 80…

  • I. P. Freely

    It’s kind of funny, we were all called from this number, and corralled ourselves to this message board, and started handing out personal information. Albeit vague information, such as state and phone carrier, I still find it humorous that, while we’re all worred about identity theft, once we feel we’re in the presence of other victims, we are more willing to give up personal information. Just my crazy ramblings. Chalk up one more recipient of la estafa.

  • Live From Pa

    I googled and found this site when I recieved two phones calls from 786-718-9058 today with two voicemails with the spanish messages. I have previously gotten a few calls, but never called them . My friend in Florida says that 786 is a cell phone area code for the Keys.

  • Zach from MD

    I’m in Westminster,MD. I have verizon and a 410 area code. I just got a call from 786-718-9058 which was in spanish so I hung up. Then 15 minutes later I got a call from 305-940-0402 with the exact same spanish message. Weird huh.

  • hawaiian_son

    I think that most of us here have voicemail attached to their cells and home phones. Like Spam received through emails, the most we can do for now is let the voicemail service pick up the calls, then delete it afterwards. This kind of harassment will not stop, no matter what kind of threats are pushed in their faces. We can also throw all kinds of legal mumbo-jumbo into their ears, but it won’t have much of an impact to have them stop. I know that having to screen your incoming calls to weed out the ‘junk’ stuff can be a pain, but it’s about the only thing we can do for the moment.

    I had one call where this particular pharmacy company wanted me to purchase at least… $500 dollars worth of vitamins in order to claim my cash prize that I supposedly had won. That caller was so hot up in selling me the vitamins, that he was willing to stay on the line for 30 minutes while I drove home from work to retrieve my credit card (I told him I didn’t keep my credit cards with me and that I keep them at home). Duhhhh… how stupid this guy was. I just hung up the phone, but after a minute, the guy’s supervisor called me back and tried to push the drugs on me, and after I told him to bug off, he just swore at me and hung up. No skin off of my nose…

    So beware all, and be safe. Know how to protect yourselves accordingly from these scammers, and never, never, give out your card numbers to callers soliciting your numbers. Aloha no….

  • maryland

    sprint pcs here. 301 area code (maryland). rec’d call from this 768 number today and have received many calls from 305 area code in the last few months. I never answer my cell if I don’t recognize the number, since I don’t give out my cell to anyone other than family and close frineds. I have had this number for 8 or more years. i have many unused minutes each month. what could anyone possibly be getting out of this? what is the potential scam??? if it is just a recording and everyone is hanging up I’m not sure what they are gaining?

  • anonymous

    I’m from the 301 area code (maryland) as well. and I got the call on my cell phone from 786-718-9058 tonight at 6:51pm. I didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the number and they did not end up leaving a message. I googled the number because I have a friend down on vacation in the area code where the call came from and I didn’t know if they were trying to reach me. The google search led me to this page. Weird. I hope they don’t call anymore.

  • Well, I got a call from 786 718 9058 this afternoon. I didn’t answer. They left voicemail in spanish. I deleted it. I don’t see what the scam is but it’s annoying even if they can’t hurt ya.

    Thanks for this posting /site – I was wondering who the caller might be…

  • Portland, OR checking in with 786-718-9058. Like most folks, I Googled the number and found this place. I didn’t answer the phone (I’m at work), and now I know not to! Thanks!

  • Elias

    I just for a call from 786-718-9058 (in spanish). I followed a previous post advice and added them to my Addressbook as SCAM.
    Anyone report this yet?

  • On the calls from 786-718-9058, I traced the number to a cell phone company in South Florida. The URL link I included has the contact information for that company. Maybe if enough people call and complain to them maybe they will do something about all the calls.

  • K

    I have been receiving calls from this 786-718-9058 for the past 3 months. Sometimes 3-4 times a day… other times it’s once a week. It is ANNOYING as all get out!!
    I found this place on the web too… and this is what came up. Hope something happens to this jacka$$.

  • Katie

    i just got two 786 calls this morning, and I’ve had two in the past, but this is the first time i’ve had two in one day. I had no idea what they were till i came here. just fyi, i too have Cingular service from the DC area. this is friggin irritating.

  • J

    Wow. I had no idea so many people (especially ALL in the nearby Washington DC, VA, MD area!!) have the same problem w/ the same jerk (or jerks). I called CIngular today and asked if I could block this one number, but they just treated me like “aww. I’m sorry you don’t wanna answer phones from people you don’t like…” & they refused to even listen to the problem. I wish we can find a way to stop these stupid calls. (Hopefully, the HUUUUUUUGE wireless companies (Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, etc) can help.) I’ll constantly check back & see if anyone else found out anything about this. Please post something if you do. Thanks! & good luck.

  • Devan

    I just got a call from 727-541-0001 a few minutes ago. They haven’t left a message yet, but sometimes it takes a few minutes for my phone to recognize that I’ve received a voicemail. Not sure how they got my number, but I did use Expedia a couple of days ago. That’s the only purchase I’ve made online recently.

    Also, I’m in the Boston area, and have a Western Mass. phone number.

  • jason

    Your credit card companies are releasing this information to the side companies calling you on behalf of Consumer Innovations. I made very angry calls today and have been on them all day. If anyone finds out if this is true let me know!

  • Call Victim

    I got the call twice today from 786-718-9058. My cell phone is with Sprint in Northern Virginia. The calls are not going to the customers of just one cell phone company. And your cell phone company is not going to do anything about it (it doesn’t really hurt them).

    Currently, the most frequent complaint of calls from this number is that a hard to hear message in Spanish (and with significant static) asks the customer to press phone buttons to get a live person. It then hangs up.

    Complaints seem to point to a shady Miami/Dade based operation that is likely irresponsibly using an auto-dialer to scam either data, or personal information from the owners of the phone number. The tactics frequently change, but it usually involves multiple calls trying to get pieces of information from the phone number owner.

    If you are truly motivated to stop these people:

    1) Click here to file online a complaint with the FCC so they can keep track of which number this nuisance is coming from (it frequently changes).

    In the comments, state that company is “Illegally repeatedly contacting my cell phone with an autodialer and causing a nuisance. Please prosecute” State any suspected fraud attempts.

    2) Do the same for the state of Florida online here:

    3) If you feel you must call the number back (i.e. curiosity, ) first dial *67 (STAR 67) which is Caller ID Block, followed by the phone number you are calling back. Your phone number will not be transmitted to their Caller ID that way.

    4) Call and complain to the carrier Bell South (Florida) 1.866.620.6000 This is the central number and you will need to ask for a manager to handle a nuisance complaint about one of their customers.

    For Reference – Phone numbers involved in this and other recent scams have been:

    For the(305) numbers Bell South is definitely the registered carrier for these numbers. The (786) numbers above are very very likely Bell South as well

  • Subina

    I googled 786-718-9058 and here I am. I live in Atlanta and I’ve been getting calls from this number multiple times a week for a long time now. It’s a message in spanish. I called it back and got a voice mail message (in a spanish accent) saying how he wanted to torment cell phone users forever.

  • Big Apple

    The Spanish have now invaded NYC—I received a call from the 786 # at 11am this morning.

  • Mare

    to #226 Jason, it can’t be my credit card company! The only people I give my cell number to are my friends. I never put the number on anything else! This is why it makes no sense to me of how they are getting my number!

  • NoVa Girl

    Yep, both my boyfriend and I have received these calls. I have Cingular, he has Nextel, and both 703 area codes. I wonder why it seems to be concentrated in DC, VA, MD area??

  • confused

    i’m from the LA county area in California. i got the 786-718-9058 number too. today at 426pm and i didn’t answer. they didn’t leave a message. but what the heck is going on? do these people have nothing else to do with their lives?

  • Brittany

    I Searched 1-786-718-9058. That’s The Number That Keeps Callin’ Me.

    I Didn’t Answer The Phone.. But I Don’t Have A Credit Card Or Any Information From Anywhere. My Numbers Unlisted, So How Did They Get It? And They Called Me 2 Or 3 Times Then Set There Number To Private And Called Again! ..

  • Just wait-I can guarantee it will be your home phone next. I’ve been receiving the same calls for a month now. Forget about the donotcall.gov, I got on when it was first announced and it’s like I sent the vultures a ‘Free Meal’ card because my telemarketing calls got worse!

  • hawaiian_son

    Well, as of March 1st, had not received any other calls from those scammers. Guess they got tired of talking to my voicemail, or maybe they know that a lot of people here are catching on to their scams and just aren’t listening to what they have to say.

  • Chaim

    I just got my first one from 786-718-9058 this morning. Woke me up which was quite rude. Naturally google sent me here. At least I know I dont have to call them back

  • Justin

    I just got the 786 call again. I’ve been getting this call many times over the past several months. I’m in the northern VA area (703) as well. Several of my family members are also getting this same call.

  • Victim

    Yup! got one today again from 786 718 9058.
    I also got one from 305 358 6913. When I did a google search with this number, it leads me to someone named Cynthia Overton , and it even provides me with an address (at 1212 NW 1st Pl, Miami, FL 33136) and google map location.
    Anyone lives in Miami? Please search this person down.

  • superwmnk

    I keep getting these calls as well. It leaves a voicemail in spanish. I tried to call back & it is either busy, or I get a message that it is “Jeff Johnson” and I can’t leave any messages at this time. I called my cell company & they said they could not do anything about it. I’m in the 703 area code as well.

  • Kelly

    I did more research on this number everyone is getting calls from. As have I been recieving calls like this as well. First I entered the number (786) 718-9058 into http://www.whitepages.com. From there I found the company so I did a search for the company and I found these sites:
    http://www.telcodata.us [more]

    I hope this info helps everyone in some way if for nothing else then to put something at the other end of the line. Perhaps there is a way to stop this nonsense with the information obtained now.

  • Kelly

    Another site you might find of interest…
    http://www.commpartners.us. I’m assuming this is the company behind the calls. From the search results I got from my above searches and more in depth search on the company itself.

  • Kelly

    Phone NumbersCompanies Registered to those numbers
    786-718-9058—Commpartners, Llc
    305-358-6913—Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel
    305-940-0402—Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel
    305-371-7266—Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel
    305-371-5390—Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel
    786-316-0737—Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel
    727-541-0001—Verizon Florida Inc

  • Moses

    Same thing as everyone else. 786 number; spanish message; live in DC area; T-mobile; called today at 11:45am

  • 727-541-0001 here, i’m on Cingular. Bet they’re just war-dialing/brute forcing numbers, as I *never* give out my cell number.

  • Donna

    This 786-718-9058 problem is more wide spread than I had relized. Like everyone else I Googled the number to see where it would take me. I to am outside of DC in VA.

    In our house we have 4 Cingular numbers, none have been made public, but all of us are getting these calls. Cingular says they cannot and will not do anything. Thet claim we posted our numbers, NOT. Then the Cingular manager said that people can steal your number and anyones number in your phone while you are talking. They then sell the numbers the legimate businesses. Because these calls are primarily coming to cell phones maybe our phones have been infiltrated while we were talking.

    Needless to say Cingular says it is not thier problem.

  • Max

    FYI: I’m getting the 786-718-9058 calls from a Spanish speaker as well. I have considerable experience in the telecom industry and in my opinion I think our phone numbers got to this outfit from our cell phone companies through the illegal deeds of an employee. How? Nextel, Sprint, and Cingular all use the same billing system (Amdocs) and outsource it to the same company (Amdocs) It may be likely an IT employee who works for this outfit and has access to all our numbers (which they do) sold a copy of them.

  • Mira

    SO FAR I got 3 phone calls from 786.718.9058… how do i stop it!!!????? HELPPP!!!

  • dave

    i just got called by the 786-718-9058 number. i’m in la and i’m a verizon customer. thanks everone for posting. this is very strange.

  • SET YOUR NUMBER UP HERE. if they don’t obey this then you can submit the info there. IT WORKS FOR MOBILE PHONES TOO


  • Dan

    I just got a call from 786-718-9058 too… I’m in the Boston area, w/ a T-Mobile cell phone.

  • JJ

    In Boston on T-Mobile cell phone – just got a call today – looks like it happened to #250 also…

  • grrr….

    i’m in boston with t-mobile too and I got the 786 call this morning at 10:51….

    I already filed a complaint with the FCC and i’m going to call t-mobile when i get out of work…

  • Nancy

    So…all this is going on, and neither the FCC nor the FBI are willing to do anything about it? Somebody needs to start a lawsuit against Amdocs.

  • horse

    I’m a 703 number in northern VA and I’ve gotten about 5 of these calls too. has anyone called 786-718-9058—Commpartners, Llc, to check if they own this number?

  • Kat

    It’s quite obvious from everybody the calls don’t make any sense. Think about it….so who benefits from all of these bogus calls?? The friggin phone company!! Check your bill, folks.

  • horse

    hey, who deleted my last comment?????????????

  • Shelley

    Just recieved a call from 786-718-9058. I answered because a lot of my friends are in Iraq & Afghanistan, and I thought it may be a calling card number. Just a bunch of garbled spanish.
    I have Sprint service, and my last name is nowhere close to being spanish.
    I googled it like everyone else and wound up here.
    Not sure how they got my number.
    Wont be answering it again!!

  • Shelley

    P.S. I live in North Carolina, near Raleigh.

  • Turtle

    I got a call from that same number, 786-718-9058 a couple of times in the last few months. I always answered but the recording was in Spanish. I just received another call from it today when I finally decided to look it up online to see if I could find any info about what it is. Is there anything we can do to stop them calling?

  • JP

    Northern VA.
    Pinged twice by 9058 on Feb 25th.

  • Igor

    Got a call from 786-718-9058 ten minutes ago, Maryland, Sprint cell. Is there a way to complain/stop? I think there is a law against solicitations calls on mobile phones.

  • A.M.

    I also got a call from 786-718-9058 a few minutes ago, and i got a call from the same number 2-3 weeks ago but I thought it was a wrong number.. Is there a way to block the number so they don’t call anymore? How do they even get our numbers?

  • What’sgoingon

    Just thought you’d lke to know that I am from just south of the Texas capital and received a missed call and voicemail earlier this evening since my phone was on silent ring. Unless I missed it, no one on here is from Texas. ‘Hope someone stops it.

  • whaatever

    just got a call from that #, my TMobile register in LA and i m roaming in New Haven, CT. Damn, why they picked me?

  • AndyG

    I called Commpartners to complain and they were pretty useless. You get transferred around and eventually end up in a voicemailbox. Maybe someone else could try at:
    3291 N. Buffalo Drive
    Suite 3
    Las Vegas, NV 89129
    Phone: (702) 367-VOIP (8647)
    Fax: (702) 365-VOIP (8647)

    I’m in the process of calling Sprint to see if I can block this number…

  • Spam

    Just got a call from 786-718-9056 on my cell phone (Maryland, area code 240) about ten minutes ago. I understand enough Spanish to realize it was a telemarketer telling me something about a free gift, so I Googled and landed here.

    Yes, unsolicited telemarketing calls to cell phones is definitely illegal. I hope there’s something being done about these people.

  • Angry

    Received a call from 786-718-9056 on my Sprint cell phone at 4:30PM March 4, 2006. Googled the number and ended up here.

    Please, contact the FCC and complain about this.

  • Jill

    i just received the call from 786-718-9058, as well.
    i have before and picked up, only to hear someone speaking in spanish and, having taken spanish for four years, what i could make out of it was that it was a recording trying to tell me that i had won some sort or a reward.
    now i dont pick up because i can’t take this. it needs to be stopped. how are they getting our numbers?

  • Maria

    I just received a call from 786-718-9058. I picked up, and it was a recorded message in Spanish that said “Thanks for being our customer, to claim your prize, press 1, and you will be directed to the correct department”. I of course hung up. I wonder if I will be charged for these calls…

  • Tim

    Bob — Thanks very much for posting about your experiences and for getting this thread started. It’s good to know we’re not alone in this.

    Within the past week, both my wife and I have started receiving calls from the now infamous 786-718-9058 number. It’s the same goofy message that others have described, in Spanish. It’s a short message, and then they hang up.

    We’re in Northern VA. My wife received two calls on a cell that she has through Virgin Mobile, and one call on her very new (two week old) cell through Cingular. I’ve had one call on my Virgin Mobile cell. They have not yet pinged my Cingular cell. We also have a land line through Verizon, which has not yet been pinged.

    It seems that a lot of us are from MD/DC/VA and that they seem to be targeting cells. Has anyone noticed any other patterns?

  • rosemont

    T-Mobile, DC, was called today. Called back, ‘msl001, the mobile customer does not answer the call, please call again later’.

  • Maryland

    Cingular, MD, Answered to a pre-recorded message in spanish.

  • Jay

    They seem to be dialing numbers at random in areas with high hispanic populations…I wouldn’t be surprised if they are doing pretty well. After the elderly, targetting a growing population of illegal immigrants is probably second easiest. I am glad to hear that it’s just telemarketing, and not someone calling telling people that they are the INS and demanding money. Don’t get any ideas…

  • As everyone else, I got the 786-718-9058 number. I filed a complaint at the FCC from one of the posts above.

    Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Not cool

    I do not understand why they would call mostly english speaking people? DC/MD/VA area has a large hispanic population. I wonder if that is the target. I live in MD and got a call this morning I did not pick it up. But I have picked up calls in the past due to the fact my phone is for business. I would just get someone speaking spanish or someone asking for “Rosa” Ive have my phone for three years, I dont know why people still call for “rosa”. No one left a message this morning. I though something was up because it was not a east coast area code. Also, can you not help to notice that maybe cingular or tmobile (my server) sold our numbers to companies?

  • cafe

    I just got a call from 786-718-9058 and L didnt answer then I looked it up online see what this number is now im here

  • NJ

    Im in phoenix Arizona, and I just got the 786-718-9058 number. didnt pick up cause i didnt recognize it plus i google it while it was ringing and it said florida so i was like WTF?!?! But, I think its kinda cool how there is a blog about a telephone number. LOL

  • Erika

    I work for a cell phone company who has had 9000+ calls in one weekend from this 786-718-9058 number. The company who owns the # is trying to get it shut down but it appears someone might be spoofing the #.

    I’m still not sure what this recording is trying to achieve, but I doubt it will last much longer. The phone company who owns the # has had a lot of complaints from several companies. Our call centers are going nuts w/ complaints from customers. My company is also taking legal action in regards, but if someone is spoofing the #, it will be harder to figure out.

    It’s pretty amazing that this one # has attacked probably a 100s of thousands of phones by now w/ calls. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I wish I knew exactly what the recording said.

    This recording is also using the 305-371-7266 # as well, but so far, it’s only called 3 of our cell phones. I wish I could say that other companies are doing the same as mine to make this harassment stop, but I’m not so sure about it as I’m involved in a message board w/ people from pretty much every other cellular company & even though I mentioned this, no one seems to know anything about it, even though I know people from Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, T-Mobile, etc are all getting the calls as well.

    My curiosity on this is driving me insane.

  • Erika

    BTW… to make it a bit more clear, according to the company who owns the 786-718-9058 #, they’re not seeing the usage that everyone is getting… so it is looking like the # is being spoofed… therefore, any info you pull up on that particular # & where it’s coming from, is probably moot.

  • wildviolette

    I am in Chicago and I got the 786-718-9058 call today. How many of these can I expect to get on my cell? It’s a total pain in my butt!

  • Erika

    Found this website: It has a lot of info on it about these #s.

  • dcg

    305 358 6913 – spanish call.
    I pressed 1 and it hung up…

  • A’s fan

    I live in San Jose CA…Just got a call from 786-718-9058!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Erika


    What you say may be true, but your comment on entering a phone # somewhere online or in a database might not be.

    I know someone who literally JUST changed their # & then just got the call…

    I honestly believe these numbers are @ random… or not the user’s fault.

  • Jojo

    Just received a call to my (408) Cingular cell phone at around 5:30 pst today. Did not hear it ring and did not answer… no message was left. Luckily, they have not called me back in the last few hours… knock on wood!

  • Anonymous

    Add to the list the 713 (Houston) area code, as of 3/8 at 10:30 a.m. For what it’s worth, it does seem to be targeted at metro areas with Hispanic populations. In all likelihood the “company” behind the calls (which as noted is clearly spoofing the 786 number and could be located in Timbuktu or Tijuana) purchased a list not of individual cell phone numbers, but of blocks of numbers used by carriers. For example, in Houston, T-Mobile may own 713-555-1000 through 713-555-8000, plus many other blocks. Given that there is no pattern here other than primarily cell phones being called (and with number portability, some home phones will inevitably get calls, but only a handful) in specific metro areas (conceivably in numerical order, too…area code 702, 703, 713, etc.), then all we can do is complain to our carriers and the FCC in large numbers. I will add the FCC info to my blog in hopes of generating more complaints to help end this problem. (http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/cib/fcc475.cfm)



  • Confused

    Hey, I just recently recieved the phone call. I thought it was a friend, I tried to reverse look it up and I am here. I have a 732 area code and have not purchased anything in months. Did the FCC do anything?



  • Austin

    Just got zapped in Austin by 786-718-9058. Figured I’d better post just so someone can track the pattern of cities and dates. Called my wife’s cell to warn her not to answer, but too late. She already answered a few times already. Complained to FCC and our provider T-Mobile.

  • Arlington, VA

    2 calls to my Verizon cell from 786-718-9058 in the last 2 hours. Applied for a mortgage last week and gave them my cell number. No other purchases that included that number.

    Wondering if they’re just rolling through numbers or if someone’s customer list has been snagged.

  • Dallas TX

    I got a call from the 786 718 9058 at 1:50, in the middle of third period! I wonder if losing my cell phone to a teacher makes the caller and accessory? 🙂

  • Northern VA

    2 calls to my Sprint cell phone from 786-718-9058 in the last 1 week. It is a spanish recording. Googled and came here. This is really crazy. I don’t know what they are trying to achieve from this.

  • Steven

    I have received calls from 786-718-9058 twice now. Once I was away and it left the garbled message — I actually have it saved on my phone. I just relistened to it and I can confirm what post 161 says:

    “Usted a agotado todas las opciones. Esta semana sera desconectada. Gracias”

    That is what it says or is extremely close to it. They left a message on March 3rd and I just got another call today from it.

    A few posts above mention that “John Johnson” was listed on the voicemail. It’s theoretically possible that this was a real name and that someone is doing some caller id spoofing to harass that user. I get an error when I try and call the number back. Perhaps this is some kind of virus that’s dialing out from infected VoIP trunks and it hasn’t been shut off yet? I am really doubting that the 718# is really what is dialing us. If any of you get this on your house line or forward from your cell to your house — you can try hitting *57 (call trace). It’s possible that the real phone information might get recorded.. assuming that it’s fake. Note: depending on where you live you might need a police officer or court order in order to get the details from your phone company.

    If anyone has any more details – [Personal contact info deleted]

  • New Jersey

    got a call & msg from that 786 number 1:40PM

    person #293 got his or her call like at 1:50PM


    i was in spanish class

    and then after class i listened, sounded like spanish..

    pretty scary.

  • VA

    I got a call on my Cingular phone at 7:40 today… I’m in the northern VA area and I have never put my number online or given it to anyone but my family and a few close friends. Just for the record.

  • Phoenix, AZ 480 area code

    I just got hit today in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ area code at 8:47 PM from the 786-718-9058. I have Verizon Wireless. I agree with everyone…this is extremely annoying. However, I doubt that they have any banking account #’s or other sensitive data. I hope that the FTC will get off their ass and do something about this. How can a company get away with annoying thousands of people a day.

  • Matthew

    I got a call from the 786-718-9058 at 6:46pm PST. I missed the call but they left an automated statement, in spanish, on my voicemail. Just called back the number, got a message stating that the mobile phone customer does not answer. The 786# is out of Miami FL. I used phone finder http://www.fonefinder.net/ to find out where the call came from. I would have used Anywho http://www.anywho.com/index.html for a reverse look-up but cell phones are not listed. Intelius https://find.intelius.com/ may have the answer but they charge $14.95 for the information.

  • Matthew

    Also the ph#786-718-9058 cellular service provider is COMMPARTNERS out of FL.

  • Annoyed

    Got the 786-718-9058 call on a Cingular cell phone that very few people know the number of, in MA, at ~5pm EST.

  • senor explosion

    ot the 786 number on my new verizon wireless cell phone. march 9th, 1:16 PM. googled it and got here, like everyone else.

    we just bought this plan a couple of weeks ago. i didnt answer it, but it is odd because i get no service in my work and yet that one came through.


    in northern VA if it means anything to anyone.

  • Erika

    786-718-9058 HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED!

    …but it’s still calling everyone.

    The number has been SPOOFED.

    The only people who might be able to do anything from here on out is the FCC. There are websites that sell spoof cards which will give up their records if they are subpeonaed but that’s about it. 🙁

  • Tim

    I just got the call from 786-718-9058 (again) and googled and found this. Talk about weird – it’s amazing that so many folks like me have been annoyed enough to google and report this. I contacted the Washington Post and Fox News who make it convenient to report news items and told them about this site. You all should contact your papers as well. Enough news hounds covering this and it will get taken care of 😉

  • Dave

    Just received a call from 786-718-9058 on my Cingular wireless. Spanish. Terminated call. Called number back. Automated message: “MSL 01. The mobile customer you have called does not answer. Please try your call again later.” Would seem to indicate that number is valid; is a cell phone number; and phone not turned on. Could have number spoofed I suppose.

  • Mark

    I feel kinda special now, I missed a call from the 786-718-9058 number and found this page. I’m glad to know that someone is starting to telemarket to cellphones. I always wondered what took them so long. Viva la telemarketing!!!

    Oh BTW, I’m in Atlanta on T-Mobile.

  • AustinTX

    Just got the called as well.

  • dcg

    Called agan today!

  • evansls

    I just had my first encounter with this phone number today. i googled the number and found this site! i asked some folks around my office if they received the same phone call. my co-workers get this same call about 3 times a week! i called verizon and they said there’s nothing they can do about it except change your phone number. i’m in DC/metro area.

  • Add my name to the list. Got called by the mysterious Spanish voice at 786-718-9058.

    I have an Austin, TX number and my provider is Cingular pre-paid.

  • Seattle22_

    I’ve heard about some technology that allows people to pick up cell phone numbers by aiming some device at a person who is using a cell phone. Also heard that cellphone users in cars can be vulnerable to something called Bluetooth technology.

  • ej22

    i have the same problem. i just received one of those 786’s calls myself. this is the second time this week. the first time was 2 days ago but i didnt pick up and no message was left. today’s was a quick spanish speaking voice that was close to gibberish to me. i have a t-mobile plan

  • underdog7

    yup, i got a call from 786-718-9058 just a few minutes ago,i have cingular. im in VA. this is the first time, but ill just have wait and see if any more come…

  • Frustrated

    I’ve gotten continuous (at least 1/day for the past week) calls from both- 727-541-0001 and 786-718-9058… lucky me. I am upset that innocent people are getting scammed and the FBI refuses to look into anything under $25k in losses. I think I speak for everyone in saying that these companies and their associates need a taste of their own medicine. I motion getting media attention and a class action law suit. Any seconds?

  • ABC

    this is so weird.
    I’m in los angeles (cingular user).
    I got the call from 786-718-9058
    on my cellphone, too.

  • San Francisco

    oh this is some kind of strange hundreds (actually thousands) have received this call only the few have looked into it via google.

    Here is a couple of new #’s 336-522-8998, 336-522-8999!

    Anyone good at math?

  • Lisa

    My hubby and I subscribed to Cingular about a month ago and have received regular calls and messages from 786-718-9058. Always a spanish recording.

  • A Smith

    My GF and I both got the call today. Northern VA/SprintPCS.

  • Brian

    My two cents: live in Washington DC and have received this quite a number of times, most recently this afternoon (3/10/06 2:05pm est). I recommend that everyone follow the recommendation above from Bliffle: add these numbers to your phone book and put “SCAM” as the name. You should be able to put multiple phone numbers into the same name. You should also be able to change the ringer (i.e. turn it off) when they call. That way, you don’t race to the phone only to see the damn number on there.

  • VA

    Just received one today at 1:20 – same thing prerecorded spanish speaking message.

    We have 2 cell phones (numbers close together). We received our 1st spanish call a in February. I didn’t think much about it, but one cell phone received the call, within 20 minutes the other phone received the call. I’m guessing since this happened so close together and the numbers are close together that it is a random calling.
    After receiving several of these calls I googled the number – and found this site. I called my cell phone company and they recommended filing a complaint with FCC and FTC (federal trade commission), but the only thing that they could do is to change my phone number (there is no way to block just one number). It sounds like changing the phone number will not matter, since some of you just purchased the phone and have already gotten call. I have filed complaints to FCC and FTC (FCC recomended reporting to FTC), and have placed the cell numbers on the do not call list (of course this will change nothing). If everyone on this list has filed a complaint with the FCC then I would HOPE that they would try to do something.

  • Amanda

    I am in TX w/t-mobile and recieved a call from 786-718-9058 didn’t answer and when I called back I got a message saying “MSL01 the mobile customer you are calling does not answer please try your call again later.”

  • April

    Sprint PCS, NC – I received a bogus ‘en espanol’ call from 786-718-9058. I’m going to try the FCC and see if that helps any. Otherwise, I am going to do as some have suggested and add the # to my phone book, titled Scam or something just as deserving!

  • Northern Virginia

    I got the call from 786 718 9058 this morning around 11:03. I was asleep so I didnt answer, but they left a message. When i checked my voice mail I was in a bad reception area so I didnt exactly hear what it said and I just deleted it. Im in Alexandria in the Northern Virginia area.

  • Emma

    I think the person is dialing random numbers. I’ve had 2 voicemails from 786-718-9058- in unintelligible Spanish. No one has my cell number- since it’s a pay-as-you go, and I only use it to make calls- rarely. I’m in Northern Virginia- the calls came in last week.

  • no

    786-718-9058 is pissing me off.

  • NoVA in SoCal

    I’ve been getting these calls from (786) 718-9058 for a couple of weeks now, as so many before I googled this morning and found this thread. Thank you Bob!!

    I came to the same conclusion that the number had been spoofed, probably a VoIP program running an autodialer. Is this the new spam?

    I’m on Cingular, talked to them today and was told that I can’t block an individual number, I can only block all calls outside my contact list. Grrr.

    Thanks to everyone who posted relevant information about the FCC and where to report things.

    Also on a 703 number

  • I just got a call from 786-718-9058, ignored it and got the tail end of a recording. I’m not fluent in Spannish, but even if I was I wouldn’t understand what they said *mumble mumble mumble*.

  • JOE

    I receive the message from 786 718 9058 this afternoon too. Very strange! WHY??? sprint

  • roman Chavez

    what is the deal with this shit

  • JAM/Sac

    I jsut got a call from 786-718-9058 no message, but do we think anything can be done to catch these creeps?

  • Tim

    The big question that I have is this: What are they trying to accomplish?

    Has anyone been able to translate the message that is being left? What is it that they are trying to get us to do? To buy something? To call a certain number? To hold for a “live” operator?

    The other question that I have is: Why only cell phones? If they are using a random dialer, then why would it only hit cells?

    And finally, why do they call the same number multiple times? If all they’re doing is to try to get a list of active cell numbers, you’d think they’d try each number once, log that it is a good #, and then leave it at that.

    They’ve hit no less than 4 cells that my family owns. Two of them are very new — less than a month old. We’re in VA, all 703 numbers.

  • WARNING…New Credit Card Scam
    This one is pretty slick since they provide YOU with all the information, except the one piece they want. Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it.

    This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard Telephone Credit Card Scam works, you’le better prepared to protect yourself. One of our employees was called on > Wednesday from “VISA”, and I was called on Thursday from “MasterCard”.

    The scam works like this:

    Person calling says, “This is (name), and I’m calling from the
    > Security and Fraud Department at VISA. My Badge number is 12460 Your card has > been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern, and I’m calling to verify. This would be on your VISA card which was issued by (name of bank). Did you purchase an Anti-Telemarketing Device for $497.99 from a Marketing company based in Arizona?” When you say “No”, the caller continues with, “Then we will be issuing a credit to your account. This is a company we have been watching and the charges range from $297 to $497, just under the $500 purchase pattern that flags os crds. Before your next statement, the credit will be sent to
    (gives you your address), is that correct?”

    You say “yes”. The caller continues – “I will be starting a Fraud investigation. If you have any questions, you should call the 1- 800 number listed on the back of your card (1-800-VISA) and ask for Security. You will need to refer to this Control Number. The caller then gives you a 6 digit number. “Do you need me to read it again?”

    Here’s the IMPORTANT part on how the scam works:

    The caller then says, “I need to verify you are in possession of your
    card”. He’ll ask you to “turn your card over and look for some numbers”. There are 7 numbers; the first 4 are part of your card number, the next 3 are the security Numbers’ that verify you are the possessor of the card. These are the numbers you sometimes use to make Internet purchases to prove you have the card. The caller will ask you to read the 3 numbers to im. Ater yu tell the caller the 3 numbers, he’ll say, “That is correct, I just needed to verify that the card has not been lost or stolen, and that you still have your card.

    Do you have any other questions?” After you say No, the caller then thanks you and states, “Don’t hesitate to call back if you do”, and hangs up. You actually say very little, and they never ask for or tell you the Card number.

    But after we were called on Wednesday, we called back within 20 minutes to ask a question. Are we glad we did! The REAL VISA Security Department told us it was a scam and in the last 15 minutes a new purchase of $497.99 was charged to our card.

    Long story made short – we made a real fraud report and closed the VISA account. VISA is reissuing us a new number. What the scammers want is the 3-digit PIN number on the back of the card. Don’t give it to them. Instead, tell them you’ll call VISA or Master card directly for verification of their conversation. The real VISA told us that they will never ask for anything on the card as they already know the information since they issued the card!

    If you give the scammers your 3 Digit PIN Number, you think you’re receiving a credit. However, by the time you get your statement you’ll see charges for purchases you didn’t make, and by then it’s almost to late and/or more difficult to actually file a fraud report.

    What makes this more remarkable is that on Thursday, I got a call from a “Jason Richardson of MsterCar” with word-for-word repeat of the VISA scam. This time I didn’t let him finish. I hung up! We filed a police report, as instructed by VISA. The police said they are taking several of these reports daily! They also urged us to tell everybody we know that this scam is happening.



  • Gordon

    My parents have been getting the same calls. I am so thankfull that you have taken the time to educate people like me about this. I did a google search on this number and found this info. Thank you!!!

  • D

    Okay looks like most of these seem to be from the MD/DC/VA and surrounding areas. I’m from MD and have been getting them myself. I hate to tell you this but all phone companies (just like credit card companies) sell phone list.
    Unless like on your land line phone you have paid them for it to be non published…
    And just like the phone books you receive each year the phone companies are currently puttting together a cell phone book that will be printed and sent out with your phone books.
    First of all to somewhat protect your public number go to the Do Not Call Registry and add your phone number (land line or wireless) if after 31 days you still get these bogas phone calls go back to the DNCR and report it, the FCC will investigate. Also don’t believe your phone company when they tell you there is nothing they can do (at least not in this day in age), After all you are getting charged everytime one of these BOGAS calls come in and unless you call and have them remove the charge in minutes or price you are paying for them. The phone companys can stop these annoying calls and remember if they refuse it certainly looks like there are enough people on here (and more out there) to start a class action suit against all the phone companies.

  • botvic

    In this (crime) situation, what’s the solution ?
    spending many times with such company, and leaving hack for food, leaving school for food ???


  • jdb

    I have been getting the spanish calls from these two numbers:
    305-416-4513 and 786-879-6669
    I am in SW Florida, on Cingular.

  • Like many of you here, I found this website after googling the unkown call from 786-718-9058. I received the call at 12:38 pm PST on my cingular account. I did not answer and I did not call back.

  • julie

    haha. the number 786 718 9058 called me today. I’m in massachusetts. I never answer phone calls from unnknown numbers, and they didn’t leave a message. Glad I didn’t pick up.

  • GatorGal

    I just got a call from 786-879-6669 also a Cingular customer. I didn’t answer b/c I’m in Atlanta and didn’t recognize it as a local number.

  • qwerty

    I 2 received a call from the florida based (google enlightened me on this)number 786-879-6669. I googled it and behold I am here on this site only to find this is long running nuisance ,me being the latest victim …And behold as I am typing this message I have JUST got it on my old cell PHone 2….
    Ane solutions to this Problem…..BTW both my phones are with T Mobile

  • icelax

    i just got the 786-879-6669 call on my sprint cell.

  • NewCingularCustomer

    Just got (but didn’t pick up) a call from 786-879-6669.

  • L.

    Just got one from the most recent Florida number someone posted.

    I’m in the San Francisco area. 925 area code.

    I hit “0” hoping I could get a live person (my parents are en route to Florida, and that was the only connection I have to that state — besides some friends who don’t have my cell #).

    Very weird.

  • b

    live in sw fl, have recieved calls from 786.879.6669, and 786.316.0737. upon investigation, they are cell phones out of miami. also know friends who are recieving same calls.

  • penguingirl

    I’m in Arizona, and I’ve had the recorded calls from 786-879-6669 in Spanish the past two days… they even leave messages on my voicemail!

  • L

    I live in Los Angeles, CA.
    I just got one from 786.879.6669
    I have TMobile.
    I didn’t pick up but called back and said the mobile user was disconnected our ut of range.

  • Corrie

    Got a missed call from the 786-879-6669 number at 6:53 PM. No message was left. I’m in the metro-Boston area, but my cell phone number is based in a largely Spanish-speaking area. If I get any more calls, I’ll definitely be following the links above to make an FCC complaint.

  • El Bastardo

    I got a call from 786-879-6669 on my AT&T/Cingular phone at 8:23 PM Eastern Time on 3/23 too. My phone is a New Jersey phone. I was just getting on an airplane, so I wasn’t able to answer. No VM and I get the same automated message when calling it back.

  • VidaLoca

    This is crazy. I just got a call from the 786-879-6669 number, too. I’ve been getting calls from different numbers with lots of different area codes over the last 6 months with spanish messages and thought nothing of it. People call me with the wrong number all the time.

    I didn’t think until today to actually google the number and look what I found! This is crazy (I already said that, huh?). I thought I was the only one that googled unknown numbers. Haha…

    I’m from Atlanta, GA and I got the call at exactly 9:51 this morning.

    It seems like around the 20th, they either changed their number or added another, since I see that the most recent posts speak of the number ending with 6669. And a lot of the new calls are to Atlanta. What in the world is this?

  • jbroome

    786-879-6669 just came in to my cingular phone in NC. Spanish recording, etc.

  • SH

    I’m in NC. I got a call from 786-879-6669 this morning at 10:15am. Yesterday, someone made an unauthorized charge on my bank card…I don’t know if the two are related. I got the same automated message when I called them back.

  • kmh

    in NC just got a call from 786-879-6669 @ 11:57; spanish recording and all.

  • tom

    Ugh, I just got a call (on my cell) from this number… I didn’t answer it since I don’t know anyone that has a phone number ending in 0001. The funny thing is that it happened right when I was in the middle of researching email scams and adding new scam subject lines to my company’s junk mail filter. Odd timing.

    I rarely give my cell # out, but I did recently make purchases at Gateway.com and GNC.com. I’m going to assume that Gateway didn’t give it out… I wonder about GNC though. Has anyone else made online purchases with either of these company’s prior to getting the calls?

    btw, great blog!

  • PDubs

    Like most of you, I rec’d my 786-879-6669 call last night. Sounded like it was prerecorded message in Spanish because as I listened to it, the start of the message already had someone well into a sentence.

  • John

    ever think that mayb there’s a connection between everyone receiving these calls?

  • Leslie

    they call me same time every day like clock work, i am in north texas, none of the phone companies will help me

  • jazz

    I received a call yesterday at about 7 pm from the 786-879-6669 too. My number is also in a Spanish speaking area but in western Massachusetts.

  • glitch23

    Same, New Jersey, about 2:38pm, didnt pick up because i was at work…. Left a VM with the spanish recording

  • Bethany

    i got a missed call last night from a number i didnt recognise so naturally i called it back and its a florida number 786-879-6669 and it of course goes to a message that says “the wireless customer you are trying to reach is unavailable or out of the service area” i thought perhaps it was my ex who is in florida right now.. but i googled it and was lead here.. i also have gotten calls from the 305 area code but usually missed the calls and called back and gotten the same thing and i dont even have a credit card.. i live in NC

  • Verizon Users

    Just got a call from 786-879-6669. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the “A day without Latinos” thing. Can anyone who speaks Spanish interpret the message?

  • denise

    just rc’vd 2 calls from 786-879-6669. i think they say you have a prize that needs to be claimed press 1 for central office. Whatever!!!!

  • denise

    Forgot to mention that I’m in W. Texas

  • Sully

    Got a call from 786-879-6669 at 6:57 pm. Didnt answer, but called back getting the “out of service” recording. Googled the area code and found it was from Florida. Upon seeing this, I googled the entire number and found this. And I am glad I did. (T-Mobile by the way)

  • axe

    Got the call at 5:20 PM today the 24th in Chicago. (Sprint)

  • John

    (786) 879-6669. I got a call for the second time now at 8:19 pm est. No message and did not call back. Nextel/Rhode Island.

  • Bill

    Got a call from this number on the Vonage IP phone
    in New Jersey.

  • Ariel

    I got that same number (786) 879-6669 on my sprint phone. I dont know where it’s coming from. I called it back and it was just a recording saying that the mobile customer is unavailable or traveled outside the coverage area. They also recently called my dad and uncle who both have different last names and have nextel. They left a message and it was a spanish speaking man. I also live in New Jersey.

  • Steve

    Just received a call on my business cell (Sprint) from the (786) 879-6669 number. I’m in Chicago and When I googled the number it showed up as a Miami Florida number. No name or address, just that it was a cell phone. Just thought I would let everyone know.

  • anon

    I got a call from (786) 879-6669, no message. I’m in eastern Massachusetts, on Virgin Mobile cell. I wonder if they look at this webpage for fun? Gee, they’d probably make more money working this hard being NICE to people in a LEGIT business! I looked up this number on Google because I get so few calls on this phone and I don’t know anyone in 786.

  • D

    Me too — also in eastern Massachusetts on Cingular. Crazy Spanish recording.

  • Received one of these calls from 786-879-6669 at 2:48pm today (Saturday) on my Sprint cell phone here in Austin TX. Didn’t answer. I got a bunch of similar calls a few months ago to two different Sprint cell phones and my home number (SBC, Austin). The home number one I answered (no caller ID there) and it was definitely the Spanish call with the “press 1 for central office” thing at the end. Obviously an auto-dialer.

  • freaked out!

    i got the call from 786-879-669 on thursday. my fried, rm got the call about an hour ago. we are only teenagers. what would they want with us? we don’t have credit cards or anything. i’m getting really freaked out right now!

  • rm

    today, i was called by the number 786-879-6669 and missed the call. my best friend was called on thurs and also missed the call they didnt leave a message either time. i am thinking that they have found some info on us and have traced it back to our phones. our phones have different services, mine a tracfone and hers a t-mobile. please help us find out who it is

  • Steve

    Just got a call from 786-879-6669. I did not answer, I called back it sais cell cust out of range.

  • brandy

    Found this site from a Google search. My husband got a call from the 786-879-6669 number. We are in Austin, TX. He didn’t answer, they didn’t leave a message.

  • freaked out!

    P.S. me and my friend, rm, (#376) live in the metro-Atlanta area. i am getting really ticked off at these freaks. i wish they would call again soon so i can learn SOMETHING. it was a missed call the first time they called. what do they want? i have nothing to give!

  • AustinToo

    I live in Austin also and received the call from 786-879-669 3/25 in the afternoon. I have Cingular, and I didn’t answer it. They left a very brief, garbled, message in Spanish that I didn’t understand.

  • Dave

    Got this call, too, from 786-879-6669 to my cell phone. I didn’t answer the call. I’m (and my area code) at a Chicago west subur with T-Mobile. Very few spanish speaking people in this area, though.

  • Just got this call too. Weird. I purchased some cigars online recently but have been buying them forever from the same company. This is the first call. Hopefully wont get one everyday like some of these people.

  • Another one

    Called by 786-879-6669 twice today at 3:40 pm &8:40 pm on my Sprint cell in NJ. Missed both calls and since the number seemed odd, I Googled it. They left no message.

    It sounds like they’ve accessed credit reports en masse, which yields access to card numbers, names and addresses – they can buy them from Experian, Equifax, etc. Our cell phone companies also sell cell phone records, so that may be a factor. My cell has no connection to any of my credit cards, which reflects what many people have said here.

    If Visa/Mastercard (both are associations) have enough chargebacks and choose to do an investigation of this vendor or vendors, they have the best chance of stopping these people and uncovering who they are and what they really are doing, along with how they are doing it. If they hold a merchant account, the issuing bank has a lot of information on them which will be readily available to the Visa and Mastercard associations, including their bank information.

    If they have a merchant account, rules are strict, and given the complaints, you’d think it would have been revoked by now. So perhaps there are several people using serveral accounts through several processors.

    Having read all the posts(!), I doubt these calls are a result of anyone buying something at a particular online site. This sounds like data mining or some kind of mass access to credit reporting information.

    Also, as someone noted earlier, phone numbers on your caller ID can be “spoofed” with certain devices, so you really can’t be 100% sure where a call is truly coming from.

  • Q

    Got hit up by this number too!!! Spanish speaking kat. Just hung up on the call and added the number to my call filters.

  • Blisse

    I have been getting calls from 336-522-8998, 336-522-8999, and 718-487-1050 numbers like 5o times a day. and when I pick up they hand up or they try to be friendly talking about weather, then asking me to confirm if my name is what they have blah blah. Any one has info about this people??????????

  • Jennifer

    Have gotten 2 phone calls from (786) 879-6669 in the past 2 days. Cingular is my carrier and I’m in MA. I contacted cingular and they said they were going to alert corporate about this number and look into it and call me back.

  • Ryan

    I keep getting calls from the 727-541-0001 number on my cell phone, its the same everytime. You tell them to f*ck off and they hang up. Try to call the number back and disconnected. They call 2 times or more per day. Has anyone else in Missouri recieved these calls? I am going oto contact the attoney generals office tomorrow.

  • N

    Looks like 786-879-6669 is scouring the New England area now…I’m in RI/SPRINT user..just got the msg last night @ 8pm on my cell phone while I was in school. I just made a complaint on the FCC website. YOU can do it online. Please do it asap so these people can be stopped. It looks like they are phishing around with a new number. Wonder if the old one got disconnected.

  • Jason in RI

    I just got a call from the (786) 879-6669 number on 3/29/2006 at 1:40pm. I didnt answer, didnt know who it was. They left a recorded message in Spanish in my voice mail. Dont know what it says. Complained using the FCC complaint page above. (I live in RI)

  • PJ

    Just in case, it is entirely possible to make calls from a number, have that number display on caller ID, but yet not have inbound calls go through on that same number. It all depends on how the number is configured in the telephone system operated by that “company”. This may be why the number can not be called. It is more than likely a valid number for this scam but possibly a non-picable or outbound only number through the local telephone company. If you want to file a report on these folks, you need to include the number. Anyone working for the local phone company out there in this region??? They can query the number in their system and see who it is really working for and what the correct inbound number is for this “company”. They just can not pass the info on to the rest of us, without a subpoena. More than likely, this number is the line identifier for a trunk or trunk group. The actual main number is probably not far off from this. Just a small bit of Telecom info.

  • Karl

    786.879.6669 called me today. Mistake. Using telcodata, traced this number to Metro PCS, Miami. Went to Metro’s website and viewed their service agreement. It states “Without limitation, the Service may not be used for: telemarketing, commercial research or commercial data collection; any fraudulent, obscene, illegal, harassing, or abusive purpose”. Called Metro’s CS and was helped by a very nice rep – Andrea. Metro’s CS is triple 8-863.8768. Referred her to this site, and she pulled up this blog as we were talking. She has escalated this issue “up the ladder” with an email that also refers to this blog. I will be very surprised if Metro PCS does not shut down this customer. Comments on this board make the difference.

  • JM

    Just received a call from 786-879-6669 at 4:13pm PST. Googled it and ended up here. I’m in Las Vegas, NV with Sprint PCS.

    I wonder if it’s an auto dialer, hitting known cell prefixes?

  • Starmist

    One more thing you need to be aware of — they have your credit card numbers and phone purchases (including phony voice mailox solicitaions that the phone commpanies have to bill on behalf of these scammers, btw) and from a technical point of view, all they have to do is get a recording of you saying “yes” and call that an authorization to purchase. That is as easy as calling and saying, “Hello, is this Joe blow?” and you say “yes” —- BANG… they have their technical audio verification without any need to go into any other spiel, even if they do go on to try to scam you.

    Audit ALL your bills including your phone bill for this phony stuff ad report it immeditely if it isn’t something you specifically KNOW you bought with your credit card or whatever.

  • Lisa

    #384 Hey i have had the same numbers call this 336-522-8998 and i believe it is part of sears cards do you have one? Also maybe CITI bank cause i think they are the bank for that card or something,,That is what i am guessing cause i did pick it up even though i was told by this program that i am in to ingore them i picked it up and didnt say anything and neither did they so we both just sat there and listened to each other breath i guess. 🙂

  • I was reading all the post and I don’t understand how you people have time to post the notes here wasting all the time trying to figure it out what these spanish messages are or what they say moreover filing complaints with FCC is a TOTAL wasting time. I hope you guys use your time for more importants things. I is funny how you guys play FBI agents mentioning credit card scams, phone recors sold and even say that VISA/Mastercard is involved.

  • addie

    I’m another from Las Vegas, NV receiving the 1-786-879-6669 spanish message. I found this page via Google and use Cingular.

  • D. Hickson

    So, this one time, I gots me a call from this guy and I was all like Hola, and he was like hola, and I was like hey, wait a minute is this the government? and he was like…hola. then i gave him my credit card number and about a month later my wife call me and says hey, d hickson, why is all this porno on your credit card. and i was like”oh honey thats ok, it’s just my porno.” hola. the end

  • Scottie

    I’m from Dallas TX and got a call from the same # i.e. 786-879-6669 @ 6:00 p.m. (Dallas Time). I got a T-mobile SIM card, but am using a cingular phone….

  • Michael

    I just got the same call from 786-879-6669 here in Atlanta on a sprint phone. It was some message in spanish.

  • Michael

    Apparently this is from the Miami area from a Cingular phone..Has anyone tried to contact cingular about the problem?

  • Dicky

    786-879-6669 received Thursday March 30 at 5:20.
    Verizon, Massachusetts. Seems as they haven’t been stopped yet.

  • Ards

    Yeah I just got a call in Spanish from 786-879-6669 on my AT&T/Cingular phone. I was a little weirded out so I Googled the number and it brought me here.

    I feel way better now that I see that I’m not the only one who got this weirdo phone call.

  • Sherry

    I got my call from 786-879-6669 this evening while in the doctor’s office and I couldn’t answer. Not knowing, I tried calling back later to see who it was… the line was busy. So add me to the list of people who have googled the number and ended up here! 🙂 They didn’t leave me any message. I’m on Virgin Mobile. Oh, and I’m in New Jersey.

  • Kelly

    OK, I got the call from 786-879-6669 at 7:44 pm. I just added my number to the National Do Not Call list this afternoon b/c I received a call from 647-288-7559 (turns out to be a telemarketer doing work for my local cable company.)

    I tried calling 786-879-6669 back and it was a busy signal. If this continues, I will contact the FCC.

  • Whatever

    I am in the Atlanta area and have recieved 2 calls from 786-879-6669 one today March 30 @ 4:42pm and another on March 28 @ 2:56pm. I was googling the number (like I usually do if I dont recognize it) and ran accross this page. I didn’t answer either time, and they did not leave any messages. I have T-Mobil. I just tried calling the number back and received a busy signal.

  • nc

    hey all. i’m in nj, using Vonage IP phone. got the call for the first time tonight… have only had the phone service two months. and i also have no credit to speak of, am recently separated.

    well, i’m not gonna let the freaks waste any more of my evening. good luck everybody… and keep blogging!!!

  • Another Victim

    I have just received the same call, when I tried to call back however, It has been busy so, I have googled on that number,,,,,,here I am^^^^^^

  • Cingular Victim

    My wife got two calls today from 786-879-6669
    one in the afternoon and one this evening,
    3/30/2006. She called Cingular and contrary to
    the report in this blog that Cingluar is doing something about this, the Cingular guy said my wife was THE ONLY ONE who has reported the problem!

    Her phone is a Mass. area code cell phone number.

  • Cingular – me too!

    Got the call from the 786 number tonite 15 mins ago, didnt answer. Busy signal when i tried to call back. I have a TX number..googled it, and here i am!
    Lets get ’em!

  • virgin mobile

    I got this call a few minutes ago so i called my friend to see if he knew where the area code was from (i dont answear calls unless i know the number) Anyways he said he got the same call a few minutes before i called him. We both have texas numbers

  • Shiny One

    Just got a call from 786-879-6669 today, but I was in class so I couldn’t pick it up. Cingular, NJ phone but I’m currently in PA (if that makes any difference).

    Glad to know I’m not the only one getting strange calls!

  • Will

    I received a call from this number at 9:45PM. I’m actually a subscriber to verizon with a 562 area code (Long Beach, CA), but I live in MA. It seems strange that there are so many calls on so many cell phones with even different servers in such a short amount of time. What is going on with this? I didn’t pick up the phone, but it seems odd that a crook would go at such dramatic lengths for a scam spoken in spanish. How could they honestly think money could be made off of this? Wouldn’t they be better served to do it in English? So is this even a scam? Or just an elaborate prank? Hopefully, someone will shed some light on this mystery.

  • Victim Fights Back

    I think this blurb from February of 2006 with a different number but same tactic probably explains what this is.

    Call your local cell phone provider and let them know of this so they can act on it like Verizon before this phenom catches on.

    link to zdnet.com link to panix.com Verizon Wireless filed two lawsuits Tuesday that charge telemarketing companies with illegal solicitation of its wireless-phone customers.

    The lawsuits, filed in state Superior Court in Somerville, N.J., claim that the companies named in the suit violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, as well as state fraud and privacy laws.

    In the first suit, Verizon alleges that All Star Vacations and Marketing Group of Miami, Fla., and Travel and Tours Marketing of Orlando, Fla., made more than 500,000 calls using autodialers and prerecorded messages in Spanish to Verizon Wireless customers indicating that customers had won trips to one of several resort locations and directing them to call a toll-free number to claim their prize.

    In the second lawsuit, Verizon Wireless claims that Cambridge Marketing and Financial Services of Deland, Fla., made thousands of calls to cell phone customers using autodialers and prerecorded messages. The messages left in voicemail indicated that customers had won a Ford Explorer and directed them to call a toll-free number to claim their prize.

    Federal rules forbid using automated dialing machines to reach any phones, such as a cell phone, in which incoming calls cost the subscriber money. Under the rules, telemarketers are allowed to dial each number by hand, but that would be ridiculously labor-intensive.

    Verizon Wireless, a venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group, is seeking an injunction against these companies, along with an undisclosed award of monetary damages.

    The companies named in the lawsuit could not be reached for comment.

    U.S. mobile operators, including Verizon Wireless, have been clamping down on companies that they believe are infringing on mobile-phone users’ privacy.

    In December, Verizon Wireless won court injunctions permanently barring Intelligent Alternatives of San Diego, Calif., and Resort Marketing Trends of Coral Springs, Fla., from automatically dialing more of its customers. The company also recently won a permanent injunction to prevent a Florida company from sending unsolicited text messages to its customers’ phones.

  • Karl

    786-879-6669 is a Metro PCS number out of Miami (see comment # 390 above). If you get a call from this number, call Metro PCS Customer service @ triple 8-863-8768 and complain. This customer of their’s is in clear violation of several clauses in Metro’s service agreement.

  • Ann

    The 786-879-6669 nonsense is now in Oregon. Got the call last night at 10:58pm EST/7:58PST.

  • AnnNYC

    Got the call less than 20 minutes ago. It was the recording in Spanish that has been mentioned. I’m with Cingular.

  • Another Victim Fights Back

    Call the FTC (Federal Trade Commision)
    877-382-4857 complain about “illegal solicitation of its wireless-phone customers”. This violation
    does not require you to be on any “Do Not Call” lists, so you can complain about telemarketing
    causing subscriber costs per call on cell phones.

    They take your info over the phone. You may want
    to mention the Verizon suit against the three
    Florida companies as similar to this Spanish
    language annoying calls.

    I also mentioned that I called my cell phone company and my experience with their lack of follow-through.

    Call the FTC 877-382-4857 before this type of call becomes the SPAM of all cell phone users.

  • Andrew Bennett

    Got a call from 786-879-6669 at 2:47 P.M. EST on 3/31/2006, but accidentally hung up (dropped the phone). I didn’t recognize it so I Googled it and found this. I’m a Cingular customer in Atlanta.

    Looked up the area code and confirmed comment #390 that it is from Miami. Not sure how it’s linked to Metro PCS, but I didn’t spend that much time looking, either.

    If someone could translate the message, it would be really helpful.

  • JJ

    Received a call at 3:10 from 786-879-6669, but I was away and did not answer. I’m located in Texas, and I have no idea how they obtained my number. I order various items online, but usually from reputable companies. Hopefully this won’t escalate, and this turns out to be an isloated incident.

    Yeah, right.

  • Michelle

    I just got a call from this number, answered it, and only caught the trail-end of the message. I thought it was French at first, because I’m in Canada (though my phone is through Cingular, out of Dallas, Texas), but then realized it was Spanish. The call came in at 6:14 PM EST, and lasted 32 seconds before it disconnected itself. I googled it, and now here I am! Glad to see I’m not the only one being spammed.

  • Lynnzie

    Yup….I’m a victim as well! Twice today….786-879-6669….SO annoying! I’ll let my husband answer next time so he can translate! (I have NO clue what this message says! lol)
    Oh, and I have T-mobile for now….TERRIBLE service!

  • ashlyn

    today i recieved a call from 1-786-879-6669 twice. once at 12:28PM and one at 7:55PM. I was busy and didn’t get a chance to answer either one of them, nor do i have my voice mail set up so i was not able to get a message from them. I have cingular cervice right now.

  • ashlyn

    sorry to mess up yalls theories but my cellphone is branced off of my parents plan so it would not be on any recipts or bank accounts. it is the 3rd phone on our plan and we have not used it to sign up for anything and i rarely call anyone. no dumpster divers would be able to get my # address and name because it isn’t the main line. i may be wrong about this but thats my theory. this could, however, be linked by something else. maybe my mom or someone has done work for a company and she was on some special offers list and these companies who are being mentioned over and over were included in those special offers. they could have been able to look up all the phones on our plan and called mine. thats the only way i could think of that they could have gotten my #. i have yet to answer it and i don’t plan on it but if i do and get some information like if they say my parents name of something ill be sure to let yall know. we are thinking about talking to cingular to take this # and not even allof it to reach my phone instead of just being put on a do no call list. if all else fails ill just get a horn and hook it too my phone to blare at them before they can even say anything. good luck!

  • bigWHITE

    got 5 calls in 5 minutes from this NY number:


    I did not pick up, nor did they leave a message.

    I called it back and it says the number is disconnected.

  • Mystified

    Got two calls back to back this evening on two different phone numbers from 786-879-6669, and here’s the kicker: One came to my cell phone number and the other to my Skype-Me phone number, which is in a completely different area code (I use it so my family doesn’t have to make long-distance calls to me). Literally these were seconds apart.

    Seems to me someone has gotten hold of a call log system somewhere….either that or the Skype user info database.

  • Paranoidguy

    I hope y’all realize how easy it is to spoof the Caller ID system. There are even companies out there (http://www.spoofcard.com) that will sell you simple phone card services to do it for you. It’s highly likely the 786 and other variants are just spoofed numbers.

  • Matt

    I added my phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry
    (www.donotcall.gov), making it illegal for telemarketters to call my number.
    We’ll see if this helps…

  • More Victims

    Call the FTC people! They are Toll Free
    at 877-382-4857 . File a complaint.
    It’s easy. It’s done over the phone!

    1) They are targeting cell phone subscribers
    2) Calls like this to Cell Phones is a violation
    of federal law. You do not have to be on
    a Do Not Call List; it’s against the law
    to telemarketing and/or automatic dialer,
    recorded announcement phone calls to cell
    3) Your Cell Phone provider should void
    any chages caused by this illeagle activity.

    Call 877-382-4857 and complain to the FTC
    and stop this Cell Phone spamming, now!

  • mriley

    Received (11) calls within the last couple of days from 336-522-8999 and 8998.

  • Oswego, IL

    Recieved the 786-879-6669 call for the third time, googled it and ended up here. Called in reference to #390 and woman did not help with anything, nothing she could do. Tried number above #427 and number does not work. Tried number (6669) that called – busy. Any other ideas?

  • Erika

    I’m trying to figure out what all of us could have in common..I don’t give out my cell phone # to random ppl..but I did travel to FL this year..I rented a car from EZ Rent-A-Car and stayed at WestGate Lakes Resort and Spa..did anyone go to FL this year???

  • CalvinTy

    Just like many people, I arrived here via googling one of thos phone numbers. No stories to add, but *drumroll*, I’m from MD with T-Mobile service. The irony here is that I’m a deaf person with no landline phone so my pager/phone does have a ph nbr I have to use for online purchases. I obviously don’t use phone itself at all & I get amused when I get calls when I never answer them. (As for valid calls, I simply call relay on computer once I *know* which company called me first or they BOTHERED to put a valid voicemail message for me.)

    For fun of it, here are my call logs from oldest to newest (since I don’t have a huge log, haha):

    305-371-7266 30-Jan-2006 12:06 EST
    786-718-9058 09-Feb-2006 18:00 EST
    786-718-9058 02-Mar-2006 19:26 EST
    786-879-6669 15-Mar-2006 19:51 EST
    408-822-1645 16-Mar-2006 19:53 EST
    408-822-1645 27-Mar-2006 11:42 EST
    786-879-6669 04-Apr-2006 11:56 EDT

    From what I see, all of those matches the times/dates of the posts here (except nobody mentioned the 408-822-1645 nbr except post #286 mentioned a 408 area code only). I googled that nbr but could only find 1 obscure mention in a forum post made by someone in 2004.

    One more interesting pattern… always Monday-Friday and either lunch time or after work hours, ehhh.

    Enjoy analyzing this… 🙂

  • Victim Corrects

    Sorry I had a typo the FTC number to call is


    Call it and complain that you are getting automated, autodialer, recorded announcement
    telemarketing calls on your cell phone that
    are unwanted.

    That is – call 877-382-4357


  • Conspiracy Chris

    I have been just added to their list. “The Others” have grown into a great conspiracy that will never end. Ever since the US and telemarking companies got the FCC to overturn the cell phones as private law allowing them to contact you on your phone for marketting purposes, these cheese f**ks have been screwing with people in new and creative ways.

    What my theory behind the whole thing is, telemarketting companies are probably hiring people through “work at home” scams and giving them a cell phone. They then get phone calls at certain times of the day which give them your info and re-directs them to your cell phone. They could be anywhere, but all they do is recite some information to see if they can con you into buying something. Telemarking companies at an all new high. What do you guys think?

    By the way, to assist anybody doing private investigations I am in Texas and the calls from (727) 541-0001 began on April 3rd on my Sprint Phone. I personally do not believe the FCC crap will work, they don’t give a shit about regular people. It would like a few million/billion dollars and a couple of good congressmen/senators to get this thing turned around *cough*aint*never*gonna*happen*.

  • Andrew

    Just got a call from (786) 879-6669 on my cell phone, around 8:25pm. 949 area code in Irvine/Orange County/CA. I filed a complaint with the FCC, but they don’t give a flying s*** about consumers so don’t expect them to do anything about it.

  • JK Walton

    I got a call today similar to above. The number came up 000-000-0000 on my phone. She had the last 4 digits of my card number and wanted to ‘give’ me $200 in gas cards and $400 dollars in groceries, all for a $2 dollar handling charge. I argued that I did not want to pay the $2 and she hung up on me. My wife got a similar call and when she told them our bank said it was a scam, she argued it was not then told my wife she was rude and hung up on her. I hope no-one get caught by this, using staples like gas and groceries and lowdown dirty. A firing squad needs to be assembled…….

  • busysignal

    RE: posts 316, 384, 393

    336-522-8998 is Citi Cards and Citi Cards is the devil . . .

    They are calling you because you have not paid your bill. The calls start at 8:30 a.m. and don’t stop until after 9:00 p.m..

    If you have ever any dealings with Sears or Citibank, this is who has been calling you on the hour, every hour.

    Sears, Roebuck and Co. collections had a facility in Greensboro, NC.

    Sears, Roebuck and Co. collections in Greensboro, NC. was acquired by Citigroup/Citicards.

    This is where the harassing phone calls from 336-522-8998 and 336-522-8999 are coming from.

    Citi Cards
    5450 Millstream Road
    Mc leansville, NC 27301

    They are legalized bandits. Once you decide to blow them off or if you really can’t pay them, the negative stuff shows up on your credit reports. It stays there for seven years. Once they ruin your credit reports there is no use trying to play catch up with your payments. You are ruined. Save the little bit of money that you do earn and live a cash life. No more credit cards. Start anew.

    If they have not reported anything to the credit bureaus yet, you are lucky. Try and find a very low interest card and switch your balance to the new card. And don’t use the card for anything. Forget that you have a credit card. Live a cash life. When you have fewer bills coming in the mail every month, you will love your new non spending ways. Fewer bills = less stress.

    One more thing before this entry totally turns into an anti credit card soapbox. About the above-mentioned address, I don’t know if a person could send via certified mail a cease and desist order to stop the phone calls. It would be worth a try.

    Good Luck.

  • Karl

    Good news..it appears Metro PCS has finally shut down 786-879-6669(see comments 390 and 413), as a call to this number now gets the recording “check the number and dial again”. Bad news.. I am back here again as I just got another call with the same spanish recording from 954-678-8026. Again, I used telcodata – and… drum roll please… you guessed it! – It’s a Metro PCS number – out of Ft. Lauderdale this time. Once again, I will be calling Metro customer service at tripple 8-863-8768 to complain and hopefully, they will shut down this one a little quicker.

  • Bert

    Has anyone been able to translate the spanish sounding message from 786-718-9058? My high school spanish is so rusty and the audio is so broken I can not make it out.

  • Bert

    Has anyone considered that maybe these mysterious phone calls and numbers are bait to get folks to use and pay for those reverse look-up services? You know; the old “create a problem ..then provide a fix” routine.

  • Kelly

    I just got a call from 954-678-8026. Did reverse look-up and its out of Ft Lauderdale, FLA. If anyone has any ideas how to find the physical address of this place, it might be worth making a personal appearance for. What are the general times everyone is receiving these calls.

    I think that next time they call I’m going to ask them “So how’s the weather in Ft. Lauderdale today?”

    If they’re human, they can’t be ready for every question that comes at them. And one of these times sombody will slip.

    Anybody live near Ft. Lauderdale and have extra time? Maybe posing as you were looking for a job as a “telemarketer” or at a temp firm would give some leads.

  • Ben Dubya

    I got the same call from 954-678-8026 on my cell, I called Sprint, informed them and they’ll look into this. Told them I didn’t want credit, I want a solution.

    I get no telemarketing calls, only wrong numbers. However I did use on a Best Buy credit application this weekend, and on a Nissan credit app awhile back when I bought a new truck.

    Common thread there? I’m in Houston, TX if it matters.

  • Yet Another

    The FTC is the Federal Trade Commision.

    The FCC is the Federal Communictions Commision.

    The FTC takes complaints over the phone
    and are responsible for violations of the
    national law that prohibits telemarketing calls to all cell phones. Even more so the automated recording calls to cell phones.

  • I get the same number too. This time, I got it from a 954 area code. I called it back after, and I got to some spanish girls voice mail. She was cursing alot in it. Then it says voice mail unavailable or something.

    I made a recording of the spanish guy who leaves a message on all of our phones.

  • Serg

    I got a call from 954-678-8026 on my Sprint cell. I live in Laredo, Tx. No message was left this time. I used to get calls from the other 786 number and that one did leave the Spanish mysterious voice message. This call was missed last night Apr. 12 around 8 pm.

  • Cliff

    I just received a call from 954-678-8026 on my T-Mobile phone. I didn’t pick it up, but the message was in Spanish. Google lead me here. I would love to block this number, but I don’t think that there is a way to do so. I live in Mass, and this is the first that I am hearing/reading about this issue. Let’s hope that someone takes this serious and shuts these people down.

  • Bryan

    Just got a call from 954-678-8026. No message, Google lead me here as no info on a reverse lookup. I am in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Got the call on my Cingular cell. No recent credit apps or anything. Hope someone finds the thread here with this one. Hate the hang ups!

  • Diane

    I got a call about an hour ago from 954-678-8026. I didn’t pick up the call and no message was left. I’m a Cingular customer in NJ. I googled the number as well and found this site.

  • m

    just got the call in mass. sprint.

  • Edith

    I just got a call from 954-678-8026 on my cingular cell phone here in Georgia, spanish speaking recording I think. I called the number back and got a message that the call could not be completed as dialed. Just who are the @@#$%#@%$ people anyway.

  • SteveB

    I just got a call from the 954 number here in Fort Worth, Texas. Of those of you who have started the investigating/reporting last year, is there any new information that might help?

  • Dave

    Ditto for me. I got the call in the Atlanta metro area and did not answer it. Google’d the number and found this site.

  • fake name you can’t me to respond officially

    Yeah I got the call as well here on the same day as everyone else. why leave your real name here? Maybe this is their site

  • Georgia

    Just got hit by the 954-678-8026 here in Atlanta… wtf?

  • B

    I am in Virginia, but have a Texas Sprint PCS cell phone. I traced the number back to Metro PCS. They (Liz cust rep # 3552) claim the number belongs to Metro PCS, but the number is inactive.

  • D

    I just got one too here in san antonio. some people need to get a life. I guess someone finds humor in this.

  • Anonymous

    Got a Spanish sounding recording from 954-678-8026 today. In MA. Verizon. Had a similar call which left a message about 2 weeks back.

    Its hard to believe no one FCC or the cell companies are trying to do anything about this (that I know of.)

  • Seems the number has been disconnected. Score one for the consumers!


    I have been getting the xxx-xxx-xxxx on my T-Mobile cell phone here in the Chicago area. There is always a message left by the Spanish speaking man. Can anyone figure out where it is coming from. Since I got it today, April 13 it doesn’t seem to have been disconnected.

  • dara

    googled this number xxx-xxx-xxxx and here i am. got a call from this mysterious number with spanish speaking message about 10 minutes ago. im a verizon customer. what is this!? wasted my time AND my minutes. damnit…

  • concerned

    The calls from 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx did not stop.
    I just received one of these calls.
    Cingular customer
    Live in the san francisco bay are in Califoria
    Call recieved at 7:08 PST
    When you call the number back its a recording as if you dialed a wrong number (maybe caller ID spoofing)
    Not sure what they wanted since I did not answer the call.

  • desert rat

    Just got this call in Phoenix, AZ, from xxx-xxx-xxxx. Same deal, Spanish male, loud bacground noise, “unable to complete call as dialed” message when I called back. Must have been a tape recording because there was no change in the man’s voice when I started cursing in Spanish!

  • Ben Dubya

    custsupport[at]metropcs.com to
    3:00 pm (4 hours ago)

    Thank you for the information.



    – This is an automated email.

    To: abuse[at]metropcs.com, support[at]metropcs.com, help[at]metropcs.com, webmaster[at]metropcs.com, rlinquist[at]metropcs.com, runger[at]metropcs.com, mwark[at]metropcs.com, smadson[at]metropcs.com
    Cc: donotcall[@]fcc.gov
    Sent: Wed 4/12/2006 9:00 PM
    Subject: Abuse contact info, telemarketing calls, do not call list and invoice address

    Hello there,

    I received a pre-recorded telemarketing message in spanish from 954-678-8026 on my cellular phone and information from telcodata suggests that it is one of your customers.

    First off, I could not find contact info to report these issues on your website, so I’m guessing at who should receive this.

    Second, since I’ve registered with the do-not-call registry do I report MetroPCS as the violator? If not, please provide the name and physical address of this particular customer. I have reason to believe that this customer of yours has made many of these types of calls.

    Thirdly, where should I send an invoice for my time spent in dealing with this matter in order to assure prompt payment?

    Your immediate attention to this matter is most appreciated.


    Mr. Ben Dubya
    Sprint Cell Phone User

    PS, I located your email addresses from Thank you for sharing this information and if you do not wish to receive further emails from this email address, simply reply with the requested information.

  • Rich J

    Rec’d. the 954- call in Chicago area on T-Mobile phone at 7:35 PM CDT.

  • ryan

    crazy, just got the old xxx xxx xxxx at 7:30 pm in oregon, muted call cause i was in class, no message, got one a few days ago from xxx xxx xxxx, didnt answer that either. both florida area codes, anyone heard of the second number?

  • ryan

    ps cingular phone

  • Did the number show up as “xxx-xxx-xxxx” or are you purposely not recreating the number here?

  • Dave

    I got the 954-678-8026 call in San Jose, CA on a Cingular phone at around 6:45 pm Pacific time on the 13th. I missed the call but when I called back I got the “Cannot complete as dialed” message. Googled the number to find this site. Weird.

  • Rich J

    I contacted the FTC and they advised to list cell # on National Do Not Call Registry. This site won’t allow me to give the # for registry.
    Let’s try triple 8 then 382 followed by 1222

  • raleigh

    dateline North Carolina-wife & I both got calls from 954-678-8026 on cingular phones yesterday. when answered went to Spanish recording

  • Anonymous

    Got one this morning aroung 10 am in El Paso, TX from 954-678-8026 no message was left

  • AD

    I just received a phone call from 954-678-8026, 2:30 pm in Virginia. I have Verizon. It was also a Spanish recording. What the heck is going on?

  • Ok Once again I’ve read the comments and I am amazed how you people waste your time trying to find out who is this spanish speaking message.
    I got the call to and I do not give a damn who they are I simply do not answer the phone and delete the message. Life is short enjoy it!

  • If you want to really move this issue forward, report it as a harrasing phone call to your local police department.

    By going to Intellus.us, it looks like the number belongs to a George Martinez in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    We’re tracking the story here here at consumerist.com

  • G

    i just got a call today from this number 954-678-8026.. i have sprint service in texas… they left no message and have not called back… yet…. is anything happening with people who have filed complaints on them?????

  • Eric Olsen

    sorry – yes, the number x’ed out in comments above is the same one. Our normal policy is to not print phone numbers, but this is an exception since the phone number is the entire point: 954-678-8026

  • Marianne

    I keep checking back with this site to see if anyone has any new info. No one seems to have translated the Spanish and I am very curious about it.

    I also still don’t understand how I have gotten the phone calls (unless they just call all possibly numbers…or somehow have purchased a list of cell numbers). I have never given my cell phone number to anyone/anything unless it is a person I am friends with. I always put my home number on anything I fill out/purchase.

  • Liz

    Here’s a guess on the recorded message in Spanish – they could be attempting to prey on people who primarily speak Spanish ( a twist on scams perpetrated on new immigrants for as long as there have been new immigrants, but this time using cell phones) with the expectation that those who fall for the scam won’t know the law and won’t go to the authorities when they get scammed out of their money out of shame or fear. Many people have discussed how extremely rude callers were on the occasions when they actually got to speak with someone, so it seems that that kind of relentless bullying would be especially intense against those who do not know their rights and may not have enough command of English to ask for and receive appropriate help (not to mention justice.)

    This seems like an especially predatory scam created by people who speak Spanish to target the most vulnerable members of the Spanish speaking community.

    Someone posting above was trying to figure out what the phone numbers being called have in common, as many people indicated that they never give out their numbers. I believe the callers are using computerized auto-dialers to dial blocks of numbers (primarily cell numbers, but some landline) in certain areas across the country. They don’t need to buy them or have lists of them, there are simple ways of determining which area codes and exchanges are cell numbers and which are landlines and what cities and towns they cover.

    There seem to be at least two scams here: the recorded calls in Spanish and calls from the company which had live English speaking callers able to recite the last four digits of people’s credit card numbers. One person posting traced them through charges to his card, and posted information and the name of the company’s owner a few months ago, which should unravel that issue.

    The recordings in Spanish are either a separate issue by another company or another scam by the same one. Keep in mind that any phone number appearing on your Caller ID can be faked – or spoofed – using special equipment to do that. As a result, if someone wanted to be ‘cute,’ they could spoof the number of the White House switchboard on your caller ID. The equipment is widely available to telemarketers – just check Google.

  • MsPeace

    I received about 3 calls a day from 727 541 0001 which seemed to be ‘hang up calls’ according to my boyfriend who works from home during the day. Because he is English, he didn’t get the ‘autodialer’ concept and so would hang up before they came one. The other day, I happened to answer and the guy started his rambling..about my credit card number…and didn’t I want some BS thing from Walmart, and I said “hey I’m on the DO NOT CALL list so please take my name off of your database” and he started abusing me.. I repeated what I’d said and he said he was going to send me the package out anyway, and I said don’t bother and he told me if I hung up they’d just call the next day.. and I said.. REALLLLY? I’m sure the FTC would love that information, could I quote him on that? as currently the penalty PER PHONE CALL after you’re off the list is about 11,000.

    He said.. ‘Can I get in trouble??’ And I said, well hell yes.. and he hung up. They’ve not called back..

    Seriously… all of you guys, register with the National Do not Call List https://www.donotcall.gov

    Granted, there may be some of you out there who think they don’t care, but I assure you, the amount of people who are writing about this is increasing daily (just google the number and see!!) and if every single one of them registers and files a complaint with the FTC… they’ll do something. If you guys can figure out who’s number it is…. then I’m sure the FTC will too, if only to get rid of the 1000 complaints made… and ohhhhhh.. wouldn’t it feel good knowing that that many complaints and subsequent fines will probably put them out of business.

    What I’d like to know-is WHICH of the companies that I’ve bought stuff online from (Amazon-and a couple others in the 4 months I’ve been in the states) has sold my info, including last 4 numbers of my MC, address AND phone number to a telemarketing company.. Because the sites ALL say the information is secure and private…. Somehow I think there’s a lawsuit there….

    Class action anyone?? Maybe we should all collate who we’ve done online business with in the last 4 or so months…

  • christy

    HELP!!!!!! I recieved 2 weird phone calls in spanish. one today and one about a week ago. the were both really creepy. one was from fort lauderdale fl ( 954-678-8026) and one from somewhere that my fone couldnt figure out ( 786-879-6669). if n e one has translated the spanish or has any additional info about this plz contact me at stardog440 ( my screen name )
    btw all i found out about the number is that it is from a cell phone because i can text the number. marianne plz contact me About your experience.

  • ~Shannon~

    hey, im a prank caller here, and its all fun and games! my frend becci called a guy named “Harry Butt” once, hilarious! unless, someone threatens u or calls bak continiously, dont take it personal!
    peace out,

  • i just recieved the same phone call from 7857189058, i also emailed the fcc or whatever, but seriously what is this all about, i dont get it?

  • We’ve got the straight dope on what these Spanish phone calls are all about.

    Had a talk with the company that owns the 954-678-8026 and got lots of interesting details…

  • lisa

    me and a co worker both recieved calls today right after other and we have no connection at all!

  • SO I am not the only one

    I received a call from the 786-718-9058 This morning but did not answer. So, for some odd reason I was curious about this number, googled it and what do you know I am not the only one. WEll, those freaks need to leave me alone because I know where you are!!!

  • TX girl

    I got the exact same scenario – got a call from (786) 718-9058 on my Cingular cell phone. I’m at work so I didn’t answer, plus if I don’t know the number, I RARELY answer or return the call. I googled, and just like everyone else, HERE I AM.

    My personal theory is this – if your call is important enough, you’ll leave a message. If I know you, I’ll know your message and call you back. If I don’t know you from your message, firetruck off.

  • Bastards

    My and my friend received several calls from 786-718-9058 today. Why doesn’t cell phone operator shut down this number?

  • John

    I just got the 786-718-9058 call today. I’m on Cingular and live in Illinois.

  • Pissed Off

    I just got the 786 call. i did not answer, but called back. The recording stating the call could not be completed as dialed. i am a Sprint customer.

  • Spock

    This 786-718-9058 calls me every month and all i hear is some mexican. What is going on?

  • i keep getting these calls too… the funny thing is i don’t even own a credit card!

  • Emily

    Got the call from 786-718-9058 this morning (ca: 10:02, I think??)and didn’t hear it cause I was around the house. They left the silly spanish voicemail too.
    Now, I’ve gotten things before – for a while I was getting calls from (480) 929-4842, which is someplace in Phoenix, AZ. I don’t pick up, and there’s never a message… even though my message says I’m unavailable until after 330 every day because I’m a teachers aide and in school. Hrm.

    by the way, I have US Cellular, and live in WI. It’s spreading again….

  • hannah

    i keep getting calls from the 786 718 9058 number, with a recording in spanish. this is ridiculous. thankfully i found this site an now know that it is happening to many people and not just me. i will call sprint to complain and try to block the number.

  • D. Sievers

    Hi,, Got a phone call from 786-718-9058 at 2:34pm I also have Cingular and live in North Carolina.
    Did a google found out its some area code in Flordia. Then found this site. I speak spainsh pretty well and the recording said something about press one to get to our central office or something along those lines. I will report this to the FCC hopefully they can do something. Only one call so far so no big deal for me right now.

  • jeff

    I live in maryland and got a call from the spanish guy who left a message? what in the heck is this. I noticed alot of MD/DC people on this list

  • Me Myself

    Same deal, got a garbled Spanish recording call from 786-718-9058 at 3:43 pm. Hung up on it. Cellphone has a MD 301 area code on Cingular.

  • SB

    Welcome to the club, I guess.

    786-718-9058, didn’t listen to the message.

    FCC, anyone?

  • Keegan

    Hey, this morning and this afternoon, I recieved a call from 786-718-9058. I googled the number and found this website. I did try to call them back but the recorded operator came on and said the number is not working. By the way, I’m a student from from Texas.I recieved the calls at 9:27am and then later at 3:31pm. I didn’t pick up because I was in class.


    Being hassled by someone asking for “Rosa” from what appears to be a collection agency. IC System is how the phone was answered when I tried to call them back. The representative was very rude and insinuating. This phone number is 651-204-1319. They are harassing a 14 year old on her private cell phone and refuse to remove her phone number from their file. What a bunch of ******!

  • Allison

    Got a call from 786-718-9058 today…same spanish message that you can barely hear…it went to voicemail, I didn’t answer it because I didn’t recognize the number. What is the purpose of the call? I live in North Carolina, also…seems to have made the rounds here today.

  • Mike

    I’ve been getting calls from 727-541-0001 for a few days now. I finally decided to see what they were calling about and decided to answer, myself.

    Aside: Like others here, I typically don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize, and just allow such calls to ring through to voicemail. From what I’ve seen, though, more and more unscrupulous telemarketers just hang up before the voicemail kicks in.

    So I got the usual pitch about a gift certificate (for $2000, as I recall) and a couple $25 Walmart gift cards. The salesdroid (hereafter referred to as the “droid”) indicated he was calling from the company named on my credit card (which matched) and reported the last four digits of the card number correctly. Like Heather in comment #49, the “confirmation number” provided by the droid matched the verification number on the back of my card, but it was actually for an earlier incarnation of the card (which I didn’t realize at the time); my currect card has a different versification number. When the “recorded” portion of the call began, I answered in the negative to the first question, which pretty much stopped the droid in his tracks. I told the droid that if my card has to be charged to get the “gifts”, I don’t want them. The droid thanked me and ended the call.

    While the droid was much more polite than others described here, I have to wonder exactly how this scam was going to play out. In particular, given the confirmation code provided, I wonder if one of the questions that are “recorded” would be to confirm that the confirmation number provided matches the number on the back of my card.

    At any rate, I’m on the look-out for more calls from these jerks and I’ll have to check my account to see if, despite my refusal to accept the offer, they still charged my card. If so, I believe I’ll follow-up with the various consumer support agencies others have mentioned.

    Hint: For calls like this, I generally configure my CID software to hang up right away. I don’t answer calls until at least two rings, so this works pretty well. (It serves to save my sanity, anyway.)

    Background: The only place I’ve ever needed to use the verification code on the back of my card is online. These folks are clearly obtaining the data they have from someone who’s handling online card transactions, where you not only have to provide the card owner name, card number and verification code, but phone number and address associated with your card’s billing location.

  • Marianne

    Thank you to #482 Ben Popken!!! You all keep coming here and posting messages–go read the link he posted and the things he found out. Makes complete sense. Clears things up for me…and FYI, I haven’t received a call in over a month (knock on wood).

  • NomadGal

    I got the phone called from 786-718-9058 couple days ago and today I got another one but w/ a different # 661-375-3050. Both I answered and it was in Spanish so I hung up. So who are these people?

  • GrayPixel

    Got hit with my first call from 786-718-9058 today.

  • Justin

    Ok, I got a call from 661-375-3050 on the 19th at about 11 PM. Googled the number, and it sent me to this page. Saw a comment about the number on the google page that had to do with this and the 786 number. Anybody got anything about this number? I’m new to Mass, and I’m from Colorado, a 719 area code.

  • Justin

    I guess the area code is from the Los Angeles area.

  • abc

    just got one of those automated Spanish recordings from 678-310-5678. adding this number for the googlers.

  • John

    I got a call from 727-541-0001 and a recorded voice came on and said “We have a very important message for you”. Then there was lots of background noise, I couldn’t make it out, then someone came on and said my name. But after that my phone cut out…

  • j

    678-310-5678 called me too. disconnected now

  • ESL

    Also received calls from 678-310-5678….number is now disconnected…

  • kevin

    recieved the call today. I have a check card with $0 fraud liability. I said yes to a $2 charge but didnt give them a cc number past what they already had. The woman claimed to be from visa and spoke slurred and fast. Im not worried but rather intrested in what will happen. After all, its been a while since ive been to walmart

  • DPissed

    I’ve been getting calls from the 727 number twice a day, around the exact same times each day, for the past 3 days. Like most, I haven’t answered because I did not recognize the number. Now that I have all this info, I’m looking forward to my next call between 9 and 10am tomorrow. I think I’ll prepare my speech full of obscenities tonight.

    I agree with MsPeace from post #478. If there’s some way that we can all cross-reference our online purchases over the past several months, we may be able to narrow down which internet company has been selling our credit card information to these crooks. Can anyone recommend an efficient and safe way to do this?

  • nvmojo

    The number I have been getting daily is this:


    I only see a few entries about it here. I called it and there was a weird sound, then a weird dialer ring tone, then a recorded message picked up several times stating that all techs were busy with other customers, please wait. Finally a generic voice mail picked up and asked me to leave a message. I hung up. Irritating to say the least.

  • WAChick

    Oh my gosh!!! I am sooo glad that I am not the only one getting calls from this 727 number. They call every day atleast 2 or 3 times. I finally got fed up and typed in the phone number and got this web site.

  • DPissed

    So, instead of taking a more hostile approach to these jerks, I decided to get creative. I’m trying to come up with new and exciting ways to answer my phone. It hasn’t prevented more calls. In fact, it may be having the opposite effect. But hey, I’m challenging myself, right!? I’ve come to terms with the fact that they are not going to stop calling, so I may as well entertain myself.

  • Eric

    Even putting your # on the no call list does nothing to prevent these calls. These assholes buy your number from unscrupulous website. This takes away the “random calling” that real telemarketers do. It is illegal for telemarketers to make repeated unwanted calls, but because these chuckleheads bought your number, it legally constitutes a “business relationship”. That being said, you have no legal recourse against these calls. The best thing to do is to make a point to answer as many of these calls as you can, and harass, degrade, insult and threaten the caller. How many times of telling these assholes that you will skin their children in front of them before sodomizing them with a hunting knife will it take to get them to stop calling? More than you may think, but it is a lot of fun!

  • DPissed

    Now I’m bummed! I came up with all these great ways to answer the phone and what happens?? They STOP calling! The last call was Saturday morning (I, of course, was asleep and in no condition to deal).
    Maybe it was my last answer that stopped the calls. Here’s what I said when I answered the phone in my best switchboard operator’s voice: “FBI Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud hotline! How may I direct your call?” Of course no one responded.
    Who knows if this is what caused them to finally go away. My guess is they’ll be calling back again someday. Maybe from a different number next time. I’ll be waiting!!

  • Wheelie

    When they called me from the 727 541 0001, they asked for Glenn.. I asked who the hell this company was (not the first call I have gotten from them…. actually the 5th) so I am fed up with their lame antics…

  • scott

    ok wth… I have no freking clue how anyone in the internet could get my phone number, i dont even talk on chat rooms, i have paypal but i dont do anything with anyone besides paypal…

    727 541 0001 is calling me and he talks very innaporipratly… How can i stop this… one of my friends told me to search on google, but wth!!!

  • scott

    ok im like feeling wierd…
    You people are saying you dont really talk to him
    but he actually talked to me like he knew me
    Like he was asking if i was jacking off and stuff?? So my grandma was asking me, who the hell was that…

  • diana

    same thing, I’ve been getting calls from 866 655-7366 and they hang up when I answer or when it goes to my voicemail. When I dial back, all I get is an odd tone.

  • scott

    got the number 4 more times
    2 times it was a girl
    once nobody talked.

  • Joe

    I’m getting 3-4 calls a day from 727…seems this has been going on for along time…are the Feds even interested in dealing with this?

  • Jay

    Good Job everyone, I think we’ve all determined the connection here. Anyone notice how a lot of us are located in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area or have numbers registered to that area? The first six months I had my phone, i was living in Maryland. Just a thought.

    Also, just out of curiousity, does anyone here belong to a dating/cam site that you might have givin your name, number, address, and possibly even credit card number to? Just a hunch.

    I read a while back about how most of the dating/personals/cam sites were mostly fraudulent. All of the big ones, Yahoo Personals, i think Match.com, friendfinder, etc.. I’m not certain on the specific companies, but in a nutshell, these companies flood their sites with fake profiles controlled by employees who send out emails to people who think they’re being contacted by a complete stranger looking for friendship. In turn, members upgrade and continue to pay annual fees for basically nothing. Maybe a few genuine responses, that’s it.

    As I read more, I came to learn that some of these companies were not only scamming people, but they were selling their personal info to whoever wanted it.

    All this is speculation of course. But what i can say is that it’s quite simple to call someone with a fake caller id number. All you have to do is go to Spooofcard.com, Spooftel.com, etc.. For a small fee, they will grant you access minutes, much like a calling card, in which you dial an 800 number, enter your pin, then dial the number you want to call. With a lot of them you can also enter the number you wish to have come up on the caller id you’re contacting and have the company disguise your voice to sound like the opposite sex.

    These numbers are traceable. However, like one poster commented early in this article, it is very difficult to trace due to the fact that the call is rerouted repeatedly. So this leads me to one conclusion. The answer to who is doing this most likely lies in the sales records of Spoofcard.com, Spooftel.com, or one of the other spoof sites out there. Even then, you’d have to subpoena or steal (i’m not endorsing the latter, but for the computer savy out there, that decision is left up to you) the records of these company’s, no easy task to achieve. Although i will guarantee you that one of these websites would have a sales record showing a large amount of purchases from a marketing company in florida, which is where i’ve been able to trace three cold calls from three different numbers.

  • Todd

    I notice that the first post of this thread was in August 2005. Today is May 19, 2006 and I have been getting calls from 727-541-0001 on my cell phone for about a week now. I ignored them at first, but got curious and did the Google thing. After reading several posts about this scam, I wanted them to call back to see if this was the same scam. Sure enough I answered when they called today and it was the same thing verbatem. Called me by my first name immediately. Said they were from Mastercard. Had the last four numbers of the card and my address. Offered a $1000 shopping spree and two $25 gift card from Wal-Mart. Since I knew the deal I let him go through his presentation, stopping him a couple of times to ask which Mastercard he was from since I have several (I don’t). Finally I stopped him and told him I knew he was scamming me and the card he was talking about was cancelled (it really was a couple of days ago). He got really rude and hateful to me. I told him I had researched the phone # and knew all about the scam. He continued calling me names and telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about. I told him to stop calling me, he was wasting his time because he wasn’t going to get any money from me. He responded that he would keep calling me and I couldn’t do anything about it. After arguing with this nut for a few minutes I just hung up. The bottom line is this apparently has been going on for nearly a year now and they are still calling people all across the country. Since law enforcement can’t/won’t do anything about this the best thing to do is not answer, or take the call and waste as much of their time as possible. They obviously have alot of time on their hands. Get creative with how you talk to them and see if you can push their buttons. I know everyone is fed up with all this, but phishing is a huge criminal activity and will continue as long as people fall for the scam and give these idiots what they are phishing for. Don’t fall for it!!! Keep up with all your credit card activities, shred EVERYTHING before you throw it out and check all four of your credit reports at least once a year. Good luck to everyone.

  • DPissed

    A response regarding Jay’s post #523. I’m in California and have been getting these 727 calls. I’ve noticed that some other posts have been from my area, or the west coast in general. So I don’t think that it’s a regional thing at all. Also, I’ve never been a part of any dating site.
    There’s just got to be another answer. Who knows. We may never find out.
    The calls have become more sporatic now. They’re leaving 3 day or week long gaps in between. It seems like they always call while I’m sleeping. In those cases I answer with a friendly “F**K OFF!” and then hang up.

  • DPissed

    I’m getting calls from a new number now. 1-800-586-1959. Twice in the past couple of days, and they won’t leave a message. When I call back it goes to a “all circuits are busy” message. I can only assume that this is the same people as the 727 number. Is anyone else getting calls from this 800 number?

  • Not Happy

    Reponding to #526 respose. I to have been getting calls from 1-800-586-1959. Two in the last week (even on a Sunday). I final answered on the third call and they hung up.

  • ROB, FL

    Just got the 3rd call on my cell… I NEVER answer a call on my cell that i don’t recognize. I googled the 727-541-0001 and eneded up on this blog… WOW.

  • J., NC

    I received one call tonight from 866-655-7366.
    They hung up on me. I decided to call back.
    First came a long tone, then a recording, then rang several times, then a voicemail box that was full. After that it sent me to the operator that then cycled back to the full mailbox.

    However, every once in a while someone would pick up because I would hear a crowded room noise and then they would hang up.

    Rediculous as it is, I then spent about a half hour with my home phone, cell phone, and wife’s cell phone, constantly calling then number until someone talked to me. When a lady finally answered she very politely took down that I did not want to be called again. It may not help, but it was worth a try. If nothing else, it tied up three of their lines for a half hour.

  • Wids

    OK… 866-655-7366 found NYC and phoned me about 30 minutes ago. I Googled the numbe and found this MB. I want to add them to the state’s do not call list, and block them. I have already blocked them from my cell [which is where the last call came from].

    Because I didn’t pick up the phone or talk to them I don’t think I can be robbed of my identity.

    Did you get any concrete identification on these guys?


  • Charles3

    I have some new info. I work for the FBI

    Got the call from 727 541 0001.

    The first time I answered they asked for me by name and I told them I was someone else. They Hung up right away and I thought how rude.
    I *69 ed them and the number stated “not in service”.

    How strange, this is one of the reasons people are so intent on finding out who they are.

    So the next time they called and after finding out about this Blog, I answered the phone “FBI Research Department”. They again asked for me by name, first, middle and last. I asked them if they knew they were calling the FBI and he said “what he works at the FBI Mr First, last and middle”? I said “Thats Classified, how did you get this number, do you know your calling the Federal Government”? He did not seem like he believed me by his tone of voice, very, very, aggravated. I turned it around and stated “don’t you know our computers trace all calls by computer and I want to know how you got this unlisted government number”?

    At this point I thought that I was lucky to have had him on the phone this long and he stated that he was calling on a personal matter, but would not tell me who or why he was calling. I told him again the entire call and his conversation was being traced and recorded. He still did not seem impressed but then hung up on me.

    Then about an hour later I get a call from
    319 274 1917 and the caller id states Iowa call. I did not answer and it stated “We have an important call for you, please call Erica at 877-272-9978. All of these numbers are spoofs, go to constant busy at least when I call them today and should not be considered real numbers, they are generated by machines in many ways.

    None of this is really against the law per say unless you are on the no call list. Still there is really not much that can be done other than the class action lawsuits the cell companies are instigating, and the FCC investigates AFTER you have listed yourself on the do not call list.

    The best advice is to either give them some false info, stating that they have the numbers wrong and let them try to charge a bogus card, or give them the info they want, find the charges, and charge it back or dispute it with your bank, and include that companies name with all reports to the FTC, FCC and the other outlets you have available. Disputing is the very best way because it leaves a trace, the only way they can get the money they seek is to
    go through credit card processors and this is the key to finding them and punishing them because it is allot of paperwork for them and eventually the account is revoked. It also lets you send a real report on a real company and the fraud squads can do their jobs. The travel related charges talked about in previous blogs are correct.

    This is getting big enough to be investigated, just keep good records of the calls and conversations, use an old card that you never use and let them run through the motions. they seem really mad about their job anyway and eventually they will be shut down.

  • Lee, PA

    727-541-0001 strikes again in Warren PA on 05-31-06 at 11:59am. They called the land line where i work and asked for me by name, told me that because i am a good visa customer I have won a $3000.00 shopping spree and gave me the last 4 digitss of my debit card. I had filed a police report and had the bank cancel my debit card. When i got to work this morning the same number was on the caller id with a time of 7:08pm. Since my card has been canceled i am now ready to play games with these people.

  • Jeff, VA

    Hello is this 727-541-0001 anonymous?


    I’m only hooked on the number for 2 hits a day for about 3 days now and just stumbled across this support group with a google search and its really nice to know that I’m not alone…

    Sorry to say that I’ve only made a little over halfway on the postings thus far but all I real need to know is have we discovered a physical location yet? Is it really in FL because I don’t mind the drive and I’ll give them a story that our worthless government\agencies wont be able to ignore.

    Don’t want to feel this way but “What the Hell” theres over 500 postings here and it all sounds the same were doomed. This country caters so much to the criminal its sickening and they have no fear because they know no one will do anything about it. I say give them something to fear theres got to be a slip or hole somewhere that gives some physical location to these a-holes. All it will take is one to get nabbed and when the others see the horror on the late news they will look for new careers…

  • Vic,TX

    I just received the first of two daily but this time I blew my newly purchased whistle. This new policy will continue until the calls stop.;)

  • Tyler

    I am glad I googled the #727-541-0001. I have 2 cell phones, and rarely do I ever answer the one that has been receiving all of these calls. I have 14 missed calls from this # in the past 4 days. At first, I thought it could be a friend or sponsee using a calling card # and I kept missing important calls, but now I am glad I came across this site. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am going to file a complaing and general report.

  • k9tek

    Hi Everyone, I’ve also started receiving phone calls from the number listed above 727-541-0001 and they don’t say anything when I answer the phone but yet I can hear people on the other end and the only time they spoke was when a woman who started laughing and said “sorry wrong number?” I knew right away this was a hoax. Also, they started calling right after my American Express bill was late and so I figure that they must have some connectin to American Express in getting names and billing statements from them? I’m putting a block on their number!

  • james

    Hey guys. I too keep getting the calls from 727-541-0001. The funny thing is that when I signed up for my cell phone service, I paid cash. I payed my first bill with cash. My dad payed the next bill with his visa card and now when I answer the calls, they ask for my dad, by name. I asked them how they got this number for him, since there is no connection between my dad and this cell phone account. He told me that this was the number on his visa account, and proceeded to tell me my dads address as well as the last 4 numbers of his card. I’m going to kill these people!

  • james

    and by the way, these calls have been going on for about a week now, 3 times a day. I can set my watch by the times they call.

  • james

    interesting. I just recieved another call from our friends. The wanted to talk to my dad. as luck would have it, he was right next to me, so I handed the phone to him. The lady claimed to work for a company in Florida called EMG. Maybe this will help a little.

  • Ray

    Got the call today from 727-541-0001 and I googled it before picking up. This has been going on for over a year and nothing can be done?

  • andy

    I filed a complaint with the FCC. The next time those bastards called, I told them that I knew it was a fraud, I filed a complaint, I no longer have that card, and to STOP CALLING. Haven’t gotten a call since (1 week now). The FCC also suggested filing a complaint with the FTC.

  • Dpissed

    Ok… So… no calls for about 2 weeks. Then all of the sudden I get SEVEN calls in ONE DAY! This time the number is 000-000-0000. I answer, hear lots of background noise, some chick mispronounces my name and hangs up. That happened yesterday. They’ve only called twice today.

  • Cat

    I received the call from 800-586-1959 on my cell and like others, do not answer what I do not know. I got several more calls therefore, I googled the number and ended up here. I called the number back from a different phone, a lady answered and said I’ve reached I.R.L. and asked if I received a call from them and then gave me the number I was calling from. How strange is this. How did they get my cell number? I NEVER NEVER give it out??

  • Vic,Tx

    Well folks seems my whistle blowing method worked. No calls this past week after attempting to bust eardrums the week before!

  • anne, CA

    A while ago, i got the exact same call from comment #332. I fell for it too, thinking it was actually a call from the credit card company and was freaked (I’m a first-time credit card holder, no experience in this field). I almost gave them the 3 security number but didn’t… thank goodness. They asked for my Visa number and, not thinking straight, I told them I didn’t even have one, then they hung up. Sometimes, I use my dad’s Visa but I, myself, don’t have one so I just thought the call was a mistake. I put it out of my mind until I read comment #332.

    Recently, I have been getting calls from the 727 number. I havent been picking up, until a few days ago. The man asked for me by name (first and last) then he just hung up.

    My cell phone number is not even listed under my name. The only time I give out my phone number is when I make online purchases. The only online purchases I’ve made have been through half.com and amazon.com. I noticed that a few other posters have mentioned Amazon; think there’s any connection?

  • anne, CA

    That 727 number won’t leave me alone. And now I’m getting calls from 770-663-6378.

  • Jac

    They’re still at it! My boss is receiving multiple phone calls on her cell phone. They hang up when pressed for details and the number says it’s been disconnected when she calls back. I googled the ‘727’ number today and came across this site. Little did I know it was a nationwide conspiracy. Crazy!

  • greg

    These scumbags have been calling my phone for about two months now. The first time I picked it up, they told me that they were a travel agency from Florida, and that if I gave them my checking account number and routing number that I’d get free airline vouchers. I told him that I didn’t want them, and he got an attitude with me, so I just hung up. Anyway, they just called again for the freakin’ hundreth time so I googled the number and found this site.

  • DPissed

    I’ve noticed a drop in posts over the past few weeks. Is this because people have stopped getting calls like I have? Could this mean the end of our obnoxious phone stalkers?

  • I think they are getter fewer and fewer if not completely disappearing. I have not received an unsolicted phone call on my cell phone for months, except today as a coincidence I did. It was from a legitimate business and when I told the caller to take me off her list she said she would do so. We shall see!

  • joe

    i have a mobile phone which is not in my name which i list as my home phone. i got a missed call from 954 671 5388. i googled and a different site lead me to this thread. this stuff is still going on.

    try getting credit under my identity and let me know if you could do it. i find this amusing.

  • ABQ

    We’re getting the calls here in NM, garbled Spanish message, new number seems to be 786-573-9589.

  • Scott

    Well it’s still going on and most likely won’t stop anytime soon. When the 727-541-0001 number calls, I just push talk and immediately hang up. I also have been getting calls from 1-866-243-4357 and 1-866-883-8608. Be careful of ANY 1-866 numbers. They haven’t ever called my cell, but they keep calling my home phone, which is weird because my number is brand new (opened account with Comcast on May 21st of this year). I also live in Maryland and only have 2 credit cards. I am also getting maybe 2-3 more phone calls and they never leave messages. So there are a lot of scammers out there. Just don’t give them the info they are requesting and you’ll be fine. Just ignore the calls, or when they call me, I pick up and immediately tell them to stop calling me and hang up.

  • Scott

    Another number is 1-866-682-8740. I also get a lot of “Private Caller” and I don’t pick up these calls either. These “Private” callers have not left any messages either, so if it was someone I know, they can leave a message. The last time 1-727-541-0001 called me was July 10th, which I find amazing. I just picked the phone up and said “Stop Calling me” and hung up. I am sure they will call me again. Just piss them off, but that might make them even more determined.

  • zxcvbnm

    I was getting the 0001 number a few months ago, now I’m starting to get calls from 732-866-4091. There’s a discussion about it over at forumnyc.com

    It seems they are trying to sell warranties.

  • Jeremy

    I am in Detroit have been getting calls from 727-541-0001 on my home phone, not a cell phone (I don’t own one), for almost 3 weeks now. They call everyday at least three times a day. Occassionally I can hear someone on the phone and other times they just call and hang up. I am getting very tired of it. I have an unlisted number and don’t know how they got a hold of my phone number. All I know is that I’m about to switch my phone number just to stop them from calling, but then they’d probably get that number too!

  • Ruth

    I’m near Ann Arbor, MI, this all started on July 12, 2006, I missed a call while I was at work, I checked my caller ID and it said “Florida Call” (727-541-0001). Later that evening around 4:30 I got the same number and decided to answer.. mainly because I have family in FL and don’t have their numbers on my phone. It was a visa credit card company offering me a free shopping spree, he then proceeded to tell me that he needed to collect more information from me, to which I figured was a scam because my Visa card bank is in IL, not FL! I also never gave my company my cell phone number, they only have my home phone. I then told him I was not interested and hung up. I was called back that night close to 9. I then received three calls from the same number on both July 13 and July 14.. around the times of 9am, 4p, 8:30p, +/-20min. No calls on the weekend of July 15-16, I just assumed they’d stop calling. But this past week, I was called twice a day from July 17th-20th, I didn’t answer any of these calls. Finally on the morning of Friday the 21st, I wasn’t busy, so I answered the call and waited for the machine to go off and a real person to come on and specifically told them these exact words: “Please take me off your call list, I do not want to receive anymore calls from you” and hung up the phone. At 4:30pm on Friday July 21st, they called me again, I did not answer because I was in an appointment and my phone was on silent. Isn’t that against the law? Telling them to take you off their call list and then having them call you back 7 hours later? I want the calling to stop and something done to them, I’ve never received this many calls from a telemarketer, especially after I declined their offer AND asked them to take me off their list! Generally when I decline an offer, it stops right there.. in this case, I’ve been called 19 times since July 12! I also go to bed at 8p and get up at 4a for work, the call woke me up on both that WED they called close to 9p and the Thur night they called a little after 8:30. I finally realized if it was a real telemarketer, (A) they would’ve stopped when I declined their offer, (B)they would’ve stopped calling after I told them to take me off their list, (C) There would be an 800 or 866 area code instead of the Florida one! I then decided to google the phone number and ended up here.. I see a lot of people who ended up here by doing that! I’m started to get really aggravated here!!!!

  • Ruth

    I just did a reverse search on whitepages.com and got this:
    “(727) 541-0001 is a land line based in Saint Petersburg, FL
    The registered service provider is Verizon**.”

  • Diana

    I picked up my mobile phone and the number was 1-866-655-7366. They hung up and when I called it back there was a loud tone. I have never gotten a call except from legit sources on my mobile phone. Hmmmm

  • Had It Up To Here!


    RE: 727-541-0001

    Please stop calling people from this telephone number with attempts to phish out credit card information for supposed discounts from Consumer Innovations, Traveler Innovations, MemberWeb, and Access Development.

    Fortunately we live in an age where public information is easily accessible on the Internet. The telephone number(s) will eventually be traced by the Web community… Until then, any company and/or individual(s) confirmed to have ANY relationship to the “telephone number” in question will be contacted regularly until these unsolicited calls to committ fraudulent credit card transactions stop!

    The Better Business Bureau will also be contacted regularly if this continues and search engines will be updated to inform the public about these tactics being performed and to educate the public to: Caveat Emptor!

    Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

  • I am a representative from Consumer Innovations and I would like to respond to the comment placed by ‘Had It Up To Here’. We, Consumer Innovations, have nothing to do with this situation nor do we operate in any illegal manner. We are a member of the National DNC file and pay dues excess of $10k plus annually to ensure that we do not market to any U.S. consumer that has requested not to be contacted. We have contacted all of our telemarketing partners and have directed them to this website and all have stated they have nothing to do with this aggressive, illegal, activity. We have contacted this person’s ISP and filed a grievance as well as contacted this message board’s owner with a complaint. We truly sympathize with the consumers that have been harassed by these phone calls but we don’t appreciate this libel regarding our company and will act appropriately to correct it.

    Consumer Innovations

  • The previous commenter, “Consumer Innovations” most definitely has not contacted “Had It Up To Here!”‘s ISP, and cannot, because the IP address is unvailable.

    The previous commenter also has not contacted this site’s owner with a complaint. I checked with the only owner whose email address is public, and he confirmed that today.

    Why the previous commenter made these two statements I believe to be false, I cannot guess.

    We do not police comments on this site, nor are we responsible for claims made by commenters on this site, so the comments from “Consumer Innovations” and “Had It Up To Here!” are both available for people to make up their own minds.

  • Untrue Mr. Winn…our email complaint to Mr. Olsen (blog critics contact) was just sent and our complaint to Yahoo was sent this morning. I should have clarified that this person has sent our company and some our partners an email, stating the same information as found in this thread, over 200 times in the last day. My complaint to the ISP was to Yahoo from where these emails are originating.

    Consumer Innovations

  • My comment was true, while yours was untrue. Your email is timestamped 39 minutes *after* my comment, so my comment was completely true when it was written. You had not contacted an owner as you claimed. Your comment of having “contacted” the owner was false for two hours and 58 minutes.

    Your comment about having contacted the previous commenters ISP was misleading at best, though if the same person has sent emails from Yahoo, then it does stand to reason that they’ve revealed their ISP in that sense.

    This site still does not collect email addresses or IP addresses of commenters.

    As I said before, both of you have had your say, and you’ve made your objection to agressive phone marketing tactics clear. We still do not police comments here and are still not responsible for their content. Thanks.

  • Identity Theft?

    I have recieved numerous calls at home from an Ontario number 647-288-7559. Repeated calls, at dinner time and in the early evening. They claimed to be from my local cable TV company, calling to “check on my signal.” They were very insistent on getting information with me, starting with my mane (which they already knew). I was suspicous immediately, and gave them nothing. Then I called my cable TV company, and then knew nothing of this. Watch out.

  • Chris, Calif.

    Make it stop!! This 727-541-0001 has been calling me for the past two weeks now. They call at least once a day! Has anyone file a complaint on the Do Not Call List registry and has the calling stopped as a result? I have a cell phone and I never get any telemarketing calls, except for this one.

  • Austin – Texas

    Austin, TX received call from 732-866-4091 on my landline using my first name and stating that a car of the type that I own was being repossessed. Called the number back and it says something about service provider being Focal Comm Corp out of Bloofield, NJ. Did a reverse search on the number and it appears to be a landline based in Freehold, NJ with Verizon as the provider. I have filed a complaint with FTC.

  • Jon

    got my first call 2 weeks ago from 727-541-0001,I never answered sometimes they dont say anything ..then they stopped for about 5 days 3 days ago they started again one guy.. he calmly ask for my me by my first name then he SCREAMS it !!as loud as he can …kinda scary ..after reading these post(a definite public service..thanks)I was gonna answer and tell them what for show them whose boss ..but I think the best thing to do is DONT EVER ANSWER !!they are for sure a bunch criminals ..stay away …I have put a curse on the lot of them ..good luck all

  • mods_vs_rockers

    Just received a call to my cell from 647-288-7559 in Sacramento, CA (916 area code). Gas card, blah blah.

  • Dave T.

    Have had numerous calls in 4 days.
    @ different long distance numbers:…
    #1…1-866-883-8608 No name or Message left.
    I typed in the # & it came up as:
    Madisound Speaker Components,Inc.
    University Green # 10
    Middleton, WI 53562

    #2…1-647-288-7559 No name or Message left.
    Typed in the # & it came up as:
    FAQ Telemarketing.

    No Caller ID & No Message. do not pick up.

    At least 1 of the above Numbers, were used in Entries #553..#565, & #569. Posted above.

  • Small White and Mad.

    Grrr… “Unknown, UNAVAILABLE, (866) 682-8740. UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN NAME, (877) 467-3277. UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN NAME, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN NAME, (866) 547-5811 …” I say; just always try to sound “Big Black and Mean.” anyone of these numbers calls about once every other day or so, but now they just hang-up as soon as I say “HELL-O” … even the AT&T lady hangs-up now, if she gets me, insted of my wife, on the phone. XD

  • EJ — Denver

    Two days ago I started getting the same calls from that same number (727-541-0001). Didn’t answer the calls and they did not leave a msg. Curious, I called back to see if it was a telemarketer (so much for the do not call list!), but always got a rapid busy tone. Googled the # for fun and well, here I am. Today, while washing my car (!!) they called again. Knowing who they were and what they are up to, I answered and told the guy to not call me again or I would report them to the Denver Police ‘cuz I was on to them. The dude told me to “kiss my ass”, then hung up. I can’t believe it has bee almost a YEAR now that these people are up to this and nothing has/can been done to stop them. Amazing…

  • Out in the East Bay

    I am very grateful for those of you who have mentioned your experiences with 727-541-0001. I have yet to answer the phone, hoping they would just go away. This is the fourth day and they usually call 3 times a day. Isn’t there a way to trace them down? I supposse I am going to have to answer the phone and tell them I am aware of their scam.

  • jon

    i commented a couple post up ..my theory is dont ever answer !!it worked for me they called for about three weeks daily rude unprofessinal my machine picked up there calls ..didnt anser once ..about a week now with any calls ..good luk

  • Man, this sounds like some Twilight Zone shiznit.

    I’m in the entertainment industry, so I’m really protective about who has my cell number. When the 727-541-0001 number was on my missed call list, I called it back to see who was calling me–and of course, you know the outcome…disconnected message. Then I checked my voicemail, as I saw they had left a message–sounded like a telemarketer. She asked “Hi, may I please speak to Randall (my name).” She probably thought a live person had answered. THEN, it seemed like she thought she wasn’t connected anymore, and I heard her start a side conversation somebody else who was there.

    In an earlier thread someone gave a Phoenix address. If I find out that the address is linked up to these clowns, I will go down there myself (I am in Arizona).

    Above all, I’m just curious about the whole thing. I’m less afraid of a potential scam, than I’m simply intrigued. The curiousity is killing me!!!

  • Thanks for all the comments. I had no idea I was starting such an avalanche. We are now over 575 comments! Bob

  • *



  • Alright, AUDIO is up of these CLOWNS!!!

    I JUST put this site up about them, and will be putting COMPLETE contact info up later tonight, but I wanted to get the audio up right away.

    Go to my site to hear their calls, and what happened when I called THEM!!!

    You’re gonna love it, and like I said, CHECK BACK often, because I got to the bottom of things, and I think I have the answers!!!

  • Add one to the list

    Just wanted to thank everyone for posting their experiences so I could find this page!

    I recieved two calls today from 727-541-0001.

    Submitted another FCC Form 475 (although this phone number was referenced at the beginning of this thread more than a year ago and nothing seems to be done)

  • Add one to the list

    Applause for “R Dub”

  • add me to the list

    I received a call last night from the 866-883-8608 number at 8:11 p.m. Then again this morning around 10:30a.m. I never answered the call this morning, but I did block it. When I answered the call last night no one said anything so I hung up. I don’t have caller I.D on my phone, but I can block unwanted calls. I was curious as to who was making this call so I googled the number and landed here. I have found out some useful information here. Thanks guys.

  • Cara

    I got a call last night at almost 11pm from (408)822-1645. It says it is a cellular line based on Brooks Fiber??? I didn’t answer and they didn’t leave a voicemail.

  • Jaron

    I keep getting them too… no one ever answers, I call back and get tones. I assume there is STILL nothing that can or is being done.

  • Tara

    Like #140, I’ve been getting at least six calls a day from 1-800-331-8461. Caller ID says “Out of Area.” This has been going on for a few weeks. I’m in Sacramento, Calif.

  • jon Sherman

    I would just like to say that I just talked to DiscoverCard customer service and there is also “no department to handle that’

    They promised to monitor my account for “activity” but literally there is no one above the customer rep. your talking to. I couldn’t believe that no one could note the 727 company fake names or even the number. They ended up trying to sell me some $12 web protection and told me to call 1-888-382-1222 for the no call list.

    Thanks a lot! Take care of yourself’s people

  • Danielle

    I actually took the time to read this entire thread. I have received calls from the 727 number as well as 1800 586 1959.
    The calls from the 727 number came first. I ignored them for a while, but it called at the same time each day…
    Curious, I finally answered. A man spoke very quickly and as though he was reading a speech. He told me about a $1000 online shopping spree and other discounts if I would sign up for his
    He already knew my name and address. He asked me if the last four digits of my visa number were correct, and they were. He didn’t ask me for the rest of the number or the security number on the back. He already knew it all.
    I told him I’d like to review a hard copy of the agreement and he told me it would come in the mail and that I could cancel any time. I said that I hadn’t signed up for anything. What is there to cancel? He didn’t seem to understand me, and he kept rattling off the benefits of the program.
    He said he worked for direct discount club.
    I soon received info in the mail and called to cancel as instructed. The woman who answered was polite and told me that I was free, and that my card would not be charged. Today I looked at my cc statement and found two charges related to this. One says “direct discount club 8002931155” and the other says “american family health 8002950562” Both charges are $1.
    I have not been contacted again recently by the 727 number, but I still get calls from the 1959 number. When I try to answer those the line is always dead. If I don’t answer it only rings once and then hangs up.
    I use my card to shop online pretty frequently. My cell phone is issued by Cingular and I live in Eastern PA
    Is anyone else being charged? How could they have my entire cc # ???

  • Danielle

    Also, I’ve received info in the mail from American Family Healthcare, Liesure Plus and Savings 2 Go.
    -All related.
    The direct discount & healthcare mailings have addresses in Great Falls, MT
    The liesure & savings mailings have addresses in Plano, TX

    All of the mailings say things like “the membership you requested is enclosed”

    I didn’t request sh**.
    My card has been charged!

  • j

    Hey Everyone!

    So the 727 people called me twice today. They were both definately americans on the other end of the line. The first was an afican american younger women and the second was a middle aged white woman. I just wanted to point that out. It has sounded like an indian guy in the past, but today the callers were at least in the US.

    One thing that was effective was to “verify” that my address in their system was wrong.

    They actually had the correct address, but I quickly told her a new one in a major US city. I heard her typing in the new info and said “gee that’s funny, I thought I updated all my cc info online.” She agreed, but “re-entered” the new address again. How nice.

    So the second call they verified the new wrong address. It’s something to screw them up at least…

  • CMS

    I’ve been getting the 1-800-586-1959 number calls on my cell. When I answer, they hang up. If I ignore, it rings through to VM and no message.

    When I call it back, I get put on hold to the exact same verse on Sarah McLaughlin’s “Adia” each and every time. Nobody ever picks up no matter how long I wait.

    Sometimes when I call back after 5pm I get a recording saying they’re closed.

    Once in a great while I get a busy tone or an all circuits are busy. It’s annoying and up to 5-10 times a day.

  • thatmikeguy

    My girlfriend is getting these calls, and I’ve read all the info/posts. The lawsuit posted on the site that R Dub created (listed above) details out who’s potentially responsible… although it’s not a settled suit yet, it seems likely they are the culprits.

    Does anyone know if we can just use the fact that it is illegal to use an automated calling system to call cell-phones as a way to stop them immediately? It sounded like some people had gotten them to stop by simply answering and saying that it was a cell-phone and to stop calling… although it also sounds like they use entirely cell-phones. Screwy.

    Anyway — thoughts?

    Also. If we can’t find a way to get them to stop, we’re interested in a class-action harrassment suit (if that’s possible?? I don’t know anything about lawsuits really).

  • wsl

    Re: 1-800-856-1959

    I googled the number and the first hit was this blog. The second hit was this website: http://www.targettilesaws.com/. I’ve gotten 3 calls from them already but I never picked up (mostly because they always call when I’m at work). And I know I didn’t order any tile saws. Does anybody know what’s going on with this?

  • Danielle

    To all the people at the bottom of the thread talking about 1-800-586-1959:
    I started calling that number during my free time.
    I have in the past had all the responses discussed: the Sarah McLaughlin song, the busy signal, the recorded message that says they’re closed…
    BUT, I finally got through!! When the woman answered she started by saying “The reason we called you today-” which is where I cut her off, saying “You didn’t call me, I called you. Then I was rude to her and told her I knew it was a scam, “I’m on to you” …that kind of thing. I said I didn’t want any more calls from them, and so far, there haven’t been any.

  • a pissed off person

    I have been getting around 20-30 calls per day from these 727 a-holes. I finally answered and flipped on them yesterday, and of course they kept on calling. They have not called today, which could be a real good sign. I figure I will give it a week, if they keep calling. I will end up switching my phone #…and just bite the 15$ charge. I am from OR.
    I called my bank, PD, and they pretty much told me to go F my self.

  • Bob-O

    Yea….getting calls from a LV number sounds similiar to this…funny after reading the thread started in Aug of 2005….and still going…is anyone going to do anything about them ?

  • Rhett2go

    I’ve had similar experiences with the same results…none. And guess who’s paying for their poor business practices.

  • KonzaWildcat

    Why doesn’t someone with the 1-800-586-1959 problem contact their state attorney general and explain it to them. They are the onew empowered to do something about this but can’t if they don’t know about it. Just goole attorney general and your state.

  • alpa

    i aslo got a call from 1-800-586-1959. They asked me whether I have any card. Also they were asking me date of birth and where i stay etc. I told the state where i live but refused to give the date of birth. When I asked how did you got the information, the person named Terry told me that its kind of lucky draw for all the card members. And I was choosen as a prefered card holder. And then he was asking me which magazine you would like to recieve free of cost of a value $60. Suddenly the phone got disconnected and never got a call back.

  • DSM

    I just got a call from 800-586-1959 on my cell. It only rang 3 times and they did not leave a VM. I called it back from another phone a few minutes later and heard a verse from “Adia” and a woman said “Hello?” I just hung up and Googled the number and got to this site. Who are these people and why are they still out there scamming? They must be shut down.

  • steve

    I get a call to my cell phone with caller ID as ‘Private Number’ and when I answer, there is dead air for approximately 10 seconds, then a recorded message; ‘Sorry I have the wrong number’ This happens a few times a day. Anyone know for what purpose or who practices such actions. Thanks!

  • ontario canadada

    We have been bombarded with calls from 647-288-7829. they call and call and call. Please add this number to the bad list.

  • calikid123

    I got another case here to my cell in california with the (800)586-1959. I didn’t pick up because I was at work. Then later in the day I got a call from (843)224-1051 who claimed to be San Diego gas and electric and wanted to know my home address. This is a south carolina number. I called the number back and the same voice who answered me was on the voicemail and he didn’t pick up. When I did get him on the phone after blocking my caller ID I asked who he was and he gave THE WRONG name of the gas and electric company and hung up. I checked with my gas and electric company and they of course know nothing about this and have my correct address… which makes sense because they’re sending electricity here. Anyone else get this number?

  • Hey, it’s Randy, the guy with the whole WEBSITE about these clowns from the 727-541-0001 number.

    They got smart. They started calling be today from a number that showed up as 0000000000 on my cell phone. Bastards.

    First lady was actually polite, I asked questions and she actually said she worked for Buyer’s Edge. Seemed like a nice lady, so I didn’t give her hell–I just said I wasn’t interested. I was also in a meeting, so I couldn’t have had fun with her if I wanted to.

    THEN, I got a call from a guy from 0000000000 a half hour later, who was a jerk. He asked for me by name and I pretended to be “my assistant,” asking him where he was calling from, etc. He got more and more mad, asking to speak to the real me, and I stayed calm, explaining that I was the “paid assistant” of the guy he was looking for, or a call screener if you will.

    I told me he was from “Visa Financial” and then when I asked him to spell it, it was actually “VICI Financial.” After I asked where their headquarters were located, he hung up on me. It was fun, I really got under his skin.

    They can call all day–this is a sport to me.

    I am however going to continue with my charges against them.

    I know their company name, address, and phone number. Please VISIT MY WEBSITE all about this company–it exposes them and gives you all the info about them INCLUDING AUDIO RECORDINGS of the manager. You’ll love it!!!

    727-541-0001 WEBSITE HERE!

  • Ticked in Seattle

    Joined your ranks today – have received calls regularly over the past couple days from our favorite 727-number. I called the FTC to file a complaint, and contacted the Do Not Call registry.

    R Dub: Love your site – thanks for putting it up!

  • I just talked to the Operations Manager over at United Marketing–the company that’s DEFINITELY responsible for ALL these 727 calls (and now 0000000000 calls).

    Her name is Linda Divins (she’s on the UMG site). I gave her my gripes…she was actually pretty polite. I tried to dig more info out of her. I asked about “Vici” financial, and that is sounded coincidentally similiar to the word “Visa.”

    Anyway, audio of THAT call will be up tonight on the 727-541-0001 SCAM WEBSITE.

  • Oh by the way–two important links!

    United Marketing Website (the guys calling YOU!)

    Form to complain to Federal Trade Commission.

    So many people have asked “What can I do?” I’ve learned the BEST and EASIEST thing for US to do, is to fill out the form on the FTC site.

    I tried a LOT of things, from calling my local police department, to credit card company, to the FTC…and it seems the best thing for ALL of us to do is fill out that simple form on the FTC Complaint Page. If EVERYONE that blogged on this page did so, the FTC would be forced to pay attention to this matter.

    On the form it asks for the company info, and here it is:

    United Marketing Group

    929 N. Plum Grove Road
    Schaumburg, IL 60173
    (847) 240-2005
    Fax: (847) 240-2177

    I think all of us, and a concentrated effort can shut these guys down.

    We should all thank Bob Greenspan for this great blog too…it has educated me so much and if this blog wasn’t hear, we’d all still be scratching our heads on this one! Thanks Bob!

  • Thanks to everyone for all the comments. I had no idea I was going to get over 600 comments when I posted my original article. It has long been true that the smart crooks use a phone, regular mail and now email, to bilk innocent victims out of billions of dollars. Only morons use a gun or a knife to pull a stick-up or to commit some other form of crime such as burglary that will net them a few dollars.

  • rai

    727-541-0001, called me twice today, about some amercian health care sh|t. a female in the morning, sounded like she was driving; a dude in the afternoon.
    Do you all have verizon? maybe we’ve been sold out.
    I’m changing to X.



  • DL

    I am glad I am not alone in this. This has been happening to me for the last 2 weeks, with the 727-541-0001. I asked them for a phone number and address and got this before she hang up on me 877-807-2392. Denise Smith was the name I got from her,of the operator, but like what was posted above, every call I received was from a different person on the other line. I filed a complaint to the FTC.gov and linked this webpage to it. To me this has gotten to the point of harassment.
    BTW, I also cancelled my credit card 5-6 days ago and still get these calls. My credit card was Southwest Airlines, Rapid Rewards, from CHASE VISA. So I advise everyone not to join CHASE for this very reason. Infact, lets see if we can get a list credit card company we can boycot.

    I dont know who does harassment charges, maybe that can be brought up to them, because I see from this website that this is hitting alot of people.

  • Joslyn

    I was scammed by these guys a year ago, when I was a single, live-in nanny. Now, I am married and have a different name, a different phone number, different address, and different bank account/debit card….and they are attempting it AGAIN! Aren’t I just the lucky one?

  • Stephen

    i just got two calls: one at 10:55pm from a 216-416-0033 and 10:57 from a 408-822-1645…it seems the second number has been reported numerous times. An operator kept saying she was from Relay, i asked for a phone number to report this, she gave me 1-866-735-0193 and her operator number was 7169…yet the 866 is not a working number…i think it was a scam but i wasn’t able to get any information b/f the operator immediately told me that the other line hung up and then she hung up…this is very annoying and also worrisome that these people have access to our numbers, will call at any time of the day/night, and can’t get in trouble…we need to do something!

  • Anonymous

    800-331-8461 is, at least on 10 November 2006, the “Citibank Personlization Hotline”.

    I have a business relationship with Citibank so they are legally allowed to ignore my Do Not Call listing.

    My caller ID shows “Out Of Area.” It’s ashame as I might actually answer the phone if I know it’s my credit card company calling.

  • jocap

    I recieved a call from 727-541-0001. It started as a recorded message saying I had a collect call. Then this woman comes on saying they were trying to verify my account info. I asked her who she was with and she said she couldn’t hear me and hung up. My cell can’t even take collect calls. Just watch yourself and warn your friends.

  • karen

    today i received two calls from: 702 818 1602 Caller ID: Ajax MA Inc

    The other: 866 883 8608.
    Said toll free.

    I googled the numbers, came up with this site. I just got a home phone after a year of only using my cell phone, and already the stuff begins. When I had SBC I had privacy manager and got literally only ONE random call a year, and that was from a local newspaper.

    I have had Comcast phone service a WEEK and am already receiving these types of calls. I called Comcast and she told me I can set up a privacy manager mode myself on this phone line. Trouble is, these lines ARE showing a phone number.

    I think it’s bad business practice to allow people the ability to call into your home with phone numbers that when dialed back, come up disconnected. If they can reach out and ‘touch’ us, turnabout should be fair play.

  • Larry

    I have received the same calls you folks have. My personal banker advised me to switch from AMEX and Chase Visa to my current company (name withheld). There have been problems with Chases’ security. My bank ended business with chase as a result. For international travel, there are other options besides AMEX, just ask your money people.

    I actually stumbled onto this site researching a fraud case I am investigating. It is tied to the same phone numbers and addresses listed here.

    Has anyone here purchased prescription medication or medical supplies online??

    If so, I just wonder if the company you bought from is related to this scam. The company is based in Weston, Florida, though they are known to post bogus addresses on invoices and other documentation for the purpose of evading authorities.

    It is possible that the address will be a UPS store, Mail Boxes etc or other private mail company.

    Please post any information you may find.

  • Dave

    My calls from the 0001 number started Tuesday, same song and dance as everyone else, after I received 2 more calls I Googled the number and here I am. Got 2 more last night. Added it to my contacts as SCAM1.
    I only answered the first call, (and this was before I found this site) almost as soon as they started talking I knew it was BS, I asked them if they were affiliated with my bank, and they said no, with Visa. I asked how long an account had to be open before it could be considered in good standing, the guy didn’t know, I asked how long my account had been open, he didn’t know, I asked if he worked for Visa, why didn’t Visa know how old an account was that they issued. Then he started with the marketing company crap, told him no thanks and hung up.

  • David

    That started this week for me. I answeres the first call, but noone in the other line. Since then I dont pick up the phone. Today I get another one, write down the number and Google. This site came up…same story. Please, f*cking authorities DO something !!!

  • Janice

    I totally took the time to scroll thru allll of these posts just to get some info!

    I’ve been getting calls from 1-800-586-1959 for a short while now. When i finally answered today, some wierd guy asked if it was me and i said yeah, then he started talking about some bull**** about a sweepstakes for $100,000… he wanted to know if i wanted magazines free of charge just for entering, and im thinking in my head “wtf?… i dont remember entering in anything..” and then i harassed him and asked him what company he’s calling on behalf. He told me some bull**** about “N.I.R.” Northern Illonois Readers… I googled that and NOTHING came up. Thats when i knew something had to be completely wrong. When i asked him about the company he became annoyed and didn’t elaborate. I turned down the offer and just told him which card i had… Son of a ()&#@$*. I’m so totally reporting this to the FTC and the FCC. This is nuts and it’s totally UNFAIR. The government should be on top of this. Good luck to everyone, DONT ANSWER THE PHONE… :-\.

  • Zen Girl

    The people to call about scams like this are the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. The FTC does just this kind of work. If you have a complaint, file it with them here (or contact them):

    This is information I found about the number 813-541-0001:

    It is registered to the following:

    DANIEL DELSAVIO (probably not a real person)
    Tampa, FL 33626
    telephone provider: Kmc Telecom V, Inc. – Fl

    Good luck everybody. My friend just got some calls from this and wondered what they were. I was able to do some quick research. Because of everybody’s postings here and the grassroots efforts of posters like you, I was able to find information about this SCAM. Thanks for your dilligent posting!!!

    Here are some resources posted by HELPFUL PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU about this scam:


    Your good deeds will come back to you my friends! Thanks for spreading the word!

    Zen Girl

  • acofe

    I’m getting calls from 1-866-655-7366. I answered yesterday and some man asked for me. I just hung up, thinking it was a telemarketing call. They have called me like 6 more times after that. I think this is happening because I signed up to get get one of those “free” Macy’s 500 dollar gift cards. Well those things are a scam anyway as I learned too late. I thought it was a legitimate sight. If anyone asks for your phone number online. DON”T GIVE IT OUT. I’m going to report this number to the proper authorities.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Chicago. I have family in Florida. I recently visited for xmas. Spent a ton of money on presents there. I come back home. 12/26 I get the first call from the 813 number. It is definately assosciated with some purchase made in the sunshine state.

  • Another Pinellas Park St Pete FL Target

    I wasted almost a month trying to do reverse phone number look up on 727 541 0001 before I joined the club and Googled them. And they’d been calling me for almost a month prior to that.

    Three weeks ago, I quit answering the phone when this number pops up on the Caller ID. And it pops up with annoying regularity (not just daily, almost hourly). Right on the dot of 9a they start and they don’t stop until the dot of 9p, Monday thru Saturday.

    I’ve had friends tell me to register on the Do Not Call list, but I realized it wouldn’t go any good.

    So far, I’ve not heard anyone on the other end of the line on those few times I would pick up the call (it’s on my landline, btw,). When I did speak to one legitimate bill collector (not from this annoyance number) and chewed on her about picking up the phone and no one is there she said they use their computer and it might take a second before the call is passed to the operator.

    Just so you know, the FL 0001 squirrels are still trying to shake the trees.

  • I missed a call from 813-541-0001 earlier today and found my way here via Google. I just thought folks might be interested in knowing that these scum are still at it.

  • I got a call from 1-800-586-1959 today, and since they didn’t leave a message, I do what I always do with an unrecognized number (to see if I want to call them back) and found this site. So anyway, I call the number back and surprisingly someone answers right away and says “Thank you for calling, how can I help you?” and I said “Yeah, I got a call from this number earlier and want you to remove me from your call list immediately.” She says, “Is this Herald?” And I said, “No” and she said “Must have the wrong number” and hung up. WTF?! Who the f is Herald? Is he so important that these people are calling every number they can to reach Herald? No, of course not. It’s just their “escape clause”. You’ll notice she didn’t even ask what number I was calling from before she hung up saying she had the wrong number. How did she know it was the wrong number? I should call back, and when they ask “Is this Herald” I’ll say “Yes, ma’am it is…I’ve been waiting for your call.”

  • Okay, follow-up to my post #624. I called back and just played it cool. Lady answers and says “Thank you for calling Northern Illinois Reading Institute” or something. I said “yeah, I got a call from this number earlier”. She said, “Okay, did we call you at 801-***-****?” I said, “Yes” (so they must have caller ID, because it was the right number). She said, “Is this Darren?” I’m thinking How the hell do you know that? So I say, “Yes it is.” She says, “Well, the reason we called is you have been selected for our $100,000 sweepstakes for being a preferred Visa, MasterCard or Discover card holder. Do you currently carry one of these?” I played dumb and said “Actually, no I don’t”. She says “Well it shows here you have a Visa card. Could it be a debit card with the Visa logo?” I do have several of these, but I said “No, I haven’t had one in years.” She says, “Well the drawing will be held in June and if you’re selected as a winner we’ll call you.” And hangs up. So obviously it’s either the card merchant companies selling this information, or Visa themselves. BEWARE! If they call you and you actually talk to someone, PLAY DUMB and claim to not have any of these cards!

  • Thanks for all the great comments. Here is another reply you can use.

    Hello, is this Mister Smith? Yes, may I help you? This is Miss Telemarketing Bitch calling about your American Express card ending in #12345.

    Listen Miss Bitch, I already told the person who called me last week that my Pin number was 5678 and my birthday was February 30th. How many times do I have to tell you guys. Don’t you communicate with each other? Please get your records straight so you don’t have to call me any more.

  • alhf

    I just got 2 missed call from 1-866-665-7366, tried to call back but I guess I can’t. I saw this site after typing that number. thanks for who ever created this site, all I have to do now is reject them or don’t answer at all. They will get tired too! Anyway, I’ll just keep reviewing my bank acct. for any suspicious transaction.

  • Geo

    Our household land line has been caught in the 813-541-0001 universe. Five calls yesterday, the first four unanswered. I answered the fifth, said don’t call here anymore. They called this morning, so I looked up the number and found this blog. Thank you, Bob.

    Judging from the number of bloggers, this is obviously a major criminal enterprise at work. What a trajedy that these creeps can’t be caught and sent to jail for years and years.

    For the time being, we’re going to refuse to pick up the phone when this number shows up in caller ID.

  • Mike

    I just got a call from 1727541000. The girl on the other line just said my name and ended the call.

  • Liz

    1-800-586-1959 is still going strong. They call me everyday, but I just let it ring. Today I actually called them back, and much to my surprise someone actually answered. I hung up after getting the name of the company; as above it was “Northern Illinois Reader” or something.

    Then I remembered something… Toll free numbers are great for customers, but a pain for companies because the company with the toll free number has to pay a fee for every call they accept.

    I have shared this number with my friends, and I have urged them to call… If nothing else just to get connected to someone and hang up.

    They want to play? I say, “Game on!”

  • xian

    what if we just started giving wrong info, So that maybe the banks and cc companies will get involved…… haven’t tried yet , But i assume this is going to get interresting………..hope this point of attack will help a little.

  • Ed

    I’ve received lots of calls from 800-266-9420 and 702-553-0594 – several times a day, every day. I tracked them down – Adaptive Marketing LLC. I’ve sent them cease and desist letters yet they keep calling with blocked caller IDs (restricted / unavailable / 000-000-0000), and they’ve also used the numbers 813-541-0001 and 800-871-0631.

    Concealing the ID of their company and blocking or attempting to conceal their caller IDs are both individually and federally prosecutable crimes (along with their repeated telemarketing attempts and other tactics which constitute retaliation, harassment and intimidation) and my attorney is going to have a field day. Stay tuned.

  • DL

    Just updating with some information from my earlier post, #609.

    I recently went though a bunch of old mails that I had put away to look at at a later time. One of the mail was from CHASE which still contained my credit card. It still had the activation sticker on it. I had never activated that card!! So, I know that my information was not sold to these scammers from a vendor. It was sold to them by CHASE VISA, as I suspected, and now I have proof.

    BTW, I also have a Capital One credit card(7 years now) and I have had no problems from them.

    So, lets start boycotting these credit card companies that. Fu(k CHASE.

  • pat

    Today, Feb 16, I received 10 calls from 727-541-0001 on my house phone which is Vonage. Yesterday it was 4 and the day before it was only 2, so it is getting worse. My daughter answered some of the earlier calls and they asked for me. When she said I was not at home they hung up. When I answered they told me what they have told everyone else. I said I was not interested and they said ok and hung up. But it was not ok because they called back an hour later. Again an hour later. My daughter answered and told them not to call anymore. The next time I answered and they hung up on me. They continued to call about every hour until 9:00. They hung up every time I answered. I hate to see what it will be like tomorrow. If I continue to get phone calls I am going to contact my congressman who I think may take an interest in this.

  • In the 17 or so months since I published this Article I have had 634 comments posted. I read and appreciate all your comments. I think we have learned however that the crooks are still making the calls and no City, County, State or Federal agency is going to do anything about it, which I find to be both typical and disgusting. I have embarked on a new project that I call the Save America Party. I would appreciate any comments you want to leave by going to this site and using the contact me form. Thanks

  • David

    Another victim here in Kentucky. The card in question I don’t use for anything. I have used it maybe once in the past 6 months to purchase a Christmas present from Zales.com and I doubt they gave them my information. I have no idea where they got it from and I tell them everytime they call that I know it’s a scam and that I have reported them to my CC company (usually they insult me afterwards) but they continue to call. It’s been going on for two weeks now and I’m hoping it will end eventually. My cell phone company is Cingular if that matters. I had my CC company put a block on my account and issue me a new number. At least they can’t get any money from that card now, right?

  • Toni

    Yall are so stupid I work for that company you are talking about and they do no such thing we actually try and help u save money because all of yall are broke ass motha fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yall need to stop hating on this company and try and use it to your advantage dumb asses!

  • Yall are so stupid I work for that company you are talking about and they do no such thing we actually try and help u save money because all of yall are broke ass motha fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yall need to stop hating on this company and try and use it to your advantage dumb asses!

    I’m sure the company you work for would be so pleased to see how you represent said company in the utmost professional manner. Indeed, carry on!

  • Jeff

    i have recieved about 5 calls in the last 2 weeks from these idiots(866-655-7366)i googled them and was directed to this site.i actually answered it today and they say the company is called Cheap Travel,when i asked if it was a sales call the girl hung up.i ahave been on the Do Not Call registry for about 5 years now,so i have reported them 3 times,i just hope that the government does something about these assholes cause i am tired of their repeated calls to my cell phone.i went and purchased a mini-fog horn so the next time they call i am gonna blow some shitheads ear drums out.if you are on the Do Not Call registry make sure that you do report them so that something will be done about these scammers

  • Laura

    I started getting these calls after a purchase at Amazon.com anyone else think it is connected?

  • Laura

    by the way I do not have a credit card (have not had 1 in 5 years either). Nor had I had any credit card issued to me here. I only have a debit card so I doubt they are getting the info from credit card companies. The only unusual purchases recently have been that we gave the phone number being called to were for a purchase with amazon.com and a new refridgerator from Lowe’s.
    The phone numbers that come up on my caller ID is (so far) 813 541 0001 or unknown number…

  • csmith

    I’m getting about 10 a day…but they hang up on the first ring…I call back and it’s disconnected…frustrating!

  • greg

    Do the telephone companies have the technology to trace where these calls originate?
    I know they don’t have the desire – because they make money on the call itself, but CAN they… like if politians stopped collecting lobby money long enough to pass some meaningful law to force the telcos or something?

  • Chris

    These people get your info from purchases done online. Specifically from Orbitz.com. I’m sure there are other companies involved in selling your info but this is the only one I am 100% sure about. Don’t go after the crooks because you’ll never find them, go after the companies you purchase products from online because their the ones selling your info.

  • Carrot

    I received a phone call after 10:30 pm from (718)487-1050. I picked up and no one responded. A few minutes later I received 2 calls about a minute apart from (646)512-0631, with the name reading “Luis Torres”. Both went to voice mail with no message. I googled the numbers because I knew they were connected. This site came up as well as some other sites. I am on Vonage. I have been on the DNC list since the first NY one came into existence.

    I was a little nervous about it being a spoofed number from a stalker (a couple URLs came up with that). I’d rather a scammer to a stalker, but still…I guess I have some harassment ahead. .

  • Ashley

    I received two calls from 1-727-541-0001 today. One at 10:30am and anothher at 8:43pm.

    The call at 10:30am was the most interesting. I answered because I am job hunting. The man asked for me by first and last name and I said, “this is he.”

    He then said he was calling in regards of Visa card ending in ####. I was kind of caught off guard, but was still willing to hear him out. Before I could really say yes or no he told me I had won $300 Gas Card and a $3,000 “shopping spree.”

    This was weird. I didn’t at all understand what was going on. I asked the man what company it was and he claimed to be with “the Rewards Center.” WTF?

    I asked, is this Visa the company? and he said no, but seemed annoyed that I was asking him any questions at all. What he did next made my heart sink.

    He recited my address perfectly here in Northern Virginia and wanted to send me some promotional materials through the mail!? He wanted to be sure that, since I would still be able to keep the free gifts regardless, that if I didn’t want the promotional materials, that I would promise to give them to somebody else I know.

    Then he asked me if I was interested and I said, “no, I’m not really interested because I still don’t understand exactly what this is… then he hung up on me.

    I googled the # immediately afterword and found this site. I also closed my bank account. Wont get my money.

    These people are very scary. It is a very organized effort to harass people and the government wont stop it. I believe there must be something we all have in common. The second call I got from this 727 # it was silent when I picked it up for about 20 seconds. Then I heard a female voice say “hello?” I tried to establish communication before it hung up. I’m terrified.

    THIS IS STILL GOING ON PEOPLE, PLEASE CONTINUE TO POST IF THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU! I have read this blog in its entirety and plan to file complaints to FCC and FTC as encouraged. Thanks Bob and thank all of you for posting your stories.

    Please, all legit victims on this blog remember, the scammers themselves are probably fully aware of this blog and probably have posted messages on here specifically to create further confusion and misleading information. Just food for thought.

  • Ashley, thank you for the post and kind comments. I don’t think you need to worry or be terrified as you said you were.

    These people are using the phone as their weapon precisely because they are non-violent. Remember the title of the article “Trade Your Gun or Knife for a Phone”.

    It is my belief that all they have is the last 4 digits of your credit card and they may have your address (more on this below). What they are hoping to get are ALL the numbers to your credit card and The Expiration Date.

    In regard to your address or anyones address if you are in the phone book they have your address. If they have your phone number they can look up your address through reverse directories.

    If you have written articles or a blog on the internet, or joined an organization or mailing list, or My Space or You Tube and all these other sites that ask for information, they can get your name and perhaps your phone number and address.

    But I really believe they have somehow gotten ahold of lots of peoples credit card info – last 4 digits only – plus their phone numbers and they are fishing for the rest of the numbers and expiration dates, as I said above.

    I buy lots of things on the Internet with my credit cards. I only buy from accredited companies who use encryption techniques. I check my bank accounts and credit card accounts regularly to make sure their are no unauthorized charges.

    But nobody is really safe. These numbers are being stolen. TX Max just had their system hacked and 45 MILLION credit customers had their ID’s stolen. The Veterans Administration lost computers with millions of Veterans ID’s last year. Other computers with sensitive data have gone missing and/or been hacked.

    If you were one of those whose ID’s were stolen the crooks would have all the info they need. They would not be calling you to VERIFY your credit card & expiration date.

    One last precautionary note. Every time you give a waiter or a store clerk your credit card they have the opportunity to run it through the imprinter twice so they can keep a copy for themselves -or just write down the card number & expiration date along with your name. They can either use this info themselves or sell it to others.

    So, I think we all have to make a choice. Are we going to live our lives using our tools such as credit cards and bank accounts or are we going to revert to carrying cash and doing all of our transactions in person? Some people will not give their card to a waiter. They take the card to the cashier and watch while they run the card and then take it back.

    Each of us has to make that choice on our own. Just be more cognizant of who you are dealing with, who you give your information or credit card to and check your accounts on line at least 3 or 4 times per week for suspicious activity.

  • ERic

    Hey got the call today… hung up during the: “please hold for important information” message one sure fireway to stop the calls they will take you off the list, if they actually get ahold of you is say, oh sorry I cancelled that credit card… they won’t bother you(most likely) Or say, oh sorry “john, josh, bob”(insert name) died suddenly (all his accounts are closed)

    If you give them any positive information, they know that you are still a target, make yourself a non target, and they have nothing to gain.

    My call was on my Verizon, I just switched my plan with them, and forgot to mention I need to be on the NO SELL list… I’ve done this once before, because I was getting calls from a “travel company” IIRC.
    Just ask where they got your number, they are required(although they won’t tell you sometimes) where they got it.

  • joblo

    I’ve been getting these calls lately. The first time I talked to them and told them I wasn’t interested. They called me again this morning and woke me up. I told them I wasn’t interested and to stop calling me.

    The jerk then told me that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be discussing this and told me I probably had a hangover.

    I told them the conversation was over and to never call me again. Shortly thereafter, I got a spanish recording from 617-280-8585 and a google search reveals that this might be related.

  • RatTrapper

    Called me today 5:33pm EST. 727-541-0001 “mastercard rewards” rattled off last 4 digits and my addy. wanted me to sign up for some $1 trial service crap and I would get $1000 shopping spree and $40 gas card. I asked how much it was if I didn’t cancel within the time frame allowed and he said he had to read me the terms and the prices would be in there. I let him read his lines to me (24.95 each x 2 if I didn’t cancel) and then I kindly stated that I decline the offer and wish not to have anything mailed to me nor have my card charged. Not even a buck. He tried to get me to change my mind, “sir its only one dollar” take the offer and review the package when it arrives in the mail. But after I firmly declined he eventually hung up on me. I’m in New Hampshire by the way and it was a call to my land line. Also have not used this card for any purchases online. Last place I used it was at my local gas station and a brick and mortar Walmart.

  • ERic

    I didn’t take much time, but I answered this time cause the constant
    daily calls were getting annoying

    I answered, talked to a woman I asked for a call back number(no go)
    then I asked who they were “Visa rewards.” I said I’m sorry my visa doesn’t have rewards. She told me of the “offer” I said I’m sorry
    I’m not interested, and to please remove me from the list.
    I have not recieved a call back in 5 days.

    I think the key here is to be nice to the people, I know its tough. but it worked for me so far.

  • Scott Koen

    There is another number, 3106778701 that I was called from. I used a different tactic, LOGIC and GREED. I explained to the caller that I had been called numerous times before and each time I had requested to be placed on a do not call list. Because the employer does not maintain a list, the employer was wasting his (callers) time as well as mine, he was giving him DEAD Leads. I asked him how he handled a day of calling angry people, I befriended him, sympathizing with his desire to bring a paycheck home and made his employer the enemy. We will see if it works, destroying from within.

  • J

    Has anyone tried not ever answering the phone? It seems that if you do answer that just provokes them and they call 10 times a day.

    I started getting the calls from 727-541-0001 about a week ago and have not answered yet. They call in the morning and then again in the evening, hopefully they’ll get tired of calling me…

    I registered on the Do Not Call registry, and I had my bank freeze my account and issue me a new debit card, my next step will be to complain to the FTC…I think we should all be pro-active about this and actually do something to try and get these people to stop and not just complain on here…Good luck to all!

  • ERic

    Not answering does not work.
    I never answered until day 8.
    I have not recieved another call since.

  • Joann

    This has been going of 3 weeks now for the 727-541-0001 number here. I have not not anwering my phone at all the a few days ago I did anwer my phone and the guy said U F Bicth you ned to use your cards and then hung up. I call the police and filed a report. I wish the would just stop calling 7days a week!!! My calls start at 7:30am and that suck when I’ trying to sleep in on my days off.

  • Al

    I started getting calls from 727.541.0001 about two weeks ago. Once a day at first, but now morning, noon, & night. Sometimes a couple at night. I didn’t recognize the number, so I never picked up. I did a reverse phone check on the number, and came up with a Daniel Delsavio. I Googled the name, and found this page. This particular scam has been going on for over 2 years now?

  • david

    hi it may help you to know the real name of the comp that calls you from 727-541-0001 it is a company out of pinellas park fl [Personal contact info deleted] i just wanted to tell someone thay shorted my check and i been with them for 1 month ill show them

  • Scott Koen

    Please tell us more, who, what where?

  • TH

    I recieved a threatening call from this number 727-541-0001 today. They’ve been calling for about a month now and I never answer the phone but today they decided to leave a threatening message on my phone and I want to know who it is.
    DAVID please tell me who they are and what the company name is. It’s scary knowing they have my address too and I have kids. But I will say this, I am a bounty hunter and I will eventually find them so please make it easier on me David and tell me who they are and how to contact them.

    Thank you very much

  • Tish

    Haha! Being nice does NOT seem to get them to stop. I’ve tried! From other message boards many people think it stems from a purchase on amazon.com. I’m inclined to agree with that, as I bought something a couple months back for the first time, and now I’m getting called by these people. Do a google search on the phone number (the 727 one) and see what shows up.

  • Patti

    HI (customer’s name) this is Pat calling in reference to your visa card how are you doing today…. IS THAT WHAT IS SOUNDS LIKE WHEN THEY CALL YOU…. THATS WHAT I GET ALL THE TIME… AND THEN “we are calling you for being a prefered card holder and recieving 100 gas voucher and 1000 online shopping spree…… THIS IS STUPID SHIT CAN PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT THESE THINGS…? IT NEEDS TO STOP

  • Andrew

    These people have been calling me for the past 2 weeks from the # 727-541-0001. I had to cancel my card in fear of them charging me since they had the last 4 digits of my card # just like everyone else has said. They proceeded to keep calling and when I told him off the man proceded to laugh and hang up. Calls still continue to happen.

  • scoogee and fat tyler

    I have read most of the above and feel the frustration of the writers, which is understandable.

    Now I will tell you how to ruin a telemarketers day (or maybe week, month, year or life). And maybe get them to quit their job.

    Let’s face it. These people are ignorant, unemployable and working off the books. No one takes these jobs who is an evolved mammal.

    Zero in on the caller’s ethnicity and say something like: “Do you have a family member named Shinequa (or Shawanda or Lakeisha, or the staple, Tiffany)? Give that person a big hug because she is not going to be around much longer. That is the price of annoying me.”

    Then hang up.

    I don’t think this is mean or inappropriate. It is merely communication at the level of the telemarketer. And it will help you feel a sense of (some) satisfaction.

  • Terces

    I know the first step is to bitch and complain…

    but that doesn’t always work.

    What’s the next step in ethical logic?

    1)Utilizing the internal black list in your phone, or the mobile carrier, or a local tel-co block the number or

    2) Sign up at your telco for Call-Trace (explain why). After you have the service, when you receive the call, hang up and wait ten seconds, then press *57 (or dial 1157 on a rotary phone). This will trace the call to the original number. A recording will provide a 800-number to take legal action. Record the time and date the call and trace took place and contact your local Sheriff’s office. Tell them the problems your having and explain that with the data you have from Call Trace and the data the tel-co has, legal action can be taken; explain that the tel-co can only legally give the trace to a law enforcement agency or security department. Go down to the tel-co, preferably with the Sheriff, and get your information. Now if the Sheriff is the good type, he’ll do something about it; if he’s burdened then if you explain you’ll take it up with the local law enforcement agency of the originating call he may release the information to you. Then you can publish all the information on the message board and many will call and the place likely won’t last a few more days.

  • Meji

    they gave me my last 4 but i didnt give them anymore information…being greedy i accepted the trial and stuff but i still hadnt given them anymore infortmation..as i hung up i was like this is a scam. what do i do next?

  • Eric

    Mr August 1,
    while you advice is good, its worthless in this
    case, they are using “phone cards” or otherwise
    untraceable, the return number points to a phone
    bank with no connection to this company.

  • I work as a switchboard operator during the day, so when these people call, I’m not able to get to my cell phone. I’ve been getting calls from 1-800-856-1959 around noon for three days in a row now.. I googled the number, and I got two results, this website, and http://www.targettilesaws.com. I tried to call the number back after I got off work, but got a message; All circuits are busy. I BET.

    Is it bad to just not answer the phone? I’d love to mess with them if I could only answer.. but I can’t!

  • JCS

    From what it sounds like here, people have traveled south of the border–read: mexico. It sounds like something a friend told me about that if you travel in mexico to ABSOLUTELY turn your cell phone off. Otherwise, some sneaky bastard with a scanner will strip your phone # and security information right out of thin air when you are trying to use your phone. They will then use that to spoof your phone # and scam people & make long distance calls. Just my 2 cents worth.

    Note to Self: if you go south of the border, turn your damn cell phone off!

  • Tracy

    (Just to start off, I NEVER participate in these. I don’t even forward chain emails from good friends.) I got these calls too back in Sept to my cell phone. They also had my mailing address and last 4 of my cc. Promises of a free trip and easy cancelation only being charged $1 per each different service they offered for mailing purposes. Of course I only received info on two of the three services making it impossible to cancel the third, and I never received the “free trip” info either. When I try to cancel the “Health” service the numbers on my cc statement are canceled or no answer. The good thing is my bank is doing research requests on the two charges of $24.95 and crediting my account. They will also go forward with research on their end to find out what’s happening if I cannot reach the company myself.
    Nordstrom told me a while back that TJMaxx was selling info so be careful. They ask for phone numbers when you make purchases. Other stores do similar things. ToysRUs asks for zips.

  • Teddy Ramirez

    This is nuts!
    I received a call last week and I did not pick up. The reason was that the number shown on my cell display had a 5 anding with 0 ceros(5000000000) so I just didnt take the risk.
    Sprint is my provider- if it helps!